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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  October 22, 2015 6:00pm-6:29pm CDT

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student level. "it's great if you want to get that four year degree, but it should be plan a go get that four year degree or plan a go into the skilled labor force. we really need to make sure that we expose our kids to those opportunities at an early age so they have the opportunity to pursue that if that's something that they're interested in doing," said ricketts. governor daugaard also says it's key to bring in workers from outside the area to further the growth. "happily the flip side of their bad unemployment numbers, their high unemployement numbers is that it incents them to come to places," said daugaard. "now people aren't as willing to move as they used to be. but they are still willing to move in some cases for a good job." with more jobs comes the issue of housing and the siouxland area is currently experiencing a housing shortage. "we at the state level can help share some of those best practices, whether it's going to be a solution that cavelis came up with developing their own subdivision, whether it's going to be something like fare berry where local people got together buy houses and renovate them to
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ricketts. ricketts says some other things the state can help communities with is finding obstacles where there can be regulatory issues and solve them. >> governor branstad will be in sioux city again on october 28th. he will be discussing a program that combines workforce development, economic development and education. robert? south dakota senator mike rounds spoke today, calling president obama's national defense authorization act veto a quote "slap in the face." "the first thing we'll try to do is override the veto. i don't know if we have the votes in the house. if it comes to the senate, there's a pretty good chance we'll have the votes to override the veto. but, it'll have to start in the house, since it started out as a house vote to begin with," said souht dakota sen. mike rounds. senator rounds also says it's disappointing since it met the funding levels the president requested. a new poll says donald trump is
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republican rival in iowa. a quinnipiac university poll of likely iowa republican caucus-goers says ben carson now leads the g-o-p presidential field in the state with 28 percent. this is the first major poll showing trump trailing by a significant margin in an early primary or caucus a judge has dismissed a lawsuit that challenged the iowa utilities board's authority to give the power of eminent domain to an out-of-state oil pipeline developer. the bakken pipeline would carry crude oil through iowa on its way from north dakota to illinois. the case was argued in cherokee county court earlier this month. three landowners, filed the suit. they say pipeline developer dakota access is not eligible for eminent domain to take land because iowans would not benefit from using the pipeline as a utility. judge carl petersen has ruled the plaintiffs must first try all administrative remedies before they can sue a state agency. the judge did not rule on whether dakota access is eligible for eminent domain. we have a chance of showers
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coming our way in siouxland. joining us now is chief meteorologist ron demers with the first look at our forecast. weather ad-lib clouds have been thickening today and our rain chances will continue to increase into tonight and we may have some rumbles of thunder as well. many of us could see a half inch to one inch of rain tonight into friday with rain chances lessening the later into the day we get friday. poverty, disease, lack of
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education. a siouxland group continues its fight to change lives half-a-world away. siouxland tanzania educational medical ministry will hold its 19th "night of hope" auction, tonight. ktiv's matt breen is the emcee for the event. he's with live link 4 to tell us more. matt? robert, stemm was founded in 1996, and organized in 1997. that same year, the founders led a group of 10 siouxland residents on the first trip to tanzania... a trip that was life-changing. i'm joined by one of those founders, dr. steve meyer. >> steve, what's stemm's mission? >> tonight's auction allows you to do so much good in tanzania... from educating kids, to flying in doctors to treat them... what are you working on, right now, in tanzania? >> the list of live auction items just seems to get better every year... tempt us with some of the things folks will bid on
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tonight. thanks steve. the silent auction begins at 5:30pm. then the live auction follows at 7:00pm. robert,
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students at northeast community college in norfolk got a break from their typical coursework to learn how to make smart decisions about drinking. nearly 200 students attended necc's "sober in october" event at the chuck pohlman ag complex. a simulated driving course with impaired vision, walking the line during a field sobriety test and a seatbelt convincer gave students an opportunity to mimick possible drink or two and face impairment. "sometimes they don't think
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about the little things when they first go to college, knowing that you're not alone and that there's others out there learning the same things. they know it is ok to say no and start utilizing some of those skills." in its eighth year, sober in october organizers hope that the events that were mirrored during the demonstratio ns will make students think twice before making risky decisions. students at one sioux city high school had a change of pace in their p.e. class, today. the iowa army national guard came to bishop heelan high school and brought a zipline. the zipline is a fun way for national guard recruiters to meet as many young adults as they can. it's something that the school had been trying to schedule for some time. "the zipline is a very, very high commodity, we've been trying to get it for the past 3 years. this has probably been the most excited i've ever seen p.e. students for p.e. class," said bishop heelan physical education teacher, andy foster. the recruiters not only provided a fun activity, but provided
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information for those interested. still to come here on news 4 at 6 the high school football season will end for dozens of siouxland schools tonight. we'll preview a top ten battle at norfolk
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> clouds have been thickening today and our rain chances will continue to increase into tonight and we may have some rumbles of thunder as well. many of us could see a half inch to one inch of rain tonight into friday with rain chances lessening the later into the day we get friday. this storm system moves out for the weekend with highs in the 60s expected for saturday and sunday under partly cloudy
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returns by tuesday and then it will get even colder on the back side of that system with highs only in the 50s by
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we have some breaking news right
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representative paul ryan has
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declared he is running for speaker of the house this is after he initially said he did not want the job. ryan's announcement comes one day after a majority of the house freedom caucus said they would support the lawmaker. we'll have more on his decision tonight on news 4 at 10 still to come... see what's happening at the iowa great lakes this weekend to
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with the fall holidays getting closer each day, there's plenty to do around siouxland to get in the spirit. kuoo radio's steve schwaller joins us now to tell us about what's going on this weekend at the iowa great lakes. steve? you can celebrate fall in the iowa great lakes at a special event this saturday. jen johnson of the iowa great lakes area chamber of commerce says they'll be holding their 4th annual fall fest at arnolds park... "the lower park rides will be open weather permitting, so make sure you bundle up your little ghouls and goblins. the fun begins at 11:00 a.m. and in addition to the lower park being open we also have over 20 chamber members hosting activities in and outside the roof garden." that will be followed by the 1st annual u-v dash saturday evening... "they're going to be throwing colors on you at night. runners will go under u-v lights and you'll glow, so it's a fun night. you can register online. the link is on
6:15 pm" the event is a fundraiser for several lakes area organizations. following that, the iowa rock 'n roll music association will hold its "rocktoberfest" at the roof garden, featuring several bands, food, beverages and other entertainment. more information on that can be found at iowa rock and steve, how many kids are expected for the event at saturday? chamber officials tell us they're expecting somewhere in the area of 1,200 kids to be at that event, which is also free of charge, by the way. thanks, steve.
