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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  October 18, 2015 11:00pm-12:00am CDT

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i succeed at it. i do whatever the best i can do for whatever they need me to do. >> your offensive line came in and marcus got injured. >> we got a gret group. my offensive line, those guys are tough. they're gritty, they're grimy. they do whatever it takes to get the job done. we've been rotating guys all season. i know whoever is in there will do a great job. >> all right, you guys have been downplaying the revenge factor all week long, but how much more gratifying was this win? >> i mean, this is like any other win, you know? >> come on. >> it is just like any other win. i feel like as long as we win the game no matter who we're play playing, we're on the right track. we got a lot of things to work on and get better at. we're going to enjoy this win right here tonight. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> let's turn to chandler jones. 2 1/2 sacks, but two very different halves of football. what adjustments did you make at
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half time to keep them at bay the second half? >> andrew luck did a good job moving the ball with his arm and his feet. there were a couple times he got out of the pocket. that was our goal to get to him. >> this was a six-point game until fourth down they tried a trick play on special teams. as you saw that going on, what were you thinking? >> i saw the formation, i wasn't sure what was going on. but i thought it was a fake. great awareness by special teams. hats off to our special teams. >> i'll try it with you as well. the revenge player, the play are to for tom factor downplayed all week. how satisfying was this one? >> it's another win. another in the win column. we're on to the jets. >> they're on to the jets. the patriots, you won't flinch. >> never. >> they're gritty, they're grimy, but they stay on script. that's for sure. they have now beaten their once
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arch rivals, the indianapolis colts, seven straight times. and andrew luck is 0-5 for his young career against the patriots since the pats were 2-2 and the sky was falling last season, they are 18-2 including the playoffs and their run to the super bowl last season. let's bring in tony dungy. tony, you said before the game this was a key game for the colts, obviously, and they led 21-20 at halftime. the score winds up not being lopsided. in fact, you change a play or two and maybe indy wins the game, but in truth are they any closer to competing with new england? >> i'll tell you what, bob, this has got to be really disappointing for the colts. you talk about that play that maybe turned that fake punt, but really you look at the game and some of the same problems showed up. indianapolis moved the ball, but they couldn't score enough to compete. and then defensively, legarrette blount averages almost six yards a carry. still not a lot of pressure on
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tom brady. he was able to throw the ball at will. defensively they haven't gotten closer. i think this is going to be a big disappointment for the colts. a lot of the moves that they made didn't pan out. i'm not sure they're any closer to beating the patriots. >> on the other hand, they may see them again in the playoffs because the afc south is weak and so you could see indy still winding up double digits in terms of victory and getting back to the postseason. we turn to mike florio of pro football talk. mike, as the steelers wait on ben lott lis wurg erroethlisberger's return, do they have a decision to make on quarterback? >> they don't have a decision the if mike vick can't play. he had a hamstring injury. but it will be vick or landry jones. a guy that came in and did very well. 8 of 12 today. a couple of touchdown passes and a come from behind win. this guy got 22 snaps in the preseason. the steelers believe he could be the guy to go next week in
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kansas city. in nashville, marcus mariota took a low hit here. he was able to keep playing but now the titans concerned he may have a knee injury. mri on monday. they're hoping it's a sprain that will heal with rest. >> that will wrap it up from here, at least for the moment. final score patriots 34, colts 27. al and cris will put a ribbon on
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it's the final countdown! the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. welcome back to the volkswagen passat post gram report. >> fakes to stewart. gets a run. newton, touchdown. right side. >> my goodness. >> fade back. end zone. caught.
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incredible play. >> well, the channel bill belichick, we're on to charlotte. >> we are indeed. >> a lot of people were denigrating the panthers saying they're 4-0, who have they played, but it's time to take them seriously. >> any time you go into seattle and come away with a win and seattle again blowing another lead late, but that's a different story. and now you get to see ron rivera's defense and what he can do against chip kelly's offense and it should be fire works down there. should be fun. >> the eagles are all over the joint, 2-3 and a big game tomorrow night against the new york giants for them. >> absolutely. >> so it's on to carolina, then in two weeks, it's denver against green bay, which means they'll go into that game unbeaten. "sunday night football." make sure you're with us.
