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tv   News 4 at Noon  NBC  October 23, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm CDT

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that the rain should begin to taper this evening, although a leftover shower or three is possible for kickoff time in some nororwest iowa towns. seeee graphics. >> and then there were three. former rhode island governor lincoln and then there w we three. former rhode island governor lincoln chafee announced today he is dropping out of the democratic race for president. presidential candidate "as you know, i have been on a ptform of prosperity through peace. but after much thought i have decided to end my campaign for president today. thank you, but i would like to take this opportunity one last time to advocate for a chance be given to peace." chafee made his announcement at the women's forum held by the democratic national committee
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this morning in washington. his departure leaves three main contenders in the dedecratic race: hillary rodham clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley. hillary clinton also spoke at the women's leadersh forum. she seemed to enjoy that more than the grilling she went through on capitol hill at yesterday's 11-hour benghazi hearing. hillary clinton "it's been quite a week, hasn't well, thank you all so much. i am absolutely delighted to be i had a pretty long day yesterday." (laughs) clinton says she has "recovered her voice" after the long day of testimony. she says she tried to "rise above partisanships and rereh for statesmanship " in her testimony about the 2012 attacks that left four americans dead. hillary clinton is back on top in iowa. a new quinnipiac university poll shows her with 51 percent support, followed by bernie sanders with 40 percent.
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that compares to a september 10th surveshowing sanders ahead of clinton 41 percent to 40. jeb bush is ordering an across-the-board pay cut for his campaign staff and is slashing spending on travel and other costs as he looks to shore up his sluggish white house bid. bush campaign officials have been told ttt payroll is being reduced b b40 percent, with all but the most entry-level staff taking pay cuts. the campaign is also downsizing at its campaign headquarters in miami and offering officials positions elsewhere at a reduced salary. republican presidential front- runner donald trump is calling on super political l tion committees supporting his candidacy to return all the money they've collected. he's also calling on his opponents to demand the same. trump's campaign says today that it sent legal notices disavowing what it describes as nine "unauthorized " super pacs supporting his bid. the campaign says the groups are not authorized to o e trump's namemend likeness in their
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fundraising efforts. super pacs can raise unlimited contributions,ut they must disclose their donors and are barred from coordinating with campaigns. tragedy in french wine country, where authorities have now updated the death toll to after a bus full of retirees on a day-trip collided with a truck on a country road. n-b-c's keir simmons reports from london.
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'plunged into sadness by the tragedy, and promised a full investigation'.. . the road where the accident happened said to be notoriously dangerous. now it has taken the lis of at least 42 who\% despite the efforts of 60 firefighters... could not be saved. keir simmons/ nbc news/ london, ministry is warning the number of dead may climb. four of the injured are in a serious condition... two with head trauma, two with serious burns. and just to understand the impact of this, it's reported only 700 people e ve in that village where may ofofhe passengers come from, so everyone there will know someone who died. back to you." >> one person was fatally shot and two others were wounded on the campus of tennessee state university in nashville late last night. the shooting happened at an outdoor courtyard at the campus. police say the shooting starard after a fight over a dice game... and the campus was placed on lockdown. a university spokeswoman said two students were taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. .the suspect in the shooting
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fled the scene on foot. aaron says the shooting was an isolated incident. a siouxland d oup that's been helping people in tanzania, africa for nearly two decades held its annual fundraiser ction last night. ktiv's matt breen tells us about "a night of hope."
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have nothing. up for auction? from hawaii to the f frida keys, and everything in between. there were tickets to the hawkeye-husker football game in lincoln in november... even a one of a kind. to be sure. at stemm's "night of hope", with chief photographer jordan ogren, matt breen ktiv news 4. >> it's a rainy friday in siouxland. but hohos the weekend looking? stay tuned for the forecast from meterologist ben dorenbach coming up next on news four at noon. here's the live view from our skycam ispencer, iowa, where it's 54 degrees with light rain. who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in porkrkvetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right totoise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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should move out saturday morning giving most a sunny afternoon with highs in the 60s, which will mark the start of a mild autumn weekend before showersrsnd cooler weather return by the middle of next week. see graphics. >>
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in the eastern iowa town of long grove there is a tribute to a man who was ahead of his time. fran riley takes us inside a 177-year-old farm house that is a a eat example of old shioned craftsmanshihi .
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"we did not have no heat in our bedroom. just the chimney went up. none of us did." amazingly, what it still has is sod. the original. still in the walls. s/ bob lage, once lived in house :23 - :30 "what do you think is still holding it together? dirt. you'd think it would just fall apart. and they are nailed into the dirt." the sod house built by alexander brownlie in 1838. one of long grove's earliest settlers. s/ kristy looney, bob's daughter:42 - :47 "we understood he was a stone mason. with that skill he was able to make the sod into blocks." still sturdy. a two o ory farm house. original wood floorsrsbob's daughter krist looney says it's a dandy. "it's just something we want to preserve." look out the window. and you'll see the barn with a stone foundation. s/u fran riley, reporting1:03 - 1:12 "the barn was built around 1837 andndeveral of the original beammare still in place." the brownlie sod house
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questers 1229 assists with projects to preserve long grove's history on the prairie. for today and the future. "kids need to know what things were like in the old days. and where they came from. i think this is one way to do it." >> the farm and business report is ju ahead... and a milestone for facebook stock. plus a big surge for technology issues on wall street. news four at noon continues after this...
