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tv   News 4 at Noon  NBC  October 20, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm CDT

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a spate of palestinian attacks, including three today, has caused panic across israel and raised fears that the region is on the cusp of a new round of bloodshed. the violence has killed 10 israelis and 43 palestinians. ban made a surprise vivit to jerusalem todada where he expressed "global alarm" at the situation. at a news conference with israel's president, he called for calm, saying it's "not too late to avoid a broader crisis." he's also expected to meet with palestinian leaders in the west bank. a family representativ e says lamar odom has left a las vegas hospital and is now in the los angeles area to continue his recovery a week after being found unconscious at a nevada brothel. a publicist for odom's aunt says the former nba player and reality tv personality was transported by helicopter last eveng and was able to take a few steps in los angeles. odom's estranged wife, khloe kardashian, his father and his two children from a previous relationship are said to be with him in l-a.
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> weather ad-lib despite a few more clouds ininhe sky today, we'll continue to see some decent rmth spread across the area with highs primarily in the 70s. a few sprinkles can't be ruled out this afternoon, but as far as measurable rain chances are concerned, those should hold off until later this week.
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tragedy to report in northern kentucky. five people have dieiein an early-mornrng apartment fire. among the e ctims are a mother and three children.... and another person, a man from a different apartment, who died later at the hospital. the woman's husband and two other children were able to escape the burning building. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a swerving driver hits a couple on a motorcycle on a rural north texas road, and the whole thing caught on camera. the driver goes before a judge today, charged with aggravated assault with a deadlyy weapon. he s ss it was an accidentntbut the maon the motorcycle isn't buying it. jocelyn lockwood reports.
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- thrown from their motorcycle.. by a driver who swerved as they try to pass. nats.. it's something the man behind the wheel of that car.. william crum says wawaan accident. (william crum/ hit torcycle "all of the sudden i felt this tremendous stinging in my left leg. i immediately went like this i was driving with my left hand. crum stopped.. nats "what were you doing you hit them! i don't care." the video he says he doesn't care. (william crum/ hit motorcycle "the guy jumped on me basically verbally from about 40 foot away. i'm very sorry, like i said i wish neither one of us was there at that same moment." he s ss he did not intentntnally hit anyone. and.. he would apologize to sander's girlfriend. (william crum/ hit motorcycle "to her.. but to him no because he was doing something illegal." ( eric sanders/ hit by driver "i did i crossed the double yellow lines, that does not give him the right to hurt me." sanders doesn't buy that it was an accident.. ( eric sanders/ hit by driver "before he got out of the
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vehicle and stated anything at all i knew he hit me on purpose." " e strugglessto ununerstand whh... (voice of: eric anders/ hit bbdriver "i want to know why he hit me, ok he didn't hit me on accident it's not just a coincidence." >> that was jocelyn lockwood reporting from granbury, texas. sanders says his girlfriend may lose her arm due to injuries she sufferein the crash. repair work will soon begin on sioux city's police and fire headquarters. the city council has approved nearly 2- point-2 million dollars for repairs and renovations to the downtown building. work will be done on the roof, siding and plumbing and a new heating and coooong system will be insnslled. police chief doug yoyog says the work is badly needed and long overdue. "i'm looking forward and making the working environment in that building a lot better than it has been for quite a while," said sioux city police chief doug young. the money will come from the city's capital improvement plan. the work is expected to take about a year and a half to complete. the city council has approved spending 45- thousand dollars to study possible new uses of the former argosy casino site on sioux city's missouri riverfront.