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michellee tafoya, our whole gang saying good night from
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win.i'm tiffany lane, in for robert lowe. a local high school is banning veterans from performing a 21 gun salute on
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school grounds at a veteran's day assembly. hillary maglin at our sister station kwwl has the story behind the ban.
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munson says the post thirty-nine legion is not done fighting for this tradition to continue next year. a normally enjoyable event in florida turned chaotic and deadly last night. just before zombicon ended, someone opened fire, leaving a young man dead and injuring five other people. the shooter is still on the run. n-b-c's mark potter reports.
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miami. amanda andrews/ sister she called on the phone and she's like -- he's been shot, he's been shot... and she's like, tyrell's been shot. and i'm like what happened, is he ok? and she said no. she said he dead. four of the wounded were hospitalized for non-threatening injuries. another refused treatment. nat: we were set up right here at the corner... pointing james didio helped one of the victims sot: he was definitely in a state of shock. he wasn't saying much to me. police say the shooter got away. (lt. victor medico--ft. myers police dep't--q we have a suspect at large desiree ballou was in the panicked crowd.... (desiree ballou--there were a lot of little kids at this event like , really little... i saw kids in strollers. i just never imagined that someone would pull a gun with children around.) on facebook, the event sponsor sent condolences, saying it is, "...deeply saddened by the news of what happened within the footprint of our event." police are asking everyone with cellphone video from this shooting scene to come forward, to help identify and catch the
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killer. mark potter, nbc news, miami. >> with recent fatal shootings around the country, u-s senator chuck grassley from iowa is weighing in on the issue. "i think if we can do something about the mental health issue and getting people that have mental health issues, getting them in the databank and fbi so that they can't buy guns is a very important thing to get done and getting states to report." our winds picked up as temperatures went up for our sunday. highs made it into the 60s in eastern siouxland to the low to mid 70s from sioux city east. this warming trend
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is going to wind could bring temperatures into degrees. five siouxland fire departments responded to two fires that broke out from the same origin in le mars, iowa this afternoon. le mars fire chief david schipper says the fire broke out at a rural home and farm when silage spontaneousl y combusted between a garage and
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bunker. soon after the fire engulfed two single stall garages. schipper says, wind gusts caused sparks that led to another fire on a field one thousand feet to the north. the crop field belonged to another owner. schipper says there were no injuries. the sioux city police department and sioux city fire marshal's office are currently investigating after a structure fire on silver street. sioux city fire rescue responded to the fire saturday evening where there was smoke visible from the two story single family home. the fire was quickly put out. there were no occupants in the home at the time. the fire department determined the fire to be intentional and anyone with information is asked to contact sioux city police at: 712-279-6440. sioux city fire and rescue also responded to a structure fire early this morning at a large industrial facility owned by cargill incorporated. firefighters reported smoke
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the building at 1100 clark street. the sioux city police department says the fire began because of a a failure of electric equipment. cargill employees were able to de-energize the equipment and firefighters extinguished the fire. there were no injuries. a cherokee, iowa woman has been transported to the hospital by helicopter after being pinned underneath a vehicle during a rollover this afternoon. marilyn mcqueen was driving a vehicle northbound on old 21 road in cherokee where she apparently lost control of the vehicle. the vehicle entered a ditch and rolled on its side. mcqueen was partially trapped under the car and released by mechanical means. she was transported by mercy air care to passenger mackenzie gaes and a child were sent to cherokee regional hospital by ambulance. their conditions are not known at this time but we will provide you with the latest information as we get it. as sioux city works to improve its interstates, there will be another closure monday morning. a new barrier rail and traffic
