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tv   Today  NBC  October 31, 2015 7:00am-8:00am CDT

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according to the associated press, quoting the egypt committee, the pilot reported technical difficulties and inn text tension to be land at the nearest airport. the 18-year-old airbus a-321. the jet was descending at the rate o o 000 feet per minute before the signal was lost. ththair russian transportation official said 217 passengers and crew members were on board and it was handed off to cyprus officials, but t(ey never made contactith radar. it i suspected that many of the passengers are russian tourists returning from vacation. russian jet 9268 is confirmed lost from radar carrying 217 passenger and 7 crew members and crashed in the sinai peninsula of egypt. carson and erica, back to you. >> ron mott in london. thanks.
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>> let's turn too tom costello who handles aviation news. tom, what are investigators looking at? >> reporter: i think they have to look at a number of things. they will look at the weather conditions at the time. right now, there is no suggestion that weather played a role. the mechanical history of the airbus a-321. this is a reliable plane. the biggest airbus in the family. it has a good record. they will look into the mechanical history of the plane and we don't know which engine configuration on the plane. one made by ge and one madad by rolls royce pratt and whitnene they will look at the rate of descent. at last report, the plane was coming down 6,000 to 7,000 feet per minute.
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that is not a terribly unusual descent rate. it would suggest that somebody must have been trying to control the plane. keep in mind that for example, to compare that rate of descent to the plane we know crashed. air france 447 over the atlantic, descentete 15,000eet per minute. we don't know the circumstances. we need to get a little more information before we determine if the pilot was in control of the plane trying to guide the plane down or not. one other point. there was an original report from the scene, as you know, very often the original reporting turns out to be wrong. some original reporting that voices may have been heard in the wreckage. if that's true, that would suggest to me anyway that the pilot did manage to somehow put the plane down on the d dert floor befefe it came apart as
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it is all conjecture. we don't know. the authorities will have their hands full. we believe it will be the egyptian authorities and russian authorities and because it is a plane made in europe, made in french, the french investigation team as well. >> you will continue to stay on top of it for us. tom, thanks. now to the deadly floods in texas. two people dead and others feared missing after the severe weather hit overerght. there are authorititi on the way to inspect t t areas. we have nbc's charles hadlock in texas for us. >> reporter: good morning, carson. central texas hit with record-breaking flooding. two people dead and one still missing. central texas is reeling from a wicked amount of rainfall this halloween weekend. more than 14 inches of rain in less than 24 hours. >> there's one of our vehicles
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>> reporter: near wimberley, a woman and her friends were rescued from the nationanaguard. inan marcrc, teachers and students were brought to safer ground when flood waters hit. sirens warned of the danger, but that was not enough for this driver. >> i sat there for a bit and i tried do something to find help. i'm glad this guy found me. >> reporter: in south austin, another driver rescued from the massive flood waters. the flash floods are only part of the problem. tornadoes touched down south of austin and san antonio. peeling a roof off a high school. and high winds hurled a truck trailer on top of a hohol. no one was jured. in souou tetes, lightning knocked out the radar at the national weather service in brownsville. within minutes, people watched the swollen blanco river crest
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>> flooded within 15 minutes. >> reporter: here in wimberley, the rain has ended, but the clean up is just beginning. just two weeks ago, central texas was in the middle of a drought with threatening wildfires. now with the halloween rains, october is one of the wettest on record in texas. carson. >> charles for us in wimberley, texas. and this comes as the team's american special operations forces heads to syria in a mission announced by the white house. one that took many by surprise. nbc's keir simmons joins us with more. >> about good morning, erica. we were inside the area in syria where the troops will be deployed. u.s. special forces in syria is getting mixed reaction. senator mccain says it is insufficient to resolve the crisis.
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this is the batate field u.s. special forces will enter. a multisided civil war. ruthless, urban combat. there are isis position over there and across the horizon and there where you can see the smoke rising from the intense battle for this syrian city. in northern syria this summer, kurdish fighters showed me cell phone footage of areas liberated from isis. isis fighters inject themselves with drugs, they said, before launching suicide attacks in vehicles packed withh explosives. fewer than 50 u.s. s scial forces will be here to train and advise, calling it an expansion and not a change of policy. while admitting it is risky. >> as it relates to their mission, this is an important thing for the american people to understand. these force does not have a combat mission. >> reporter: in 2013, the president promised no ground war in iraq or syria.
