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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  October 27, 2015 10:00pm-10:34pm CDT

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"if you're legal, you can come in, and we'll have a good time," trump said. trump's immigration plan centers around a wall along the u.s.-mexico border, but trump was short on specifics in sioux city. trump says immigration is the key to his economic plan. "we're also gonna get jobs for the people who are here," trump said. by working to "zero out" a trade imbalance that, he says, costs the u.s. $100-billion in china, and $50-billion in japan. it's a swipe at the obama administration. "they're leaders are beating us," said trump, they're smarter, sharper, and more cunning." the billionare businessman says, if elected, he'd negotiate better deals to cut tariffs, and sell more american-made products overseas. "nobody can do it like i can do honestly," trump said. trump says those steps could prompt u.s. companies to create more jobs. and, he made a promise. "if i don't get rid of $100-billion in four years, get rid of me," trump said. few in this room would agree to do it as trump tries to shore up support with less than 100 days until the
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trump did take a swipe at the democrats. of hillary clinton he said, quote "legally, she shouldn't be allowed to run." he called bernie sanders a "socialist- slash- communist." and, when talking about martin poll numbers, trump asked, quote "what's he doing?" political activists came from all over iowa to hear donald ktiv spoke with one supporter who says she's voting for the first time in more than 20 years because trump is running. "i haven't voted since ors per in 1193," said trump supporter kim tranmer from des moines, iowa. "i've been saying all along if we could get a good businessman running, i'm going to go vote for them." donald trump's visit to sioux city wasn't met entirely with all cheers. ktiv's robert lowe was also at today's rally. robert, there were a lot of protesters outside west high today, weren't there? matt and sheila, that's right. in fact, more than 650 people came as far east as dubuque, iowa to "silence" trump. the group of protesters says they're upset with
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trumps comments toward hispanics.
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to happen at a school, where you're there to learn and not be bullied," said ismael valadez, a organizer of the anti-trump rally. this group, hoping their silence is deafening. and, speaking of ensuring safety at the school, there were a number of extra local law enforcement on hand. the total cost was about $3,000. but, the trump campaign picked up the tab, meaning no taxpayer dollars were spent. matt and sheila? several candidates are making stops in siouxland on friday. martin o'malley will hold an event at morningside college it starts at 8:45 a.m. at the ups auditorium. also, on friday, republican rick santorum will visit quad city corn processing in galva at 9 a.m. then on friday night there's a big gop rally in orange city at northwest college. the main event starts at 7 p.m. those expected to attend are carly fiorina,
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marco rubio, and senator rick santorum. also, this weekend there will be even more campaign events including congressman steve king's pheasant hunt. house speaker john boehner says the two-year budget deal headed for a house vote "isn't perfect by any means." but he says it's better than the alternative -- an increase in the debt limit without any entitlement reforms or money for troops. the agreement would give both the pentagon and domestic agencies $80 billion in relief from budget constraints, while there are cuts elsewhere. john boehner / speaker of the house "this agreement will protect our economy and reduces the deficit. it secures more long term entitlement reforms and straightens our national security and brings more certainty to next year's appropriations process. it protects more americans from obamacare and rejects all the tax increases as proposed by the administration." conservatives say they don't like it, but acknowledge they can't stop it. mostly cloudy skies were across the region today with some locations
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seeing showers with the most of the rain falling to the east of sioux city. we'll still stand chances of showers tonight as a cold front starts to push in. that front will cause the wind to switch to the northwest and it become gusty late tonight and wednesday morning. tomorrow is going to be windy and colder with winds gusting over 30 miles per hour and highs only getting into the low 50s. home base iowa is a program that's helping military men and women returning from service find jobs after completing
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active duty. clay county, emmet county, and the city of sioux city are just a few places in the state who have received the home base designation. that means they have created incentives to recruit veterans for jobs. and today, o'brien county was added as the list of 22 counties. a ceremony was held in the city of sheldon to celebrate. ktiv's tommie clark attended the a ceremony.. attended by iowa's governor, tommie. governor branstad says iowa is experiencing a large skill gap shortage for workers so the state needed a program like home base iowa. he says its become one of his top priorities.