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the southbound i-29 off-ramp to floyd boulevard. it will be closed from 9 a-m to 3 p-m tomorrow, as long as weather permits. motorists are encouraged to use the nebraska street off-ramp instead. for the latest traveler information you can always call 5-1-1 through the iowa department of transportatio n. a search is underway for two male juveniles who ran away from the state treatment and rehabilitation academy near custer, south dakota. the boys ran away from the brady program before noon today. both boys are native american. one is 16 years old. he is five-foot-11 and has black hair and brown eyes. the other boy is 15 years old. he is five feet two inches and has brown hair and brown eyes. anyone who sees the boys is asked to contact law enforcement. thousands gather to raise money to honor a siouxland community member. find out why he ended up in the hospital in august. v our winds picked up as temperatures went up for our sunday. highs
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siouxland to the low to mid 70s from sioux city east. this warming trend is going to continue monday a warm southwest wind could bring temperatures into the upper 70s to near 80 degrees. a system will spread some clouds into the area by tuesday along with a chance of a
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few showers and maybe a us off a bit mid to late week with another chance of rain arriving in western siouxland by thursday and for the rest of us by thursday
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nearly 15-hundred people came
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morning to raise money for a siouxland chiropractor injured in a severe accident. 58-year-old dr. arden keune has been a chiropractor in sioux rapids, south dakota for more than 20 years. on august third his motorcycle was rear- ended by an suv fleeing a state trooper in sturgis, south dakota. today, there was a benefit at the sioux rapids fire station to raise money towards his medical costs. there was a bake sale, auctions and free will donations for meals. committee members who put together the benefit said it was a success. still to come... bush and trump butting heads
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clinton is getting ready for a showdown with republicans on capitol hill. meanwhile ... donald trump and jeb bush are attacking each other over nine- eleven. brian mooar has the story from washington.
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hillary clinton claims the committee is less interested in the 2012 terror attack than the 2016 elections. (sot hillary clinton/ (d) presidential candidate :12-:20) super already on screen in upper corner - cnn state of the union : "whatever they thought they were doing, they ended up becoming a partisan arm of the republican national committee." the committee's chair says that's not true. (sot rep. trey gowdy / (r) south carolina :23-:33) super already on screen in upper corner - cbs face the nation "she's a witness. she was the secretary of state. you have to talk to her. but we've already talked to fifty people not named clinton. we're going to talk to another couple of dozen not named clinton." meanwhile ... republicans jeb bush and donald trump are still attacking each other over nine- eleven. presidential super already on screen in upper corner - fox news sunday "i'm not blaming george bush, but i don't want jeb bush to say my brother kept us safe because september 11th was one of the worst days in the history of this county." (sot jeb bush/ (r) presidential candidate :51-:59) super already on screen in upper corner - cnn state of the union "this is just another example of the lack of seriousness, and this is a serious time. we're under grave threats again and i think we need a president with a steady hand." (super already on screen ---------------"judgment"/jeb
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bush 1:00-1:10) ad attacking trump - aimed at chipping away at the frontrunner's lead - and his credibility. (two second pause) news, >> republican candidates - not includingtrump - at a north texas presidential forum. republican presidential candidate and texas senator ted cruz was on "meet the press" and he spoke about the president's decision to keep troops in afghanistan. "cruz: it's a recognition that what the president has been saying for years that al qaeda was dessimated, was never true. that it was political spin. the incredibly dangerous world and sadly, the failures of the obama - clinton foreign policy have made the become president though are you going to keep this policy in place of keeping those troops in afghanistan? mission. involved in nation-building. i don't believe we should be trying to transform foreign countries into democratic utopias. trying to turn iraq into switzerland." mark's in with sports - the musketeers in action on a sunday.
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a bit of an unfamiliar sight - but there was hockey today in sioux city. it was a good day for the musketeers against waterloo. next. plus, iowa running backs akrum wadley and derrick mitchell ran wild in saturday's win over northwestern.