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i will not put american boots on the ground in syria. >> reporter: the u.s. strategy to defeat isis has stalled despite 3,300 troops in iraq, while russia has launcheded its offensive in syria. the foreign minister insisting the confrontation with the u.s. is avoidable an. this is a complex battle field. iranians and kurdish militia and al qaeda and moderates along with isis. the area descends into more conflict, more desperate refugees will flee for their lives. while we were in the kurdish control area of syria where special forces will operate, two forces struck the town. there are systemmpathizers throughout the region. >> thank you, keir. nice to have you in the studio.
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and t a new poll that has donald trump and ben carson in a dead heat and jeb bush's numbers slip and marco rubio picking up steam. hallie jackson is in iowa where they will be campaigning later today. >> reporter: hi, carson. jeb bush loooong to reset and shsh he can still win after a last place debate finish in our online poll. jeb bush tailgating in tallahassee with his game face on. but playing from behind with a new nbc news survey monkey online poll showing he did the worst. rubio now responding to the leaked bush campaign memo that outlines attack strategy. >> i don't think it is smart for republicans to do hillary clinton's job for her. one of the reasons w w we lost
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>> reporter: he is picking up support from billionaire mega donor which is a blow to bush's campaign. both candidates on the campaign trail in iowa tod along with a slew of others. many lashing out after the debate. >> it was flagrant example of media bias. >> reporter: all agree on one thing. set to compare about the showdown on cnbc. not invited? the republican national convention. the business network owned byy the same parent company as ours s said people who want to be president of the united states should be able to answer tough questions. now the rnc announcing suspending its partnership with nbc and telemundo for a debate later this winter. nbc news calling that a disappointing development. promising to work in good faith to resolve the matter with the
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republican party. the next debate is less than two weeks away. the challenge for cruz and rubio is to see if they can keep up the momentum and translate that support at the polls. carson. >> hallie, thank you. let's turn to sheinelle who has more on the deadly nightclub fire. >> witnesses say the romanian nightclub say it burst into flames within seconds. the stampede left 27 dead and more than 200 injured. the crews could be seen trying to resuscitate victims. officials say about 400 customers were in the bucharest club when the fire broke out. and students at spring valley high school staged a walkout over the firing of ben fields. fields was removed as school
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shows him throwing a student from her chair. the department of justice is launching an investigation. and this video released of a robber in full horror costume. the screen masked robber was a teenager who stole $70 from the gas station. the tip led to the youngan who faces charges. and travis air forcease in california, tre was a ceremony honoring a hero. spencer stone to staff sergeant. it is a rare honor because it moves him up two ranks at one time. in august, stone and two of his friends foiled a terrorist attack on a train to paris. hollywood lost one of the favorite characters. al molinaro on the hit comedy "happy days." he was also murray the cop on
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he was 96. in major league baseball, the mets beat the royals 9-3. the fourth game will be played tonight in new york. and finally, a reminder. daylight saving time ends tonight. we fall back one hour to standard time. remember to turn your clocks back. enjoy the extra hour of sleep. my favorite part. >> yes. >> they will get us no matter what. we get up early tomorrow. w w always thank our stage manager dave hourback for giving us our hour back. thank you, dave. let's get a check of the trick-or-treating forecast. >> maybe gorton's fishermen? you need a rain jacket. the rain will continue. it will push into louisiana.
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the moisture to stream in and it is tropical like in nature. the downpours produce a couple of inches of rain in a short this is the jet stream. this is going to carry the rain through parts of texasnd louisiana. we also have some tornado watches in effect right in and around houston. heavy rain continues through this morning. it will start to move eastward. flash flood warnings in austin and houston. we are looking at the chance of another couple inches of rain. through the day, the rain will spread eastward. as we go sunday, it moves to the southeast. also along the panhandle of florida. we are looking at the flash flooding with 3 to 4 inches of rain and some isolated higher amounts within the downpours. we will keep an eye outgood morning, i'm chief meteorologist ron demers.s.arly day sun gave way to clouds and rain showows with that rain expected to linger into tonight. the systememringing the rain wilil exit the region for our halloween meaning we'll see clearing skies during the day and warmer temperatures as we get into the low 60s. your forecast bught to you by knova's carpets,
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shaw flooring center. live team coverage from a major and that's your latest forecast. >> all right. dylan, thanks. just ahead, it is our halllleen extravaganza on the plaza. >> fancy.
