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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  October 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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put towards helping harris complete their project. "it's in the best interest in my belief of what is going to be in the best interest of the county a whole. there's a lot of thought and consideration that has to go into it. a lot more than is on the surface," said chairman of osceola county board of supervisors, merlin sandersfeld. but, many taxpayers voiced their concern with the decision. since the money will go to harris, officials say the other county projects and school funding will come from taxpayers pockets. "we did not want special interests to take ahold of this and we want taxes to go to the county and to the schools where it can be divided out where everyone benefits from this wind farm," said said osceola county landowner and farmer, al brueggeman. "this is huge. this is our economic development. this is bringing taxes into the county. so far we have 5 of the 6 years on the tax roll and that represent $1.5 million dollars in the county budgets, yet they still are not satisfied. they want to divert this money away from the taxing entities for special interests and we feel that
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wrong," said osceola county landowner, judy brueggeman. s/me landowners say they feel those dollars should help everyone g tax relief, not just one town. but the mayor says he wants to see harris grow and this tif money will help the town take the first steps to meet that goal. in harris, iowa...tommie clark...ktiv news 4." >> some of the residents say their next step is taking the issue to court. they already have a lawsuit prepared, and they plan to file it within 20 days. cooletemps are headed thiway after a couple of days of warm weather. joining us now is chief meteorologist ron demers with the first look at ouforecast. weather ad-lib we got rid of yesterday's wind but kept the warm temperatures making it an absolutely gorgeous october day. we're not going to be able to keep it quite this warm as cooler air slowly but surely starts moving in over the next few
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days. more clouds are going to move in tonight and northern siouxland could even see a few sprinkles. other than some clouds, wednesday will remain quiet with highs in the upper 60s. a judge has sentenced a sioux city woman to up to 25 years behind bars for her son's death, and neglect of two other children. ktiv's tiffany lane was inside details.
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of malnutrition and dehydration. williams-mccarthy appeared for a plea hearing and sentencing tuesday afternoon. she plead guilty to three different charges and was asked to explain her plea for each one. the first charge was child endangerment resulting in serious injury and she was given up to 10 years. "knowing that michael was on adderall and marijuana and i chose to leave leonard there anyway knowing that michael wasn't giving him the proper care that he needed," said defendant rebekah williams-mccarthy. she also plead guilty to neglect of a dependent person for another child and was given up to 10 years as well. her third guilty plea was for child endangerment resulting in bodily injury which involved a third child. she was sentenced to five years for that charge. "i didn't get him the proper dental care that he needed and i was fully able to do so," said williams-mccarthy. "but i didn't do it." all three sentences are consecutive. williams-mccarthy was taken into custody immediately after sentencing. in sioux city, tiffany lane, ktiv news 4.>>
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williams-mccarthy has 30 days to appeal to the iowa supreme court. her attorney would not comment on whether she has decided to do so. nbc's political director, and moderator of "meet the press", chuck todd, will deliever the waitt lecture at morningside college, tonight. todd's speech starts at 7:30 inside eppley auditorium. his lecture will touch on the presidential race leading up to the 20-16 iowa caucuses and presidential election. i touched on those topics during a one-on-one interview with todd. hear from him, tonight, on "news 4 at ten." "eye-opening." that's how u.s. senator joni ernst describes her recent trip to the middle east. the republican, along with other members of the u.s. senate, visited israel, jordan, iraq and afghanistan for a weeklong congressional delegation trip. the junior senator from iowa says the violence between israel and palestine is extremely troubling. she says the situation on the ground poses a greater threat to the u.s. than the obama administration has lead the american people to believe. "we have a lot of work to do," says senator joni ernst. "the middle east is a disaster. our efforts are valued however, we heard time and time
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again that they wished we could do more to eradicate isis." during the trip, the lawmakers met with u.s. troops, and political and military leaders, to talk about ways to defeat isis. ernst says the men and women deployed in afghanistan are on the front lines of a very serious war. and, she says, there are concerns about troop levels, and the military's capability to keep them safe. "it became clear throughout the trip that we need to further engage," says senator ernst. "isis is actively and quickly recruiting, and there's a steady flow. this is no jv team." ernst says the terror ground has made its way into afghanistan, and its causing the u.s. to lose its voice and leadership in the region. she says, with all that's going on in the middle east, congress needs to start working together to provide the u.s. military with the equipment they need. iowa's unemployment rate dropped slightly to 3.6 percent last month. the iowa workforce development said the rate was down from august's 3.7 percent rate. the
