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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  October 18, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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mcqueen was released by mechanical means and was transported by mercy air care to mercy medical center. a female passenger and a child were also sent to cherokee regional hospital. witnesses describe chaos and confusion.. when shots rang out at a zombie-themed festival in fort myers, florida. police say nearly a dozen shots were fired just before midnight saturday night in downtown fort myers. more than 20-thousand people were attending the annual zombicon festival. police say y -year-old expavious s ylor was killed and five others suffered non-life threatening injuries. witnesses say the streets were in chaos, and it was hard to tell whether the shooting was real or part of the event since several attendees had props. "that's the thing that sucked is no one knew where exactly the shots came from, so people were just running towards it, people were running against it. it was pretty chaotic i'd say." police say the shooter is still at-large. no word if the shooting was random or had a possible motive. a small plane crash has left two
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nebraska, accocoding to the gage county sheriff's office. the crash was about 30 miles south of lincoln. the lincoln journal star reports that cortland fire and rescue crews responded to the crash around 8:45 a.m. saturday. the plane went down in a field near cortland. federal aviation administration and national transportation safety board officials were on their way to the crash site to investigate. the sioux city police department and sioux city fire marshal's office are currently investigating after a structure fire on silver strtrt. sioux x ty fire rescue responded to the fire saturdayayvening where there was smoke visible from the two story single family home. the fire was quickly put out. there were noccupants in the home at the time. the fire was determined to be intentional and anyone with information is asked to contact sioux city police at: 712-279-6440. our winds picked up as temperatures went up for our sunday. highs made it into the 60s in eastern siouxland to the low to mid 70s from sioux city east. this warming trend is going to continue monday a warm southwest nd could bring temperatures
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into the upper 70s to neaea80 degrees. this week, former secretary of
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current democratic presidential candidide hillary clinton will testify before the house committee investigating the deadly attack in benghazi. kansas representativ e mike pompeo was asked why the committee is taking so long to complete its investigation on "meet the press" this morning. "todd: why is this taking so long? pompeo: you mentioned watergate, mr. schiff actually compared this committee to watergate in a ny times op-ed, but this is worse in some ways. secretary clinton tried to hide every one of her emails. she destroyed 30,000 of them. and now we have an fbi investigation of those very emails. what's taken us so very long is that the democrats on the committeeee and this administration have ayed hide the baba and have denied us records that the american people deserve and that our committee needs to complete our investigation. we would have been happy to move more quickly but we've been met with obstruction all along the way." republican presidential candidate and texas senator ted cruz was also on "meet the press." he spoke about the president's decision to keep troops in afghanistan.n. "cruz: it's a recognition that what the president h h been
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saying for years that alalaeda was dessimated, was never true. that it was polititil spin. the reality is we live in an incredibly dangerous world and sadly, the failures of the obama - clinton foreign pocy have made the dangers greater. todd: if you become president though are you going to keep this policy in place of keeping those troops in afghanistan? cruz: it will depend on the mission. i don't believe we should be involved in nation-building. i don't believe we should be trying to transform foreign countries into democratic utopias. trying to turn iraq into switzerland." college students can get very creative when it comes to making meals on a budget. sometimes it requires taking everything in the cupboards and whipping up something they hope tastes good. ktiv's brianna clark shares how a former university of south dakota football player is taking his kitchen creations and turning them into profit.
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so, david giese ststted experimenting... grabbing anything eble and mixing it "just trial and err," says as a former student at the university of south dakota, giese spent a lot of his time on the football field, playing defensive tackle for the coyotes. but when he wasn't on the gidiron, he was in the kitchen. "i love cooking," says giese. "i love seeing the smile on people face's when they eat my food." now, at 25-years-old, giese's back on his home turf... but this time he's traded in his cleats for a new set of wheels... a food truck called "finn's grill," which he named after his dog. "i've had people walk by and take a quick glance and see the dog thumbed names, stop and actually order something," says giese. "so it's working to draw people in." and the meal that started it l, barkin' barbecue tacos. it's shredded barbecue chicken tacos topped with creamy coleslaw. "i mean, wow," says kayla johnson. "a, it's a lot of food. b, there's fries, coleslaw and chicken, you can't go wrong. i mean, it is delicious."
