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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 19, 2015 4:00am-4:30am CDT

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they battle in indy, plus eddie murphy trading places with mark twain? "early today" starts right now. early monday, happy monday. there are 55 weeks until election day 2016, but this upcoming wee could proro to be one of the mosos explosive. this washington post is reporting a side story of trump's campaign's connections to a big money super pact. campaign strongly is threatening lawsuit since the washington report has given them weapons, but if true, this could hurt the representation of a candidate. bernie sanders is reacting to larry david's portrayal of him on is the saturday night live."
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that, is it. some ofhese candidates have three, four, i have to put my clothes on the radiator. >> last week i bought my sec pair of underwear, that's a joke. name is larry dave. >> this morning there sa fire storm over who is to blame for the -11 terrorist attacks. nbc's kristen welker has our reports. >> the world of words is heating up trump using -11 and former president george w. bush the again jab at jeb. >> i don't want jeb bush to say my brother kept us safe, because september 11th was one of the worst days in the history of the united states. >> my brother responded to a crisis and he did it as a president would do. you fighted a country. >> reporter: the fight got started friday when trump threw the first punch. >> when you talk about george bush.
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say what you want the world trade center saim came down during his time. >> hold on, you c c't blame george bush. >> he was president. don't blame him or don't blame him. >>eporter: the front runner doubles down, arguing his immigration policies would have prevented the attacks. >> i believe if i were running things, i doubt those people would have been in the country. >> but bush hit back. >> it looks as though t tse he's an actor playing the role of a candidate for president. mr. trump talks about things as though he's still on the "pri prentice." >> trump wanted the last word,, jeb, why did your brother attacac an destabilize the middle east by attacking iraq when there were no weapons of mad destruction? bad ininfo? trump gets 24% of republican primary voters, carson gets 23. so will trump comment about september 11th, the controversy
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that resonates? >> you can say things that would get any other politician or regular politician in a lot of trouble. yet it doesn't seem to affect him. >> reporter: for democrats and front runner hillary clinton it's a waiting game to see if vice president joe biden will enter the race. bidede send a human rights award in new york. even as some audience members shouted run, joe, run.n. >> my son beau used to say, just keep moving forward. >> reporter: and the vice president headed to mass in delaware. perhaps looking for guidance. that was kristen kel welelr reportrtg. while joe biden's decision is a of particular interest to hillary clinton the democratic front runner had a huge day with major political implications. on thursday, she will testify in
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before that, an outburst of fighting the committee chairman and trey dowd di and elijah cummings dukd it out whether it is fairly focused on secretary clinton. >> you look at the fact, we have done 50 witness, one of whom you could argue was exclusively related to her e-mail. that was the shortest intervalue we have done. we have 50 thousand new documents, less than 5% have anything to do with secretary clinton. she is an important witness. she is one witness. >> when you talk about these 50 witnesses, wes still sb ve roed in on hillary clinton. there is no doubt about that. >> cummings says the democrats will leak a report this week that says no witnesses ferified republican accusations against clinton. stay off at a popular zombie street florida, just before
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midnight, a person opened fire. police cleared the area. many ann, some wondered if it was a part of the event. a 20-year-old died at the scene. four others are hospitalized but are expected to recover. those involved in the shooting were zombie cons participants. the organizers say they are deeply saddened by the event. to the latest incident of attacks, at a bus station sunday, an arab man stabbed an israeli soldier with a knife. he then opened fire with the soldier, killing the soldier then wounding four civilians before shooting himself. the incident was the most brazen over the weekend as six other palestinians were killed in stabbing attacks on israeli civilians or police authorities. they ericed a concrete wall at the entrance of one arab zrikt district in jerusalem, where at least three of the attackers are
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kerry says he plans to meet with benjamin netanyahu and mahmoud abbas in jordan later this week. >> the company elite turned out to celebrate funny man eddie murphy. he was at the kennedy center in washington, d.c. the current and former saturday night live alum shou showed up to play the samberg legend as well as some new faces. >> what i think of when i think of eddie murphy, wow, i think of every single year he has been a entertainment. >> fresh off his "snl" comeback, tracy morgan helps rev up the crowd during ceremony, sit an award or pride? eddie murphy himself has come into that puzzle. >> there was also some confusion about whether or not it was an award or a prize. and actually it's an award. they call it a prize, it's an award. but usually when there is a