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what the state's doing we want to be engaged in that, but any time you can look at retired servicemen that have provided for our country over the years and provide an outlet for them to return home to our state, it's a win-win for us, a win for the state, and again a huge win for our veterans," said community development director for the city of sheldon, curt strouth. to receive the designation, the city created a competitive incentive package to bring value to the community for veterans. one air force veteran of 20 years who served in operation iraqi freedom and operation enduring freedom, says it's not only rewarding, but exciting for veterans. "to attract those semi-skilled to skilled labor and veterans getting out of the military make a really perfect fit for jobs here in iowa," said home base iowa program manager and air force veteran, jason kemp. while iowa governor terry branstad says that although the program is only a year old, its gained a lot of enthusiasm and support across the state. "we know there's a major reduction in the military so there's a lot of people coming out of the military, will be in the next five years, and we want them to feel welcome to come to iowa and we want to line them up with good jobs and careers
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here," said iowa governor, terry branstad. branstad says he wants veterans to come to iowa to find good jobs and become part of a community to call home. "i signed the home base iowa bill in my military uniform on memorial day at camp dodge so i'm proud to be a vietnam era veteran and i'm really proud to support this great program," said iowa governor, terry branstad. >> branstad also designated lyon county as a home base iowa area earlier this evening. he says he hopes home base iowa will continue to grow throughout all 99 counties in the state. matt and sheila? thanks tommie. (matt) we are buying a lot more organic foods than we used to - according to a new survey from the department of agriculture. (sheila) and it's not just in the produce aisle. nick maravell is a certified organic farmer in maryland. his customers drive an hour or more to spend six bucks on a dozen eggs!
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these eggs come from chickens that eat grain he grows himself. they're never fed antibiotics. nick's part of a growing trend - organic farming. farms, now, are producing more than ever. a new u- s-d-a survey reports sales up 72% since 2008. (sot thomas gremillion consumer federation of america :43-:52) "organic uses less pesticides - antibiotics - it does not have additives like transfats." most organic items are sold in these 10 states. california leads the country.. with four times as much sold as washington state. in iowa there are 612 organic farms, nebraska 170 and south dakota 80. later tonight in healthbeat 4: tips on what to put on your plate to try and avoid cancer. local experts weight in on a new study connecting certain kinds
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mostly cloudy skies were across the region today with some locations
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the rain falling to the east of sioux city. we'll still stand chances of showers tonight as a cold front starts to push in. that front
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the wind to switch to the northwest and it become gusty late tonight and wednesday morning. tomorrow is going to be windy and colder with winds gusting over 30 miles per hour and highs only getting into the low 50s. we could see lows near the freezing mark thursday and friday mornings with highs staying below average as well. we could see a late day shower
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friday with better chances friday night. we should dry out on halloween with highs getting into the upper 50s. temps in the 60s could return by early next week. federal investigation: the latest on the controversy surrounding an officer caught on
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the chest during an overnight shooting on friday. her name is 36-year-old aquilas scott. authorities say 35-year- old nadia broady and her boyfriend, 23 year-old mykale johnson were fighting over a handgun. it happened at 14-17 isabella st. in sioux city, shortly before 11 friday night. johnson was shot in the hand, while scott, a family member, was hit in the chest. broady has been charged with aggravated domestic assault and felon in possession of a firearm. johnson is charged with aggravated domestic and carrying a weapon. the justice department announced it will join the investigation into a school resource officer taking down a student in south carolina. a classmate's cellphone video
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south carolina high school.. a student, who witnesses say was asked several times to leave the classroom, refused and was taken down by a school resource officer. and as this video.. from another student's camera shows.. thrown across the floor.. some think the officer took it too far while others in the community say the deputy was just doing his job.. (s/ candace cooper / student, spring valley high school :20 - :24) "i think he took it way too far. i don't think a woman should be handled like that in any circumstance." (s/ kerry quickmire / parent of student, spring valley high school :30 - :34) "the force was a little excessive, but if the student had done what she was 'sposed to do in the first place, it woulda never taken place." the young woman, and a second student were arrested for "disturbing school." the incident is under investigation. a four-year old girl was laid to rest today --- the victim of a road rage incident in new mexico. lilly garcia was in the car with her dad, and had just finished her second day of preschool, when she was shot and killed one week ago. today hundreds of people attended a funeral mass in albuquerque. lilly's family says she will be remembered for sharing love with
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everyone who knew her. an arrest has been made for the shooting. still to come.... hotdogs and burgers might be some of america's favorite foods...but a new study says they're linked to cancer. see what experts have to say
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red meat and processed meat increase the risk of getting cancer, according to a world health organization study released yesterday.
