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tv   News 4 Live at Five  NBC  October 26, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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this a high profile event, trump's campaign is paying for all that, totaling near $3,000, so tomorrow won't cost the taxpayer a dime. matt? when donald trump brings his presidential campaign to sioux city west high school, tomorrow, he'll be greeted by protesters who call him a bully. they cite his rhetoric towards illegal immigrants. this morning, the republican was asked by matt lauer on a "today" town hall about his tough language... and if he thinks he's setting a good example for children already negotiating the difficult world of social media and online bullying. donald trump / (r) presidential "you know i hope i am. i'm a leader. every poll said i'm the best leader by far of every candidate, in fact i'm in the 70s and 80s on leadership. it's interesting cnn did a poll where - the leadership is the highest. military is the highest, because they think i'm stronger than these other characters. and i am. the economics and all of the things, leading in every category. the one thing they said - is he a nice person? and
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leading in that one also to be honest with you matt." trump has often said during the campaign that the challenges of the world, including isis atrocities, don't leave much room for a candidate to worry about having the proper "tone." next year's session of the iowa legislature will be the last for state representative ron jorgensen. the republican announced today that he will not seek re-election to the iowa house in 2016. jorgensen represents house district 6, which includes morningside, sergeant bluff, bronson and salix. he was first elected to the iowa house in 2010 and has been re-elected twice. the past three years, he's served as chairman of the house education committee. jorgensen says it's been an honor and privilege to serve. but, after six years, it's time to step aside and let someone else represent district 6 in the legislature. he says he will miss the people he met in the house chamber. "i've gotten to know all of them very well and they're all differently a lot of times, but we all have the same this state," said rep. ron city.
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jorgensen says he has chosen not to run again so that he can spend more time with his family as well as give more time to his position as vice president for business and finance at morningside college. jacob bossman who has served as u-s senator chuck grassley's regional director in northwest iowa for the last eight years announced today he will run for jorgensen's seat. jorgensen calls bossman a friend and says he would be a "great replacement and representativ e of this area." woodbury county supervisor matthew ung said today that he won't seek the nomination for jorgensen's seat. in 2012, ung unsuccessful ly challenged ron jorgensen in the republican primary. two years later, ung was elected to the woodbury county board of supervisors. he told ktiv today he feels that's where he can better serve the people of siouxland. the obama administration is calling for less standardized testing in our nation's schools... a move that has strong support from educators. mark barger has the story.
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education secretary arnie duncan to discuss the way forward. (sot / arnie duncan - education secretary :xx - :xx) "tba" under a new plan, the president is recommending schools use no more than... ((-- graphic --)) ... 2 percent of classroom time for standardized tests, that the tests enhance teaching and learning and provide a clearer picture of how students are performing. (sot / pres. obama) "learning is about so much more than filling in the right bubble." "we're going to work with states, school districts, teachers and parents to make sure that we are not obsessing about testing." according to a recent study.. students in big city public schools currently take, on average, about 112 mandatory standardized tests between pre-k and high school graduation. while the goal of standardized testing is accountability... many agree it has gone too far....and is often redundant. (sot / june atkinson - nc state superintendent :xx - :xx) "it is important that we have accountability and testing but we need to make sure that helps the teacher
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and the student and the parent know what to do next to make improvements." now a largely put the focus back on teaching and less on standardized testing. mark barger nbc news. >> clouds moved in, today... will we see any rain from those chief meteorlogist ron demers joins us with our first look at clouds moved into siouxland today but temperatures were still able to go above average with most of us getting into the 60s again. a few showers could move into the area tomorrow be in eastern siouxland with the possibility of staying dry to the west. a cold front will move in starts feeling much different.
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sioux city police continue to investigate a weekend shooting that sent two people to the hospital. late saturday night, officers were called to this home in the 14-hundred block of isabella street for a domestic disturbance. police say 35 year-old nadia broady and 23 year-old mykale johnson were fighting and during the struggle, a handgun went off. the bullet hit johnson in the hand and third person, an unnamed woman, in the chest. their wounds were described as not life- threatening. brody and johnson both face weapons charges, plus aggravated domestic assault. a judge has entered a not guilty plea on behalf of a teenage student charged with attempted murder in the shooting of a south dakota high school principal.
