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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  October 15, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm CDT

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>> hollywood's shock over khloe's ex. lamar's condition after kidney failure. it's what's coming up right now. >> on "entertainment tonight." >> we're pulling for him. >> rally around him. >> concerns for lamar still in a coma as more kardashians rush to his beds >> the promising sign and t harshh reality. >> as the man who called 911 from the brothel speaks. >> i need to move him on his side. >> he was drinking and did cocaine. >> plus, inside their tragic love storey. >> what's it like being in this kardashian prey? >> then -- >> my ex-husband was there. >> and are madonna and sean penn back together? john legend with his pregnant wife and why gaga is looking pregnant before her i dos. her fiance speaks >> we've been engaged less than a year. >> also, we're with ex-atlanta housewife after her stroke. >> i do have thave heart surgery soon. >> secrets to her dancing return.
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>> and taylor swift's new interview. is "bad blood" about katy perry? bad blood >> now in our 35th season, there is "entertainment tonight." >> thanks for joining us, everybody. keken frazier is in las veg with thelatest onn lamar odd's fight for his life. and some very troubling news today as well as some hopeful information. i know you turned up a lot of stuff. >> nancy, there were promising signs yesterday but still lamar odom is a long way from out of the woods. he is inside sunrise hospital fighting for his life. his children visited today. they are bedside with their father. meanwhile, hollywood and the sports world are praying for the fallen >> i know he's surrounded now with people that love and care and support hihi nd i hope he knows t tt. >> i was surprised to hear all of this. and, you know, it's devastating when you have somebody who is on drugs in ylur family. there's almost nothing you can do until they decide.
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rescue, and then this happens. >> you think about guys who you really are drawn to that you really cheer for. lamar odom is at the top of the list. >> kris jjner, along kim, kourtney were outside of the hospital. there were signs that gave him hope. lamar squeezedsomeone's hand and also fluttered his eyes, but those could be involuntary actions. one of the real concerns for doctors are his kidneys. he was given dialysis in they could stop the organs from failing. meanwhile, the kardashians are asking for p kris jenner instagramed this pic's the former laker. rob posted this image wititlamar that said, praying nonstop for my brothe kourtney shared this photo and with her son in a photo, an caption, let's dance together soon. and this, please, don't go. >> the sources confirmed to "e.t." that kim has cance
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baby shower which was scheduled for saturday. it was supposed to be at shelly's house which is where khloe and lalar got married in 2009. and we're learning more abouthe chaos after lamar's collap. there are new details about the dramatic 911 call. the first from a woman named misty. >> he's got blood coming out of his nose and white stuff out of his mout can't get him to -- wake up. >> is he conscious? >> no. >> the next call was from th man, richard hunter, a spokesman for the love ranch. >> he's kind of breathing with his mouth open a little bit. >> i was trying to shake him awake and talk to him. >> he's over on his sidid snoring, but breathing regularly and he's made a few sounds. i'm trying to speak to him. if that's the right word or something like that. >> they said keep him on his the paramedics get there. they got there about ten minutes later. >> "e.t." confirms that lamar spent $75,000 for a vip room at
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the love ranch and was planning to spend abobo five days there. checked in on saturday afternrnn. >> many of lamar's frieies and emergency room here at sunrise hospital. but they were told by security moving forward that they would be contacted if they would be allowed to see their friend but from now on, no one will be allowed in the hospital. >> they're fortunate, khloe feeling overwhelmed with unexpected responsibility with having to make medical decisions for lamar odom. they're still legalry married. if and when it comes to decision, khloe will be the one doing th >> "e.t." has been in front of the story. >> still scheduled to attend events here inh new york monday night. according to sources they haven't cancelled yet. >> i covered lamar from the moment he arrived in a supremely talented basketball player. as i got to know him away from the court i realized he was an even better hubeing. keep this in mind.
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whicic khloe and lamar firstst got togethe he was the famous faces in that relationship. of dynamics shifted late other and we'll examine all of that, nancy, a later in our show. >> thanks very much, kevin. and we have some big couples news right starting with this. oh, so, cool. maybe just wishful thinking. it would be cool. but are madonna and se penn getting back together? >> he had a front row seat at vancouver gig. she dededated the song to a spececl guest. >> i did a show at madison uquare garden the other night, and my ex-husband was there. >> that's madonna on stage in brooklyn last moh. >> and, you know, he had my show 30 years earlier. and he was very upset with me for wearing a costume that was too revealing. after the show, he wrote me a letter, and he said e finally appreciated my art. and that't'when i got married. okay?
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>> rumors of a reunion started back in august, but when we asked madonna's rep about it, he didn't respond. and after rumors that johnnand katie rekindled their romance, after think from husband ryan sweeting, the one-time couple set record straight yesterday with these pics -- katie's caption, so sorry to disappoint but no home wrereers or secret flings going on here. just the best of buds. leonard and penny will have to suffic >> you are excited to be parents? is that a yes? >> parents to be john legend and chrissy teigen were in beverly hills yesterday morning. we thought she may have given us the due date the night before. >> it was going to be april. now it's february. so it is going to shove it out. i can't travel in april anymore. >> she tweeted back, nothing i do is accidental, darling. we should have known. and lady gaga's m some wedding news last night. >> we've been engaged for less than a year. we've been talking about it whether it's new york, los angeles, destination place. we don't have an exact date yet.