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>> are they bats or witche due to our breaking news this morning, thiss normally is theepot with "the download." we cannot do that this week, but it is available for you online. we had a lot of halloween fun in the past, especially lester. we love reliving those moments. good news. more fun to come. perhaps no six pack.
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my guests today are the royalty for oktoberfest in remsen iowa. danni, cait, lexi. ladies, this is a great event that happens every year in remsen. you guys play a big part, but i think we want to tell people who haven't been before, caitlin, what's the goal, what's the focus for oktoberfest? the goal is to celebrate the harvest and also to celebrate our heritage. there's a lot of activities that are going on, danni, between 9 am and 9 pm on october 31st, give me some of the highlights. right awaw at 9 am is a craft and vending fair. that goes until about noon, breakfast and lunch are available. we also have royatty at 1:30 for e little kids, a little
7:24 am
is the crowning of the king and queen. meals run from 3 to 8 pm. so five hours of food? yes, it's amazing. before we started taping, you said food is ur favorite part of f oktoberfest. of course. as royalty what are your jobs during oktoberfest? we help with the prprce and princess and we also do some public. public relations? things like this. you guys are doing very at it i might add. it's october 31st, it's a saturday, 9 am to 9 pm in remsen. specifically at remsen st. mary's high school. if you want any more information go to the remsen website it's remseniowa.c om or you can email for more information, that's remsenoktobe danni, lexi, caitlin, thanks for joining us. thank you. thanks for joining us
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and we're back on this special halloween edition of "today" on saturday, october 31st, 2015.
7:26 am
we have incredible costumes on the plaza this morning. in a few minutes, we will be in our costumes as well. let's say we are full of surprises this morning. we have a very special guest in the house. >> that is still a surprise to us. we are all interested. >> i'm hyping it up. i don't know who it is. before we get to that halloween extravaganza, we want to get you caught up on the headlines. the russian passenger plane crashed in the egypt sinai peninsula. it was headede to st. petersburg russia. on board, 224 passengers and crew. at least two people are dead after thunderstorms tore through parts of texas overnight. the storm dumped more than a foot of rain in some areas under water. and game four of the world series set for tonight in new york. the mets made a huge comeback last night beating the royals, 9-3. the royals lead the series, 2-1.
7:27 am
we begin with what is considered the scariest movies of all t te and halloween favorite. "the exorcist."% last night, in the first ever exorcism performed on live television, a team of ghost hunters deemed to rid of the house of ghosts. kristen dahlgren has more. >> reporter: 66 years after the events that inspired "the exorcist." a team of ghost huntete looking for answsws. and to finally cleanse the st. louis house of demons they say are still inside. >> it is god the father. >> reperter: with cameras live streaming from every room, destination america viewers watched along as investigators used listening devices. moving through the house, including the bedroom where the
7:28 am
>> it is getting hard to breathe. >> reporter: a bishop from the local catatlic chchch. not everyrye thinks conjuring up the devil is a good idea. bishop robert herman is with the diocese of st. louis. >> exorcism is not entertainment entertainment. it is serious business. >> reporter: in the end, while there were moments that had viewers on edge. >> are there still evil demonic spirits in this house? >> yes. >> oh, my gosh. yes. >> reporter: even a specially designed ghost trap. >> you can come in the box with me. >> reporter: did not bring on any scenes like this.. >> the power of christ compels you. >> reporter: was it real life horror or hokey? that is in the eye of the beholder. for many watching on the night
7:29 am
before halloween, the chills, at least, were very real. for "today," kristen dahlgren, nbc news, los angeles. >> creepy. >> very. dylan is back with another check of the forecast, which is hopefully not creepy on this halloween. in somom areas, it is okay. back through thehereat lakes and northeast. we are looking at additional rain in the northwest along with what we are seeing in texas. this is an area we are looking at potential for flooding. flood watches in effect. winter storm watches in the higher elevations. a big pacific storm pumping in the moisture along the western coast of washington state. that is where we have heaviest rain. the cold front will move onshore. we will see most of the heavy rain and snow push inland. back behind it, sunday evening, we are looking at more rain. we could see in additionno that, 50-mile-an-hour wind gusts. we are looking at widespread, 2 to 3 inches of rain with higher amounts. in the highest elevations, above
7:30 am
4 to 8 feet of snow. elsewhere, for your trick-or-treating forecast, all of our spooky areas pinpointed on the map. casper, wyoming, skull creek, sleepy hollow in new england. this is where we are looking for nice clear skies. temperaturesgood morning, i'm chief meteorologist ron demers. early day sun gave way to clouds and rain showers s th that rain expected to linger into tonight. the system bringing the rain will exit the region for our halloween meaning we'll see clearing skies during the day and warmer temperatures as we get into the low 60s. your forecast brought to you by knova's carpets, siouxland's largest shaw flooring center. live team coverage from a major and that's your latest forecaca. >> i guess every day is halloween whehe you live in skull creek. >> i think that's a good point. >> you ready?
