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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  October 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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process starts," said matt breen. "behind me is building no.31. this is where all of the steel is recieved build the littoral combat ships here at marinette marine." "what you're looking at is the raw steel from the mill," said nathaniel millsap, marinette marine corporation. marinette marine security officer nate millsap calls this "cold storage". next door? the heat of a plasma cutter, slicing sections of steel for welding. "they take a piece of steel, and do what's called 'nesting', said millsap. "they've determined how many pieces they can cut out of a piece of steel, and cut out a pattern." this is where human hands take over. "everything else is nothing but backbreaking labor from our skilled labor workforce, said millsap. "once the steel is brought in, cut, and welded together, it can be brought here to the building behind me to become what are called 'modules'," said breen. like slices of bread in a loaf, these modules are lined up aboard the ship. living quarters, weapons systems and a hangar big enough for a helicopter. "this is what the lcs looks like when it's done, and in the water." said breen. "this is the lcs-5, it is the milawukee. the commander of the u.s.s. sioux city, which is still under construction, says he can't wait to step on to his own ship." "this is gonna be a special platform," said cmdr kevin ralston. "we're
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going to be able to do a lot with it. we're going to find special things that this ship is capable of doing." before leaving port, the sioux city, and the others in the lcs line, will already have an advantage... they can sail in shallower waters than most navy ships, and are among the fastest. "here on the bridge, they can control the command of the ship, the engineering, but most importantly is the navigation," said breen. the u.s.s. sioux city's navigator, lt. ida quigley, says think of an lcs like a jet ski. "there are no propellers, no ruddders in that sense," said lt. ida quigley, u.s. navy. "it's all water jet propulsion." at lt. quigley's station on the bridge are two "combinators". they control the direction, and speed, of the water pushing the ship forward. "here you're using this to laterally move the ship, " lt. quigley said. "so, it can literally walk off the pier by using the different thrusters." for now, quigley, and ralston,
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train aboard the milwaukee, which is virtually identical to the sioux city. but, both anticipate the day their crew can serve the navy on the high seas aboard the u.s.s. sioux city... with an entire city supporting them. "the uss sioux city is set to be christened in either december of this year, or january of 2016, before it begins its sea trials. in marinette, wisconsin, with photographer jake rains, matt breen, ktiv news 4. >> the ships actually launch when they're only about 80-percent complete. like the u.s.s. milwaukee, work is done to the ship while on the water. the 53-member "core" crew of the u.s.s. sioux city hail from all over the country. their duties are as diverse as their backgrounds. but, they all want to represent the city of sioux city well. next month, ktiv's matt breen will continue his reporting from wisconsin... with stories about the u.s.s. sioux city, its crew, their special ties to sioux city, and the meaning of their mission. catch "building the u.s.s. sioux city"... in november, on ktiv, siouxland's news chann
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won't last forever. here to tell us more is chief meteorologis t ron demers with the first look at our forecast. weather ad-lib freeze watch for western siouxland friday from 3 am until 9 am it's easy to get used to this mild weather that we once again got to enjoy today. but changes are still coming. the wind will kick up on thursday and this will be a colder wind that may keep us in the upper 60s for highs but cause temps to start falling quickly by the evening. by friday morning there could be areas of frost showing up in siouxland and for that reason, parts of northeast nebraska are under a freeze watch on friday from 3 am
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hoping to gain students' support. that's the plan for presidential hopeful and kentucky senator rand paul. ktiv's robert lowe joins us live in the newsroom. robert, you attended a rally at morningside college today. what was his message? sheila, from the get-go it was about privacy. while in office rand paul blasted the patriot act and continued to echo his message in standing against government surveillance practices. this week alone, he's hitting eleven colleges in iowa. it's all part of the "iowa 10,000 college tour!" meaning he wants at least 10,000 students to caucus for him on february first, saying his candidacy appeals to millenials. "i think they don't want the government collecting all their phone records, they do believe in the right to privacy. they don't want the government putting them or their friends in jail for minor marijuana abuse and they don't want the government sending them off to a new war in the middle east. i'm the one candidate who represents all three of those issues," said presidential candidate rand paul.