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hot dogs, bacon and sausage. the report says processed meat is classified as having the same impact as smoking and drinking. with the new study, experts are weighing in on how people can lower their risk of cancer. an oncology dietitian at the june e. nylen cancer center says the new findings are not surprising. "there's no benefits to eating processed meat," said gates. "of course with red meat, it's a good source of protein. it's a good source of iron. it's just the problem is, sometimes we eat too much red meat." gates says the key thing is moderation. she also says meat is not the only source of protein people can turn to. there are other options such as beans, seeds and nuts. siouxland residents shared their thoughts about how the study's findings will affect their diets. "as a college student, you know it's hard and so it's hard for anybody you know to actually make the kind of change that would be necessary to have an impact on your diet," said sioux city resident anna brandt. "you may not eat a lot of processed meat," said thad boyer, a sioux city resident. "you may want to cut a little bit out of your diet. but i think you still have to have some of it in your diet to
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just days prior to the study, subway restaurants announced that it will be changing its menu a bit. all of its 27-thousand plus u.s. restaurants will only serve animal proteins that have never been treated with antibiotics. that will begin in early 2016. other brands that have similar antibiotic free policies are panera and chipotle. breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the united states after skin cancer. and, doctors say mammograms can detect the disease at earlier stages. tomorrow night at 10: we'll walk you through a mammogram and reinforce the importance of early detection in the fight against breast cancer. 3:20 "i see a lot of cancer where the patient skipped a year and the thing could have been caught half the size or a lot earlier," said dr. adnan qalbani. "battling breast cancer: what you need to know" starts wednesday on ktiv news 4 at ten. on thursday, you'll hear from a breast cancer survivor who took extra steps to try and make sure the disease doesn't return. brad's here -- the hawkeyes are back in action this week. the undefeated hawks were trying
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to get healthy during their bye week -- and they're big favorites to stay perfect against maryland. and, regional volleyball continues -- we'll check out ranked teams from lawton-bronson and gehlen catholic.
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a unique program is helping first responders deal with kids who have autism and other disabilities. and the new chip on your credit and debit cards is supposed to help prevent fraud. but now some con men are using the chip card craze to trick people out of personal
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nothing happened. iowa moved into the top ten at 7-0, going into saturday's home game against 2-5 maryland. it's the first top ten appearance for iowa in five years. iowa is still trying to get healthy. quarterback c-j beathard is the first iowa qb to win his first 8 starts, but he was limping during iowa's last game at northwestern . running back jordan canzeri hurt his knee at northwestern and coach kirk ferentz says he probably won't play saturday. akrum wadley ran for 204 yards in his place. "right now we have jordan hurt and akrum stepped up and derek mitchell stepped up," said cj beathard. "then when we had lashun hurt, jordan stepped up. guys are just stepping up and that's kind of the story of this team right now, guys stepping up and stepping in there and doing a good job." "we're playing good team football," said coach kirk ferentz. "i think that's part of team football. it's not just offense, defense, special teams but it's also when you need something or
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find a way to work around it." iowa and maryland kickoff at 2-30 on saturday. the hawkeyes are 16-point favorites. round one of the south dakota alcester-hudson gets a win in class 9b, 30 to 8 over wall. 34-13. in 9-a, irene-wakonda wins a wild one, 58-44. gayville-volin falls at top-seeded canistota, 52-nothing. round two of the class 1a and 2a tonight. the winners would be just two state tournament. in 2a, #12 lawton- bronson was home against maple valley, the eagles had a bye in round one -- and their postseason start was a little slow. mvao jumps out to a 7-1 lead -- senior leslie gosch gets the kill. rams are thinking upset. but lawton-bronson rallies to take the lead. jadin wagner hits a 15-5 run. the eagles win the first set. jaecee kamm wins the battle at the net. 25-22 l-b takes it.
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all eagles after that -- the school's all-time kills leader, ali verzani crushes one to the floor. lawton- bronson sweeps mv-ao, 3-zip. in class 1a, 8th-ranked gehlen catholic in a tough battle with westwood. jays win the first set and take control in the second set -- krista lipp with the kill -- gehlen up 22-20. but the rebels battle back to take the lead -- heather east with the kill -- right at 'ya. westwood with a 25-24 lead. then, set point -- east serves up the ace. westwood ties the match with a 26-24 victory. this would go five sets. and gehlen avoids the upset. becca konz slam-dunks the overpass. the jays advance past westwood, 3 to 2. morningside is number-1 in the nation in the naia preseason women's basketball poll. the mustangs were 37-1 last season, and won the naia title -- and have 4 of 5 starters back. briar cliff is 7th after a final four trip last year.
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northwestern got votes. in the men's poll - briar cliff is ninth. the chargers were 22-11 last year and have their top 4 scorers back. dordt is 13th and northwestern is
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- drew barrymore.
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stephen moyer. musical guest, 5 seconds of summer. and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 354 iceland. >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hot crowd. hey. welcome, everybody. thank you for being here. thank you, thank you, thank you. welcome, welcome, welcome to "the tonight show," everybody. you're here. you made it. this is it. this is the show. [ cheers and applause ] i'm happy you're here. welcome to "the tonight show." here's what everyone's talking about.
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