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with just 5 returning players entering the season - and alternate captain jake durflinger being traded - the musketeers certainly have a new look. as expected, sioux city has taken some time to adjust to a new team - getting off to a 3-4 start to the season. another unfamilar sight this afternoon - sunday hockey at the tyson. musketeers looking to even that record at 4-4, hosting waterloo. 27 seconds in - sioux city is on the board -
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and the musketeers stake an early 1-0 lead. 3 minutes later - muskies have numbers off the turnover - and the blackhawks have no chance - it's teemu pulkkinen - his first of two goals. sioux city up 2-nothing but waterloo strikes back - nick swaney - the goal would be reviewed but would stand - muskies up 2-1 after 1. but sioux city has a power play to open the second period - matt steeves redirects the shot from mitch fossier - steeves also had two 7-5. that's really important, it's the first goal of the game," said musketeers head coach jay varady. "we were able to get that done 30 seconds in, and then the quickest two goals is always a momentum changer, so i that as well to give us a little bit of a lead to start the game." goals where they would come down and score, and then we were able to answer and push back a little bit. i think that was one of the big keys for us tonight." the musketeers are back at home on friday, taking on des moines.
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cubs and mets. jake arrieta on the mound - usually unhittable - tonight - looking pedestrian - david wright to the wall in center in the first - curtis granderson scores. then daniel murphy tees off on arrieta - arrieta gave up 4 runs in 5 innings - and the cubs are in an 0-2 hole - chicago falls 4-1. on saturday, iowa picked up their second road win over a ranked opponent, beating northwestern 40-10. iowa running back jordan canzeri left the game in the first quarter with an injury - but the hawks had capable backups. sophomore akrum wadley ran for a career-high 204 yards and tied a school record with four rushing touchdowns. the hawkeye offensive line was opening up holes all afternoon for wadley and fellow sophomore derrick mitchell, who ran for 79 yards and a score. in total, the hawks rushed for 294 yards. "shoutout to the line, leader austin blythe, jordan walsh," said wadley. "they opened it up. they loosened the
11:29 pm
load on me. all i had to do was just cut off their blocks. fullbacks macon and adam, they helped me out big- time." "canzeri unfortunately got hurt early in the game, and derrick and akrum stepped in and did a great job," said junior quarterback cj beathard. "we know the talent the time against our own job stepping in today." iowa is up to 12th in the new ap poll. the hawkeyes are off next week. iowa is back at home on halloween, hosting maryland. nebraska finally ended its string of heartbreaking losses with a 48-25 win over minnesota yesterday in minneapolis. big red outgained the gophers by almost 100 yards - and was able to get things rolling on the ground, with over 200 yards rushing. it felt like the first complete effort of the season for the cornhuskers - and the result was nebraska's first big ten win. "gains some confidence going into next week, so what we've been through this year, it feels good to get a win," said junior i-back terrell newby." "we made plays when we needed to," said junior quarterback tommy armstrong. "we executed when we needed to. we capitalized on third down, our guys caught the ball well, and they were able to
11:30 pm
get some yards after contact, and that's what we needed." nebraska is home against northwestern next week. the packers and chargers played a wild one in green bay today. it starts in the first quarter with james starks - 65 yard touchdown in the first quarter - thhe cheeseheads take a 14-3 lead. but san diego storms back - it's tied at 17 in the 3rd - james jones buts the packers back on top with an 8-yard touchdown. san diego still down a score - with 4th and goal at the end of the game - but the pass is broken up. that's how it ends - green bay holds on, 27-20. vikings hosting the chiefs. 2nd quarter, 3-0 vikes - teddy bridgewater - to kyle rudolph - 4 yard touchdown - 10-0 minnesota. to the 4th - still a 10-point game - alex smith finds albert wilson on the screen pass - and wilson goes 42
11:31 pm
the chiefs are in it... but kansas city's last chance is incomplete in the 4th and the vikings come away with a 16-10 win.
11:32 pm
monday morning on news 4 today.. many of us use our smartphones to get our news. but now tech giants are changing the way we see the day's events. and from parts of a video game to a prosthetic hand, some college students create an inexpensive limb. tune in at 5:00! >> races held across the australian desert kicked off in the northern city of darwin today. the 2015 world solar challenge is an 18-hundred mile race across central australia from darwin to adelaide.
