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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 26, 2015 4:00am-4:30am CDT

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for a quote active shooter at forth carolina's central university. a student was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. right now, police are looking for gunman. we will bring you more details as they come in. three adults, three children remain hospitalized this morning. they were injured when a car plowed into a homecoming parade, killing four people t. victims are being remembered with the hashtag still water strong. >> reporter: the cell phone video is too gruesome to show in its entirety t. grey sedan plowing into a crowd of spectators. >> she didn't try to some? >> not at all. she accelerated. >> reporter: witnesses we spoke to say the driver, a 25-year-old, was deliberate. >> i jump out and go no, you are going to wrong way, stop, there's people, stop.
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to my trailer and i turned and i knew what was going to happen. she sped up and gunned it and run right into the crowd. >> reporter: three people died at the scene, a fourth later at the medical center. a staringing 47 people were hurt, 17 remain hospitalized, five in critical condition. >> it's been a crazy 24 hours. but, you know, the medical center really has helped out. >> reporter: two-year-old nash lukas was the youngest of the four victims. a family friend. >> it breaks my heart to think they were having such a good time. >> reporter: this woman from india was studying business from oklahoma central and marvin stone and his way bonnie were family. he was an agricultural engineering professor, awarded the highest honor. long-time friend. >> we're just a small college
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town him he and bonnie will be highly missed. >> yesterday was a pretty hard day for the city of stillwater. >> reporter: community members packed into churchs and parade into the streets. stillwater, oklahoma, reeling from a tragedy so far unexplained. >> that was nbc's jacob rascone reporting t. driver will face 2nd degree murder charges and make an appearance in court lith later today. residents are drying out after patricia have been subsided. in houston nine inches fechl one area got 20 feet in hours t. after math and dangers. several cars mostly submerged in overpasses. officials told people to stay off the roads as they dealt with dramatic high water rescues. near corsicana, a train overturned. two crew members were injured. road ways that took on water
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could remain dangerous this morning. so stay alert. several roads were damaged like this one if fair fael, which got 20 inches of rain. the teenage driver of this truck is lucky to be alive. >> i hit a bump, i went over the right side. i dprabed a few things and went out the passenger side windows on this side. this side was packed with waits guess. >> reporter: the remnants of that system can bring damaging 20s as it barrels across the south. joe biden is opening up about why he is staying out of the 2016 race. in an interview with "60 minutes," the vice president talked about tragedy and how much his family factored into the decision not to run. when it came down to it, his reason was fairly simple. >> is it that you think you couldn't win or that you didn't want to run? >> i couldn't win. i'll be very blunt. if i thought we could have put together the campaign that our
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supporters deserved and our contributors deserved, i would have gone out and done it. >> and this morning marco rubio's team is looking to put a spin on the washington post article t. title, rubio gichs on senate. he hates it. he has been attacked. his campaign says he is frustrated for last of action and that's why he is running for president. meanwhile. it was a big weekend for democrats. >> reporter: a ritual to fire up iowa democrats. bernie sanders showed their organizing strength. clinton's campaign countered with a more subdued by eye capping light show. sanders trying to prove he is the true progressive made clinton his target with a string of differences from the iraq war to trade and gay rights.
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rewrite history by saying they voted for one anti-gay law to stop something worse. that's not the case. >> reporter: clinton in front runner mode. >> sometimes you just have to let 'em hear you roar. katy perry, thank you for being here. >> reporter: her megastar supporter perform a free concert teven stayed for the political show, where clinton moved ahead to battling donald trump. >> when he says, we have to make america great again, well, he's what i say, america is great. we just have to make it fair and just. >> reporter: on happy polling 2nd if iowa, donald trump curiously drew attention to ben carson's fate. >> i mean seven day adventist i don't know about. >> i don't like to talk about somebody else's faith. i can say i'm a presbyterian, i'm a believer, i do very well with the eadvantage gel cals.
