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tv   News 4 at Ten  KTIV  October 21, 2015 10:00pm-10:34pm CDT

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sheila has the week off. researchers continue to look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. that's the aim of a new piece of technology that one northeast nebraska city will "fire up" in the near future. ktiv's sam curtiss tells us how wood waste can be converted into electricity. with a shop vac, some metal, a few pipes, a generatotoand wood chips, you can produce electricity. if you know how to combine those things properly. "the process itself is older technology," said chris jeffries. "it's very simple." chris jeffries created this gasifier. he explained the process as using the shop vac to create negative pressure, while wood waste is heated in a separate large cyclclder where gasses froro unburned wood are then siphone into a filter before feeding a generator. "it's a controlled combustion, a controlled pyrolysis," said chris jeffries. the city of south sioux city, nebraska, plans to plug in this technology. "we're trying to be self-sufficient and go as green
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mayor rod koch says using this gasifier will save the city $40,000 a year in electric costs. "it saves us from having to dispose of trees that are eventually going to die anyways because of this emerald borer ash," said rod koch. the unit will be much larger than this and will be placed here near the scenic park. as you can see they don't have the actual sifier yet. the bioenergy unit is going to be hooked up to these transformers and the grid stem which means the electricity is not just going to be used for campers or people in the park here, it could be used in households as well. "we're going to have about a ton and half capacity in their feed hopper," said chris jeffries. jeffries says upkeep is s sy and the e it would only need f fling about once a week. in south sioux city, nebraska, sam curtiss, ktiv news four. the city used a grant to pay for most of the project. they hope to have it up and running before christmas. valero renewables operates 11 ethanol plants in the midwest. four of them are in iowa, including this one in hahaley. this morning, ththe plants kicked off their annual united way campaign. employees learned about the
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importance of giving back by donating to the united way, and completing community service with different organizations. while valero takes pride in its community service efforts, a spokesman says it also takes pride in how well the plants are doing, especially the one in hartley. "ethanol margins which is basically like the profit t tt you get from making ethanol are down compared to last year," said day. "last year was an excellent, excellent year for ethanol. this year is a good year. it's just not as gigantic as last year was." valero has 11 ethanol plants in the midwest. four are in iowa. it also has 13 petroleum refineries in the midwest as well. city leaders in cushing, iowa lifted a boil advisory that was put in place after a pump failed in the city's primary well, last friday. city officials say the primary well has been repaired, and is back in use. but, for the last five days, residents were told to boililheir water because t t water coming from a back-up well had higher levels of nitrates. city leaders say nitrate levels in the primary well are much lower. bacterial samples came back as "satisfactory. "
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so, it's no longer necessary to boil water in cushing. tomorrow, folks living in soldier, iowa, will have to start t iling their water. city officials say e boil advisory is necessary after the main valve in the city's pumphouse broke. crews will begin the repair work tomorrow morning. residents are asked to boil their water starting at 9am. it's getting cooler around siouxland but it's not exactly cold just yet. chief meteorologis t ron demers joins us now with the first look at our forecast. after two straight days of 79 degree highs in sioux city, today was certainly cooler yet still above average for this time of year as we made it into the mid 60s. we also saw a few more clouds today and that gave the sioux g geway airport .01" rain, the first measurable rain so far in october. we could see an isolated shower again tonight but our better chances arrive from late thursday into thursday
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after months of anticipation, and speculation, vice president joe biden announced that he will not run for president in 2016. biden made his announcement from the whwhe house rose garden, this afternoon, with his wif jill andresident barack obama by his side. the vice president said he believed the window of opportunity had closed for running a successful campaign. he did, however, say he won't be silent during the campaign, and urged democratic contenders to defend the legacy of president obama. "and this is what i believe. i believe that president obama has led this nation from crisis to recovery and we're now in the cusp of resurgence and i'm proud to have played a part
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in that," said vice president biden. it was believed that biden had been preparing for a presidential b b following the death ofofis son beau, and his dying wish that his father give it one last go. as the country searches for its next president, members of the house search for its next speaker. retiring house speaker john boehner says he's confident the gop's various factions will unite behind congressman paul ryan as the next speaker. boehner announced today he's scheduled a vote among republican members for next wednesday. should all go as planned, the full house would choose its new speaker the following day. boehner says he's confident he needs going forward. the house us as leaders, not about us as members. ourrjob is to do the right t ing for the american people every day, now you've heard me say this one more time. if you do the right things every day for the