11:33 pm
forty-six solar- powered cars from 25 countries are taking part. hundreds of people lined the streets to watch the start of the race today. the first cars are expected to cross the finish line on wednesday. tonight: mostly clear. low: 52 s 15-25 mph 80 we have inside footage from inside the brothel. before even after his chapsollapse.
11:34 pm
>> on entertainment tonight. >> you promise not to do any drugs. >> popping pills and asking for illicit drugs. we have lamar's $75,000 bill for two women as odom's condition takes a turn. >> lamar is not out of the woods, however he is no longer in a coma. >> plus, the room where lamar was found. 911 calls. >> blood coming out of his nose, white stuff coming out of his mouth. >> new interviewes with oprah, again stefany, alanis more set and postpartum depression. >> i didn't have to be hospitalized. there is so much shame around it. >> and tom brady on his wife and his home life off the field. >> oh, my god, i said, i need a break. >> and deck vandyke turning 90. >> ageing? oh, come on. >> his young wife and secret to eternal youth. >> a pint of ice cream every night and i dance around the house.
11:35 pm
>> secrets from a "facts of life" star. behind the scenes body shame. >> the more they tried to pressure them, the more they would eat. >> now in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." >> thanks for being with us. samantha harris will be with us in a moment but we have the latest on lamar odom's hospitalization in las vegas. he was left fighting for his life and behave new details. new video from inside the brothel where lamar odom was found unresponsive. "e.t." found four days of surveillance from inside the love ranch. can you see lamar surrounded by women. at one point he appears to be smoking and gives a woman a kiss on the cheek and there he appears to be taking a pill. thursday there is an ambulance arriving after 3:30 p.m. and this is the first call made to 911. >> is he conscious? >> no. >> senior news editors reporting on his condition as of friday afternoon.
11:36 pm
however he is no longer in a coma. that's good news. he pulled a tube out of his mouth and said morning to khloe and said morning, hi, baby. he has been giving a thumb's up to affirmative questions doctors have been asking him. khloe hasn't left lamar's side since she got there tuesday evening. she is still wearing the same clothes. >> we obtained this receipt from the love ranch that shows lamar's week started with a $75,000 swipe on his amex. >> $75,000 is the number lamar came up with. he wanted two girls 24 hours a day for a minimum of four days possibly five. that's what the agreed amount was for. >> owner dennis hop, also an author, says the same two women also found him. >> when they woke up, with eight news crews in front of the love ranch in las vegas. one of the girls hasn't left her room since this happened, crying. they were traumatized.
11:37 pm
courtney and kiley were outside the hospital. lamar on the minds of money. >> i know he is surrounded by people that know and love and support him and i hope he knows that. >> it is devastating when you have someone on drugs in your family. there is almost nothing you can do until they decide. can you rescue and rescue and rescue. and then this happens. >> you think about guys who are really drawn to, that you cheer for. lamar odom is at the top of the list. >> so what led up to this tragedy? here is the weekend time line. on saturday, lamar arrived at the love ranch south. a legal brothel in crystal, nevada. >> we picked him up at his place in las vegas brought him out. great mood. just wanted to get away far few days. >> lamar check node this room. claiming the reality star was seen taking herbal viagra. >> we heard from my people like eight or ten pills.