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prize, there is money involved. >> apparently, there was not. well, this tribute is on tv. so he was disappointed. now, to a minnesota community. it is in how wereing after a sheriffs deputy was shot and killed in the line of duty. he was gargd a domestic violence at a st. cloud hospital early sunday morning where a struggle broke out between the two men. he says the suspect gained access and fatally shot him. two of the officers then taised the suspect. he became unresponsive and later died. he was a 24 year veteran at the acting county sheriff's office. the minnesota governo called his shooting senseless. residents on the highland of oahu are decided whether to close its beaches. two shark attacks injured two men. witnesses say a 7 foot tiger shark bit his feet on saturday. >> that attack came eight days after a shark bit off part of a
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man's leg and part of his fingers off the waters of oahu and another man was seriously killed by a bite tois foot. so far there have been six shark attacks in hawaii this year. some southern california roads that were buried in tons of mud last week, they have reopened. look at crews, dens of stranded cars freed. the violent and thunderstorms rolled through the phoenix area last night bringing heavy rain, lightning and strong winds. some 20,000 people lost popor. in the upper mountnt west in the northeast, some residents saw the first snow of the season, already. in oswego county, say it isn't so bill kierans. >> the northeast picked up a little coating. there may be some beautiful picture t. leaves at their peak. >> but it's fall. >> that's all melting.
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we will quickly go into the right direction, not this morning. you need winter coats in charlotte, and at the end of growing season. many of the suburbs. a lot of the cities hold onto the heat a little more. roanokep 33. new york city, the suburbs will dip down probably near 30s to the upper 20s, burlington vermont, 24, portland is at 28. northern maine at 24 degrees, it's not factoring in any breeze, here's the dpad news, usually the first cold snap, that's exactly what we will get. charlotte is up to 77 degrees by thursday. new york city should be mid-70s. it's a quick warm-up. today is by far the coldest we will be, probably the next 7 to 10 days. look at the warmth, we quickly go up into the 60s and 70s in the east coast. after a cold, chilly weekend,
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here's a closer look at the days ahead. after that cold start in the nowhere portions of new england. we get up to 45, near 50 degrees, t tperatures quickly warming up in chicago today. this is the weather you were waiting for all summer long from oklahoma down to texas. i'm happy to say, no more snow, no more cold. >> for the time being. that's the key wording. how tricky that guy is. so a halloween morning that everyone is dressing up or wants to hear about. plus the latest on la more otestimony's medical condition, fined for noring his late dad last week.
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he had cuts from the crash while the girlfriend broke a wrist. they say the car driver may face felony charges. typhoon koppu hits in the fillpy fill philipines. we do have positive signs reported by nba star lamar odom's condition. an anonymous person said he has been in and out of wakefulness and having conversations with others. odom still in icu was found unconscious at a nevada brothel last week. with halloween coming up, new york senator chuck schumer warns halloween makeup may be hazardous to your health. ey may contain metals that
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.inside .. . >> this morning on "today," a
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rossen reports, but you should know before buying your child's halloween costume t. scary details later on "today." game two, mets-cubs in frigid new york, wind chill in the low 20s. first inning mets struck first. center field curtis granderson, then red hot daniel murty hits his fifth home run of the playoff. the mets up 3-0. now to the 2nd. cubs, a monster shot off mets village, a leaping curtis grander zopp, manages the lob for a home run right there. the runner is on corners and 1 out, an rbi infield came over pouring granderson to the delight, in the end, mets win with a 2-0 lead. they head to chicago for game
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now, the super bowl, patriot colts, a replay halloween display, what he thought, some of the action down by 1. tom brady find him for a 25-yard touchdown t. play of this game might be this, the 6'3" leaps over the colts right there in a perfectly snap count maneuver to block a last minute field goal attempt. just incredible. pats win it 34-27. next, miami titans, this play, quarterback marcus mariota to scott jones, to the end zone and a flying someer salt with a twist for a touchdown. dolphins win. win.
