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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  October 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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gronenthal says her family was devestated, but they brought him home with dignity. and, his brother enlisted right after he passed. "we were all of course honored that he would do something that lays life down for our country as we were with anybody. my brother laid his life down too. he died of liver cancer, partly because of agent orange, but we're just so honored that he would give up his life and his family to go serve," said joanne gronenthal, whose cousin, brent zoucha, in the war on terror. she says her family is very proud that he layed down his life for his country. tommie, who else did you speak to at the exhibit? i also spoke with an active soldier today who has been deployed in both iraq and afghanistan to fight the war on terror. i'll have his story and why this exhibit is so important for every soldier, tonight at 10. tiffany? thanks tommie. it's another cool start today but things are about to change. we look to chief meteorologis t
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ron demers for the details. your 7-day forecast is coming up in 10 minutes after a chilly saturday morning in the 30s for most of us, we started to warm a little better by the afternoon with highs in the upper 50s and lower 60s. tonight will not be quite as cold as the past couple of nights and a strong south wind over the next couple of days will keep the warming going with highs near 70 for sunday and we may get close to 80 by monday. as sioux city works to improve its interstates, it looks like there'll be another closure in a couple days. a new barrier rail and traffic control will cause closure of the southbound i-29 off-ramp to floyd boulevard. it will be closed from 9 a-m to 3 p-m this monday,
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october 19th, as long as weather permits. motorists are encouraged to use the nebraska street off-ramp instead. for the latest traveler information you can always call 5-1-1 through the iowa department of transportatio n. the city of sioux falls imposed a ban on texting while driving three years ago. now a city council member is trying to take it a step further by allowing only hands-free devices behind the wheel. in late 2012, the texting and driving ban went into effect in sioux falls, including the city and state wide ban. sioux falls police say they've only handed out 61 tickets for texting while driving since then. officer sam clemens says enforcing the law has it's challenges. "you drive a personal car or an unmarked car and you see this bad driving all over the place. when you're driving people pay a lot more attention. if they have their phones they'll put their phones down." police say if they do see someone using their phone, it's not always easy to tell what they're doing on it.
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instruments in the sioux city symphony orchestra's performance tonight. this evenings concert will feature a rare 17th century cello. it's on loan for the night from the national music museum in south dakota. as well as an 18th century trumpet among other instruments. some adjustments were made to the cello's strings to allow it to be played by a modern orchestra. it's not often people hear these instruments played. "this type of setup, this experience tthat we've crafted for the entire evening is something that really hasn't been done anywhere," said ryan haskins. "the combination of insturments, the combination of music [and] all of those instruments paired with a modern orchestra; those opportunities for an audience member doesn't happen very often." the concert tonight is at 7:30 at the orpheum theatre in downtown sioux city. carly fiorina doesn't necessarily consider iowa a must-win for her campaign, but she knows she has to do well. the republican presidential candidate is campaigning in eastern iowa this weekend. she held a town hall in waterloo today.
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she talked about her frustration with the government -- saying she spoke to an iowa farmer hit hard by bird flu. she said the producer knew what to do -- but was told by the u-s-d-a to wait until they got there. she said he waited for six weeks. "his voice literally breaking he said, 'carly i've been in this business all my life. i know what to do. the government won't let me do it.' when six bureaucrats finally showed up to tell him what to do, he said, 'you don't know anything about my business and they didn't care anything about me.'" fiorina is currently at a stop in monticello, iowa. we may learn this weekend if vice president joe biden will run for president. he attended his granddaughter's cross- country meet in delaware this morning. biden is reportedly close to making a decision. n-b-c-news-dot-com is reporting that if biden does jump in the race now... he would be in a 60-million dollar hole. that's how much money hillary
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bernie sanders raised in the last quarter to support their campaigns. an n-b-c news online poll found that biden's support has dropped. he was up at 15-percent in september... but after this week's democratic debate... his support dropped to 10 percent. a siouxland man is behind bars... the shocking story of how he got there...later. after a chilly saturday morning in the 30s for most of us, we
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if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again. from the rising price of food to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses, the economic damage will only get worse. but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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afternoon with highs in the upper 50s and lower 60s. tonight will not be quite as cold as the past couple of nights and a strong south wind over
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highs near 70 for sunday and we may get close to 80 by monday. after a very dry stretch, we'll see a chance of a few showers by tuesday with that system cooling us back into the 60s by wednesday. a few more showers return to the forecast by
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a sioux city man has been found guilty of having sex with a student. a judge found 29-year-old erick deleon guilty of "sexual exploitation by a school employee." during a bench trial, deleon's defense attorney argued he was a state employee, who ran a program for at-risk students at north high school called the iowa jobs for america's graduates program.