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information printed and send it in at least two weeks in advance. if you would like your picture returned please include a self addressed stamped envelope.
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school got a glimpse at what a career in the manufacturing industry could be like. an open house was held thursday for the school, community members and local businesses. the event was put on by "rocket manufacturin g", a student-run business that is the first of its kind in iowawa "i think that it giviv us a real world perspective, and like...we can go talk to these companies and stuff, and get ourselves out there." said student noah bartels. school officials say the program gives a head- start to students who are interested in manufacturing careers. "for our students, it provides opportunities for our students that are going to enter the workforce right away after high school, providing them with opportunities, and skillsets to be able to enter the workforce right here in rock valley." said chad janzen, superintendent, rock valley community school district. program leaders say there are some big things in the works for rocket manunucturin g and they will continue to work on projects for the community.
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>> technology shares are surging in midday trading after several big- name companies ported big earnings gains, including microsoft, amazon and google's
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facebook is getting a lot of likes on wall street. the social media giant was trading at 102 dollars a share this morning. it's the first time facebook has crossed the 100-dollar mark. morgan stanley recently listed facebook among its 16- stocks to buy no matter what happens to the u-s economy. just in time for halloween, a couple of scy new movies in theaters.. and bradley cooper's cooking up trouble and bill murray wanders the desert. we'll preview four new flicks.. in the friday film feature... when news four at noon
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if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again. from the rising price of food to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses, the economic damage will only get worse. but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on electricity and spururnnovation to createe new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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here's a live look at west lake okoboji from okoboji skycam... sesame strtrt is getting a new character. julia, a little girl who has autism joined elmo, big bird and the rest of the sesame street family this week. julia is part of an initiative to promote awareness about autism. october is almost its own movie season in hollywoooo studios often save their scariest flicks to relelee around halloween, and there are two spine-tinglers in theaters this weekend. plus, bradley cooper and bill murray are out with new movies, too. here's raphael seth with the
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in "rock the kasbah." he's a band manager struggling to find paying gigs. but when his only client leaves him high and dry in afghanistan, murray searches cave to cave to find a shy teen with a hidden talent. "rock the kasbah" is rated r. that's t t box office preview, raphael seth, nbc news. >>
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around siouxland. the sioux city community theatre has a show running right now, the miracle worker the story of helen keller. it's a very unique performance. here to tell us more is joanne fox, the director. joannnn thanks f f being here. thanks s for havingnge sarah. for people who don't know the story of helen keller, give us a brief synois. helen keller was not born with afflictions, she had her sight, she had her hearing. through scarlet fever we believe she lost bototof those, so that's the start of the show. when we progress through the show, she is six years old now out of control, parents at a loss. what do we do, our child is a wild child, undisciplined. they contract annie sullivan. annie comes in, it is her job to teach helen american sign language in it's infancy at that time. she teaches her american sign language, , ere's a nnection between the signs and words. this is a performance anyone would enjoy, but also for unique audiences too. very excited about partnering with other non-profits to make
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this happen. the first one we partnered with iowa department for the blind. through the iris program, we had audio description services for individuals who are blind. the local connection is through dakota international, they have underwritten american sign language interpreters.s. two of the shows are interpreted with american sign language for audiences who are hard of hearing or deaf. this opens up something brand new for people who may not want to come to the theatre because they wouldn't enjoy it. you can get tickets by going to or calling 712-233-2788. you can get those special performances , dates, and times too. joanne, thanks so much for being here. thanks sarah. thanks for joining us for around siouxland. >>
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>> abigail: yes, ben, i'm fine. just--i'm just at the house with jj and my mom talking about some family stuff. okay, i'll be home soon.
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love you too. >> jennifer: just seems so odd to me that roman would call this meeting and then be so late. >> jj: he's probably just busy. hey, i saw where that story was retracted about you and me dealing drugs he horton center. >> jennifer: i know. thank god, jj. >> abigail: yeah, mom was reinstated to the board too. >> jj: yeah, yeah, i saw that. i guess now it's good how w got clyde arrested. >> jennifer: honey, i know that you're feeling pretty full of yourself right now 'cause you helped throw clyde in jail, but the fact that you went out on your own and took chances that you had no business taking-- >> jj: mom, chill, okay? everything worked out. >> jennifer: i just--really, i don't think you realize the danger that you were in. >> jj: you know what? let's talk about something else. how comemeou just lied to ben? how come you didn't tell him we're at the police station? [dramac music] >> rafe: hey, ben. >> ben: hey. >> rafe: how's it going? >> ben: how do you think? >> rafe: not good, huh? >> ben: : dad's under arrest d they're gonna be ship-- never mind. he says he's gonna beat the charges,
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