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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  October 22, 2015 10:00pm-10:34pm CDT

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we have a chance of showers on the way in siouxland. here to tell us more is chief meteorologis t ron demers with the first look at our forecast. clouds have been thickening today and our rain chances will continue to increase into tonight and we may have some rumbles of thunder as well. many of us could see a half inch to one inch of rain tonight into friday with rain chances lessening the later into the day we get friday. a florida man wanted in
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been spotted in the sioux city area. authorities say 28-year- old jonathan berrio is wanted on second degree murder charges in connection with a homicide in miami, florida. police confirm berrio was sighted in sioux city this week where they say some of his family lives. berrio is a white male and has a tattoo of a knife under his left eye. police say he's a threat to the public. "he should be considered armed and dangerous," said detective nick thompson with the sioux city police department. "if anybody locates him, they should not approach him. we request that they call 911 right
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so we can react appropiately." if you have any information on berrio's whereabouts, contact the numbers on your screen. crime stoppers is offering a reward of up to three-thousand dollars if a tip leads to an arrest. former secretary of state and democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton faced a day of grueling questions from the gop- led benghazi select committee. the first of four rounds of questioning about the 2012 attacks on u-s facilities in benghazi ended after more than three hours. clinton was grilled at length about emails from a former white house aide who frequently sent messages to her personal email account about libya. clinton said she did not solicit the information from sidney blumenthal. "well congressman, there was a lot of conflicting information that we are trying to make sense of, the situation was very fluid, it was fast moving, there was also a claim of responsibility." clinton also answered questions
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security concerns in the aftermath of benghazi, as the situation worsened. representative jim jordan accused clinton of not telling the american people that terrorists were responsible for the attack. congressman paul ryan announced today he is officially running for speaker of the house. the wisconsin republican has repeatedly turned down pleas to run for this post. ryan has been viewed as the only member commanding the respect needed to unify the fractured house republican caucus. earlier this week... ryan has said he would consider the bid if he could a be "unity candidate" and get the backing of three key g-o-p house groups. a new poll says donald trump is being out-trumped by a republican rival in iowa. a quinnipiac university poll of likely iowa republican caucus-goers says ben carson now leads the g-o-p presidential field in the state with 28 percent. this is the first major poll showing trump trailing by a significant margin in an early
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the tri-state governor's conference today was full of local business and political leaders who came together to listen to all three of siouxland governor's talk about where they see their economies going. ktiv's tiffany lane was at the conference and has the details.
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according to the bureau of labor statistics, in september 2015, nebraska had the second lowest unemployment rate in the nation at 2.9 percent. south dakota is fifth with 3.5 percent. and iowa is sixth with a 3.6 percent unemployment rate. "i'm proud that all three states have been working together on this for a long period of time and now we're really trying to focus on how we can have that workforce to meet the needs of the jobs that are being created here in this siouxland area," said branstad. the tri-state governors say that begins at the student level. "it's great if you want to get that four year degree, but it should be plan a go get that four year degree or plan a go into the skilled labor force. we really need to make sure that we expose our kids to those opportunities at an early age so they have the opportunity to pursue that if that's something that they're interested in doing," said ricketts. governor daugaard also says it's key to bring in workers from outside the area to further the growth. "happily the flip side of their bad unemployment numbers, their high unemployement numbers is that it incents them to come to places," said daugaard. "now people aren't as willing to move as they used to be. but they are still willing to move in some cases for a good job." with more jobs comes the issue of housing and the siouxland area is currently experiencing a housing shortage. "we at the state level can help share some of those best practices, whether it's going to be a solution that cavelis came up with developing their own subdivision, whether it's going to be something like fare berry where local people got together buy houses and renovate them to create more housing stock," said ricketts. ricketts says some other things
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with is finding obstacles where there can be regulatory issues and solve them. >> governor branstad will be in sioux city again on october 28th. he will be discussing a program that combines workforce development, economic development and education. authorities have seized at least 10-tons of marijuana in a tunnel discovered along the u-s mexico border in california. homeland security officials raided the secret tunnel overnight... and found 837 packages of weed. 16-people... ages 21 to 50... have been detained after officials surprised workers inside the shaft. the tunnel entrance was reportedly hidden inside a fake carpet store south of san diego. the 30-foot long cavity is believed to have a lighting system, ventilation, and rails to transport drugs. still to come here on news 4 at 20 the decorah eagles are getting a new home.