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auditions of season nine of "the voicic" i'm carson daly. my doctors says if i'm not on television at any given moment, i'll die. we have a special guest for you. our first contestant comes from los angeles. a passionate musician who feels his busy life has not allowed him to pursue his true passion until now. >> my whole life is to be on "the voice" and to win it. i'm attracted to all the hosts physically. i have been practicing a lot. i havevhavevesung in my day. i sing on my standup. this is a so i prepared because i want to win. p please, believe me, i'm going to win this thing. and i know she'll be the death of me at least we'll both be numb she'll be the
7:35 am
worst of me the best is yet to come and be beautifull and stay foreverer young this i know she told me to worry about it she told me to wry no more we both knew we can't be without it she told me you'll never been alone oh, oh i can't feel my face when i'm with you because i love it but i lovovit oh i can't feel my face when i'm with you but i love it yeah i love it >> wow! >> wow! you feel good? >> i feel really, really great.
7:36 am
blake, you and i, we hang out socially. >> i tell you what, man, that was incrededle. if adam could get up to that register like you can, i tell you what, man. >> ya'll. >> almost felt like you were speaking to me. your song. i feel like you can win this competition. >> bro, you're so good. i'm looking at like who are you. oh, my gosh. these are real tears. i was so emotional. real tears. >> thank you. >> look, bob, i'm awesome. you're awesome and together, i think we could be super awesome. >> yeah. >> gwen, you look so different in person. >> thank you. i'm really emotional right now. you are just so good. i'm so blown away.
7:37 am
>> incredible. bob, it's time to choose. are you ready? do you know who you want to be your coach? >> yeah. >> hold on.. hold on. bob, before you decide. is it okay? i want to give you a little taste of what it would be like should you choose team gwen, okay? ain't no holla back >> there's more of that on team gwen. >> don't be fooled by that style. you need someone to help your overall performance. i mean -- moves like jagger i got the moves like jagger >> i feel like your soul speaks to me. i'm all about positive. we have to be nice in this world. if you join my team together, me and you, we could be --
7:38 am
because i'm happy >> so cool. you're the best. >> the interesting thing here is you don't want to make any rash decisions. before i do anything, i think -- wee can drink on it let's get together and think on it >> drinking. >> wo this is going to be tough. especially since blake wears heeled boots. i didn't know that. >> i do like bearded women. it will be difficult. i would say the way that the legs were getting lifted throughout, i ihink i want a holla back girl. i'll take gwen. >> no, you didn't. >> thank you so much. >> i love you. oh, you're so famous. we'll have so much fun.
7:39 am
we'll go shopping. a little bit of work. >> i want big purses. >> you can have them. i have them for you. >> i have to stop. is it over? >> carson, you look beautiful, buddy. >> i don't know how to turn it on or turn it off. how about the applause for the great bob saget. you get up early on halloween for us. you are just as sick as we are fo wanting to be here. >> o level below sick. >> guys, bob came in early for us on a saturday. he is opening on tuesday. hand to god is the play he is in. not your first foray on broadway? >> "hand to god" i'm doing. i don't sing in it. you sing well. >> it is a coolplay. i wantou all toome see it. and wear that. i play a lutheran minister which is a departure.