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parks and rec director matt salvatore says the area should include green space, maybe including fishing piers and overlooks. mayor bob scott says its critical the public weigh in. " the process should be that citizens have input first, then take it to the different planning deals and then put it on paper," said sioux city mayor bob scott. "i think it's important to have something down there that we can be proud of for years to come. mayor scott was also asked what he'd like e see, but he reiteratined he wawas the public's input first. kids at lewis and clark elementary school in south sioux city are selling hungry. money from the pumpkin sale will be donated to the food bank of siouxland to be used for the "backpack" program. local businesses donated the pumpkins. teachers at lewis & clark school say the fundraiser teaches the students a valuable lesson. "it was very important for us to show our kids that not only can you rereive from your community, you cacaalso give back to yoyo community,"
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said lewis & clark elementary reading teacher, erica bowman. "for them to hold this little fundraiser and be able to donate that@money back to a program that helps them weekly is really, really important." the great pumpkin patch sale continues today after school until 5 o'clock. if you're a lover of the warm weather, ben says don't let today pass by unappreciated. he'll be here to tell us how much cooler r ings will be. here's the live view from our skycam in spencer, iowa, whwhe it's and degrees
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numbers afafr this... also, , update on the corn and soybean harvests in all three siouxland states... and---dusting off the deeres and putting them to work. a group of iowa farmers rev up their vintage tractors and plow the back 40... for old times' sake. ktiv would like to send out anniversary and birthday wishes to our viewers. barb finch of ida grove, iowa is celelrating her 99th birthday today. if you or someone you know is h hing a birthday of 80 years or more or an anniversary of 50 years or more, please send in their name (and correct pron), address and telephone number along with their pictures to ktiv. please make sure to have all the information printed and send it in at least two weeks in advance. if you would like your picture returned please include a self addressed stamped envelope.
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happy birthday from all of us at
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farmers continue to take advantage of the warm, dry weather to bring in the crops. the weekly report from the u.s. department of agriculture says that as of sunday, the corn harvest was 52 percent complete
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the corn harvest is now on pace with the five- yearverage, after having lagged behind. in nebraska, 40 percent of the corn is in the bin and in southakota, the corn harvest is 39 percent complete. the soybean harvest was 83 percent complete in iowa, 79 percent in nebraska and 90 percent in south dakota as of sunday. the dry weather has helped the harvest progress, but it also increases fire danger. iowa agriculture secretary bill northey is urging farmers to exercise cautioioin the dry fields. while most farmers a a out in the fields harvesting, one group is plowing with equipment you might not expect, and they're doing it for fun -- outside dixon, iowa. elizabeth good-sit reports.
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rated 23 h hse power on the bell pulley and about 10 on the crossbar." dick bockwoldt knows tractors, and so do his buddies and fellow members of the ''deer valley collectors antique tractor club." ''we're plowing in the dirt today' and this is an annual thing every year." this long line of classic tractor fanatics spent hours plowing, playing and joking. "i've had this tractor many years and the reason it looks so good is because i turtle wax it every spring and every fall until it looks brown like a turtle! just kidding - this is the original paint job, what's left of it!"!" mama might consider a fufu day of tilling to be qui a bit of work ... but to these vintage farmers with machines to match ... this is just the opposite. dick bockwoldt, farmer "what they can do is come and play, that's what it's all about" it's like a hobby? yup. a hobby. that's what its about." and farmers are as friendly as theyre fun -- letting our tiffany liou feel the excitement they feel -- first hand. "yeah first time on a tractor , how fun is that!" >> > stocks have been wavering between small gains and losses as some weak earnings reports weigh on the market. ibm and harley- davidson are among those reported a drop in profits. just in time for the holidays... the iconic hershey's kiss is doubling in size. today, the chocolate maker is
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stocks have been wavering between small gains and losses as some weak earnings reports weigh on the market. ibm and harley- - vidson are among g ose
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just in timeor the holidays... the iconic hershey's kiss is doubling in size. today, the chocolate maker is launching a new product in the u-s called "hershey's kisses deluxe." twice the size of the standard kiss, it's flecked with rice crisps, and has a hazelnut center. it's gluten-free e d has a gold wrapper ininead of sisier. the new kisses will be available in the u.s. from early november through valentine's day. still ahead: a fun night with an important message for siouxland kids.... and... a new sculpture brings a popular children's book character to life. we'll have the story behind the new work of art at the hull public library. we need to disrupt the old order in washington, dc. we can d da lot better by applying conservative prprciples we should d wer rates and simpmpfy the code to allow people to freely decide how they want
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to spend their money. what we need is leadership to fix a few big things... so that this country takes off and soars where people can dream the biggest possible dreams... and pursue them with a vengeance. sfx: applause jeb. proven conservative. real results.