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>> spoiler alert, gaga got a baby bump. okay, well, that's really just on the set of "american horror story hotel" which can be tough to watch. earn. >> what did youhink of the bloododth orgy scene? >> i was sitting next t her fafaer at the premier. the weirdness level kind of went through the roof. >> yeah. >> awkward. well, we know the mastermind behind "american horror story hotel" ryan murphy adores gaga and also gwyneth paltrow. because she guest starred on her show "glee" and this news just in. they're going to start shopping a new tv series called "one hit wonders." i'm sure it will be a hit. >> they had originally planned that project to be a big screen movie. hitting theaters tomorrow, crimson peak," and it t s emerald that we talked to at the premier. jessica wowed in an elegant emerald green dress. check out the hardware on her fingers. >> what is it called when you put the --
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diamonds and gold. >> how do you know that's called a knuckle duster? >> it's a gangster thing. jessica chastain. >> jessica wore a fuchsia wig for her "w" magazine spread. >> i love ththlook. haven't you always s nted to have magenta hair? >> yeah. >> come on.n. >> yeah. >> it was my eternal sunshine and spotless moment. >> i have to get away from her >> you have nowhere else to go. >> now, the movie is super scary, but kind of sexy, too. getting trapped in a possessive house that won't let go. she had a love scene with tom who gets a little naked. >> how did you prepare your bottom for this role. >> my what? >> your botto >> no special prepararion. > no squats? > didn't really expececit to be featured, if i'm honest. my understanding is keep your pants on, you're doing it wrong. >> this opens tomorrow as does jack black's new movie "goosebumps" and "bridge of
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ladies in toro fighting for the rights of domestic partners. >> such a passion for you. >> it makes you want to change your life and get over your fears and be who you are and so it's so beyond worth it. >> it just allows people to get closer to something and to say, hey, that's just like me. >> it really furthers dissolving all the barriers between us. >> and in the spirit of that, you may have noticed that nancy and i are wearing purple today. you look great in purple. >> thank you, kindly. >> that's because today is spirit day which supports lgbt youth and together we can all put a stop p bullllng. >> it needs to stopop coming up, arnrnd's son and miley's ex goe only we can show you patrick schwarzenegger's transformation for his first major film role.
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plus, which celeb is tomorrow, meghan trainor
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>> exclusive celine dion took her sons to disneyland to celebrate their fifth birthday. nelson and eddie. i can't believe they're already 5! and who does this 20-month-old belong to, adorable. look at that. bright blue eyes and long lashes. he looks a lot like his momma. megan x. that is bohdi green, and his dad is megan's ex, bri austin green. >> what a cute little guy there this is how the celeities pic for you all grown up, arnold and maria's son patrick is tackling his first movie role. he's having a scary good time doing it. >> patrick is doing it just li dad. 31 years after arnold. >> because i'm so good looking, i didn't have to put extra work on my face to makakme look ugly. >> pretty amazing experience to o have them work on you for like three, four hours and then you come out with all the huge
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gashes. >> we're kind of see clearer picture of 22-year-old patrick's past, he models. he stars in music videos and tv shows and movies and a student at usc, studyiess. so he has that to fall back on. >> my son is a little bit kind of lik that he gets into whole career thing,g,nd he wants to discover it himself. so i have minimum influence in a way. >> for his new role in "scout guide, and to "zombie apocalypse," he's all going walking dead. >> he is the jock, alpha male. >> come on. >> everything goes awry with an attack of zombies >> get ready for this. patrick posted a picture on the set of "scream queen." we can o oy imagine what ryan n murphy has planned for him. >> it's a good experien. >> well, this acting thing is working out for him. he is working on four other
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romance called "midnight sun." he's playing bella thorn's love interest, and i think the way that bella is looking at him is how a lot of girls look at patrick. >> no doubt. coming up the "dancing" star forced out after her mini stroke. what kim is telling us about rumors her train afafcted her health. and khloe and lamar's breakuku we talked to the insider who helped lamar through this. >> i was told he didn't want his voice aired on the sh >> plus, taylor swift's new confessions. who keeps her company at home when calvin is away. >> that's ahead.