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report, nearly 95 percent of the 1,300 students at morning side college apply for some sort of need-based financial aid. senator paul says a solution to college affordability is critical, but the notion of free education is not a reality. "what i would propose is that we link work to student debt," said sen. paul." if you incur a big debt while you're in school, we let you deduct it from your taxes over time, maybe over a lifetime if it's a large debt." after finishing in sioux city, rand paul went on to speak at buena vista in storm lake and finished the day at drake university in des moines- as the senator looks to improve his standings in the polls. the latest fox news poll shows paul in 8th place with 3 percent support. sheila? former secretary of state madeleine albright campaigned for hillary clinton this morning in sioux city. she spoke at a "women for hillary" event at the peirce mansion. albright says clinton is committed to fighting for women and families.
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"she works very very hard and is really smart," says former secretary of state madeleine albright. "she is going to roll up here sleeves and do it. so, i think that she is the very best candidate, not only now, but anybody that i've seen in terms of running for president." about 75 people showed up at this morning's event. a group that wants to legalize casino gambling at race tracks in nebraska will be asking voters to sign three petitions to get the issue on next year's ballot. "keep the money in nebraska" wants to change the state constitution to allow gambling with a 20-percent tax going to the state. a nebraska man has been convicted after a car- accident killed his best friend. in october of 2014, justin hogan was driving under the influence when his vehicle rolled over. the accident killed his best friend, 21-year old chase miller and injured three other passengers. today, 23-year-old hogan was sentenced to 180 days in jail and three years
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of probation, 200 hours of community service and fines totaling $2,000. before the judge read the sentence, hogan deeply expressed his sorry to the miller family. later in sports: our sports fource champion is the first lawton-bronson volleyball player to reach a special milestone.
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>> freeze watch for western siouxland friday from 3 am until 9 am it's easy to get used to this mild weather that we once again got to enjoy today. but changes are still coming. the wind will kick up on thursday and this will be a colder wind that may keep us in the upper 60s for highs but cause temps to start falling quickly by the evening. by friday morning there could be areas of frost showing up in siouxland and for that reason, parts of northeast nebraska are under a freeze watch on friday from 3 am until 9 am. friday's highs will likely only get into the upper 50s and then areas of frost will be a possibility again by saturday morning. we'll warm things up some into early next
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a federal agency has awarded contracts to two companies to make a bird flu vaccine. but officials haven't yet decided whether the doses will actually be given to poultry. the companies from ames and france agreed to make an unspecified number of doses, store them for up to five years and deliver them throughout the u.s. within 10 days, if needed. straight ahead in law review: see what employers do to attract and keep great employees.
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business to attract top talent, or keep the best employees they have. what can they do to attract, or retain, those workers? and, that's the focus of tonight's "law review" with ktiv's matt breen.
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annual basis. be sure your employees know the value of the benefits they are already receiving." benefit packages can get overwhelming to many people, how can an employer make the process easier for employees? "the employer should have an attorney discuss key legal issues," goosmann said. "have a cpa discuss tax planner discuss financial goal setting. because you are providing valuable resources, this will help reduce overall employee stress. can employers do this without breaking the bank? "an employer can show how they care by bringing the solutions to their employees at work without adding additional expenses to their bottom line," goosmann said.
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(sheila) brad's here -- with our sports fource champion. (brad) ali verzani is one of the best overall athletes lawton-bronson's ever had. she just topped a big milestone. mark freund will have that story. and, the morningside men have an almost brand new starting lineup
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after a record-breaking season.