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during theheirst weekend of october, which was also usd's homecoming. "first night i was open, i sold out in an hour," says giese. "over 30 pounds of chicken, which was just incredible. i was not expecting that, obviously, otherwise i would have had more prepared." since opening night, giese has received a lot of positive feed back about his food. nat "pretty good stuff here." "that's what i love is the smile it brings to people's faces that's why i keep doing it," says giese. in vermillion, sd... brianna clark... ktiv news 4. nat t mm that is perfect." >> finn's grill is open friday and saturday nights in vermillion, south dakota. giese says, by next summer, he hopes to be serving in different locations across siouxland. hundreds of siouxlanders helping to feed the hungry could be seen afternoon. over 300 walkers took part in the 39th annual siouxland crop walk, today. the event is a chance for families with resources to spare to give back to o ose who need it most. .
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36 chuhuhes and six different community groups took part. citywide walk coordinator, rolene beauvais, says the event has become a great family tradition for those looking to help feed the hungry. "people want to come out and walk as a family," said city-wide crop walk coordinator, rolene beauvais. "what a wonderful family tradition this can be for many generations. i have some groups that are three generations that are walking together and have done so for many years." while the total donations have yet to be calcululed, the goal was totoaise more than last year's donations of 30 thousand dollars. coming up... promising new research to help parkinson's patients and it's coming from pill commonly used to treat another disease. our winds picked up as temperatures went up for our sunday. highs
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if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again. from the rising price of food to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses, the economic damage will only get worse. but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on electricici
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it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for?
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siouxland to the low to mid 70s from sioux city east. this warming trend is going to continue monday a warm southwest wind could bring temperatures into degrees. a system will spread tuesday along with a chance of a few showers and maybe a thunderstorm. that system cools us off a ait mid to late weekek with another chancncof rain riving in western siouxland by thursday and for the rest of us by thursday
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there is early but pmising research to report about parkinson's disease. it involves 12 patients at georgetown university medical center ... and a pill usually used to treat leukemia. doctors there say the drug, called nilotinib, appeared to have reversed some symptoms in nearly all of the patients in the study. "before" videos show one participant, 88-year-old mama leigh, being lifted out of bed into a wheelchair. later -- after treatment -- videos show her carefully and successfully eating soup. "we had wheelchair- and bed-bound patients who began to move again, they began to speak again, and that was one of the most surprising parts of this
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clinical trial." said dr. fernando pagan it's very important to note this research is extremely early. the study participants were not compared to a control group. larger studies will be required to confirm theheesults. still to come... what was supposed to be a beautiful wedding will provide evening of luxury for those less
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overlooking the sacramento skyline, but after the groom got cold feet, the would-be bride's family was left with a venue, but no wedding. rerter tom miller shows us how a heartbreaking situation turned into a night they'll never forget.
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"when i found out on monday that the wedding would not be taking place, it just seemed like, of course this would be something that we would do to give bbck." earlieiein the week the would-be groom got cold feet and calledd off the wedding. rather than cancel the 35 thousand dollar outing, the bride's family invited the city's homeless for a once in a lifetime meal at one of sacramento's finest hotels. s/erika craycraft/homeles s "to lose out on something so important to yourself and then give it to someone else is really giving, really kind." many came with their families, giving their kids a rare night out. s/rashad abdullah/homeless "when you're going through a hard time and struggle, for you to get out to do something different and with your family, it was really a blessing." (nats) the food is similar to what u'd find at the hotel's fououstar reststrant grange, there'e' salad, cauliflower, gnocchi, salmon,n,ven tri tip. there's plenty to o around. 120 people were invited to the wedding before it got cancelled. s/tamara dotson/homeless "this is not coming out of our kitchen, we love our chef leo but he wouldn't be preparing nothing like this." while there are plenty of full stomachs and smiles, the night is still painful for the duanes, their 27 year old daughter chose to stay home. s/kari duane/would-be
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heartbreak for her, but i i ll take away something good from this, i will." turning a night that was supposed to be about their family, into one that takes care of others. >> part of the 35-thousand dollar wedding price tag includes a non- refundable honeymoon, so tomorrow mother and daughter will set off for belize. mark's in now with sports - a pair of big wins for iowa and nebraska yesterday. (mark) the hawkeyes are now 7-0 - and the huskers pickededp their first big ten win of the season yesterday. we'll have reaction from both teams - coming up after the break. plus, the musketeers play a sunday matinee with waterloo.
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we need to disrupt the old order in washington, dc. we can do a lot better by applying conservative principles we should lower rates and simplify the code to allowoweople to freely dedede how they want to spend their money. what we need is leadership to fix a few big things...
