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tv   News 4 at Noon  NBC  October 27, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm CDT

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waters. china began building the artificial island over reefs and atolls two years ago. china is voicing strong objections to the u-s operation and says it's damaged u.s.- china relations. but the pentagon says this is just the beginning of a series of challenges to china's territorial claims of the busy sea lane. > weather ad-lib
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for the first time in months, a national poll shows donald trump is not leading the republican presidential race. a new c-b-s news new york times poll says 26- percent of g-o-p primary voters surveyed back ben carson for the nomination ... ... compared to 22 percent for trump. the retired brain surgeon has seen his stock rise in recent weeks at the expense of trump. three other polls show carson
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in the key early state of iowa. responding to the new national poll today, trump said he'll stick with the presidential race, even if he has to run from behind. when donald trump brings his presidential campaign to sioux city this evening, he'll be greeted by lots of supporters.. and hundreds of protesters. more than one-thousand people have indicated they will stage a silent protest outside west high school. last night, the group "dream iowa" asked the school board to cancel trump's appearance, calling him a bully for his comments about illegal immigrants. group members say they actually fear for the safety of students. "we're already seeing negative effects at the school where we're already hearing racist comments in the hallways. after the event we're worried that this could actually increase and cause harm to the students," said "ismael valadez, dream iowa. school officials say they understand the concerns, but school facilities are available to the public and politicians often rent them. "we rent it to them just like we would rent it to anyone else. just
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in 2004, to now president obama in 2007 and 2008 and sarah pallin during the last election cycle was at this same school." police plan to have extra officers on hand at trump's campaign rally. that's standard for a high-profile event. trump's campaign is paying for the extra manpower, a cost of about 3-thousand dollars. love him or hate him, donald trump draws a crowd wherever he goes. you might think that when it comes to the local effort, he's just winging it. but cnn's sara murray found out-- the reality is just the opposite.
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(sam clovis/trump national campaign co- chairman and policy adviser) "for the typical campaign in iowa, you do seven pizza ranches in a day and you get crowds of 30, at most. we do one event a day, and get 3,000." at every event, volunteers sign on trump's unconvention al supporters... (nats) convincing people who've never caucused before to be precinct captains in iowa...enlistin g them to phone bank in new d training them on turnout in nevada. the push starts before trump fans even arrive. they sign up for free tickets onlineenter ing their contact informationand helping the campaign build a database of potential supporters. state directors say they are inundated with volunteers some, as unique as the candidateunafraid of using unorthodox methods to attract attention (christopher mazerall/trum p volunteer) "i wear it along town though if i'm going to be hanging up signs and putting things out i'll wear my hat, i'll take my parrot with me, a cockatoo likes people, so gets a lot of people's attention." the campaign keeps a lean staff
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headquarters. paid employees are fanned out across nearly a dozen statesincluding some that don't vote until march. the campaign aims to send a message to its critics and competitorstrump is in it to win. reporter: "so what's your response to people who still don't think mr. trump is in for the long haul?" (sam clovis/trump national campaign co- chairman and policy adviser) "well, i can't say it on the on the air. but i think a polite response would be - check the scoreboard when the clocks run out." trump's fame works for - and possibly against - him. his brand is so big that he spends next to nothing on advertising. but his popularity comes with a cost (fred doucette/new hampshire trump co- chairman) "it's probably not logistic possibility to be hitting all the small diners, the famous ones for mr. trump because he draws such a media presence...doe sn't mean he can't connect with these people and he does and he goes out of his way, but it's on a the early states aren't used to
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large scale campaigningand many voters prefer close contact with the candidates. which may help explain why trump now trails in iowa making that army of volunteers, all the more important. sara murray, cnn...washingt on. >> the sioux city school district has reached a deal to purchase the final home needed to make way for the new bryant elementary school. the district paid 214- thousand dollars for the property. it's the last of eight homes the district had to buy to get the property for the new school, which is set to open in the fall of 2019. a new siouxland youth soccer team will represent the united states next summer in two international tournaments in officials from the b-s-x soccer academy, the diablos soccer team and the norm waitt sr. ymca announced monday the team will include 20 players from north, east, south sioux city and bishop heelan high schools. they'll play at tournaments next july in sweden and denmark. "from my own experience, it will change your life," said head
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different cultures, meet different people, see different styles of soccer, so in any way, it's a great experience." the team captain says he's excited and honored to be chosen to represent his community. "it's a great opportunity because we're one of the only ones in our area to be able to go, and to be chosen feels really good," said deleon. the group will start fundraising for the 15-day trip right away. they need about 80 thousand dollars. some parts of siouxland could see showers today?? meterologist ben dorenbach will be back with the details after this. spencer, iowa checking in
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ben's back.
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update from the u-s-d-a... and there's growing demand and growing production of organic foods in the u.s., from fruits and vegetables... to
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back with the latest harvest update from the u-s-d-a... and there's growing demand and growing production of organic foods in the u.s., from fruits and vegetables... to meat, eggs and dairy. the results of a new agriculture department survey are just ahead. ktiv would like to send out anniversary and birthday wishes to our viewers. melba cooper of pender, nebraska is celebrating her 86th birthday today. donald and vera wiese of larrabee, iowa are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary today. if you or someone you know is having a birthday of 80 years or more or an anniversary of 50 years or more, please send in their name (and correct pron), address and telephone number along with their pictures to ktiv.
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please make sure to have all the information printed and send it in at least two weeks in advance. if you would like your picture returned please include a self addressed stamped envelope. happy birthday from all of us at
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> farmers had another big week of harvesting last week until rain slowed things down on friday. the weekly report from the u.s. department of agriculture says that as of sunday, the corn harvest was 73 percent complete in iowa, 57 percent in nebraska and 60 percent in south dakota. the soybean harvest was 92 percent complete in iowa, 90 percent in nebraska and 96 percent in south dakota. we're buying a lot more organic foods than we used to - according to a new survey from the department of agriculture. and it's not just in the produce aisle. nbc's tracie potts has details.