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clouds have been thickening today and our rain chances will continue to increase into tonight and we may have some rumbles of thunder as well. many of us could see a half inch to one inch of rain tonight into friday with rain chances lessening the later into the day we get friday. this storm system moves out for the weekend with highs in the 60s expected for saturday and sunday under partly cloudy skies. a chance of showers returns by tuesday and then it will get even colder on the back side of that system with highs only in the 50s by wednesday.
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students at one nebraska school got a break from their coursework to learn about making smart decisions about drinking. > the decorah, iowa eagles are
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they're getting some help from their human friends in building it. it's been a busy fall for the decorah eagles--worki ng hard to build up their nest. but this year is a bit different the director of the raptor resource project and his team built half the nest, hoping the eagles would adopt it after howe believes this is the first been undertaken--a nd successful. because of the history behind this idea. "it's neat to think about, because it was one of the last things we were talking to bob anderson, our former director, before he died.. he was very excited about that. so really we've put something together that we would've done with him and now we've seen this great success."
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backup eagle cam. rocket manufacturin g held an open house event today at rock valley high school as part of manufacturing day. area businesses, schools and community members were all invited to the event, which was created in hopes of drawing attention to the opportunities a career in manufacturin g can provide. the program is a self- sustaining, student-run manufacturing business, the first of its kind in the state of iowa. "i think that it gives us a real world perspective, and like...we can go talk to these companies and stuff, and get ourselves out there." said student noah bartels. school officials say they believe this program gives students a head start over other iowa students in the field of manufacturing. "for our students, it provides opportunities for our students that are going to enter the workforce right away after high school, providing them with opportunities, and skillsets to be able to enter the workforce right here in rock valley." said chad janzen, superintendent,
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program leaders say there are some big things in the works for rocket manufacturin g and they will continue to work on projects for the community. students at northeast community college in norfolk got a break from their typical coursework to learn how to make smart decisions about drinking. nearly 200 students attended necc's "sober in october" event at the chuck pohlman ag complex. a simulated driving course with impaired vision, walking the line during a field sobriety test and a seatbelt convincer gave students an opportunity to mimick possible real situations if they've had a drink or two and face impairment. "sometimes they don't think about the little things when they first go to college, knowing that you're not alone and that there's others out there learning the same things. they know it is ok to say no and start utilizing some of those skills." in its eighth year, sober in
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hope that the events that were mirrored during the demonstratio ns will make students think twice before making risky decisions. still to come.... a baby is fighting for his life after an overdose of chemotherapy . hear from his
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as if battling a rare form of cancer wasn't already taking its toll, an 11- month-old baby is now fighting to survive after an
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overdose of chemotherapy. isaac harrison was being treated for a rare form of cancer at saint christopher hospital in philadelphia when he received 10- the amount of chemotherapy treatment... for five straight days. isaac's father says his son was supposed to receive three-point-three milligrams of the 33. him to crazy, so everyday that passes it's like he's blessed." isaac is now being treated at children's hospital of philadelphia. the pool of doctors appears to be growing and becoming more diversified. the association of american medical colleges reports today that the number of young people enrolling in med school has increased 25-percent since 2002. and the percentage of applicants doubled since just last year. other increases included first-time female applicants and african american and hispanic students.
