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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 20, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm CDT

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what did the movie get right and what did the movie get wrong. "nightly news" begins right now. good evening. doctors say one in eight women in the u.s. will develop breast cancer and so you would be hard-pressed to find a person in this country who doesn't know someone or whose own life hasn't been touched by it. so news today that the rules of early detection have changed overnight has created worry and confusion. here is what happened. the american cancer society came out today to say women need fewer mammogram later in life. that is counter to what other groups recommend. i'll put some questions to a doctor in our studio here in a moment. but first anne thompson with the new guide lines. >> reporter: in the season of pink -- the american cancer society moves the mammogram starting line.
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instead of age 40. today it recommends women start at age 45 if they are of average risk, without genetic mutations or a family history of breast cancer. at 55, women should transition to screening every other year if they have a life expectancy of ten years or longer. the american cancer society said the changes are designed to eliminate false positives and overtreatment. >> by 45, the benefits clearly outweigh the draw backs and a a women should rticipate in scscening. >> and nooonger recommendidi clinical breast exams at any age. >> theheife saving early detection is found in mammography. they can find a cancer before anybody with feel it. >> but there is disagreement on when to start. a federal task fce said it should be age 50. the american college of obstetrics and gynocology is sticking with 40.
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for the mobile mammogram unit as they treat women in new york city. >> is this going to add to the confusion? >> without a doubt. our women are generally low-income and low information consumers. so yes, this will be a very difficult thing for them to put their head around. >> reporter: early detection saved mary's mother who drove her own van. and amy, at age 40, her first mammogram revealed this mom had an aggressive form of breast cancer. >> it is frustrating do the right thing and they are constantly being told something different. >> reporter: as women and doctors struggle with when to get screens, there may be comfortable in federal law requires most insurance to cover mammograms from age 40 on to protect them from the second deadliest form of cancer. ann thps, nbc news, new york. >> and there are a lot of questions about this. dr. roshini raj specialized in women's health and cancer treatment. doctor, thank you for being here.
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>> thank you. >f a woman wants to get t e mammogram at 40, igngne the recommendations and go with the ototrs, what the harm? >> there is nono a big downsize when you talk about getting it at 40. some groups aree recommending it a a 40. however, theheew guguelines say 45 may be more reasonable because you are going to have some false-positives. that means people under 45 going to get the mammogram and they go through tests and anxiety and in the end it is not cancer. so they said start at age 45. but if you want it at 40, you should have the opportunity to get it at 40. >> what should women do with this information today. >> three different groups recommends three different times which means we don't know the exact time for every women. it is an individual choice. discuss it with your doctor. this is for average risk women. if you have a family history or a personal history of another type of cancer, talk to your doctor when you should be treated. >> thank you. to presidential politics an the vice
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nothing to quiet the speculation that continues to swirl around him. if anything he is beginning to sound more like a candidate taking not so veiled swipes at hillary clinton today. meantime, clinton is gaining background she lost, increasing her lead over sanders to a 20 point spread in the new poll. while biden actually lost support, down to 15%. nbc's kristen welker on the new biden versus clinton intrigue. >> at an event honoring walter mondale, the current vice president sounded like a presidential candidate. toad casting himself as the standard bearer of the obama legacy. >> president obama and i have ideologically have had no none. i mean zero. point, biden said he and the p psident were in lock-step when it camemeo authorizing laden. >> and his account
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differs from the description to nbc news during an interview taped for the 2012 special the situation room. when biden said he urged the president to get more ininrmation. >> i think there is time to do it before you move skblncht biden took a swipe at front-runner hillary clinton for what she said at last week's debate when asked which enemy she's most proud of. >> probably the republicans. >> i still have a lot of republican friends. i don't think my chief enemy is the republican party. >> but biden's support concerd about clinton's weakness is facibg uphill battle. clinton is gaining strength and now 38% of democrats say they don't want bide tone get in. >> they feel like they are frozen in place until the vice president makes his decision and that is not helpful for the party. >> long time supporter of clinton said he
