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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  October 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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governor terry branstad is creating a special division in iowa's public defender's office that will focus on wrongful convictions. the division will initially review cases that used hair analysis testimony, much of which experts say is now considered "junk science." earlier this year, the justice department and fbi announced that nearly every examiner in the fbi laboratory's microscopic hair comparison unit gave flawed testimony for more than 20 years. many state investigators had been trained in the same methods. some clouds moved in today but will we see some showers? here to tell us that is chief meteorologis t ron demers with the first look at our forecast. weather ad-lib clouds moved into siouxland today but temperatures were still able to go above average with most of us getting into the 60s again. a few showers could move into the area tomorrow although the better chances will be in eastern siouxland with the possibility of staying dry to the west. a cold front will
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move in tuesday night meaning wednesday starts feeling much different. republican presidential candidate donald trump is slated to speak at sioux city's west high school, tomorrow night. but, an online petition, chich started circulating last week, asks the superintendent of sioux city's schools to not allow trump to use the school for his speech. this is a live look inside the school district headquarters where a group known as "dream iowa" plans to bring their concerns to the school board
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during its regular meeting. group members call trump a bully for his anti- immigrant comments. "dream iowa" says trump doesn't belong in a school which has a "zero tolerance" policy toward bullying. superintendent dr. paul gausman says the district isn't supporting bullying by allowing trump to use west high school for his event. he says they're following school code, which, gausman says, doesn't give him the ability to decide which candidates to approve, which candidates to deny. tonight at ten, we'll hear from both sides, and see if there's any resolution to the issue. next year's session of the iowa legislature will be the last for state representative ron jorgensen. the republican announced today that he will not seek re-election to the iowa house in 2016. jorgensen represents house district 6, which includes morningside, sergeant bluff, bronson and salix. he was first elected to the iowa house in 2010 and has been re-elected twice. but, after six years, it's time to step aside and let someone else represent district 6 in the legislature. he says he will miss the people he met in the house chamber. "i've gotten to know all of them
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very well and they're all dedicated servants," "we think differently a lot of times, but we all have the same desire to do what's best for this state," said rep. ron jorgensen, republican from sioux city. jorgensen says he has chosen not to run again so that he can spend more time with his family as well as give more time to his position as vice president for business and finance at morningside college. jacob bossman who has served as u-s senator chuck grassley's regional director in northwest iowa for the last eight years announced today he will run for jorgensen's seat. jorgensen calls bossman a friend and says he would be a "great replacement and representativ e of this area." woodbury county supervisor matthew ung said today that he won't seek the nomination for jorgensen's seat. in 2012, ung unsuccessful ly challenged ron jorgensen in the republican primary. two years later, ung was elected to the woodbury county board of supervisors. he told ktiv today he feels that's where he can better serve the people of siouxland. the nebraska farm bureau is advising farmers in the state to make sure they understand the
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storage because some of them have changed. some recent changes in state law could affect farmers when a grain elevator fails. to collect from a grain dealers security payment, farmers now have to demand payment from a buyer within 15 days after the last shipment in a contract and cash a check within 15 days. previously, it was 30 days. farmers can expect fewer problems shipping their crops this year because railroads have made improvements and the market may encourage more farmers to store their grain initially. railroads have upgraded their networks since the problems of the last couple years. also, low oil prices have slowed the growth of hydraulic fracturing mining, which ships oil and mining materials by rail, so there's less competition for rail cars. still to come... a major shake-up in the cyclone football program. iowa state has a new offensive coordinator, and a new starting
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clouds moved into siouxland today but temperatures were still able to go above average with most of us getting into the 60s again. a few showers could move into the area tomorrow although the better chances will be in eastern siouxland with the possibility of staying dry to the west. a cold front will move in tuesday night meaning wednesday starts feeling much different. behind that front will be a wind
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air with highs on wednesday only expected to be in the low 50s. we'll keep that cool air around meaning we could go below the freezing mark both thursday and friday mornings. after a chance of a few showers friday and friday night, we'll dry it back up with highs in the mid 50s for halloween on saturday and we could hit 60
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still to come... see how students at one siouxland high school are showing their appreciation for local law enforcement.
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students at one siouxland high school wanted to show their appreciation for law enforcement personnel. today, ktiv's tommie clark stopped by the school where they invited officers to have lunch. on monday, o-a-b-c-i-g high school invited officers from sac and ida counties to have lunch with the students as a way to say thanks. also invited were state troopers from the cherokee and denison
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"a lot of times they meet people on a negative basis so we'd like to try and at least outreach where there's a little bit more of a positive basis where they can talk a little bit more and just kind of get to know each other and understand that they're just like us just real people too," said oabcig high school principal, patrick miller. "students got to sit down with officers from all different departments at the school's first ever law enforcement appreciation meal." principal patrick miller says the students have been wanting to show their appreciation for law enforcement so they decided having a meal with the officers would be a great way to do that. "it's really nice to have that exchange for not only us to meet the students here in this district, but also for them to meet us," said iowa state patrol's trooper john farley. "it's nice to get to know them. a lot of people think like police officers oh they're for tickets and they just get a bad rap sometimes i guess. it's really nice to sit down and talk to them, they're people too," said oabcig high school junior, cole veltri. students and officers got to talk in a more relaxed atmosphere about everything from sports to what troopers do on a typical day. officers say they want students to know that no matter what, law enforcement personnel are
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for them. community service project all that we always want to be a part of our neighborhoods, our communities, and our cities," said iowa state patrol's trooper john farley. trooper farley says he doesn't want there to ever be a barrier between law enforcement and the in ida grove, iowa...tommie clark...ktiv news 4. >> the high school's principal says he hopes to continue the lunch for years to come. mark freund, in for brad pautsch tonight - with some big news on the iowa state football front. (mark) major, major shake-up in ames today - the iowa state offense could... look very different for this weekend's game against texas. details on the changes after the break. plus, we take a look back at the weekend's top performances. the sportsfource rewind is next.