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who frequently take antibiotics ... may gain weight faster than those who have never used them. the australian study looked at electronic medical records of over 150-thousand children from age three to 18. one in five had been prescribed antibiotics seven or more times. by the time those kids were 15 -- they weighed an average of three pounds more than children who had never taken antibiotics. researchers say these drugs may wipe out the healthy bacteria in the body - leading to permanent changes in how food is absorbed. brad's here -- with thursday night football. sioux city west needed an upset over des moines hoover to earn a spot in the playoffs. and, top-ranked norfolk catholic closes the regular season in a top-ten matchup with boone
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having the flu can be expensive. we'll tell you what shots you can get this season to avoid those high costs. and... a chimney sweep scam. what questions you should ask
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before hiring someone to clean out your fireplace. tune in at 5:00! >> story num: md01r sioux city west won just two of their first eight games, but a win over des moines hoover would put the wolverines in the class 4a playoffs. the wolverines could tie the huskies at 2-3 own the tie- breaker. hoover, 5-3 overall -- could also clinch with a victory. west head coach trever case snapped an 11-game losing skid earlier this season. hoover strikes first -- on third down -- wilfrid kouakow with an 8- yard td strike to dom marchel -- it's 7-nothing. west comes right back on their next possession -- noah mcwell with the bomb to corentz dunson -- that's a 53-yard touchdown to make it 7-7. but hoover's offense was
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clicking -- omar moldanado gets loose for a 37-yard score. huskies lead 14-7 after a quarter. just before halftime -- the huskies pad their lead -- great vision by jerry ziaty -- the 18-yard td makes it 20-7 at the half and hoover ends west's season 34-14. dakota valley taking on wagner -- both teams with one win. early in the 1st -- the panthers already up 7-nothing -- gage butler looking to add to it -- breaks down the sideline but steps out before he's tackled -- that would lead to another dv - td. butler's return sets this up -- austin carter running for the edge -- dives into the endzone -- the panthers with a 21-8 lead after a quarter. in the 2nd -- dakota valley keeps pouring it on -- luke schmitt dropping back -- tyler johnson torches the corner at the snap -- dakota valley blows out wagner, 43-8. norfolk catholic and boone central, newman grove have met three straight years in
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nebraska's class c1 playoffs, with state titles for each school in two of those years. this year, the knights are ranked first at 8 and 0 -- while the cardinals are sixth. seven of catholic's wins have been by 28 points or more. both teams fighting a light, spitting rain throughout the night. catholic gets on the board first - david engelhaupt goes in from 9 yards out - knights take a 7-0 lead after their first possession. still 7-0 midway through the 2nd - boone central, newman grove going for it on 4th and 6 - but the knights get to the quarterback for the sack. norfolk catholic then goes right down the field - miles vrbka to matt miller - 9 yard touchdown. then the knights pour it on - engelhaupt getting loose again - 52 yards on a draw down to the 1 - they punch it in on the next play for a 20-0 lead. and then the exclamation mark - trickery in the final minute of the half - engelhaupt passing to andy bettenhausen - 28-nothing at half and norfolk catholic stays perfect, 42- 14.
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creighton trying to stay undefeated against hartington- newcastle. first quarter - bulldogs start their scoring walton from six-yards out - some damage - he had 12 carries 159 yards - you saw his first touchdown and here's his second - 50-yards on that one - 18-0 - brook baller takes the handoff and he's ballin out - hits the edge and is gone - 58-yards for baller. creighton routs hartington newcastle 66-6. a good d2 matchup -- 6-1 wynot hosting 5-2 lyons-decatur northeast. late second quarter - bluedevils up 44-6 and that lead is extending - cael sudbeck goes a few yards - wynot led 52-6 at the break. third quarter - jalen wiesler drops back to pass - skies it - bounces off his receivers hands into montana riecken's hands for the cougars. still 52-6 - cougars break through -
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riecken on the ground spins his way to paydirt - it's 52-14. fourht quarter - bluedevils threatening to score again - hit on jared bruening pops the ball up and jacob whittaker is there to pick it off. he is going to take this the distance but that lead to big to overcome - wynot wins it 52-36 over
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- andy samberg, carrie underwood, and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 326! >> steve: and now, here he is,
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