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on "pete the press" le prepared today's abortion opponents to those who fought slavery. >> what if the abolitionists said, i don't believe in slave liry, i think it's wrong, you guy dos what you want to do. where would we be? >> perhaps some sign for trump, elections are wrapping up. it appears a former comedian is expected to win. coming up on "today." watch matt laush lauer sit down with donald trump at the town hall this morning. new video shows last week's special force raid, killed a u.s. commando. the pentagon released this video sunday. it shows the isis prison if northern iraq as it's leveled by a coalition airstrike. over the week, the kurdish government released video of the joint u.s. kurdish race, itself, it showed special forces fleeing men in filthy prison gowns and
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moving them to safety. meanwhile, the body of the delta force commando killed in the raid was transferred to dover av. a veteran is the first u.s. soldier to die if combat against isis in iraq. let's check on the weather this morning, meteorologist bill kierans is here monitoring the coast. >> tax had it a long time. texas is covered. long time. heavy rain moving especially along the gulf, from gulf port biloxie. then the storm kind of expands and spreads out. we had a lot of rain coming to a lot of areas ahead. let's talk about the week ahead. we will watch this storm and another one late in the week that will affect the south. early in the week, it spreads to the ohio valley. we'll track this during the week. starts early in the week up here
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middle of the week, look out for a good soaking rain if areas of the middle east and north atlantic. that will clear out. a nice warming trend as that rain exits for everybody. here comes that cool shot. this one could soak texas through halloween weekend, fortunately. the soil is very wet. we could have flooding problems this upcoming week him here's a closer look at the day well the heaviest rain this morning will be down along the mississippi coastline, alabama, spreading into florida. areas of the feast, a cold chilly morning for you. we warm up a little this afternoon with plenty of sunshine. we'll talk more, of course, about hoon coming up. >> oh, that's right around the corner, isn't it? thank you. comedian amy schumer gets downright serious with a powerful family member. can you guess how much money 51% of americans earn? those details next.
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welcome back, everybody. comedian amy schumer and her new york senator chuck schumer a teaming up again to curb gun violence. they sat on the steps of new york hall to ends loopholes that allow firearms to be bought at gun shows as well as strengthen backgrounds checks. amy schumer summarized the ends goal. >> if are you a violent criminal, a domestic violence offender or severely mentally ill, you will not be able to purchase a gun. >> the symbol of the horrors of the war, maybe you will remember this iconic image of her fleeing a napalm attack the 52-year-old years later is finally getting a chance to heal. >> i cannot wait. i can fought wait. >> in september, she began
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receiving cutting edge laser treatments for burn victims to smooth out her scars and relieve the severe pain. 7,000 stolen guns were seized from a house this weekend him they went to his house and they noticed all the weapons pence, torts believe he was hoarding them, not selling them. he was charged with possession of stolen property. for the first time if two decades, bear hunting season week. by sunday, port authorities ended the huvenltd the 320 bear quota was met with 3 fae killed. hunters limited to one bear per person. 41 men and women from countries came out to compete in the red bull race. look at this athletes jumped from a helicopter at an altitude at 8,000 feet. they had to be weaved between gates while vying for the fastest him time. incredible.
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down to the business. great news for drivers according to latest lungberg survey. the gas prices have dropped over the past two weeks. strike a verdict, moments before sunday's deadline, united auto workers and general motors reached a tentative agreement. this bill will cover 52,000 workers with details yet to be publicly released. listen up, nike has opened it's all michael branded store in chicago over the week him everything in the store will have the trademark and jump man on the products and offer training for high school athletes. nike plans to open similar stores in los angeles and toronto. 51% of american wage earners take home les than $30,000 a year. 91% earn less than $100,000 a year.
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. this morning on "today" jeff lawson takes an under cover look at the accuracy of psychics. what the mediums mean and
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whether you can trut them him look forward to that. first football fight in america. eagles fans take it to carolina the home team is off to a fresh start in franchise history. they scored the first two touchdowns, paveners this beat the eagles 27-16. foxboro, tom brady made a record 213 career start for the pats. it was a battle. the jets looking for an upset. with his team down in the 4th, brady throws two big touchdown passes, final score 32-23. at met life, big nfc rivalry, cowboys against the jants, oh my goodness, down 7-6. they hand it off. he takes it up the middle for the score. to the 3rd. castle throws over the flat. it's picked off by giants dom physical rogers for a vague-yard pick. look at that. cowboys battle back, though, chasm.