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losses has caused enough cracks in the iowa state football team - but there was apparenly more going on within the program than just losing games. cyclones head coach paul rhoads announced today that offensive coordinator mark mangino has left the program. rhoads would not say whether mangino quit or was fired - but he did say that he and mangino had not seen eye-to-eye for weeks. a change in coordinator also comes - with a change in quarterback - joel lanning will start this
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saturday against texas. the sophomore threw 3 touchdowns in isu's loss to baylor on saturday, after replacing an ineffective sam richardson. the offense won't look drastically different - but these are big changes. "it's been ongoing for several weeks, and we've been trying to work that out," said head coach paul rhoads. "in the end, we couldn't come to a conclusion together, and he's decided to not accept the direction that we wanted to go." "honestly, i'm just tring to prepare myself for texas," said lanning. "trying to get out there and get a w this weekend. get our team back to where it needs to be, and start winning games, really." passing game coordinator todd sturdy will take over for mangino. we'll have more on this situation tonight at 10. the regular season is all wrapped up for high school football. next up - is the playoffs. but as teams depart on the road to the uni-dome, we're not
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firing up our engines just yet. first - we take a look at the sportsfource rewind. bishop heelan finishes the regular season 8-1 - brayden bork is in for one of heelan's 6 rushing scores - the crusaders dominate le mars, 65-12. sergeant bluff-luton blanks spencer 20-0 -- setting up a rematch in the first round of the playoffs - matt george had 59 yards and a touchdown in the warrior win. south sioux city picks up their first win of the season in the final game - brian fiedler ran for a school record 275 yards - and scored 4 times - the cardinals beat omaha south 48-12. hinton handles unity - jay small, 268 yards, 3 touchdowns passing - blake vande hoef, 121 yards and a touchdown receiving. blackhawks win 45- 20. hinton finishes second in the district to western christian -
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district title - take it away, coach kooima. "it's a huge step for our program, for us to be able to win a district like this, where it was just tough. every friday night was a tough game." norfolk continued their strong play - gunner fuelberth to lane mccallum - great one-handed grab sets up a score as the panthers pound kearney, 42-6 battle creek is the top seed in the class c2 playoffs - wyatt hamer scoring the early touchdown as the braves blast lutheran high northeast, 35-zip. and history at morningside on saturday - ryan kasdorf becoming the first mustang to ever eclipse 100 pass t-d's - morningside mauls briar cliff, 79-7. that's the sportsfource morning wrap. with the morningside women winning the naia division-2 national championship last season - it's easy to forget that briar cliff was in the
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final four of the national tournament. the chargers are hoping to take the next step this year. b-c-u returns 3 starters to last year's 26-10 team. senior guards jessi corrick and lexi henschke lead an experienced backcourt - combining for over 20 points per game last season. the chargers were picked to finish third in the preseason gpac coaches poll - behind morningside and national runner-up concordia. but b-c-u isn't taking success for granted. "they know both sides of it," said head coach mike power. "the know what it feels like to make it to the final four, and they also know how it feels not playing at all. with those type of emotions, and knowing what we need to do to in order to invest and in order to be successful, our kids have done a great job with that." "the most important game is the next game," said senior guard lexi henschke. "we're looking forward to getting there, getting to the the national tournament in the end, but right now we're just focused on the first game." and the first game is thursday at william penn. briar cliff's home opener is november 13
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some stores are considering closing their doors on black friday. plus... with halloween coming up this weekend, police have a new warning for parents, when it comes
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night on k-t-i-v and n-b-c, a new episode of the voice starts at 7 followed by a new episode of the blindspot at 9. then tonight on news four at ten.... anti-trump protestors are planning to speak at tonight's school board meeting. ktiv's robert lowe will bring us more from the meeting and what protestors as well as the school board had to say. from the spooky to the adorable, pet owners and their furry companions dressed up for an annual halloween pet show in the philippine capital this weekend. some participants donned matching costumes with their pets, from bridal gowns to vampires and goblins. others took a unique approach and dressed their pets as their favorite food or accessory. participants strutted down the stage with their pets to show off their
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costumes. the event organizer said the annual show is meant to strengthen bonds between owners and their pets and to increase awareness of animal rights. thanks for joining us tonight...
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gwen stefani out. after finalizizg her divo gets the kids? >> plus, deposition tapes revealed. the never before seen footage. >> it's what's coming up right now. >> on "entertainment tonight." >> i was high and drunk every time i did an interview last year. >> being fairly smug cost a l of money. >> why they are being released
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robin's career? then, see pharrell's weekend performance. >> and where we found gwen after her divorce settlement. >> our night with justin and jessica. sam smith on losing weight. and out burger. >> and the star's halloween. carter going scary tonight? our exclusive. creepy guy. his wife running a farm. we have pigs. two rabbits. two guinea pigs. tw one parrot. >> oh, kid. we have a kid. >> now, in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." beyonce in the eye of the storm. as halloween hits hollywood early. we're going to show you who got dressed up this weekend. >> there are a lot of amazing costumes. first serious business. we're now seeing for the first time how robin thicke and
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