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skycam... siouxland youngsters learn about the dangers of drugs.. and have a little fun at the same time. a preview of red ribbon week was put on at the long lines family rec center last night. local law enforcement and the mayor's youth commission teamed up to promome a simple message: : it's never too early to talk to your kids about drug prevention. "drugs can harm you, and makign them aware so later in life they understand that,said amanda wilmesherr of the mayor's youth commision. last night's event was geared
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toward elementary and middle school students. there's a new attraction outside the public library in hull, iowa. a work of art eight months in the making. ktiv's tommie clark has the story behind the new sculpture.
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which pictures alice walking through the looking glass and parts of the story written out. hawkins has been welding for over 50 years, but he's never createtesomething quite like this. "this is the first of ititkind for me so ya mymyenches i make is probably the most 3-dimensial piece i've ever made," said owner of "r and r metal designs," roy hawkins. "it's just a fun, unique aspect to the library you know it's something that draws people's attention as they go past," said hull public library director, matt hoehamer. hawkins says he enjoys going to work every day because he gets to create all types of metal work, just like this unique statue. in hull, iowa...tommie clark...ktiv news 4. >>
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it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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plunge. it'll be nice to have some dry cloes afterwards. we're asking people to raise at least $75 in the plunge. registration is simple and easy, we can do it on site at brown's lake in salix before the plunge. you can do it online at unge or you can go to for siouxland polar plunge. you also have a pre- registratiti the night before? we're doing g at at steinbecks pub in leeds from 5 to 7. the money goes to special olympics, how is that going to be used? this is used for the training, and any training type expenses that the athletes would incur r participation in the 23 olympic style events that they participate in. it all stays in iowa too. this all stays in iowa, yes. you don't want to come in just a swimming suit or sweatptpts, you've got to do somethingng little creativeveyou can do that but they do encourage costumes, the funniethe
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better. saturday october 24th, be sure to sign up for the siouxland polar plunge. kelcey, thanks for being here. thank you. thanks for joining us for around siouxland. >> they say good things come to those who wait, and for ruth lampe of winterset, iowa, getting her high school diploma was well worth the wait. ruth is 102 years old, and twice a week, you'll find her helping out in the kitchen of the local senior center. her friends and cowowkers were aware that lampe grew up in tough times and never graduated from high school, so they worked with the school district for months to get lampe an honorary degree. once everything was ready to go they surprised lampe with her new diploma. "we want to present you with the winterset high school senior high diploma." lampe:"thank you very much" applause. "any words of wisdom" lampe: "i dont know" laughter. lampe: "this is a shock to me" ruth lampe/102-year-old high school graduate "i went a year to high school and i dropped out to go to work. thought i had to do it.
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yes..them days you did that" lampe thinks she would have graduated with the class of 1931, but admits her memory isn't what it used to be.
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>> andrerewe covered your entiti dede, and you refuse to help my brother? >> aiden: i mean, do you really think if the evidence against chad came up missing, the police would just say, "oh, gosh, he's innocent"? >> andre: you get the evidence. we'll handle the police. >> aiden: all right, look, even if i did, i can't see you two just forgetting about the money i owe you. >> andre: do you realize that your family would be in grave danger if you don't do as we ask? young chase would be in jeopardy. think about it. >> aiden: i'll get you the money. >> andre: well, why don't you ask hope for it? while you're at it, i'm sure she wouldn't mind paying your entire debt to my father. oh, i'm sorry, i forgot. you owe much more than hope's
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