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the democrats nominate but was blunt about biden. >> just make up your mind. you deserve to take a shot here. >> reporter: and laster, as solid as the poll is, there is a significant weakness for hillary clinton. 44% of americans are not satisfied with her response to the benghazi attacks and only 27% say they are. that makes thursday critical for her as she testified before the congressional committee investigating that matter. lester. >> kristin, thanks. on the republican side of the royce, donald trump is the front-runner. but due to the margin of error, ben carson is in a dead heat for the lead. carson's unorthodox approach continues to connect with voters. even as hallie jackson tells us he takes time from his campaign to promote a new book. >> reporter: ben carson today cranking out snapshots on an autograph assemble line. not a political rally, but a book tour, the doctor and author, long before a politician, ramping
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down campaign events, nearly three quarters of republicans now say ld see them votingor the first time candidate. his candidacy is a peopop. he is nontraditionon and giveses nontraditional answers ways. >> spending his cash fast has been fueled by his comments on gun holocaust and muslim americans. >> i wouldldot advocate thatt we p p a muslim in dharj of this nation. >> his remarks mischaracterized he said by the media. but he can use a different platform to get his message out -- facebook. where he has more likes than any other gop candidate. and that may not seem like a big deal, but a single post on his page do reach 4.3 million people, nearly as many as the population of iowa and new hampshire combined. >> i'm never going to be a politician. so i'm not going to use their playbook. >> reporter: and while he isn't a typical politician, he is trying to organize
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like one. in key states like iowa, where the seventh day adventist looks strong among evangelicals and that could be a problem for others arguing for faith based voters like ted cruz, who is taking fire from bush who took told a group of donors he doesn't like the senator. and that could work for cruz who is fighting against bush if what is still a race the outsiders own, despite pundit predictions. hallie jackson, washington. the u.s. presidential campaign has been underway for months and still has more than a year to go go. but canada has just chosen a new leadner a campaign that lasted a mere 11 weeks and that is long for them. the winner in an upset is a 43-year-old justin trudeau. one with a legendary name and he promises big changes. nbc's gabe guiterrez has his story. >> i have a simple
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on behalf of 35 million canadians, we're back. >> justin trudeau is canada's future and the past. the son of pierre and margaret, the charismatic former prime minister and flower child bride. this glamorous power couple in the 70s and 80s. justin grew up in that spotlight. and last night claimed it for himsmsf. his liberal party winning a stunning upset. >> it is time for a change in this country, my iends. a real change. >> trudeau is 43, married to a f fmer televivion host and model. he gototnto politits just eightears ago after trying hisisand as a snowboard instructor, a nightclubbouncer and a high school teacher. his critics c cled his resume thin. >> but he insisted he was ready and the voters agreed. sending conservativin couple bent stephen harper packing.
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and he promises to cut taxes ab spend billions to boost the economy, legalize rijuana and lead the u.s.-led a campaign against isis in iraq and syria. why should americans care about canadian politics? >> we now have a canadian government that is politically more in line with the american government z. that mean better relations. relations have been good but they have not been so great of late. will they now get better? that is why americans should care. >> a familiar old name and perhaps a little northern star power. dave guiterrez, nbc news, montreal. >> now to a growing controversy in south florida surrounding the church death of a musician. he pulled over with car trouble in the middle of the night and that led to aen count we are a plain clothe police officer. now his family is demanding answers. we get more from nbc's mark potter. >> reporter: 31 year
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cory jones was a well-known drummer who played in churches and in a local band preparing for a national tour. police say he was killed at 3:15 sunday morning along an exit ramp for interstate 95 where friends say he was waiting for a tow truck because of car trouble. the palm beach gardens police department said one of the officers, newman raja, drove up in an unmarked car and plain clothes. >> as the officer exited his vehicle, he was suddenly confronted by an armed subject. as a result of the confrontation, the officer discharged his firearm, resulting in the death of mr. cory jones. >> police say they found a handgun jones' purchased three days before the incident. >> i can't explain it. it just hurts. >> they lost an amazing person. a really special hume ab being. >> hisisamily and friendndare shockedy the police account of the shooting, saying jones was nonviolent.