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many volleyball players dream of reaching the one thousand kill mark - but few actually get there. and even fewer are the first in their school's history to do it. lawton-bronson''s ali verzani can check both those accomplishme nts off her list. ktiv's mark freund has
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more with this week's sportsfource champion. she jumps high. "she's got great jumps, so she can get up and hit over blocks," said lawton-bronson head coach jeremiah pottebaum. she hits hard. "she's got a great snap and follow through on her swing," said pottebaum. ali verzani's mechanics make her one of siouxland's most feared hitters. but it wasn't always that way. "my freshman year i was a setter," said verzani. "my sophomore year i was in the middle, the right side. now i'm on the outside, so we've gone through a lot of different changes to get where we are now." "i wanted to make sure we were getting her more sets, because i knew we'd have some good productivity out of her on the outside," said pottebaum. that tweak was all she needed. verzani had 323 kills her first two years of varsity volleyball. last year, she had 374. this season, already 307. and last thursday against rival woodbury central, verzani became the first lawton- bronson volleyball player to record one- thousand career kills. "he called a timeout, and it was announced, and everyone was clapping, even on the woodbury central side, so it was really
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cool," said verzani. "it was extremely gratifying to see her get that accomplishment. she's worked hard, she's very coachable, she's put in the time," said pottebaum. "it's really cool to think that i'll be remembered, and the little kids who know me now, when they get older, they'll want to beat that record," said verzani. lawton-bronson is 27-2 and ranked 14th in class 2a. the only thing missing - a state tournament. "our school's never made it to state in volleyball, so it would be a first for us," said verzani. "we've got a tough road, but i believe we can do it. we have to serve tough, we just have to pass. if we can pass, we have the hitters to put it down." and she may be the leader - but it takes a village. "all my success comes from the passes, the sets, and it's all a teamwork thing, and i hope that these juniors that i'm blessed to play with get this opportunity next year." said verzani. in lawton, iowa, mark freund, ktiv sportsfource. this basketball season, verzani could become the first-ever one-thousand point scorer in lawton-bronson's history. the start of the college
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basketball season is just over two weeks away for morningside. the mustangs were 28-5 last season, the second- highest win total in school history. the mustangs were co- champs of the gpac -- going 17-3. morningside loses their leading scorer, leading rebounder and steals leader -- all to graduation. the only returning starter is junior guard ryan tegtmeier, who averaged 11 points per game. gpac coach of the year jim sykes will have to reload -- but he's done it before. "we had a great year last year but nobody cares about that right now," said morningside head coach jim sykes. "nothing we can do. we've got to find guys. we've got to find the depth that we had last year through the guys that weren't playing and hopefully they're ready to take a step forward." "every year's a new year," said junior ryan tegtmeier. "obviously a lot of people will have a target on their backs. a lot of new players, a lot of new faces so i think we kind of need to make our own mark and start from there." morningside's first game is october 29th at grand view in des moines. the first home game is november 13th. the miami marlins aren't in the baseball playoffs this season. if they make it next year, siouxland native cody ege may have a hand in it.
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the former cherokee all-state pitcher ended this season pitching for the marlins triple-a team in new orleans. in 48 games last season, the lefty had a 6-2 record, with an earned run average, under one. ege took one month off after the season, but during the other 11 months of the year, he's all about baseball. "just let the body recover because it's a long season," said ege. "people don't understand what you go through. you're riding on a bus 7-8 hours a night and then you got to get up and play again the next day, just little things like that. for me rest is just as important as working out and being ready. whether it was the texas league or, it didn't matter where i was playing, hopefully if i was pitching my best it would work out." ege spends much of the off-season training at the university of louisville, where he played in college. ege will report to spring training with the other marlins pitchers in late february. the royals and astros meet in
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an update on a chiropractor recovering from life-threatening a motorcycle crash in sturgis, south dakota. hear from his daughter and how the community of sioux rapids is rallying around this popular doctor. wind: s 5-10 mph high: 68 wind: nw 15-30 mph thanks for joining us tonight... et is up next... don't forget to go to ktiv-dot- com and sports... see you back here
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