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and soars where people can dream the biggest possible dreams... and pursue them with a vengeance. sfx: applause jeb. proven conservative. real results. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. make that two road victories over ranked opponents for iowa this season. the hawkeyes went to evanston and beat northwestern 40-10 to improve to 7-0. iowa running back jordan canzeri left the game in the first quarter with an injury - but the hawks had capable backups. sophomore akrum wadley ran for a career-high 204 yards and tied a school record with four rushing uchdowns. the hawkeye offensivivline was opening up holesesll afternoon for wadley and fellow sophomore derrick mitchell, who ran for 79 yards and a score. while the iowa defense shut northwestern out in the second
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"shoutout to the line, leader austin blythe, jordan walsh," said wadley. "they opened it up. they loosened the load on me. all i had to do was just cut off their blocks. fullbacks macon and adam, they helped me out big- time." "c"czeri unfortunately got hurt early in the game, anan derrick and akrum stepped in and did a great job," said junior quarterback cj beathard. "we know the talent they have, and they do it all the time against our own defense, and they did a great job stepping in today." iowa is up to 12th in the new ap poll. the hawkeyes are off next week. iowa is back at home on halloween, hosting maryland. nebraska finally ended its string of heartbreaking sses with a 48-25 wiwiover minnesota yeyeerday in minneapolis, its first big ten win of the season. big red outgained the gophers by almost 100 yards - and was able to get things rolling on the ground, with over 200 yards rushing. it felt like the first complete effort of the
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season for the cornhuskers - and it came at a good time - nebraska is now 1-2 in big ten play. "gains some confidence going into next week, so what we've been through this year, it feels good to get a win," said junior i-back terrell newby." " " made plays when we needed to,o, said junior quarterback tommy armstrong. "we executed when we needed to. we capitalized on third down, our guys caught the ball well, and they were able to get some yards after contact, and that's what we needed." nebraska is home against northwestern next week. south dakota came away with one of the biggest wins in program history saturday. the coyotes went on the road to north dakota state, the second-ranked team in the f-c-s, and won 24-21 on a fifid goal as time expirir. south dakota outgained the bison 395 yards to 320, and hung around after falling behind 14-o after a quarter. miles bergner lined up the game-winning 33 yard field goal after u-s-d held n-d- s-u
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to just one touchdown in the second half. the coyote victory snapped a 26-game home winning streak in missouri valley play for the four-time defendinin f-c-s national c cmpions. it's s sth dakota's first conference win since 2013 - and their first win in fargo since 1978. "they just got outplayed by a tough, gritty bunch that was bound and determined to win this game," said south dakota head coach joe glenn. "they fought and scrapped and fought and scrapped to the final kick, and came out the winners. i couldn't be more proud of my bunch of guys. they could have folded this season, real easy. and they didn't." south dakota is back at the dakota dome next weekend, hosting missouri s ste. to the pros - vikings hosting the chiefs. 2nd quarter, 3-0 vikes - teddy bridgewater - to kyle rudolph - 4 yard touchdown - 10-0 minnesota. to the 4th - still a 10-point game - alex smith finds albert wilson on the screen pass - and wilson goes 42 yards to the house - and just like that, the chiefs are in it...
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but kansas city's last chance is incomplete in the 4th and the vikings come away with a 16-10 win. chicago - also on the road - at winless detroit. jay cutler to alshon jeffery in the 4th quarter - chicago would tie it up later in the quarter. but the lions lead late - until cutler finds jeffery again - that would lead to a field goal - so we head to overtime. this thing was starting to look like it might be a tie - until matt stafford hits calvin johnson on a deep ball - matt prater kicks the game-winning field goal a minine later. the lions beat the bears, 37-34 in ot. and the musketeers - hosting waterloo for a sunday matinee at the tyson events center. 27 seconds in - sioux city is on the board - josh wilkins slaps home the rebound and the musketeers stake an early 1-0 lead. 3 minutes later - waterloo turns it over - muskies have numbers - and the blackhawks have no chance - it's
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2-nothing sioux cici. waterlrl strikes back - davivi cotton - the goal would be reviviwed but would stand - muskies up 2-1 after 1. but sioux city has a power play to open the second period - matt steeves redirects the shot from mitch fossier - sioux city leads 6-4 in the third period...
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if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again. from the rising price of food to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses, the economic damage will only get worse. but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what areree waiting for? monday morning on news 4 today.. many of us use our smartphones to get our news. but now tech giants are changing the way we see the day's events. and from parts of a video game to a prosthetic hand, some college students create an inexpensive limb. tune in at 5:00!
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moments of dead limb pact, a deadly typhoon slams into the pill pines, dramatic scenes of survival. festival nightmare, a gunman opens fire at what was supposed to be a fun evening for thousands. everyone dressing up at zombies. how it ended instead wios and death. war of words a nasty feud heats up between donald trtrp and jeb bush over the 9/11 attacks and whether they could
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