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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  October 19, 2015 10:00pm-10:34pm CDT

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its critical the public have a major input wi developing the area. " the process should be that citizens have input first, then take it to the different planning deals and then put it on paper," said sioux city mayor bob scott. "i think it's important to have something down there that we can be proud of for years to come. w, i also asked mayor scott specifcially what that would be, but he wouldn't comment, reiterating he wanted e public's input. sticking with sioux city parks and rec department... tonight, the city council also approved submitting a grant of $318,000 to the vision iowa program for those dollars reflect the remaining money that's yet to be million-dollar project. matt? after stating thpolice and fire headquarters is "falling apart," and lobbying for more than a year, sioux city's police chief got good news at tonight's city council meeting. the city council approved nearly $2.2 million to renovate the facility. the money will come from the city's capital
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siding, pay for a new hvac system and address the plumbing issues. sioux city policicchief doug young says he's pleased with today's decision. "i'm loooong forward and making the workrkg environment in thaha building a lot better than it has been for quite a while," said sioux city police chief doug young. mayor bob scott says the project will take around 18 months to complete. more than two years after being red-tagged by the city of sioux city, today, the council awarded a demolition contract for 15-29 grandview bouldevard. the historic rose hill district mansion was built t re than a century ago. o or the past few years, owner jim gengler, tried to fix the property, but city leaders say not enough changes were made to meet minimum housing code requirements. the demolition will cost 60-thousand dollars. gengler is on the hook for that cost. nebraska landowners who oppose the keystone xl oil pipeline are still trying to overturn a law that allowed the governor to approve the project... even though pipelele developer is no longer relying on it. pipeline opponents said today
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they're concerned that companies could use the law in the future to avoid a state commission that regulates pipelines... opting instead for a governor's review and blessing. former governor dave heineman approved a nebraska route for the keystone which gave him that power is mired in court, preventing the project from moving forward. these warmer d ds can't last forerer. so can we expect the rest of the joining us now is chief meteorologist ron demers with at ten. the warming that started over weekend continued today with warm winds sending highs into the upper 70s and lower 80s. a system that moves into the midwest on tuesday will give us some clouds but not much in the way of m msture so we'll go wiwi a dry forecast f f tuesday with highs again above average in the 70s. it's a story that would give any
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nightmares. a baby, left to die, in a vacant mobile home. 20 years later, investigators still don't have answers. storm lake police found baby john doe, wrapped in a sweatshirt, in the closet of a mobile home on october 17th, 1995. the two officers were on routine patrol when they found the baby's body. they noticed a boarded window had inside not knowing the tragedy they would discover. an autopsy revealed the infant died of neglect, or exposure. the community came together
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during the baby's funeral, and then helped pay for a proper burial. baby doe's life, and death, remains a mymyery. but, law enforcers say they will not stop until they find answers. lieutenant chris cole was one of the officers, who found baby doe two decades ago, when patrolling the vista estates mobile home park. as years pass, his expectation of justice for the baby is just as strong. "i think there's always hope forward and provide information about what happened or someone may have a said lt. chris cole of the storm lake police department. "that's what 're hoping for." to this day, there's still no parents are, or who is responsible for his death. if anyone has any information, you are asked to contact the storm lake police department by calling the number on your screen. and to prevent tragedies, like lake police chief mark prosser says there are parents. said prosser. "look at the safe haven program's where you can drop the children off at hospital emergency rooms and so
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those children. talk to adoption agencies. there's a variety of adoption agencies out there that will work with you." under the "safe haven" provision, the law allows parents or their authorized representativ es to leave a baby who is 14 days or younger at a health care facility and remain anonymous. a judge has ororred a 100-year prpron sentence cut in half for an orange cy, iowa woman responsible for the death of a 3-year-old girl in her care. autumn elgersma died in october of 2013... two days after rochelle sapp slammed her to the ground for not taking off her coat. last week, a judge ordered sapp's two 50- year prison sentences to be served at the same time. that effectively halves the sentntce he hahaed down last year, when he ordered d e sentences be served one after the other. sapp pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and
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child endangerment resulting in death. the judge said he reconsidered because sapp had no prior record and has been a model prisoner. a review uncovered several "policy and procedural errors" that allowed an inmate to escape from an iowa prison for hours without detection. iowa state penitentiary released a summary of the investigatiti into justin keseser's july 4 escape from fort madison prison. kestner, who's a sioux city-native, told inveigators he removed screws on his shower to access a pipe chase next to his cell. he crawled up through that space, and into the attic. he then got onto the roof and climbed down a drain pipe. kestner claimed he made several practice runs and timed his escape during 4th of july fireworks, hoping the tower guards would be distracted. he was captured in rural illinois hours afterer his escape. a high schooler may have spooked the country's top spy. the anonymous teen claims he hacked c-i-a director john brennan's personal a-o-l email account. that's according to various social media postings
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in the new york post. he says he swiped brennan's contact list, a log of phone calls by the agency's former deputy director, numerous social security numbers, and even brennan's own lengthy application for security clearance. but, nothing g classified. ththf-b-i and secret service are investigating. the presidential campaigns of both ben carson and donald trump have requested secret service protection. the department of meland security confirmed the requests monday to nbc news. carson, himself, suggested during a book-tour stop in texas that he wasn't interested in receiving extra protection. but, he hinted that he had become a "target" because of his campaign message. dr. ben carson / (r) presidential candidate :31, "i recognize that someone e ke me who is very trtrhful and who really doesn't subscribe to all the traditional power structures is probably gonna be a target and i do understand that." a congressiona l advisory committee will determine whether the requests are actually granted.