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shot by minnesota hunters this fall have turned up no signs of the bird flu. researchers are testing wild waterfowl to see if ducks flying south for the winter are carrying forms of bird flu, which could provide an early warning if the disease returns. brad's here -- with a busy night of high school football. many siouxland teams are ending their regular seasons tonight -- including norfolk catholic, who's hosting a top-ten battle against boone central, newman grove. and, iowa state will try to shock the college football world when they visit #2 baylor on who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. nebraska. norfolk catholic and boone central, newman grove meet tonight in battle of top ten teams in class c1. the knights are ranked first and the cardinals are sixth. these two schools have met in the playoffs -- three years in a row.
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last season, boone central handed norfolk catholic their only regular season loss, and then beat the knights again in the state quarterfinals , 23-17, on their way to the class c1 state championship. in 2012, catholic won their last state title against -- you guessed it -- the cardinals. only one team has been within 28 points of norfolk catholic this season. "i think it will be a very good football game," said norfolk catholic head coach jeff bellar."they're very good. we're similar in some ways. offensively we've both been able to move the football quite a bit. defensively they run a little bit different defense than us but again, they've done awful well. it's not a do or die game but obviously it's a big football game and hit has turned into a good rivalry. they were the state champs last year. two or three years ago we played them in a close game and beat them in the state championship game. we've had some big, big games against each other and it's been good for both schools." kickoff is at 7 o'clock. we'll have the highlights at ten. that's just one of five games we'll show you at ten. also in nebraska, fourth-ranked creighton tries to stay unbeaten at hartington, newcastle. 6 and 1 wynot is home against 5
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sioux city west tries to close the season with a win against 5-3 des moines hoover. dakota valley hosts wagner -- each of those teams has just one win this season. join us back here at ten for all the action. if you look at the list of point spreads in college football this week -- the widest gap is between iowa state and baylor. the second-ranked bears are 37 point favorites over the cyclones. baylor beat iowa state, 49-28 in ames last year. in that game, qb sam richardson ran for 99 yards and threw for 212 more, accounting for three touchdowns. the bears have the top- ranked offense in the country -- averaging over 700 yards of offense per game and have scored at least 56 points in all six of their wins. "baylor. baylor, man i can't explain those guys man," said isu linebacker jordan harris, "they got a good quarterback. they got more weapons for the quarterback to throw it to. they got the best running backs we're going to play out of these three teams and their quarterback can run so that's a headache."
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the cyclones 71-7. isu and baylor kickoff at 11 am on saturday. the cubs lost to the mets 8 to 3 wednesday night at wrigley field and were swept 4 games to none in the national league championship series. the mets move on to the world series for the fifth time and for the first time since 2000. after beating the pirates and cardinals in the playoffs -- the cubs never led in the nlcs. still, with 97 regular season wins, the future is bright. "of course we wanted to go further and of course it's highly disappointing however you gotta look at the positives that are involved and that's what i want them to really focus on when they go home and they have a chance to reflect individually and as a group all that we've accomplished this year," said cubs manager joe maddon. the mets will play either the royals or the blue jays in game 1 of the world series on tuesday. game six of the alcs is
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if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again. from the rising price of food to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses, the economic damage will only get worse.
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we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? reborn starts at 7 followed by the blacklist at 8 and the player at 9. thanks for joining us tonight...
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party as her new book makes headlines. >> plus, the new beyonce tell all scandal. we're first with the author addressing rumors jay z cheated. >> it's what's coming up right now. >> on "entertainment tonight". >> they have a history. he has girls. >> alleged infidelity with rihanna, plastic surgery and what really happened in that elevator. >> i found out. she laid down the la >> and did lamar swear off drugs to stay married to khloe? inside her new book as kim celebrates. >> happy birthday to you >> and rosie dodges cameras in divorce court. what her ex-wife tells us about their war. >> plus, did paris jackson get secretly married at 17? why aunt janet is getting called out and susan lucci's heartbreak. her grandson's secret disorder. >> i felt it was my daughter's story to tell. >> and carrie underwood's dog
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