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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  October 24, 2015 10:00pm-10:29pm CDT

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before the democratic presidential frontrunner spoke to dozens of people in downtown des moines. clinton briefly spoke about the importance of the upcoming election for young people, and even referenced perry's song "roar." but the opening act was bill clinton, who gave a speech acknowledgin g his support for his wife. "when you elect a president, you got to say who's person i think is most likely to keep big bad things from happening and to make more good things happen, and to do it together so we can all be part of the future. i don't think there's a close question there." after her performance, katy perry said she "stands and marches with hillary." dr. ben carson campaigned for president in iowa today, where the latest polls show he has a solid lead among likely republican caucus-goers carson held a book signing for his new book titled "a more perfect union - what we the people can do to reclaim our constitutiona l liberties." the latest des moines register - bloomberg politics poll shows carson has a
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point lead over donald trump in iowa. speaking of donald trump, the billionaire businessman went on the defense today. speaking at a rally in jacksonville, florida... trump attacked the newspaper, bloomberg for his past presidential runs, along with democratic front-runner hillary clinton. but perhaps he reserved his sharpest criticism for his g-o-p rivals jeb bush, marco rubio, and new front-runner ben carson. bush is failing, he's a very nice person, highly low on energy, he really is, he's low, he's low, he's low on energy, but he's a nice person. by the way, carson is super low, i don't understand the whole deal, i don't know what's going on, carson is lower energy than bush, i don't understand what's going on. for the first time in 100 days, i had a poll that said i'm in second place in iowa, don't worry,
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and this week jeb bush says staff and spending cuts announced by his presidential campaign means he's operating in a "lean and mean" fashion. bush was asked about the downsizing during a forum with pat robertson in virginia. he denies the cuts signify his campaign is in trouble.. but instead shows an ability to "adapt" to changing circumstance s. the campaign announced earlier friday a 40 percent cut in payroll, reduced staff at miami headquarters, and that travel costs will be slashed by 20 percent. police continue to investigate an overnight shooting that sent two people to the hospital. the incident happened inside the 1400 block of isabella st. in sioux city, shortly before 11 last night. while sioux city police were on their way to the home, a gun was discharged. authorities say 35 year- old nadia brody and 23 year-old mykale johnson were engaged in a mutual domestic assault, where a handgun was involved. during the struggle, the gun went off. johnson was shot in
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female was hit in the chest. authorities believe both individuals were struck by the same, single bullet. "investigators are now working with our victims and witnesses to determine what exactly did happen," said lt. rex mueller of the sioux city police department. "so we're really in the very early stages here. and we're just trying to make sure that we've got all the evidence we need to get, we get all the witnesses and victims accounted for." brody has been charged with aggravated domestic and felon in possesion of a firearm. johnson is charged with aggravated domestic and carrying a weapon. the unamed victim was taken to mercy medical center. her condition is not considered life threatening at this time. an amber alert issued by the ottuma police dept. earlier today has been cancelled. authorities say 13 year- old paige johnstone was abducted by 19 year-old kevin ramirez. authorities say they were on there way to fort piece, floriday both individuals were found safe in georgia. it was definitely a nice change of pace today with much quieter weather,
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temperatures. we'll see much of the same sunday which could find many places adding a few degrees to today's lower 60s after a chilly start in the 30s. see graphics. your 7-day forecast is coming up in 10 minutes tailgating got a whole new meaning this morning as law enforcement personnel from around the tri-state area gathered together to tailgate. officers came together for the law enforcement appreciation day tailgate before the briar cliff vs. morningside football game. ktiv's tommie clark was there this morning and spoke with men and women who were recognized at this special event.
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an idea from a local fireman became a reality saturday as law enforcement personnel tailgated together. "i think it's important for our law enforcement nationwide what they're going through, we have really good law enforcement in our community and this surrounding tri- state area and i think it's important we recognize the dedication they have for their communities and the citizens of those communities," said sioux city mayor, bob scott. the day was all about honoring officers, their families and the impact they have on the community. "there was a lot of rhetoric going around some months ago and it continues on a little bit about anti-law enforcement, but i think that's not here. everyone we go we hear nothing but positive. and it's fortunate where we serve. i always feel bad for officers in those areas where they don't have such great community support, but we're very fortunate and today is a shining example of the community rallying around public safety," said sheriff of woodbury county, dave drew. during the tailgate there were games, different types of law enforcement vehicles for the public to see, and a pregame meal-- with proceeds going to families of fallen officers. "it makes me feel good that people do care you know with all the negative things that happen, people do care," said patrol seargant with woodbury sheriff's department, david benson. officers say sometimes those most forgotton are spouses, so they appreciate their husbands, wives and children being honored alongside them. they say they look at it as one big team working together.