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vice president joe biden is getting close to deciding if he will enter the race for the white house. two sources tell nbc news a decision could come within 48-hours. the vice president has been contemplpling a presidential run for months. in a signal that he is considering running, biden spoke with a major labor leader on friday. biden told international association of fire fighters president he was strongly considering running, a source said. sioux county lawmaker john kooiker says he won't run for re-election to the iowa house of representatives when his term is up, next year. kooiker, who's a republican, was elected to fill the house district 4 seat left open by t t death ofofepresentativ e dwayne alons. in a statement, kokoker said he wants to spend more time with his nine grandchildre n. one person has already declared his intention to run for kooiker's seat. 22-year-old skyler wheeler works in sales for iowa information inc. in sheldon. he's a 2015 graduate of northwestern college. in a press release, wheeler said kooiker encouraged him to run. still to come....
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your kids about drugs, and drug prevention. what one organization is doing to steer kids away f fm drugs.. in just 10-minutes. the warming that started over the who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopnoles. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa
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weekend continued today with warm winds sending highs into the upper 70s and lower 80s. a system that moves into the midwest on tuesday will give us some clouds but not much in the way of moisture so we'll go with a dry forecast for tuesday with highs again above average in the 70s. we'll see more cooling from mid- week into the weekend with highs by saturday and sunday back into the low 60s. we'll finally have decent chances of rain coming our way. western siouxland will have some rain chances by thursday with that rain moving through the rest of
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the area thursday night into friday.
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a local school is raising money for a cause while getting into the fall spirit. see what the money from these pumpkin sales will go toward.
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prevention. that's the goal behind the red ribbon campaign, a week long event aimed at teaching kids to stay away from drugs. the week begins next monday, but toninit, siouxlanders, lococ law enforcement and the mayoror youth h mmission among othth groups participated in n d ribbon night at the long lines family rec center. the target audience was elementary and middle school students. rugs can harm you, and makign them aware so later in life they understand that," said amanda wilmesrr of the mayor's youth commision. siouxland cares is selling red tulip bulbs for one dollar for red ribbon week. to raise money for a cause, the kids at one sioux city elementary school are selling something every home could use this fall season. "come buy your pumpkpks!" the e udents at lewis & clark elementary in south sioux city are selling pumpkins. the money for every pumpkin sold will be donated to the food bank of siouxland and will help fund the important backpack program: food for kids. the pumpkins were donated by local area businesses. the teachers at
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lewis & clark elementary believe there's a valuable lesson to be learned from the fundraiser. "it was very important for us to show our kids that not only can you receive from your community, you can also give back to your community," said lewis & clark elementary reading teacher, erica bowman. "for them to hold this little fundraiser and be able to donate that money back to a program that helps them weekly is really, really important." ththgreat pumpkin patch sale isn't over yet. you can still buy someumpkins tomorrow after school until 5 o'clock. walking up to hull public library, you'll notice something new right outside the doors. the library in hull, iowa decided they needed a statue that would serve as a visible way to say thank you to the community for their dedication. it's an alice in wonderland themed sculpture that took over 8 months to make.e. it began th drawings, a prototype was made, , d then the cutting, welding, and powder coating all before the final assembly of the piece. it pictures alice walking through the looking glass and part of the story written out on book pages. library staff say they've never had anything quite like this before.
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"it's just a fun, unique aspect to the library you know it's something that draws people's attention as they go past," said hull public library director, matt hoehamer. hoehamer also says they hope the statue serves as a representatio n of the library and a new aspect to the community. ststl to come.... doctors h he long said that expectant mothers shououn't drink alcohol during pregnancy. they have some startling statistics to back it up...