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>> i plead to that individual that he will be accountable for what he has done. >> repororr: jones rked for the dell way beach housingng authority a a an in spector. >> he was a goooo person. a good soul. a good humanan beinin >> his family hired an attorney known for his work in previous high-profile police shooting cases. officer raja joins the palm beach gardens police department after serving eight years in atlanta, florida, where the chief said he was in good standing. raja is on paid leave as the palm beach sheriff's office investigates the shooting. mark potter, nbc news, miami. dangerous weather tore through the southwest causing flooding in central arizona that trapped a woman in mer minivan north of phoenix. a rescue crew waded into the fast-moving water and was able to pull her to safety. a number@of funnel crowds are reporting around the phoinix area and to the north, flagstaff got pelted with hail, almost looks like snow blanketing the area in that picture. still ahead, how
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futures and newew headachehe as reflected in today's release of the most highly watched and respected annual auto survey. tom costello now with how today's models stack up, including some surprises. >> reporter: the list is compiled from 740,000 consumer reports subscribers. detailing how reliable their existing cars are. but new technology on the dashboard and in the transmissions is proving to be a hang yif up for several big-named automatics. >> technology is moving very quickly and much faster than the car manufacturers are keep up. sometimes the life cycle of the car is seven years. if you have a smartphone that is seven years old, it is basically garbage. >> starting with toyota and lexus on top, flowed by audi, mazda and subaru and kia and the only american buick. kia even surpassed honda and aca. among the least reliable vehicles on
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ford, acura, gmc and chevrolet. >> at fiat chrysler, the struggles continue it. produced five of the worst seven brands. this brand, jeep and fiat, the bottom three among the subscribers. >> transmission issues the biggest complaint. >> but here is the interesting point. jeep rated as the second worst brand when it comes to reliability and yet because of the styling, because of the marketing and because of the look of the jeep models that are being sold right now, sales have never been stronger. >> the stunner, tesla. the car consumer reports called the best car it ever tested gets a worst than average reliability score. >> tesla said its technology allows it to fix software bugs in the cars remotely. fiat, ford, gm and acura tell nbc news they are listening to the customers and working to improve. tomcott, nbc news, washington. we have much more information about the report auto rankings on our website, nbc
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according to a family statement, an ailing lamar odom has taken a few steps in los angeles where he has been transferred to a new hospital. tmz sports spotted his medical chopper in las vegas before it departed last night. his estranged wife khloe kardashian made her first official statement since he was found unconscious last week. she gave thanks for the quote, endless prayers during this difficult time into take a look at this amazing image caught on camera during a fierce storm over sydney, australia. photograph snapping photos at the right moment captured a huge bolt flashing beyond a jet near the airport and it was also caught on videot. looks like the plane takes a direct hit but in real it was a safe
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in one siouxland county. a judhge sentences a sioux city woman for her son's death, and the neglect of two other children. and... why the purchase of a norfolk, nebraska church in on hold. first wx boxes finally tonight, take a second and imagine what the world will be like three decades from now. will there be flying cars. will we look back and laugh about how privive today's cutting-edge technology seems. that was the challenge facing the moviemakers behind "back to the future" part two, when marty mcfly fired up the flux capacitor and time travelled to october 21, 2015, which happens to be tomorrow's date. so we thought nbc's kevin tibbles should take a look at how the movies version of what 2015 would be like stacks up to reality. >> ready for a little
5:56 pm
time travel? >> when are we? >> wednesday, october 21st, 20 >> reporter: let's go back exactly 30 years when in 1985, michael j. fox and christopher lloyd blasted on to the screen in "back to the future." and to celebrate, we've met ken smith, who frankly is the spitting image of marty mcfly. he spent three years rebuilding a suped up delorian to be his time machine. >> why did that movie have staying power? >> sense of family. sense of possibility. >> reporter: so how many of the future visions back in 1985 came true? well, there was the hover board. pretty soon we might be able to buy one just like it. how about video phone calls. everyone is doing that these days. and those dog-walking drones. drones are everywhere. back in the present. the town of reston,
5:57 pm
virginia, has renamed itself hill valley for the anniversary. >> it is a wonderful community. and it is nice to connect it to hill valley. >> the entire back to the future trilogy will be screens here with proceeds going to the michael j. fox foundation for parkinson's research. there is a time travel dreamer in all of us. >> i think i would like to do the roaring 20s. >> i would love to go to the future. i want to see if we make it to mars. >> as for ken smith, there is no time like the present to celebrate his favorite film with the future generation of fans. kevin tibbles, nbc nene, reston -- make that hill valley, viviinia. and thahawill do it for us on this tuesday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for
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night.i'm matt breen. sheila has the night off. . wind farar in siouxland not o oy generate power, theyey alsorovide much needed tax revenue toay for county projects and school districts. eight years ago, a wind farm was built in osceola county, iowa. since then, the revenue from the turbines has meant millions of dollars for the county. these funds are usually dispersed throughout the county. but, the town of harris, iowa, needs a new sewer system. this morning, the osceola county supervisors
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agreed to designate two-million dollars in tax increment financing to the project. ktiv's tommie clark attended the public hearing where she spoke with both taxpayers, and officials, about the issue.
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