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"we're here to support our law enforcement. there's not enough support in this world for them and i'm a proud wife that's ready to be out here and invite everyone to come out because these guys work they're tails off," said wife of woodbury county deputy vincent dvorak, jen dvorak. "after the tailgate, law enforcement personnel gathered for a recognition ceremony on the field right before the big game." >> the tailgate and ceremony not only recognized law enforcement peronnel, but also one family that lost a loved one in the line of duty. on september 13, 2013, officer jamie buenting of the rockwell city police department was killed in the line of duty. since that day, officer buenting's wife, mandy, has been working to advocate for the
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families of fallen officers and help them receive benefits faster. buenting says many people don't realize the man or woman behind that badge and that all lives matter-- including blue lives. during the ceremony saturday, mayor bob scott presented a check for $2,000 to the buenting family. sioux city police officers kevin mccormick and jill fitch escorted the buentings to the field. both officers were shot in the line of duty here in sioux city in separate incidents. there was a round of applause in appreciation for the buenting family, officer mccormick and officer fitch, and all local law enforcement. "it's absolutely amazing to have all the law enforcement out here not just supporting my family, but supporting eachother. the law enforcement community is a thin blue line. we're all together, brothers and sisters, families, spouses, officers, kids-- it's a great big family and it's amazing to have their support for me and it's amazing for me to be here for them," said wife of fallen officer jamie buenting, amanda buenting. buenting says the biggest thing she's learned from the whole experience is to love a little deeper, let the little things go, and make every day count. while the sheriff says he wants her to always remember that they do not forget
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tradition they will continue with officer buenting's memory. and coming up on news 4 at 10 we'll show you highlights from olsen stadium as morningside took on briar cliff. that action is later in sportsfource.
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sunshine and 60-degree
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the same sunday which could find many places adding a few degrees to today's lower 60s after a chilly start in the 30s. we'll continue to see the middle 60s on monday before we tap into some gulf moisture tuesday that will provide a few showers to the area. a passing cold front will then help cool us down even more to near 50 degrees for a high temperature during the second half of next week, so enjoy these 60s while we have them! see graphics.
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the dorothy pecaut nature center opened its doors 20 years ago and today they celebrated that anniversary. the open house included crafts, live music, and educational opportunities. participants could go on a nature scavenger hunt and view feather painting and campfire cooking demonstratio ns. there was a bald eagle program where participants could not only
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learn about the bird, but also see one. a rehabilitated bird of prey was released into the wild too. still to come here on news 4 at 10 a report that now says, even hands-free technology is dangerous. we've got the details....
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if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again. from the rising price of food to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses,
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but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? we're back now with a new report that's raising concerns about distracted driving... it concludes even hands- free technology in your car is dangerous here's nbc's chris clackum
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confirms that hands-free is not risk free" foundation president peter kissinger ...says new research shows hands-free systems are, in fact, distracting, themselves. (sot/ peter kissinger / aaa foundation for traffic safety :21 - :33 ) "what is particularly surprising, is that that cognitive distraction is not only prevalent when people are using the system but it persists or lingers for up to 27 seconds after they stop using the system" he says that means at 25 miles an hour, a driver can drive the distance of three football fields....definitely mentally... and maybe even, dangerously distracted. (natsound/more hands-free stuff) "xm channel 3" the triple-a foundation report tested voice-activated, hands- free technology in ten type passenger vehicles...and three makes of smartphones. and expects the same results if other cars and phones were tested... ...while, kissinger applauded both industries for working toward safer systems. (sot/ peter kissinger / aaa foundation for traffic safety 1:15 - 1:20 ) "distracted driving of all sorts remains a major traffic safety issue" a safety issue that results in 3,000 people a year getting killed in crashes involving distracted driving. chris clackum, nbc news. >> mark's in now with sports - and
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on down at the tyson events center. (mark) pink in the rink - the musketeers painting the rink pink for breast cancer awareness. sioux city hosting tri- city tonight - a good night for the muskies. those highlights are next. plus, the morningside- briar cliff rivalry heats up on the gridiron. sportsfource is next. who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa