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certified organic farmer in maryland. his customers drive an hour or more to spend six bucks on a dozen eggs! nick maravell / nick's organic farm "they do cost differently - and that's because we raise them differently." these eggs come from chickens that eat grain he grows himself. they're never fed antibiotics. nick marvell / nick's organic farm "you know where it came from, and you know how it was produced." nick's part of a growing trend - organic farming. farms, now, are producing more than ever. a new u- s-d-a survey reports sales up 72% since 2008. consumers spent five- and-a-half billion last year on organic food. thomas gremillion consumer federation of america "organic uses less pesticides - antibiotics - it does not have additives like transfats." most organic items are sold in these 10 states. california leads the country"! with four times as much sold as washington state -and it's not just produce. milk is the most popular organic item"! followed by eggs - broiler chickens - lettuce and apples. consumer reports found what a
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shoppers already know: organic food costs 47 percent more. arielle swett / washington, dc "i think it's worth it. it's a marginal increase - for feeling much better." in fact, consumer reports found that eight in ten households currently buy some certified organic products. tracie potts - nbc news - washington. >> > stocks are moving lower after several u.s. companies delivered disappointing results
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still ahead on news four at noon... it's a dirty job. forensic scientists in washington state have a unique hands-on way of training coroners that involves putting bones in the ground. here's a live look at west lake okoboji from okoboji if you think we can grow our economy while ignoring climate change, think again. america's most innovative companies
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using existing technology to improve their bottom line. now we need a plan to help businesses and families across america to save money on electricity and create millions of new jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? skycam...
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state are working together to do something unusual for their students. they're burying a body. but it's not what you think. chris luther explains.
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what the students find and how they process that scene.". and the timing of all this is very important. (dan blasdel, coroner) "we're putting them in in the fall so the weeds and stuff can grow back over the graves, so you can't walk out and say 'oh yeah, there's a grave there.' we want to make it challenging for the students." "pretty strange we're doing this right before halloween" but until then, these coroner's are having a little fun, "why are you putting a dress on him?!" and making the skeletons look as real as possible. (sot: dan blasdel, coroner) "it is serious and yeah we have fun and kid around a lot because we know it's not real" >> that was chris luther reporting there's an upcoming fair to sign kids up for pre- school.
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a unique program is helping first responders deal with kids disabilities. and the new chip on your credit and debit cards is supposed to help prevent fraud. but now some con men are using the chip card craze to trick people out of personal
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going to have multiple pre-schools there that can give you specific information about their specific school - whether they're a christian school, whether you have to be potty trained, what ages you can start and they're also going to let you know what the best time is to start registering for their school so you don't miss their open spots. you've got this event coming up on november 5th. that gives these parents a lot of lead time to try and find that pre-school for that following academic year. right. you're going to have some pre-schools there as well to kind of let them know what pre- schools are out there. you've still got some spots available? yes. we do still have spots available so if anybody whose pre-school director is interested in taking part they can certainly give me a call and i would love to be able to set them up with that. my cell phone number is (845) 527-6611. so please get me a call and we can get you a part of the fair as well. this is the first time you've done a fair like this through the st. james united methodist mops but obviously you'd like to do this again. we would like to make this kind of an annual event so that every year
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through it have a resource to go to so they know what to do at that time too. alright jennifer, you're number is (845) 527-6611. you can also check out their website mes. jennifer thanks for joining us. thank you. thanks for joining us around >>
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>> aiden: [gasping] >> man: okay, jennings. life as you know it is over. >> aiden: please, please! don't--don't do this, okay? i-i-i know what i have to do, okay? i know what-- what? >> jennifer: oh, there you are. i hope you haven't been waiting long. >> abigail: no, i haven't. um, sorry that i couldn't shop with you. >> jennifer: no, that's okay. i just want to make sure that you approve of what i got. >> abigail: yeah, sure. >> jennifer: [whispering] i t want everyone to see. >> abigail: whoa! >> jennifer: what? too much? >> abigail: a little. >> jennifer: oh, shoot! it was the only thing they had left in her size. i'm going to go back and get the silk pajamas. >> abigail: no, no, no, mom, you can't. >> jennifer: no, it's not good. >> abigail: no, mom, listen... >> jennifer: what? >> abigail: hope is gonna love it. it's going to be great, okay? let's just go. we don't have any time. >> jennifer: what if she hates it? >> abigail: she's not going to. we have to get there
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before she does. it's a surprise party. >> jennifer: all right. >> hope: wow. um... look at this place. >> julie: well, you weren't supposed to see it until all of the guests had arrived. what are you doing home so early? shawn douglas was supposed to-- >> hope: shawn? oh, no, no, no. don't--don't blame shawn. believe me, he tried to keep me away, and obviously, now i can see why. i'm so sorry. i feel terrible. i ruined the surprise. >> kayla: no. no, you didn't. i mean, i-i... you know, actually, you didn't. if we act fast, it could still seem like a surprise. >> julie: how? how? how? >> kayla: well, the ladies are on their way. i mean, they just texted me a few minutes ago and said they'll be here in a few minutes. so, if you just left and you drove your car around the block a few times and then just come back. >> julie: oh, perfect! kayla, you are a genius. so you come in, and you act surprised. "oh, my goodness. look at all this. isn't it beautiful? marvelous! never in my life have i seen such thoughtfulness." >> kayla: please, would you just, you know, put on an act? would you mind doing that? >> hope: i-i wouldn't, no, but, honestly, is it really necessary? i mean, come on, we're all adults here.
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