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agency says the number of unemployed residents declined from 62,500 in august to 61,300 in september. the number of iowa residents with jobs climbed to 1.64 million in september, up about 2,600 from august. iowa's rate was higher than the neighboring states of nebraska and south dakota. a public hearing on our savior lutheran church's possible purchase of eagle distributing's building in norfolk, nebraska is being delayed. us92's eric mckay has that story. the norfolk planning commission's meeting was mistakenly published as occurring on wednesday, which meant that tuesday's meeting, technically, wasn't legal. it was advised by city officials that the commission not make any decisions until either a special meeting next week or their next regularly scheduled meeting in november. that meant no decision was made change zoning from industrial to commercial to purchase the eagle distributing building in order to build a new church. pastor lee weander says the move makes parish. "it expedites ministry," said our savior pastor lee weander. "it allows us to expand our ministry immediately and obviously that's a huge blessing. also in terms of costs, our architects have
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estimated it would save us around $5 million." but not everyone is excited about the possibility of having a church next to their industrial corridor. omaha avenue is also home to nucor vulcraft and affiliated foods, both of whom have submitted opposition to the church's plans. both sides will have to wait for a further decision, though. because of the scheduling mistake, the planning commission voted to table the public hearing until their next, no doubt properly scheduled meeting on november 3rd. >> still to come... a sandwich chain is doing away with meat that contains antibiotics. see what type of meat that
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>> we got rid of yesterday's wind but kept the warm temperatures making it an absolutely gorgeous october day. we're not going to be able to keep it quite this warm as cooler air slowly but surely starts moving in over the next few days. more clouds are going to move in tonight and northern siouxland could even see a few sprinkles. other than some clouds, wednesday will remain quiet with highs in the upper 60s. chances of showwrs start moving in later in the day on thuuday and then we'll have good chances of rain from thursday night into friday. we should dry things out by the weekend with highs in the lower 60s expected on saturday and sunday with a small chance of a few showers returning sunday night into monday. still to come... retail giants have to prepare for the busy holiday season. hear how many seasonal employees one online retailer is planning on hiring this year. today, subway announced it'll
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transition to serving only protein from animals that have never received antibiotics. beginning in march, customers across the u-s will be able to order meals wi chicken raised
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without antibiotics. that transition is to be complete by the end of 2016. turkey raised without antibiotics will be introduced in 2016... with a completed transition expected within two to three uears. pork and beef will follow within six years after that... with the goal of completed transition in 2025. online retail giant amazon is boosting its holiday hiring by 25-percent. amazon said today, it will hire 100-thousand seasonal workers. that's on top of the 25- thousand full-time employees the company has hired recently. it indicates a shift in the way we are shopping. brick and mortar retailers target and walmart are hiring about the same number of season associates as last year. if you plan to shop for the holidays while you should be working... you won be alone. according to a repo by retail research firm conluminonearly 32 percent of consumers will shop online during their work hours this holiday season. in addition, 33 percent of those surveyed said they'll take a longer lunch break so they can shop. nearly 20 percent said they'll
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leave work early at least once to shop. and a bold three percent said they'll fake a sick day to go holiday shopping. dry weather over the past week in south dakota has helped farmers with harvest but also increased the risk for wildfires in the state. the agriculture department says the harvest of soybeans has reached 90 percent. about one-third of the corn, sorghum and sunflower crops are in the bin. the third cutting of alfalfa hay is at 95 percent complete. pasture and range conditions statewide are rated 50 percent good to excellent. brad's here -- the huskers are trying to turn their season around. nebraska is back home this weekend after a big win at minnesota -- and no-one's happier than new coach mike riley. and, south dakota coach joe glenn talks about the loss of team captain trevor bouma, who's out for the rest of the season.
