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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  October 24, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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with a florida license plate e e-r-z-b zero-6. if you see these people, you're asked to call local law enforcement. a week after being reported missing, the dakota county sheriff's officer has located a male victim. authorities say 32, year- old robert galvin was reported missing on october 18th. he grew up in siouxland but currently lived in omaha, ne yesterday at 9:30 in the morning he was located south on the homer boat ramp, between missouri river mile 715 and 716. he was transported to mercy medical center. an autopsy revealed galvin drowned several days earlier. his death is being investigated as an accident at this time. authorities have released the name of the man who died near salix, iowa yesterday. 40-year-old troy barfield has been identified as the driver. according to iowa state patrol, around 7 in the morning on friday, a sergeant bluff officer attempted to stop barfield, who was possibly intoxicated. barfield didn't stop and continued down county
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road k45. the pickup left the roadway and rolled over he was was partially ejected and died at the scene. after a busy afternoon and evening of storms yesterday, things have quieted down. for where we stand now we'll toss it over to meterologist ben dorenbach it was definitely a nice change of pace today with much quieter weather, sunshine and 60-degree temperatures. we'll see much of the same sunday which could find many places adding a few degrees to today's lower 60s after a chilly start in the 30s. see graphics. your 7-day forecast is coming up in 10 minutes thanks, ben look forward to your forecast tailgating got a whole new meaning this morning as law enforcement personnel
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from around the tri-state area gathered together to tailgate. officers came together for the law enforcement appreciation day tailgate before the briar cliff vs. morningside football game. ktiv's tommie clark was there this morning and spoke with men and women who were recognized at this special event.
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dave drew. during the tailgate there were games, different types of law enforcement vehicles for the public to see, and a pregame meal-- with proceeds going to families of fallen officers. "it makes me feel good that people do care you know with all the negative things that happen, people do care," said patrol seargant with woodbury sheriff's department, david benson. officers say sometimes those most forgotton are spouses, so they appreciate their husbands, wives and children being honored alongside them. they say they look at it as one big team working together. "we're here to support our law enforcement. there's not enough support in this world for them and i'm a proud wife that's ready to be out here and invite everyone to come out because these guys work they're tails off," said wife of woodbury county deputy vincent dvorak, jen dvorak. "after the tailgate, law enforcement personnel gathered for a recognition ceremony on the field right before the big game." >>
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deputies, state and federal officers from communities all over the region gathered on the football field. there was a flag presentation by joint honor guard, and then the wife of a local police officer, rochelle clark sang the national anthem. the woodbury county sheriff says it's a special day. "it's overwhelming and we really appreciate the support. one thing about siouxland community is they've always supported law enforcement and to be recognized on a day like this, it means a great deal and very appreciative," said sheriff of woodbury county, dave drew. the ceremony not only recognized law enforcement peronnel, but also one family that lost a loved one in the line of duty. on september 13, 2013, officer jamie buenting of the rockwell city police department was killed in the line of duty. since that day, officer buenting's wife, mandy, has been working to advocate for the families of fallen officers and help them receive benefits faster. buenting says many people don't realize the man or woman behind that badge and that all lives matter-- including blue lives.
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during the ceremony saturday, mayor bob scott presented a check for $2,000 to the buenting family. sioux city police officers kevin mccormick and jill fitch escorted the buentings to the field. both officers were shot in the line of duty here in sioux city in separate incidents. there was a round of applause in appreciation for the buenting family, officer mccormick and officer fitch, and all local law enforcement. "it's absolutely amazing to have all the law enforcement out here not just supporting my family, but supporting eachother. the law enforcement community is a thin blue line. we're all together, brothers and sisters, families, spouses, officers, kids-- it's a great big family and it's amazing to have their support for me and it's amazing for me to be here for them," said wife of fallen officer jamie buenting, amanda buenting. buenting says the biggest thing she's learned from the whole experience is to love a little deeper, let the little things go, and make every day count.
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her to always remember that they do not forget the fallen, which is a time-honored tradition they will continue with officer buenting's memory. and coming up on news 4 at 6... we'll show you highlights from olsen stadium as morningside took on briar cliff. that action
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see graphics. >> still to come here on news 4 at
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halloween is known for being scary, but how much you might spend at the store is a scary fact too. we've got details on how to
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we're back now with details on how americans are expected to spend almost 7 billion dollars on halloween this year. that's money spent on candy, decorations and other trick-or-treat essentials. but how can you celebrate halloween and not break the bank? bob hansen has some tips in tonight's consumer alert.