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sixteen-year-old mason buhl is charged as an adult on one count each of attempted murder and the commission of a felony while armed with a firearm. buhl is accused of confronting harrisburg high school principal kevin lein with a handgun in his office back on september 30th, and firing a single shot with a handgun. governor terry branstad is creating a special division in iowa's public defender's office that will focus on wrongful convictions. the division will initially review cases that used hair analysis testimony, much of which gregg says is now considered "junk science." earlier this year, the justice department and fbi announced that nearly every examiner in the fbi laboratory's microscopic hair comparison unit gave flawed testimony in almost all trials in which they offered evidence against criminal defendants for more than 20 years before 2000. many state investigators had been trained in the same methods. law enforcement personnel from around siouxland sat down and had lunch with some students in ida grove, iowa, today. o-a b-c-i-g high school hosted their first "law enforcement appreciation meal" during their lunch hour.
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the school invited officers from sac and ida counties. also invited were state troopers from the cherokee and denison posts, d-c-i agents, and fire the principal says the students have wanted to have more outreach to the community. so, they hosted this meal to show appreciation to local law enforcement, and students say it was fun to see another side to those officers. "it's s ce to get to know them. a lot of people think like police officers oh they're for tickets and they just get a bad rap sometimes i guess. it's really nice to sit down and talk to them, they're people too," said junior, cole veltri. at 6, how one meal is starting to change perceptions... for the students, and the staff. still to come on live at five... if you drive a nissan, listen up. the automaker has expanded its recall following fiery test crashes. the latest after the break. and... the search continues for answers after a crash kills four, and injures dozens more, on the
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crashes has been expanded to include nearly 59- thousand vehicles worldwide. the recall now covers certain 2013 to 2016 altimas and some 2016 maximas, as well as, some 2014 to 2016 teana sedans made in russia. all of the vehicles have v-6 engines. according to documents posted by u-s safety regulators, in the event of a crash, fuel could leak from a seal between the gas tank and d e fuel sending unit... and cause a fire. dealers will install a maintainer ring to help maintain a proper seal. students returned to class today at oklahoma state university while an investigation continues after a car slammed into a crowd during homecoming this weekend. the crash killed four, and injured dozens more. tonight we are learning more about the woman behind the wheel at the time of the deadly crash. jay gray has the latest.
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(nats: makeshift memorial) two days later.. police.. and this shattered community continue to search for answers.. and some kind of understanding.. (nats: crash) after this horrific crash -- a car.. plowing into the crowd during homecoming festivities at oklahoma state university.. (s/ krystina dodson / witness :18 - :20) "she -- she accelerated. she never hit her brakes." four people were killed.. busisiss student nikita prabhkar.. professor marvivi stone and his wife bonnie.. and littlelewo-year-old nash lucas.. (s/ mercedes kling / nash's preschool teacher :34 - :38) "he was so young and so, he was just such a good boy. he didn't deserve that.." police arrested 25- year old adacia chambers at the scene.. on suspicion of driving under the influence.. her family spoke publicly for the first time since the crash.. (s/ floyd chambers / adacia chamber's father :48 - :51) " just want to say on behalf of my family (wipes face) i am very sorry for the victims." but they don't believe alcohol or drugs were involved.. (s/ floyd chambers / adacia chamber's father :56 - 1:01) "she my have problems underlying that i wasn't area of.
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chambers' attorney has suggested she has a history of mental problems.. and may have been off her medications when she was behind the wheel.. s/ tony coleman / chambers' attorney 1:08 - 1:14) "i believe either the folks that provided the medication discontinued it or ms. chambmbs may've discontinued it herself." as the campus.. and commmmity.. try to deal with the effects of the tragedy here.. jay gray - nbc news. >> bond has been set at a million dollars. chambers is not expected to be released from jail. clouds dominated the scene, today... but, what does the rest of the work week look like? ron's full forecast is coming up after the break.