11:38 pm
call. it was about that night's episode of keeping up with the kardashians. papers? and in a few days, it will be done. >> then on tuesday, his fourth day at the ranch, two women found him unconscious. >> we called 911 and he started throwing up a lot. so he was breathing. came. how did lamar look? awful. he looked really sick and needed to be rushed to an emergency room immediately. >> let's shift gears and get to more news. >> here a full wrapup of other big star headlines. >> tracy morgan ready to return to his "snl" home. >> trace oo, so awesome you're hosting. everyone is excited. >> thank you. i'm getting everyone pregnant. >> thursday he arrived so "snl" like a king in a white limo, red
11:39 pm
taking a dig at his own accident. >> did i used to work here? >> yeah, for like seven years. >> i can't remember any more. >> oh, my god, i'm so sorry. >> oh, i'm messing with you bobby. >> after rehearsals, what did he do? went it a favorite hang-out? the bronx to get chinese takeout. >> abbey lee miller facing a 24-count indictment, accused of defrauding the government. documents obtained by "e.t." defense claiming miller hid more than $50,000 in assets when she filed for bankruptcy protection for her dance studios in december of 2010. with each count having potential five-year sentence and $250,000 fine, abbey lee could face serious penalties if convicted. "e.t." reached out to abbey lee for comment she didn't respond. lifetime declined to comment on the story. another star making headlines, charlie sheen thrown out after bar, the exclusive surveillance
11:40 pm
video. charlie reportedly intoxicated gets upset when he a fan started filming him with a cell phone in an orange county bar saturday night. sheen allegedly knocked the phone out of the person's hand and the bar security stepped in. >> security guard just came, separated some parties that seemed like they may have been having a little bit of an argument, separated them and left. >> the bouncers removed charlie in a head lock which you can see here. finally, shia labeouf arrested in austin, texas. police allege shia was drunk when he was stopped for jay walking. he became agitated and noncooperative when police detained him. reportedly shia and two females were trying to get into a bar in austin. they were declined because shia was too drunk. he stormed off when the jay walking occurred.
11:41 pm
he was excited with public intoxication a misdemeanor with a small fine. last sunday shia released a cryptic twitter statement saying i talk, just not to you. also making news this week, kate hudson, gwyneth paltrow and new mommy to be chrissy teeingian all out together. >> power girls and right in the middle of their a-list red carpet madness. chris oo's baby bump barely visible in a plunging white slip dress. the usually oversharing star wasn't giving up baby news but might have accidentally due date in april. >> my book comes out in february. it was going to be april but now it is february so we will just shove it out because i can't travel in april any more. >> sharing her feelings on hayden panettiere checking into treatment for postpartum depression which she also battled.
11:42 pm
>> that's terrible. a very, luckily mine was low grade enough that i didn't have to be hospitalized, but you know, it is a very debilitating thing and i think there is so shouldn't be. it is something that happens. something that befalls many women after they have a baby and you know, for me, it ended up being a wonderful opportunity for me to explore some underlying issues. >> in a chatty mood, gweneth weighed in on j. low's op ed about pay for women. >> especially in hollywood we feel fortunate to be receiving a fantastic salary and to have a job and movie so i think it is very brave to say, hey wait a minute, i'm not being paid the same as man. >> we talked to jennifer's ""american hustle"" could star bradley cooper mentioned in her essay. >> do you feel there is a double standard in hollywood?
11:43 pm
as double standard in the whole world, sure. this is just one aspect. any time there a place where a voice can come out and be outspoken, that's great. >> you think it will make a difference? >> i think it is making a difference, isn't it? >> i this i so. we're talking about it. >> whoopi goldberg things a battle was waged long before jennifer started talking about it. >> jennifer welcome to the conversation that's been going on for 55, 60 years in hollywood. >> jennifer and her girls talking about the skin caroline's 50th anniversary. >> i'm excited to see all my girl friends. it is tuesday night so we are being rebellious sneaking out of the house and having a cocktail. >> kate's flowy gown. and gweneth a preparty snap with
11:44 pm
daughter was more into taylor. >> sthehe would dump me for taylor swift in a minute. yes, apple? yes. >> gweneth met up with oprah and posed for this instagram. >> we are talk about her new new tv project. tom brady and his super model wife, gizelle. >> she retired from the runway, he dealt with deflategate, then the nasty split rumors. our carly talked to tom this week about everything going on in his world. >> you guys have much so going on. what is the secret to a happy even successful relationship? >> she is my best friend. i think we spend as much time as we can together and you know, it is a busy life we have. and we have three kids. >> i love the instagram photos you guys post with your kids. what's the best thing about being a dad? >> oh, man. i have a lot of respect for the
11:45 pm
moms out there, let me say that. that is a tough job. because it is a lot of work and you know, when i'm home with the kids, it is exhausting. i can't wait to get back to work. oh, my god, i need a break. my 2-year-old doesn't listen to a word i say. i have to go back to work to the 200 pounders that i tell what to do and they listen. >> today we are all about the love, just because of the sweet way he talks about his wife and kids. >> an day goes by where we don't laugh and smile. >> gizelle retired early. any plans to do the same? what would retirement look like in the household? >> i love what i do. i don't have any plans to get it up. although she stills works a lot. don't let the retirement fool you. she works more than any retired person i know. >> tom is about to give her a run for her modeling money just tagged ambassador. >> he owned the tag in 2002.