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one way people celebrate halloween. so how can you fill trick or treat bags without breaking the bank? (sot: dawn capitan, grocery outlet) "the chocolate is a little bit more expensive for the amount that you get, the hard candies and stuff a little cheaper." so watch what you buy... and watch where you buy it. discount stores and warehouse clubs often have the cheapest prices. look for store coupons, and if you're brave enough... don't buy your halloween candy until the last minute. (sot: dawn capitan, grocery outlet) "the closer you get to halloween the cheaper the candy is going to be and i'm going to say 50 percent sometimes." (nats: thrift store) consignment and thrift stores are a must visit for penny pinchers trying to fill their halloween shopping list. (sot: holly hiden, salvation army) "and every day we bring out more halloween it's gone very fast. they are right on it searching through it." this salvation army thrift store has racks of costumes and shelves of decorations, you have may to look around but the search is worth the savings. (nats) wilma sablan spent about 20 minutes filling her halloween wish list. (sot: wilma sablan, thrift store shopper) "i just bought a bunch of knick knacks for halloween and i spent five bucks on like 7 items." (reporter: if you bought them all new what would it have cost you?) "over 20 bucks." (sot: holly hiden, salvation army) "i know i took my daughters halloween costume shopping and they were 30 dollars a piece and here we sell them for 5 dollars a piece." the key is to treat yourself to halloween savings... and not get tricked into spending more money than you budgeted. >> mark's in now with sports - and
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a cross-town rivarly in sioux city. (mark) briar cliff has never beaten morningside. the chargers traveled to olsen stadium as ryan kasdorf looked to eclipse 100 career touchdown passes. those highlights are next. plus, nebraska looks for 2 in a
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eliminating eye pressure problems for patients who have cataracts and glaucoma. there's a growing trend of pet owners putting their fitness trackers on their pets... now there's a device made
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roll along, putting up 76 points against dakota wesleyan last week. the top offense in the naia at over 60 yards and 59 points per game, the mustangs were back at home against cross-town rival briar cliff. the chargers are 0-12 all time against morningside. ryan kasdorf needs just two touchdown passes to become the only mustang to record 100 for a career. first quarter - here's one - kasdorf to kendall lindeman - 38
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yards - dancing down the sideline for six - kasdorf at 99 career touchdowns. meanwhile, morningside building a lead - connor niles on the reverse - niles scores from 22 yards out - mustangs led 14-0 after a quarter. to the second - kasdorf hitting weslee dvorak in the flat - dvorak does the rest - that's passing touchdown number 100 for ryan kasdorf - kasdorf threw 4 touchdowns in the game - morningside rolls, 79-7. northwestern, hosting dakota wesleyan in a top-25 battle. this, predictably, was a defensive game - third quarter - the tigers get to craig bruinsma and force the fumble - d-w-u recovers but wouldn't do anything with it. later - tigers pinned deep in northwestern territory - jacob jenness falls on the fumble - red raiders in business. jesse riley would finish the drive - just getting across the
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northwestern leads 10-0. but dakota wesleyan scores 27 straight points in the 4th quarter - dillon turner to hayden adams - the tigers top northwestern, 27- 17. big ups to dordt college - the defenders pick up just their third gpac win ever today with a 24-17 win over midland in sioux year. in division 2, wayne state beats concordia as head coach dan mclaughlin becomes the program's all- time winningest coach. buena vista falls to dubuque in division 3. nebraska picked up their first big ten win of the season last week with a victory over minnesota. the huskers returned home to lincoln looking to even their record at 4-4 against northwestern. the wildcats are still receving votes in the ap poll after last week's loss to iowa. memorial stadium - always a tough place to play. but nebraska trails 14-5 in the second - tommy armstrong - finding
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touchdown just before half - huskers down at the break. but here come the blackshirts in the 3rd - armstrong - the option - keeps it himself - dives in from 4 yards out - nebraska takes a 19-17 lead. huskers still up 2 in the 4th - northwestern only had 177 yards passing - but this touchdown to dan vitale goes for 36 yards - the wildcats build a 30-28 lead. nebraska needs a stop to try and get the ball back - but they can't come up with one late in the game - and northwestern escapes, 30-28. iowa state - big underdogs on the road at baylor. the second ranked bears got out to a 28-nothing lead - corey coleman hauls in the touchdown from seth russell. iowa state, meanwhile - struggling - sam richardson - pulled from the game after completing just 3 passes for 12 yards. throwing 2 picks. joel lanning comes in and played pretty well - throwing 3 touchdowns -
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but baylor puts i-s-u away - coleman with his second receiving touchdown - the bears handle iowa state, 45-27. in the missouri valley conference - south dakota follows up that big upset over north dakota state with a 40-10 win over missouri state up at the dakota dome. we'll have those highlights coming up tongiht at 10. and northern iowa goes on the road and beats south dakota state up in brookings - uni hosts usd next
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if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again. from the rising price of food to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses,
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the economic damage will only get worse. but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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saturday. the dorothy pecaut nature center opened its doors 20 years ago and today they celebrated that anniversary. the open house included crafts, live music, and educational opportunities. participants could go on a nature scavenger hunt and view feather painting and campfire cooking demonstratio ns. the full celebration and story tonight on news 4 at 10. tonight: it'll be quiet but chilly with clear skies and a low of 35 degrees with calm southerly
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. "the weekend insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> what we've all been waiting for, adele releasing new music. >> don't hang up that phone, adele is back. >> that's part of our good week.
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>> i'm popping my head up saying, you're a good looking bloke. >> simon returns and the photo shopping controversy. >> i want to do what i feel is right. >> plus, why is amy schumer dodging lady o. >> how are you ever going to make eye contact with oprah? >> oprah and i don't run in the same circles. >> is her love life a punch line? >> absolutely not. >> is whoopee done giving her view? >> it's been a wonderful new ride. >> a controversial new book add vericating adultery? >> if you need to visit a call girl, as long as you've had a discussion, that's fine. >> now hollywood from the inside out. the insider together with yahoo!. >> taylor swift sets the record straight about her bad blood feud. katy perry, you're in the clear. but man oh, man, the force has awakened. >> yes.
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it is one of our top trending
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