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we n nd to disrupt the old order in washington,n,c. we can do a lot better by applying conservative principles we should lower rates and simplify the code to allow people to freely decide how they want to spend their money. what we need is leadership to fix a few big things... so that this country takes off and soars where people can dream the biggest possible dreams... and pursue them with a vengeance. sfx: applause jeb. proven conservative. real results.
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expectant mothers that no amount of alcohol is safe durinpregnancy. that's because doctors say any amount of prenatal alcohol exposure can cause brain, heart and kidney defects in children ... as well as a-d-h-d, learning disabilities and memory problems. research shows women who drink during the first trimester are 12 times more likely to give birth to a child with an alcohol-related disorder. and women who drink throughout their entire pregnancy are 65-times more likely to have a child with these problems. girls with a famamy history of breast cancer worry more than their pepes about their own risk of the disease. researchers surveyed 800 girls from families with and without breast cancer. while those from breast cancer families did not have worse psychological or social development, they did have more cancer-related distress. new research finds men's health supplements do not improve the prognosis of prostate cancer patients. about ten-percent of men with the disease take these pills
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anti-cancer or "proven" healing effects. but, the study found patientstsho took supplements did not have a lower risk of their cancer reading or dying frorothe sease. mark freund, in for brad pautsch tonight - iowa state with another tough test this weekend. (mark) the cyclones lost to number 3 t-c-u on saturday. up next is a road trip to second-ranked baylor. hear from i-s-u after the break. plus, the royals look to go up 3-to-nothing in the alcs.
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tuesday morning on news 4 today... it's national school bus safety week. safety experts are trying to spread a message this year not only to school bus drivers, but also other drivers on the roads. and... one college student has invented an app to help people suffering from night terrors.
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against texas teams has been enough of a challenge for iowa state. buafter back-to-back losses to texas tech and number-3 t-c-u, it doesn't get any easier for the cyclones. up next is a road game at second-ranked baylor - who's first in the country in total offense. the bears average almost 720 yards per game - and over 63 popots per game - both t ts in the country. iowa state e arterback sam richardson has thrown just one touchdown pass in the last two games - and head coach paul rhoads says that backup qb joel lanning will play a bigger role in the offense. the cyclones opened as 37- point underdogs - so motivation won't be the challenge for the cyclones. "i think it's less of a challenge agaisnt a team like this becasue they're thbest," said head coach paul rhoads. "statistically speaking, they're the best right now. part of recruiting is, you want to play against the best there is in college football, come to the big 12 conference and we're going to give you that opportunity." "i think those two losses actually increase our focus because going in, it just gives us drive and motivation to not let that happen again and to really stay focused," saididophomore
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fensive lineman jake campos. "with baylor being the umber two team in the nation, they're going to be a good team. we've got to go out and give it our all." kick off between the cyclones and baylor is 11 a-m on saturday. iowa sophomore running back akrum wadley is the big ten offensive player of the week. wadley entered the hawkeyes' 40-10 win over northwestern in the first quarter, after senior canzeri's absence, wadley ran for a career- high 204 yards on 26 carares - and tied a school record with 4 rushing touchdowns. earn big ten player of the week honors this season. morningside quarterback ryan kasdorf gained an extra year of and he's made it count, becoming the mustangs' all time leader in passing touchdowns. kasdorf is the gpac and naia national offensive player of the week after a big performance against dakota wesleyan. the senior completed 20 of 29
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passes for 365 yards and a school record-tying seven touchdowns in mororngside's 76-20 win over the tigers. in 7 games this season, kasdorf already has over 19-hundred yards and 22 touchdowns - with just one interception. kasdorf has thrown for 98 touchdowns in his morningside career - he'll look to eclipse 100 career t-d's saturday, when the mustangs host briar cliff. morningside holds at number 3 in the new naia coaches poll. the mustangs host briar cliff on saturday. northwestern is 15th - with a home date against #21 dakota wesleyan on tap for this weekend. fellow gpac teams doane and concordia are ranked 6th and 23rd, respectively. musketeers captain ryan zuhlsdorf f the ushl's defenseman of the week. zuhlsdorf notched 4 assists and a plus-3 rating on the ice in three games last week. in his second year in the ushl, zuhlsdorf leads all defensemen in scoring, with 7 points. the royals won the first two games of the american league championship series over the blue jays at home.
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kansas city, going on the road for games three, four and five, if necessary. johnny cueto on the mound - and it was a rough night for him - in the first - two on - ryan goins with a two run base knock to left - toronto goes up 2-1. then the jays bring the lumber - troy tulowitzki - to the deepest part of the ball p pk - cueto is run from the gamemefter giving up 8 earned in 2 inninis. kris medlen in, same result - josh donaldson this time - toronto goes on to the 11-8 win - game four is tomorrow at 3:07. tonight: increasing clouds. low:
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