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will happen for our country." ryan told fellow republicans st night that he would agree to be a candidate, but only if gop members unify behind his candidacy. some hardline conservatives have expressed reservations. the leading republican presdential candidate will return to sioux city for an event, next week. donald trumpmpill speak at west high school, at 6:00pm, on tuesday, october 27th. doors open at 4:00pm for the event. it's trump's first trip to sioux city since may 16th, which was before he had decided to enter the race. during that speech, on the morningside college campus, trump railed against illegal immigration calling the united states a "dumping grgrnd". nebraska governor pete ricketts says the state is still working with the d-e-a to import lethal injection drugs from india. in may, nebraska lawmakers voted to abolish the death penalty over the governor's veto. that triggered a petition drive that got enough support totolace the issue e the ballot, and prevent the law from going into
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effect until the november 2016 election. still, problems importing the drugs might mean the state can't carry out any executions before the election, which is barely 12- months away. an iowa family was caught with marijuana and a loaded handgun while driving in utah. utah highway patrol stopped storm lake, iowa residents abel medina rios and his two children, 28-year-old raquel and 26-year-old abel. troopers seized about 55 pounds of marijuana and a loaded .32 caliber handgun from their car. all l ree were taken to jail. the utah state bureau of instigation then contacted the storm lake police department. investigators in storm lake searched three locations and seized two firearms along with quantities of marijuana, crystal methamphetam ine, drug packaging materials, cell phones and over two thousand dollars in cash. the investigation is ongoing in bobo iowa and utah. later in "healthbeat 4"... the prevalance of pot among adults is up. but first... two men helping children with
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special needs feel "special" for an entirely different reason this halloween. the story is just 12- minutes away on "news 4 at ten." after two straight days of 79 degree highs in sioux city, today was certainly cooler yet still above average for this time of year as we made it into the mid 60s. we also saw a few more clouds today and that gave the sioux gateway airport .01" of rain, the first measurable rain so far
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isolated shower again tonight but our better chances arrive from late thursday into thursday night and friday. that system should move out by the weekend leaving us with partly cloudy skies and highs in the 60s. more showers could come our way
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mid-sioux opportunity is hosting their 7th annual m mten fundraiser to provide assisiance needy families. you can help by purchasing a mitten at any of the participating businesses for one dollar. all proceeds go toward meeting the needs of families in lyon, sioux, plymouth, cherokee and ida counties. all of the funds raised will be used to help families. that includedeclothing, food, rereal assistance or utility assistance. a list of places where you can purchase a mitten can found inside this story at ktiv dot com. still to come... two dads realize their dream of giving something back to their kids from whom much has been ken. the e artwarming story is straig ahead.
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what are you going to be for halloween? it's a question a very creative dad has to ask k s 2 sons months in advance. that's because he transforms the boys' wheelchairs into elaborate costumes worthy of a movie screen. cathy marshall has the story.
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of the galaxy. (sot: daniel saunders, buiuis costumes) "in the movie it's got these hands that can come out and grab stuff" 10 year old keaton weimer and his 3 year old brother bryce - ryan's sons - are the motivation and inspiration (nats: "now we can go jogging") for the halloween magic... (nats) "it turns their life around for one day" (sot: ryan weimer, father) "instead of being a kid in a wheelchair they're superstars" (sot: mother) "they look forward to halloween they remember it forever" (nats) "yeah this is it" it all started with this pirate ship in back 2008... keaton was 3. (sot: ryan weimer, father) "i was like this is amazing i want this experience for other families" ryan learned how to build d king courses online - through the stan winston school of character arts (sot: daniel saunders, builds costumes) "terminator to alien versus predator they've done the real special effects" ryan got dome advice from stan winston designers as he created toothless for keaton last halloween while jayce was gronkle from how to train a dragon.
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(sot: son) "there was dragons and instead of killing them they made friends with the dragons" (sot: daniel saunders, builds costumes) "when keaton wears it in the front yard people stop and look at it and they're like whoa that is so cool" (nats) ryan and his wife lana have already lost 2 children to the form of muscular dystrophy which has keaton and bryce in wheelchairs - (sot: ryan weimer, father) "i'm not smart enough to come up with a cure but this is something i can do that has impacted my family in a positive way" last year he created the non ofit magic wheelchair with the goal of organizing volunteers all over the world - (sot: ryan weimer, father) "just the other day a new york city fire station contacted us and said hey we as a department would like to build one of these" a kickstarter raised more than 25 thousand dollars for magic wheelchair so t ts year 8 other kids across the country will join bryce and keaton trick or treating (nats) "giant chocolate bars" in a one of a kind costume (nats: kid humming) >> right now, magic wheelchair has
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a hundred requests from kids. each one submits a short video of how they want to transform their chair, and why. coming up... more americans are "lighting up." the power of pot... that's
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new government numbers show more americans are smoking pot. the number of adults using marijuana has more than doubled since 2001. back then, about 4- percent had smoked pot within the past year.
