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tv   News 4 at Noon  NBC  October 14, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm CDT

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a day after she took part in the first democratic presidential debate, hillary clinton is getting some support on the campaign trail in siouxland. former secretary of state madeleine albright campaigned on clinton's behalf this morning in sioux city. she spoke at a "women for hillary" event at the peirce mansion. albright says clinton is committed to fighting for women and families. she says clinton's work to elevate gender equality is a key part in advancing women's economic empowerment. some of the reasons why albright says she believes hillary clinton should be president. "she works very very hard and is really smart," says former secretary of state madeleine albright. "she is going to roll up here sleeves and do it. so, i think that she is the very best candidate, not only now, but anybody that i've seen in terms of running for president." about 75 people showed up at this morning's
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"it's exciting to be here," says gail dooley, a democrat from sioux city. "i love love love iowa in the political season. the up-close and personal aspect of politics in iowa is unmatched and i'm just so proud that i can participate in this process." after her sioux city visit, albright was set to continue her clinton campaigning in council bluffs and west des moines. there's almost as much talk today about who was not on the stage at last night's democratic presidential debate as the debate itself. but clearly, the two front-runners dominated the discussion. nbc's chris clackum reports.
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analyst :12 - :22) "the moment when everyone is screaming at the top of their lungs for you to get in, is when you should get in. when they stop scrreaming it only gets harder and running for president is pushing a boulder up a hill" the debate itself is being called a "civil" war between the candidates...m ost notably front- runners hillary clinton and bernie sanders..with him setting the tone. (sot/ sen. bernie sanders / (i) democratic pres. candidate :34 - :39) "the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails...(applause...hc: "me, too") there were contentious moments, though, like when clinton was asked about sanders' position on gun control. (sot/ hillary clinton / (d) democratic pres. candidate :53 - :56) "ac: is bernie sanders tough enough on guns? hc: no, not at all (cut to) this has gone on too long and it's time the entire country stood up against the nra" (sot/ sen. bernie sanders / (i) democratic pres. candidate :58 - 1:10) "all the shouting in the world is not going to do what i would hope that all of us want, which is to keep guns out of the hands of the people who should not have those guns and end this horrible violence that we're seeing" the next debate among democrats is a month from today... with a decision from
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biden on whether he'll be there...expect ed long before then. chris clackum, nbc news. >> > weather ad-lib we'll see a meteorological triple threat today of sunshine, calm wind, and warm temperatures (in the 70s) this afternoon after starting the day on either side 40 degrees. a subtle frontal boundary will move through late tonight which will bring with it our next punch of northerly wind tomorrow. see graphics. >> investigators from the ntsb are on the scene in lake worth, florida where a small plane crashed into a trailer park and burst into flames last night.
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officials are now saying that the pilot, was flying alone and was killed in the crash along with one person on the ground. kerry sanders has more.
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the first lawsuit in the el faro cargo ship tragedy was filed today in florida. lawyers for the family of 33-year-old lonnie jordan filed the $100-million lawsuit against tote services, the owner and operator of the cargo ship. jordan was one of 33 crew members on board the ship when it sank in the atlantic ocean during hurricane joaquin. the lawsuit alleges the el faro was not sea worthy and tote services was aware of that. when jamal dean shot and wounded a sioux city police officer during a traffic stop two-and-a- half years ago, eight people helped him skip town and make a run for the mexican border. on tuesday, the last two of those accomplices were sentenced. 34-year-old evette morris hernandez of sioux city and her husband, 36-year-old esteban hernandez both pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy.
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in prison followed by three years of supervised release. he got 6 months in prison and one year supervised release. the couple drove dean to texas three days after the shooting. dean was trying to get to mexico, but was arrested in texas. he pleaded guilty to attempted murder and is serving a 25-year prison term. among those in the federal courtroom for tuesday's sentencing was kevin mccormick, the officer dean shot that day in april of 2013. for him, this is the end of a long road to justice. ktiv's tiffany lane has more.
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face. "kevin mccormick is my hero," said forde fairchild, an assistant u.s. attorney. "i've watched this video repeatedly and i still, as you can tell, become emotional and proud of his service to our community." tuesday afternoon, investigation into the longtime case came to a close at the federal courthouse in sioux city. su "detective mccormick sat in the courtroom as he witnessed the sentencing of the last two members in the jamal dean conspiracy. and just across the street he made his way to his office, where he says he's now ready to focus on the future." that we can now move on, we can begin focusing on the other bad guys and bad girls out there and do what we have to do to ensure that sioux city continues to be a safe place to live." after the sentencing, law enforcement officials from the local and federal level met at the sioux city fire and police headquarters for an emotional end to the investigation. and they had nothing but positive things to say about mccormick's efforts in keeping the community safe. "i feel like what i did, hopefully was not any different than what any other police officer that in sioux city, in iowa, in the united states would have done in that situation," said mccormick. and with that, mccormick left everyone with a final message from this trying time. "i want to be very clear of how grateful i am to my fellow officers and everybody that had a play in this." in sioux city, tiffany lane, ktiv news 4.
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the 16-year old student student charged with attempted murder in the shooting of the harrisburg, south dakota high school principal has hired a private investigator to help in his defense. a motion filed by the defense team for mason buhl shows an investigator has been hired to locate and interview witnesses. buhl is charged as an adult with attempted murder. he is accused of shooting principal kevin lein in the arm on september 30th in lein's office at the school. buhl is being held without bond.