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but, the judge determined that deleon was also a school district employee because he also worked as an assistant soccer coach at west high school. deleon admitted to police to a quote "pattern of sexual related texting and sexual intercourse with the victim." a judge has sentenced a storm lake man to no more than 15 years in prison after he forced his wife to terminate multiple pregnancies. 55-year-old tony lee was convicted of several charges including two counts of forced consent to termination of human pregnancy. in 2012, his wife called storm lake police after she claimed he tortured her at their home on the 700 block of otsego street. two years later, she contacted police again saying that lee had forced her to take pills to terminate two pregnancies. this halloween has some parents and advocates concerned. learn what novelty toy is causing all the controversy. plus, iowa went on the road to northwestern . see those highlights later in
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it's a halloween novelty toy that has some parents and drug abuse advocates on edge. reporter kathryn sotnik has the story.
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new hampshire school district wants those pens off store shelves, and has brought her case directly to target. s/susan haight, concerned parent/teacher :28-:45 "the heroin epidemic has been receiving a lot of press and it's very concerning and alarming as a parent as a teacher. we have needles that are turning up in playgrounds...even if it's not about heroin syringes and needles just don't seem like they should be toys." we asked people what they thought. s/concerned parent :47-:50 "the shouldn't be selling them because they do look like the real syringe." s/concerned parent :51-:54 "it seems a little bit like we're trying to sensor a little bit too much." s/concerned parent :55-:56 "that's horrible." s/concerned parent :57-1:03 "i don't think they're similar, i think it's totally blown up, i remember having them as kids, i think we've just become way too sensitive to everything that's going on." s/ /reporter 1:04-1:16 "and another concern this mom has. she says if a kid were actually walking along the street or sidewalk and actually spotted the fake syringe, would they know it's a fake syringe and not a real syringe and she worries that a kid could actually hurt themselves." s/susan haight, concerned parent/teacher 1:17-1:25 "it's more the way they're being marketed as a halloween product where strangers are giving them
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to children." haight says she wasn't satisfied with the response when she went to the customer service desk at the greenland, new hampshire store and says she was on hold for more than 20 minutes when she called the 800 number, so she says she eventually emailed the corporate office. s/susan haight, concerned parent/teacher 1:40-1:46 "i ended up getting an email response that was sort of a canned, 'i'm sorry if we've offended you. thank you for shopping at target.'" thursday, target tells us - quote - "at target, our intent is never to offend any of our guests, and we appreciate their feedback related to this product. we have shared this feedback with the merchants for them to consider as they plan for future assortment." >> there's no word if the pens will be removed but most target stores have reported increased sales of the novelty item. mark's in with sports - and a big game for iowa. (mark) the hawekeyes - on the road for one of their biggest tests of the season. iowa taking on number-20
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highlights after the break. plus, morningside heads on the road to dakota wesleyan.
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a ranked opponent since 2011. the 17th-ranked hawkeyes, looking to make it 2 in a row over ranked opponents, were on the road at number-20 northwestern . a win over the wildcats, and it's not unreasonable to think that the hawkeyes could run the table in the big ten west.