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by 2013 -- that figure jumped to nearly 10 percent. creases came among w wen, blacks, hispanics, and in middle-aged or older adults. in you got drive-through tonight, or went grocery shopping, you can't miss this next story. a new survey reveals more than half of food industry workers in the u-s and canada ... go to work sick. the center for research and public policy polled 12-hundred people working in food processing plants, restaurants and grocery stores. 51-percent said they always, or frequently, go to work when they're sick. 15-percent of workers said they wouldn't serve the food they make to o eir own families. a new experimental therapy could one day benefit stroke patients living without the use of their arm. the 30-patient study conducted at georgetown university found that magnetically stimulating a specific part of the brain could affect patients' arm movements. future research will look at whether repeaead stimulation of the brain n n train it to actually contr the impaired arm. new data shows a sedentary lifestyle may
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increase the risk for chronic kidney disease. sedentary behavior-- which is sitting or lying down a lot-- has already been linked to diabetes, hypertension and obesity. now a study of almost six- thousand adulul found each 80-minunu increase in sedentary time raised the risk of kidney disease by 20-percent. brad'sere -- talking hawkeye football. it's a bye week for the undefeated hawks -- but we'll get a midseason report from iowa's offensivivand defensive coordinators. and, briar cliff is picked to finish first in the gpac men's
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colon cancer rates are going up with younger people. we'll meet a 35-year-old man diagnosed with the disease.. with the hype building for the release of the new star wars movie, an oregon company is getting attention for its lightsabers.
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almost everything has gone right for the hawkeyes in their perfect start. iowa moved up to 12th in the ap rankings this week after winning their first seven games. the hawks are a little banged up -- the right time. iowa ranks 12th in the nation in overall defense. the hawks have been especially good against the run -- giving up only 74 yards per game -- fourth best in the country. iowa has had to deal with the season-ending injury to their top defensive player, drew ott -- but other players have taken up the slack. "i think we're back just to fundamental fofoball," said defensive coordinar phil parker. "it's a simple game. you just got to leverage the ball. a lot of time our guys were running and didn't know where the ball was at, giving great effort, but you always got to make sure you know where the ball's at and what angle you need to take to make the play. i think our guys have been in tune to that." on offense, the hawkeyes have been very balanced. iowa averages 214 yards rushing per game and 206 yards passing. qb c-j beathard has completed 61 percent of his passes and has thrown for nine
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td's, with just three interceptions. "i"ihink c.j. is seeing opportunities to take the ball down the field and taking them," said offensive coordinator greg davis. "he will take those shots." hawkeye head coach kirk ferentz is one of 22 men on the bear bryant, coach of the year, watch list. iowa is one of just two schools in theheountry, with two road wins against ranked teams. iowa's next game is on halloween against maryland, in iowa city at 2- 30. briar cliff has trotted out some young men's basketball lineups the last couple of years. those young players have grown up and today -- the chargers were chosen as the preseason favorite in the gpgp conference. the chargers went 13-7 in the gpac last season and were 22-11 overall, earning a trip to the naia national tournament. the chargers have their top four scorers back, and they're all guards. shane graves, clay herreld, forbes all averaged between 10 and 11 points per game. bc mighthte a little small, but
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"we just got to be the more feisty team, the more aggressive team and just get after those 50-50 balls because we k kw we're not going to win all the rebounding battles," said junior guard austin lefler. "we're not going to out- muscle people but we can out-quick them and out-hustle them definitely." "if you asked our guards a style we could pick it would definitely be this one," said junior guard shane graves. "we're run and gun and in your face pressure defense, which is the way we have to play." "a question for our team is how are we going to be when we match up agaginst big, physiial, memehodical teamm and thehee are some of those teams in our league who play that way," said head coach nic nelson. "whether or not we can defend and rebound with those teams is really going to determine how far this team can go." the chargers open the season at william penn on october 29th. the home opener is november 4th. here is the gpac men's preseason poll -- with b bar cliff at the top with five first place votes. dordt is second with three first place ballots. northwestern is picked fifth and morningside -- who tied for the gpac title last year is 8th. morningside is the favorite in the women's gpac poll. the defending national champs got 11 of 12 first place votes -- coaches coululnot vote for their own team.
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briar cliff f s third, northwestern fth and dordt was 10th. wayne state is second in the northern sun conference preseason poll. the wildcats have 2 starters back from last year's 28-6 team that won the nsic for the second straight year. winona state of minnesota was picked first. in the a-l, the royals trying to close out the blbl jays. but toronto had other ideas. in the second -- chris colabello hits a solo homerun to left. his 2nd hr of the post-season. 1-zip jays. toronto blows it open in the 6th, troy tulowitzki hits a bases loaded double to the gap. this clears the bases. jays win 7-1. game 6 is back in kc. late game in chicago, the mets lead the cubs 8-3 in the 9th inning. daniel murphy has homered for the sixth straight game -- a postseason first. if the mets hold on for the sweep, they'll be back in the world series
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the future is now for students of whittier high scscol, featured in the iconic film "back to the future," which jumps 30 years to today's date. in the movie the school was known as hill valley high in honor of today's date, students celebrated with a "back to the future" pep rally. some dressed up as their favorite characters from the movie, including marty mcfly and doc brown. they even had a hoverboard race. thanks for joining us tonight... the tonight show with jimmy fallon is next. we'l'lsee you back here
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonighghshow starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- justin bieber. salman rushdie. and featuring the legendary roots crew.
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