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by -- looks like kate and calvin unhed taylor's sensual side. >> sprawlaled out on a day bed, striking sultry poses and even
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wearing a sheer top, taylor still manages to keep her good girl image on the c cer of "gq magazine." and while she doesn't o she is asked about loneliness. she says she gets by with a little help from her friends. >> serious? >> taylor tells "gq" i'm around people so much when i go home, i i've got monica, chandler, ros and rachel and phoebe and joey. i don't feel lonely. end quote. and from "friends" to frieny, swift swears she will never, ever say who "bad blood" is b once again addressing the song that everyone assumes is about katy perry, taylor tells the that would point a finger in the specific direction of one and i can sleep at night knowing it's so sad to think about the good times you and i >> so is that a yes or no? >> not sure. >> katy will be playing that song sunday night. she's performing inside that massive stadium where the dallas cowboys play in arlington, texas. >> meanwhile, former atlanta housewife kim wishing could
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still perform on "dadaing with the stars." instead, she is opening up to us about the mini stroke that knocked her out of the competition. >> i was born with a heart defe calmed a pfo. they refer to it as a hole in your heart. it's a valve that doesn't close. i had a blood clot that was able to cross over to the other side. stroke. my doctor said i could have had a heart attack. i mean, it was inevitable at some point in my life i probably would have dealt with something like this. >> the 37-year-old mom of six says her heart condition is genetic and not because of the wght trainer. >> theweight trainer has nothing to do with the stroke. it is ludicrous to have anyone say. that i was born with a heart defect. >> she'll be back with the "dancing" finale but hasn't tied on her shoes. >> tone around i haven't discussed what we're going to do for finale night. i requested a song. that i was going to dance to last week i had been on whwhh has really special meaning nono
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so i'm hoping i'll get that opportunity. >> kim shares everything on her bravo series "don't de tardy" where she and her nfl sband troy beerman can't keep their hands off each other. but she's not exactly an expert on the xs and os of the game. >> corey has tried for five years to teach me the game of football. and the only thing i really know is what a sack is, because i know that's really important to my husband. what a tackle is. i know whwh a touchdown s i've e alwaysysnown that. corey tried. he drew the little pictures for me. and i still have a hard time understanding the game. >> that's okay, kim. maybe you'll learn a little bit more watching him on thursday night football on cbs. his undefeated atlanta falcons taking on the new orleans saints in the superdome. >> well, talking sports, everybody remembers that lamar odom was a big basketball star when khloe kardashian fell for over the course of their relationship, her fame got bigger and bigger while only his troubles seemed to grow. tonight's "b"b picture,"
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love story. >> khloe would tell you in less than 2.2 seconds that she's not -- she's not a basketball wife. >> i am -- i have my own career and everything. >> i know this isn't going to last forever. it's not. >> what isn't going to last forever? >> everything. all of this. nothing good, besides us, lasts fo >> they met and married in 30 days. he was the nba star at the height of his career. she was on a reality show no one really cared about at t >> it's so entertaining to me when he won the first lakkr to win six championships of the year, that won two championship rings, no one commented ever about the tv show then. this is my first nba finals. >> how did he handle it? >> he's a pro. he is a professional. calm, cool, collected. >> you see, lamar is the one who rasd khl's star factor gettingnger and sisters front row seaea at games and introducing her r his friends. but lamar had d mons, substance abuse and rumors he was high three to four days aa time.
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enough. >> we prayed nightly together. that's how we keep our spirituality. even when he's on the road, we call and say prayers before we go to bed. that's just what we do together to keep us close and connected. >> sadly, love wasn't enough. after four years together in 2014, khloe filed for divorce, which, by the way, still isn't final. fast forward to the events of this week. lamar's parent overdose happenene right at the time when khloe was having a aoment. she lost 35 pounds and everyone applauds her for looking amazing. she has a book coming out next month. schae a new eight episode primetime talk show "cocktails with khloe" set for december and she has her mobile app. now all of that is put on hold. ways, khloe and lamar still had a bond. down. >> hey. i'm so, so sorry. laura's beth friend since he was 12 just passed away unexexctedly jamie passed away unexpectedly. i'm really on high alert for lamar because, i mean, anything
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i think will set him to spiral. that's the last thing i want for him. >> sadly, that call could have had a devastating impact on says crisis manager wendy feldman who counseled lamar back in 2013. >> i was told that lamar did not want his voice aired on the show. is it coincidental that the next week after they aired that conversation this happens? mamae. maybe not. >> and one e s to wonder. now how much at bothered >> you know, i always saw such a great support networha fanily when i worked with kris on the talk show. that is a ma take away. they stick up for each other the good and bad times. >> love or hate them, they do support each other. in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which tv icon's dream is to one day star on broadway? it is jay leno, betty white, or penny marshal?
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the "e.t." birthdays on, makeup malfunctions. lovato, taylor swift. see the gorgeous celebs falling victim to photographers flashing lights. plus a sneak peek a "the good life." wife. alecia? sugar coating anything for howard. >> work bring more money to the firm and they w have a rationale to fire you. >> it's all on,
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entertainment news. consideration presented by -- welcome backcko the show, everybody. in tonight's birthdhds, which tv icon's dream is to one day star on broadway? >> i grr up in the br watched shows all my life. mainly musicals. that was dream always to have my equity card. >> that is penny marshal who turned 72 today. >> you heard oprah talk about lamar odom. we spoke to oprah at her own premiere series "belief." gayle was there. also common. >> and oprah spent three years putting this show together. it's amazing. it's a journey into faith. but there is one journey she ecided not to take a a it's to dia's religiouou festival that only happens every 12 years. we'll let oprah tell you why. >> 70 million people are in one
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and they actually -- we talked about me going and 70 million, that's -- i draw the line at 50.
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>> bye.previousus on "heroes reboror... - molly's s here somewhere. [guns cock] - well, look what we got here.
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