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into the end zone to devonn street who makes a great catch, mansion to keep both feet inbounds to tie the game. but in the following kickoff the giants take the ball 100 yards to are gain the lead and the game him final score, giants 27, cowboys 20. so nice. all right, you have sad feuds in the nba, flip saunders, the minnesota manager of the timberwolves died. he had a battle earlier this year with hodgkin's lymphoma. he led the wolves to over 53 years. he was just 60-years-old. still ahead, the big winners from mtv's music awards. plus it's official. the "tonight show" jimmy fallon is accident prone.
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. . all right. say it isn't so, unfortunate it is, the "tonight show" jimmy fallon injured himself yet again. he fell over the week him he showed this picture over the weekend saying nothing a band aid couldn't fix, nearly months
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other hand and a worse fall. fall. all right. so justin bieber, he won big at mtv's music awards in milan. he earned six awards, including best male for the sixth year in a row. ed sheeran was also honored. yesterday, car dashians held a baby shower. chloe was out for the first time away from lamar odom. everyone was wearing matching what jam mas. >> -- pajamas. it seems like they do it up well.
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i'm betty lynn. we want to show you some
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zplmplts . >> leading the news in vanity fair, lady gaga got to experience barbara streisand's mall. a recent panel, this mall was simply the cobblestones, antique lanterns, a sweet shop an dress shop. the dew ooffered frozen yogurt. murphy says i can write a whole
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in buzz feed, hundreds of u.s. horses sold by the u.s. government were sent to the slaughter. a man bought the property and instead they were transported to pecksco to be slaughtered for meat. federal prosecutors declined to file charges. people francis closed a summit at the vatican. 200 bishops attended and they covered everything from divorce to same-sex marriagements we have news from the hollywood hills. maureen o'hara dies at 95. a christmas spirit started early in this town. this boy is not expected to live for the holiday. so it turned into a city wide
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effort, complete with presents, a snow machine and even a parade. oh. all right. we will move on to halloween festivities. they are close at hand. both spooky and adorable over the week, though. check this out in the philippines, pet owners and their furry companions dressed up for the annual halloween pet show on sunday. i love this one. it's meant to increase awareness of animals rights. the only halloween parade includes a well phone cartoon an movie characters. >> that was spooky. you know earlier you did all the movie, none of the halloween movies did well at all this weekend at all. >> we were loathe leadeading up to the parra normal stu. i like the spooky stuff. >> it's that time of year. >> the dalai llama is being
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it honors men and women with courage and conviction. let's say happy birthday to -- zplmplts 23w50i789 lynn, thanks for watching "early
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we hope you have a good o o american pork producers. plus, new records in the latest cattle on feed report. in agribusiness...watching basis by region. you know we've said all along through the growing season it's kind of the tale of two corn belts well now that harvest is getting wrapped up it's still the tale of two corn belts. and a family struggles to find a cure for a child struggling with muscular dystrophy. you have to have not just hope but you have to have optimism. and that optimism may come from man's
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lasting chevy silverado. and by mycogen seeds. visit acres of to discover the potential of mycogen seeds. good morning i'm clinton griffiths. the world's biggest consumer of pork could jumpstart demand from u.s. producers..especially on a heels of an annoucement to restart shipments from some major u.s. facilities. china says it will resume imports of the meat from 14 u.s. plants and cold storage houses. the country halted pork exports from the facilities more than a year ago after fiinding traces of ractopamine--a growth promoter that's banned in china. usda says the impacted businesses--that participate in one of its ractopamine control programs---will soon be able to resume exports. these 14 plants make up about half of all u.s. pork processing capcity. rabobank agrifinance economist don close says despite the
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