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dear future, please help.
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i have no money, no job, no clothes. i feel completely helpless. but i hear good things about you, future. like i'll have hair, and friends, and books and music.
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this week after beating the 4-time defending national champs from north dakota state last weekend. the coyotes host missouri state, who is winless in the conference but the news was not all good for the coyotes. usd got their first conference win in two seasons when they upset the bison. but starting running back and team captain trevor bouma broke his arm on and is out for the season. it's the second straight season that the junior from lemars has had his season cut short by injury. bouma was leading usd in rushing
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with 440 yards. "he'll be done for this season but not done with his spirit and his help," said south dakota head coach joe glenn. "he'll help us coach as a student assistant. he'll be at all the meetings and he'll go to the games on the bus with us and be at home and help us any way he can with his love and spirit and his toughness." usd and missouri state kick off at 2 o'clock saturday in the dakotadome. the first big ten win came a little later than most husker fans had hoped for -- but nebraska broke a 2-game losing streak with a 23-point win at minnesota saturday. now the huskers come back home to face northwestern, who's lost two straight in the conference. first-year nebraska head coach mike riley has taken a lot of heat from big red fans after a 2 and 4 start. but two of those losses were in the final seconds -- and the other was in overtime. this is riley's 15th year as a college head coach but the win over the gophers was especially sweet. "it's relief but it's also excitement," said riley. "i'm really happy for everybody involved here, the coaches, the players and our fans. i've said all along they're the greatest in the world. all they want to do is win and we all certainly understand that." nebraska and northwestern play
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at 11 a-m saturday on espn 2. three of the last four games in the series have been decided by three or fewer points. the new nebraska high school football rankings are out from the ap. in class a, norfolk drops out of the top ten after losing at north platte. the panthers host 5-3 kearney on friday. norfolk catholic is still first in c-1. the knights host number-6 boone central/newm an grove on thursday night. in c2, battle creek stays at number-2. oakland-craig is still sixth and west holt gets back in at number-10. stanton gets votes. in d1, guardian angels central catholic of west point is number-1. creighton is number-4 and neligh-oakdale is receiving votes. you can see the entire rankings at the dordt volleyball team has been rewarded for a great week. jamie gesink is the gpac setter of the week and brooke granstra is the attacker of the week. granstra had 44 kills over three matches, as the defenders beat number-1 viterbo and number-2 midland. dordt moved to sixth in the new naia rankings and will visit briar cliff tonight. northwestern's jillian estes is
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the gpac defensive player-of- the-week. the junior led the red raiders to a 3-0 record on the week, with three sweeps. northwestern is 12th in the new rankings. in the baseball playoffs, the royals lead the blue jays, 12 to 2 to - in the 8th inning. kc will take a 3-games to 1 lead in the series with a win. at 7, in the nlcs, the cubs host the mets. new york leads the series
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if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again. from the rising price of food to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses, the economic damage will only get worse. but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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tonight on k-t-i-v and n-b-c, best time ever with neil patrick harris starts at 7 followed by the voice at 8 and chicago fire at 9. then tonight on news four at ten.... nbc's political director, and moderator of "meet the press", chuck todd is in sioux city tonight. we'll listen in to his lecture at morningside college, and i;ll sit down with him to talk about the presidential race leading up to the 20-16 iowa caucus and presidential election.
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lamar odom airlifted from vegas. nene photos. >> this shot of him passed out at the brothel makes the front page. >> it's what's coming up r rht w. >> on "entertainment tononht." what love ranch phohoos captured asas khloe breaks her silence. family leaving with lamar. >> khloe flew to l.a. with lamar. >> his c cndition todayt cedar sinai hhpital. >> then -- >> obviously a bathtub person. >> our craa night with bill murury, gaga and her fiance. >> i don't mii doing the little white chapel thing. >> who is the man with kate hudson? >> potential suitor. >> i like to have ff. >> p ps --
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