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defying the nfl for the second time after being fined over 5-grand. cam heyward wore eye plaque no honor his father. he is fined for honoring his dad. it will be interesting how the nfl rules on this one. just ahead, better later than earlier, plus tracy morgan on "snl." his emotional return, the surprise reunion and best moments, all of that coming up cash back from bank of america to take their act to the next level... before earning 1% cash back erywhere, every time... 2% back at the grocery store... and 3% back on gas... nce of the flying brbrzinos got a bankamericard cash rewards credit card, because he may earn his living jumping through hoops, but he'd rather not earn cash back that way. that's the spectacle of rewarding connections.
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. all right, so "star wars," they have released a new poster. it features hans solo and princess leia and others. olivia wild reveals she was drunk during the 2013 drinking movie, they used real beer because it was cheaper than water. tina fey returns to sfl. she talks about arm butt, shattering a dream of posing, "playboy" did respond saying the opportunitys is more than her arm butt in her nude issue.
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all right, so james franco, he showed a little bit. he live streamed a bar mitzvah forcharity. the event was attended by stars like miley cyrus who performed in a jewish themed leotard. whatever that is. listen to this craziness, 37-year-old franko was fictitiously circumcised on stage by jeff goldblum. in washington this week,ek, . >> i saw steve jocks. tracyorgan took a turn on "saturday night live" joining his "30 rocco stars." >> i'm black and better than ever. >> you are. let me smell your foul ear. >> tracy, i'm so happy you are
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alive and if you receive any kind of insurance settlement because of this, i may also be in love with you.
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zplmplts . leading the news on cam 'ronl mathews, is the sixth high school football player to die since early september. and d the daily mama, new yoyo city iss in the grip of a t crisis as worried residents swamp a complaint hotline in
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record numbers. there are an estimated 2 million rats in the city. how frightening. city official scott springer says i seen rats walking upright saying good morning. last year, there were over 24 complaints. a man was armed with a brick and the man allegedly threatened the pastor. before he was shot multiple times. ey say he had a history of threatening the pastor and members of the congregation. an investigation is under way. now to mexico where the rumors of a 16th century church re-emergeded from a reservoir thanks to a drought. look how beautiful this is. the church emerged from underwater only once before in 2002. >> bibl bibilical. >> it was so low youould actually walk inside.
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in the florida keys the fifth annual stone crab eating contest brought out big appetites. 30 contestants lined the table t. winner finished 25 crab claws in for the minutes and 20 seblgdz. i think i can do better than that. just saying afternoon. a record bragging bag et was baked if italal 34 people maik made the 101 foot loaf. it took three hours to bake. take a look ahead, the faa an u.s. department of transportation will announce new regulations for drone operators.s. nbc news has learned the plan will require anyone bying the unnned aircraft to register them with the dot and engineers stem from concerns over recent closee calls between dronessnd commercial airlines. i was going to say, we knew this was coming down the pike, for sure. also a happy birthday to the
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boys of eric hartman, "south park" co-creatat, heurns 46. boxing champion evander holyfield is 53.
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monday.nday. from the studios of farm journal broadcast, this is agday. coming up today on agday - speedy north dakota's nice if we can get if off before we get any bad weather. many north dakota farmers have harvest 2015 in the books before they typically even start. pork is what's for dinner-- that's after the federal government decided to put pork back on prison menus. in agribusiness, all eyes are on south america... we'll also tell you what happens if the weather scare ends up being a non-event. and it takes a village to raise a child. well, it also takes a village to raise an oyster. we'll take you to new hampshire to show you how recylcing is


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