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a group opposed to a speech persidential candidate donald trump will give in sioux city, will speak out at tonight's school
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board meeting. (sheila) if you're just getting home here's a quick look at today's headlines. dream iowa hopes a petition with more than 12- hundred signatures will stand out and force the district superintenden t to cancel trump's visit tomorrow at west high scscol, but school board policy does not t rmit that. next year's sessioioof the iowa legislature will be the last for state representative ron jorgensen. the republican announced today that he will not seek re-election to the iowa house in 2016. jorgensen wants to spend more time with his family, and give more time to his job as vice president for business and finance at morningside college. and... a judge has entered a not guilty plea on behalf of a teenage student charged with attempted murder in the shooting of a south dakota high school principal. sixteen-year-old mason buhl is charged as an adult on one count each of attempted murder in the shooting of harrisburg high school principal kevin lein on september 30th. lein that's a look at your just home headlines. chief meteorologis t ron demers joins us with the forecast. today but temperatures were still able to o go above average with most of usus
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into the 60s again. a few showers could move into the area tomorrow although the better chances will be in eastern siouxland with the possibility of staying dry to the west. a cold front will move in tuesday night meaning wednesday starts feeling much different. behind that front will be a wind gusting over 30 miles per hour bringing in colder air with highs on wednesday only expected to be in the low 50s. we'll keep that cool air around meaning we could go below thehe freezing mark both thursday and friday mornings. after a chance of a few showers friday and friday night, we'll dry it back up with highs in the mid 50s for halloween
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again by sunday. when we come back... how you can
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when we come back... how you can
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make a difference in the
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there's still time for you to "be the one" and support the good work that the united way of siouxland does, each and every day. i'm joined by united way of siouxland president and ceo heather hennings. >> heather, in the past you've had lofty fundraising goals, how much are you trying to raise this year? >> where does that money go? >> how can someone like me get involved? united way annual campaign nearly $1 million of the $3.35 million goal raised still plenty of time to run a campaign last year over 400 siouxland businesses and more than 13,000 individuals contributed to the campaign early bird deadline november 4th is the early bird deadline all campaigns completed and turned in by 5:00pm this day will be featured in a full page ad about the campaign 2015-16 campaign chairs: chic and janet wolfe - office systems the campaign officially began with the kickoff on august 13th campaign theme continues to encourage people to "be the one"
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o "be the one" person to change one life o "be the one" to make a difference - small gifts make a big impact - examples: $week can provide nely 1,000 snacks to intellectually disabled children in summer camp or 10 safe nights of shelter for an abuse victim what does united way do? funding for 31 local programs aimed at improving the education, income, and health of siouxland 100% of donations stay right here in siouxland corporate champions ensure 100% of donations go to programs by taking care of our already low admin costs uses community volunteers to evaluate the impact of programs and determine funding to ensure we are moving the needle in the right direction helped nearly 43,000 people in siouxland last year we'll be right back after
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a sioux city shooting. tonight, on "news 4 at six"... their history ofomestic disputes, and the latest on the investigation into the shooting that put two people in the hospital. siouxland students use a good meal to break down barriers between teens, and local law enforcement/. they story from ida grove, iowa, at six. let's check in one more time
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thanks for joining us for news
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a big health alert tonight. do processed meats cause cancer. a warning about eating hot dogs, bacon sausage and cold cuts. world health organization putting them in the same risk category as spoking and asbestos. homecoming horror, four killed including a toddler. so many more badly injured when a car plows through a crowd. he driver's familylys revealing about her. a mystery at sae. a dream vacation turned into a deadly nightmare as a whale tching ship sinks. rescuers scramble to
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pull people from the frigid waters. what happened. too many tests. american kids under a mountain ever standardized exams and frustrated parents and teachers now saying enough is enough. "nightly news" begins right now. good evening, the news hit around breakfast time as americans are sitting down in front of a plate of bacon or sausage. the alarming warning from the world health organization cancer research arm that processed meats cause cancer and red meat probably does too. of course, the potential risk of processed meat has been suggested before but never in such blunt terms. and in our meaea loving country this is causing a stirr among consumers and meat producers. nbc's anne thompson lays it out for us. >> reporter: they have the sizzle so many people love.
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bason, sausage, the
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