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but ben says enjoy it now, because this nice weather won't last forever. he's in next with the forecast. here's the view from spencer, iowa, where it's and
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we need to disrupt the old order in washington, dc. we can do a lot better by applying conservative principles we should lower rates and simplify the code to allow people to freely decide how they want to spend their money. what we need is leadership to fix a few big things... so that this country takes off and soars where people can dream the biggest possible dreams... and pursue them with a vengeance. sfx: applause jeb. proven conservative. real results.
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ben, it's a beautiful day in siouxland.
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we'll see a meteorological triple threat today of sunshine, calm wind, and warm temperatures (in the 70s) this afternoon after starting the day on either side 40 degrees. a subtle frontal boundary will move through late
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will bring with it our next punch of northerly wind tomorrow. as a result, highs will dip a bit below 70 degrees before cooling down even more on friday into the 50s. those 50s will also be preceded by low temperatures in the 30s friday morning as some areas make a run at the freezing mark by then and saturday morning. some frost is also a decent expectation during this time as highs remain in the 60s this weekend. see graphics. >> > sioux city kids tried their hands at playing the percussion indonesian ensemble called the gamelan. made up of gongs, drums, bonang, and xylaphone-like instruments, the gamelan is about the group playing together, not individual musicians. the instruments are housed in the national music museum in vermillion, south dakota and this is the first time they have been played outside of the museum. the students say it was to learn
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about other cultures through music. "there are lots and lots different percussion instruments other than just the ones that we use here in the united states, there's tons around the world and they're all very different," says noah youngberg, a west high sophomore. "the sioux city students are having this opportunity to experience for themselves a hands on, real-life experience," says deborah check-reeves from the national music museum. you can hear some of those instruments for yourself during the symphony's upcoming concert. specialized musicans from minneapolis will play the gamelan before and during intermission of the concert. that performance is on saturday night at sioux city's orpheum theater. it's called "a night at the museum" and it will feature the orchestra and special guest musicians who will be playing other historical, one-of-a-kind instruments that are housed at the museum. our warm dry weather has been a friend to farmers. we'll have a harvest update when we return...
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and bird flu vaccines will be made. the department of agriculture awards contracts, but it isn't yet know whether the
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a federal agency has awarded contracts to two companies to manufacture a bird flu vaccine. but officials haven't yet decided whether the doses will actually be given to poultry. the department of agriculture has awarded contracts to harris vaccines of ames, iowa, and ceva, a company based in france. the companies agreed to manufacture an unspecified number of doses, store them for up to five years and deliver them throughout the u.s. within 10 days, if needed. the usda says it would need to decide whether the treatment would be effective and weigh potential trade effects before using any vaccine. iowa secretary of agriculture bill northey says the weather was nearly ideal for harvest last week, with warm temperatures and dry conditoins allowing farmers to make significant progress in the fields. as of sunday, the corn harvest was 29 percent
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complete in iowa, 26 percent in nebraska and 21 percent in south dakota. those numbers are ahead of last year but behind the average in all three states. the soybean harvest was 65 percent complete in iowa, 57 percent in nebraska and 71 percent in south dakota. all of those figures are ahead of last year's pace. > stocks have given up an early gain and are moving lower in midday trading, led by declines in retailers after a disappointing forecast by
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wal-mart that its sales would be "relatively flat." two stories about weddings when we come back. get your kleenex ready for the first one.... and then.... look who made a surprise visit to this couple's nuptials! owen wilson and vince vaughn have nothing on
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here's a live look at west lake okoboji from okoboji skycam... here's your "feel good" story of the day. a father who battled leukemia worked to defy the odds again to make his daughter's wedding day even more special. after enduring extensive chemotherapy , surviving a coma, and going blind in one eye, ralph duquette and his daughter agreed that he didn't have the strength to walk her down the aisle. well, guess what? he worked with physical therapists all summer, and there they go. and ralph didn't just walk his little girl down the aisle: he also performed the ceremony, and even danced with her at the reception. a wedding in la jolla, california had an un-invited guest show up. but the happy couple didn't mind at all. after all, how many marriages start out with
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"and it would just be the last chance .. i was like, you know what..: she went for it. (brian/groom) "all out sprint in heels and wedding dress..." (stephanie/bride) "i actually started crying, i was crying as i'm running up there, you are just overwhelmed with emotion." their wedding photographer s captured this once-in- a-lifetime moments. (stephanie/bride) "he said, 'congrats and good luck. and then.." (brian/groom) "and he saw my foot on the train of the wedding dress and he says oops 'can't put your foot on the wedding dress there." president obama did not stay for the wedding?. but the memory will last for generations to come. (stephanie/bride) "it was awesome." >> that was emily valdez reporting from la jolla, california. the couple knew president obama was in
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thought he would be at
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concerts with performers from around the country coming here to sioux city. instruments that have not been performed on for 150 years, 175 years. instruments from the mid 1700's. they're a really incredible combination with a modern day orchestra and historic instruments. it's going to be pretty electrifying. this is something that's really never been done before. this is something that's really never been done before anywhere with these amazing one of a kind, world class instruments. that's right. someone says, well, why do i need to be at this concert? why is this important? there's an educational aspect to these types of presentations . we're doing some extra video aspects, some, presentations, so when an instrument comes out on stage it's not just a random instrument that's played in history you know it's importance. that combined with the live performance, it's going to be a really involved evening. the audience will not want to miss this one. there's going to be instruments around the orpheum too that you can check out? we are completely turning the orpheum into a museum. we have america's largest japanese, collection of indonesian
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instruments right in the lobby when you walk in, other instruments spread out across the orpheum on the different tiers. it's going to be a really fun night. something that people are going to want to experience. you cannot miss this concert. saturday october 17th 7:30 orpheum theatre. get your tickets soon. ryan, thanks so much for being here. thanks for joining us for around siouxland. >>
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