11:46 pm
>> a gift for myself and i decided to splurge. so it is just such a natural organic thing that came about. very important to my job, always has been. >> we all know tom is very important to these celebs but what did he think when matt and ben say this? >> love you tom. >> and those lips. >> those guys in particular, got to know over the years. and they are all friends. and great to have such great support from those guyes. >> boston passe. >> the boston crew. >> who do you believe, tom brady, greatest man in all of humanity or a bunch of [ bleep ] on twitter? >> tom and gizelle have expanded their family this year. but a dog. >> the name? >> tom just posted this shot to his facebook page, saying, qb discovered the selfie. >> look out, the first of many. >> his own page. >> i'm telling you right now. >> congratulations on your engagement.
11:47 pm
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tecfidera, and take another look at relapsing ms. tom hanks in "bridge of spies" going up against "crimson peak." goose bumps. but next weekend look for bradley cooper going back to the romantic side. i know you love that. >> just how we like it keep him with the blue eyes. i will get carried away here. nancy o'dell, lucky lady, sitting down with bradley cooper, reuniting with "american sniper" co-star. tell amy schumer that. because she announced bradley
11:50 pm
>> congratulations. >> for? >> you're engaged. >> to who? >> i'm engaged to bradley cooper. >> she is amazing. >> did you know she was so obsessed with you? >> well i'm just a butt of a joke but i'm happy to be part of it. she is hilarious. >> he is not really with amy. he and ciena are chefs in a high end restaurant and are friends off camera. >> do you see each other offset? >> yeah. we go running. >> you do? >> not on-camera. we do talk to each other. >> these two sizzle in and out of the kitchen and bradley trained with two famed chefs. guardon ramsay. >> he was tremendously helpful. >> was he? >> yeah. but marcus was the key point. that guy, he created all of the dishes. he was on-set all the time. >> two of everything. >> yes chef! >> and it gets pretty hot in
11:51 pm
their kitchen. >> we have this pretty horrible fight and he gets this thing where he -- where the color drains from his -- honestly, i watch his complexion change. like the equivalent of the hulk or something. and i know it's coming. >> a little bit of blood does not drain from my face. i want people to sit at that table and be sick with longing. an i need to you do it with me. >> are you guys good cooks? you got to be doing a movie like this. >> well, shana is a very good cook. but comparatively speaking, that world of that -- that kind of culinary world is -- i realize how much i can't cook. >> how much you can't? >> cannot. >> you were attempting before the movie? >> yeah. i worked in restaurants since ways 15 and i was a prep cook when i was 18. that's where i learned a lot. >> oh wow. can you cook somewhat. >> no, i do, i love it cook. >> he is a good cook. >> i'm good for four people. the idea of cooking for 60 --
11:52 pm
>> but that's what they do. >> so just when we thought bradley cooper couldn't get any better. now he cooks, too. what else? >> oh, they are so much fun to see together. >> fun to watch. >> actually i love this, ciena called bradley her best guy friend. >> i want him to be my guest guy friend. is that weird? here is what is up. in. >> this is a disease that has no discretion. >> marcia guy harden on her crusade off the "code black "set.
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