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s the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. "pink in the rink" night at the tyson events center. the ice, painted pink for breast cancer awareness - and sioux city donning special pink jerseys that are later auctioned off. a great event even without the hockey game itself, between the muskies and tri city. proceeds from the game benefitting susan g. komen of siouxland and unity point st. luke's. midway through the first - jackson keane redirects the shot at the net - sioux city takes a 1-0 lead. 8 minutes later - the musketeers make it 2-0 - working it around
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- matt steeves gets it in front of the net - his 6th goal of the year - 2-0 muskies. but sioux city gives that goal right back - nico sturm gets a wide open look and buries it - tri-city within 1 at the end of one. musketeers would extend the lead in the second - mitch fossier sneaks one in there for a pretty goal - sioux city wins on pink in the rink night, nebraska picked up their first big ten win of the season last week with a victory over minnesota. the huskers returned home to lincoln looking to even their record at 4-4 against northwestern. the wildcats - receiving votes in the ap poll. but nebraska trails 14-5 in the second - tommy armstrong - finding brandon riley for a 10 yard touchdown just before half - huskers down at the break. but here come the blackshirts in the 3rd - armstrong - the option - keeps it himself - dives in from 4 yards out - nebraska takes a 19-17 lead. huskers still up 2 in the 4th - northwestern only had 177 yards passing - but this touchdown to dan vitale goes for 36 yards -
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the wildcats build a 30-28 lead. nebraska needs a stop to try and get the ball back - but they can't come up with one late in the game - and northwestern escapes, 30-28. iowa state - big underdogs on the road at baylor. the second ranked bears got out to a 28-nothing lead - corey coleman hauls in the touchdown from seth russell. iowa state, meanwhile - struggling - sam richardson - pulled from the game after completing just 3 passes for 12 yards. throwing 2 picks. joel lanning comes in and played pretty well - throwing 3 touchdowns - that one to jauan wesley as the cyclones are within 2 scores. but baylor puts i-s-u away - coleman with his second receiving touchdown - the bears handle iowa state, 45-27. south dakota - coming off that upset of n-d-s-u, hosting missouri state. second quarter, u-s-d up 9-7 - ryan saeger to eric shufford caps an 87 yard drive - coyotes
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take a 16-7 lead into the half. in the third- mike frederick - getting the carries without trevor bouma - and he took advantage - 129 yards on the ground as u-s-d rolls, 40-10. elsewhere in the missouri valley - northern iowa goes on the road and edges number-6 south dakota state, 10-7.. the panthers, ranked 25th in the f-c-s, host south dakota next week - uni is now 3-4. the morningside offense continues to roll along, putting up 76 points against dakota wesleyan last week. the top offense in the naia at over 6-hundred yards and 59 points per game, the mustangs were back at home against cross-town rival briar cliff. the chargers are 0-12 all time against morningside. ryan kasdorf needs just two touchdown passes to become the only mustang to record 100 for a career. first quarter - here's one - kasdorf to kendall lindeman - 38 yards - dancing
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down the sideline for six - kasdorf at 99 career touchdowns. meanwhile, morningside building a lead - connor niles on the reverse - niles scores from 22 yards out - mustangs led 14-0 after a quarter. to the second - kasdorf hitting weslee dvorak in the flat - dvorak does the rest - that's passing touchdown number 100 for ryan kasdorf - kasdorf threw 4 touchdowns in the game - morningside rolls, 79-7. northwestern, hosting dakota wesleyan in a top-25 battle. this, predictably, was a defensive game - third quarter - the tigers get to craig bruinsma and force the fumble - d-w-u recovers but wouldn't do anything with it. later - tigers pinned deep in northwestern territory - jacob jenness falls on the fumble - red raiders in business. jesse riley would finish the drive - just getting across the pylon - northwestern leads 10-0. but dakota wesleyan scores 27 straight points in the 4th
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quarter - dillon turner to hayden adams - the tigers top northwestern, 27- 17. big ups to dordt college - the defenders pick up just their third gpac win ever today with a 24-17 win over midland in sioux center. dordt now 2-6 on the year. in division 2, wayne state beats concordia as head coach dan mclaughlin becomes the program's all- time winningest coach. buena vista falls to dubuque in
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>> and now a message from donald and melania trump. >> good evening. as the man who's almost certainly you're not president, i wanted to give you a chance to get to know the real donald. now, you're probably looking at this lovely woman here and thinking, "whoa! who's this? another bangable daughter?" actually, it's my beautiful wife, melania. >> hello. >> she's great -- just great. >> welcome to our humble, gold house. >> not bad, right? i mean, talk about foreign-policy experience. we got the same interior decorator as saddam hussein. now, i asked melania to be here tonight to help me clear up some of the lies that those losers and morons are saying about me, like that i hate women.
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how can i hate women when i've
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