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jordan canzeri injured his ankle in the first half - and didn't return. so canzeri is out, and akrum wadley is in - rushing for a 35 yard score in the second quarter - wadley was in for a break-out day. first and goal later in the second - wadley is in again - wadley entered the season as the 4th string running back. but wadley went in for two more touchdowns a minute apart in the 3rd - wadley tied a school record with 4 rushing touchdowns - also done by canzeri earlier this year. wadley goes for 204 yards and iowa wins, 40-10. the hawkeyes are 7-0. nebraska desperately needs a win - on the road at minnesota. huskers trailing 7-0 in the first - but terrell newby goes right up main street - 69 yards untouched to the house - the first of two touchdowns for newby. then nebraska takes the lead - tommy armstrong on the run - to
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huskers lead it 14-7. to the 4th quarter - huskers up 31-14 - armstrong pumps and fires - demornay pierson-el with great concentration - comes down with the tip catch. nebraska breaks a two game losing skid with a 48-25 win on the road. iowa state and t-c-u just underway over on espn2 - and a huge win for south dakota - over the 2nd ranked team in f-c-s, north dakota state. we'll have the highlights from fargo tonight at 10. uni and western illinois are in the 4th quarter - the leathernecks have a two touchdown lead, looking for an upset. and south dakota state, no trouble with youngstown state - late in the 4th quarter there. morningside has already passed one major road test when they beat northwestern in orange city a few weeks ago. the mustangs, ranked 3rd in the naia - on the road at dakota wesleyan - the tigers are ranked 17th. morningside - like they usually
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are - was on a roll offensively. first quarter - the mustangs score in two plays - tyler kavan - 30 yards to the house - 6-nothing morningside. two minutes later - it's kavan again - this time from two yards out - and it twice is good - thrice is better - a third rushing touchdown for kavan with a minute and a half to go in the first quarter - kavan had 152 yards rushing. to the second quarter - the passing game gets involved - it's ryan kasdorf to connor niles - 61 yard touchdown for the heelan grad. morningside roughs up on dakota wesleyan behind 764 yards of total offense, 76-20. 20th-ranked northwestern - on the road at hastings. in the first quarter johathon kudoma drops to throw and fiekds dominique williams for 27 yards and a first down, it sets up a northwestern touchdown and they take a 10-0 lead. then after a blocked punt, northwestrn takes advantage with a two yard touchdown run by paul
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hutson - 17-zip red raiders. hastings is on the board later in the second - cruz sameniego to rashed shamberger for a 3 yard td pass, it is 17-7 to the fourth quarter now, tied at 17 -jessie riley gets the carry and he is on his way to the end zone for a 22 yard touchdown run. that's the game-winner - northwestern wins 24-17. one other gpac score - dordt goes on the road to nebraska wesleyan and falls 27-14 - the defenders still winless in gpac play. in division 2, wayne state falls to augustana 50-19 - we'll have those highlights at 10. while buena vista drops a 41-34 road decision to luther in division 3. the heelan volleyball classic is one of the premier round-robin tournaments in the state of iowa. 12 teams competing in this year's version - including two teams from sioux falls, and 6 ranked iowa teams. let's start with the host team, bishop heelan, taking on unity christian. the crusaders looking strong
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the floor - nicely done - heelan wins the first set 21-17. but then second-ranked unity turns it on - allison timmermans with the sneak attack as the knights win set two, 21-16. and unity outlasts heelan in the third set - the star, anna kiel with the hammer - knights win a top-10 battle, 2-1. sioux center, ranked 3rd in 3a, taking on east, who just fell out of the 5a rankings. the warriors won set one, but east fighting hard - jahni heimsoth comes right into your living room - for the kill. back for sioux center - clare kortlever can't find the floor - but gets it on the second try - warriors looking strong. then it's jessica harald with a monster kill - east did win set two but sioux center takes the third set for a 2-1 win. and #15 sb-l, looking to topple 12th- ranked lawton-bronson. the warriors - putting the pressure on in set one - camryn bockelmann drops one for a kill - sb-l wins the first set. second set - our sportsfource champion, ali verzani with a huge kill to the floor -
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lawton-bronson hanging tough. but sergeant bluff-luton would edge the eagles in the second set as well - madison harms with the kill off the block as the warriors take it 2-0.
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if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again.
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from the rising price of food to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses, the economic damage will only get worse. but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? nascar hall of fame driver richard petty in kansas city, kansas. national guard member diana dizmang-espy and her husband mike-- a retired army sergeant-- were shocked when the legendary driver pulled up to the curb at their local grocery store. the family of six received a year full of groceries... and petty handed them the keys to a new 2016 ford fusion. petty says he is proud to be working with the food company eckrich... that is providing financial relief to service members and
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>> welcome to the us bank nbc sports report. >> south bend, indiana. a saturday night for a rivalry steeped in tradition and built for primetime. for brian kelly and the irish,
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