7:40 am
be possessed by a demon. it is a brilliant play and complicated. also, netflix. >> yes. i walk in andt is the living room from 20 years ago. thth is how ottie felt when he got back to the enterprise. an episode of "grandfather" with the handsome john stamos. you mention his name and people get excited. >> you look so real doing that. you channelled everybody so well. >> big shoutout to carson. we are pelting him with this and that. should we do this? >> can we see your shoes? how are you walking?g? >> size 12s. i had to do that before. that is not from a ladies store. >> i took them home to practice. my kids were freaked out. it was fun.
7:41 am
>> i hado lose a little weight to fit into adam's jeans. >> this would be the toughest tinder swiping. i would not know who to reject. >> we had fun dressing up as some friends. speaking of that, we sprunghe news on our "voioi"als of us doing this.. here i i what theyad to say. >> wow! >> nailed it. >> come on. >> that doesn't look like me, does it? >> that could not look less like you if you tried. >> i'm happy with everything except the kind of alcohol she is drinking. >> the tattoos look fantastic. >> sheinelle, thank you. >> carson, thank you. you look so cute. >> you're so nice. lolo yougwen. >> what a treat. >> i have been watching way too much "the voice" lately.
7:42 am
repeat after repeat. i was doing side by side comparisons. the tats. >> carson is not easy. >> i don't do much. that's why. >> can i honestly ask you would i stand a chance? >> honestly? no. >> we start the show on a high bar. that's the point of the show.. >> or my shorts w we just pushing. >> thanks fofothe secret. >> thank you, bob. >> happy halloween. >> thank you so much. >> thanks for willie coming in and our incredible hair and makeup team. and from the team from "saturday night live." we are not done. our halloween will get more bizarre. just meet the dolls some call outright creepy after this. you know the rules. eggs and sausage. hotcakes and butter. morning fare right? well mcdcdald's has thrown away those rules and opeped a new w rld of possibilities. now, you're free to start enjoying the breakfast you love any time you wish.
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hey, carson. you're not carson. >> blake. no, just a little research. >> research? >> you know, i got the boots. i'm working on this thing. >> this is me? you're doing me? >> i have vodka. you want a drdrk? come on, b bke. blake! >> i kind of like it. i went to talk to you and i couldn't find you. >> i'm right here. >> you couldn't recognize me. >> thanks for letting me borrow your dressing room. you know, i convinced him. >> you nailed it. >> you look so real. >> i'm afraid to move my face. >> you like hanging out? >> he loved it. >> guys, we will switch gears if we can.
7:45 am
there are all sorts of collectors out there. some it is art and others wine and some others baseball cards. now nbc's craig melvin will introduce us to some with a special obsession. >> reporter: call them creepy, call them haunted, call them pieces of art. whatever you land on, these dollssre anything but ordinary. >> most people who collect dolls, we don't believe we own the dolls. we are the caretaker. >> reporter: you are aware some people call these dolls creepy. >> it is bizarre, but i'm bizarre. they see some crazy woman in a double wide trailer with a bunch of plastic dolls carrying around like babies. because they don't understand about collecting and the social logical and historic artistic value. this is her original costume.e. >> reporter: thehe retired school
7:46 am
teacher is a number of growing number of buyers and sellers whose obsession for the dolls makes them unique. >> this doll is a two-faced doll. >> reporter: the dolls are not only popular, but pricey on e-bay and etsy. this doll sold for $400,000 at auction. how much will you estimate your llection? >> i could not tell you. >> reporter: you don't want to tell me? >> no. >> reporter: what is the most you ever paid for a doll? >> a luxury car. maybe $45,000 or $50,000. >> this particular doll say shirley temple doll. she is special because her previous owner believed when her twin sister died, her spirit stayed with the doll. every anniversary of her sister's death or her birthdhd, is doll cries human tears.
7:47 am
human spirit or story will have you look at the strange and scary. for "today" in indianapolis, indiana, craig melvin, nbc news. >> all right. guys, we will take a break.
7:48 am
"today" on nbc. we are not the only ones in halloween spirit this morning. i w wt to show you the best stuff on the plaza. we'll move out of the way. >> we have family members. we have a meatball. we are excited to have our joelle gargulo with us. >> look at this bob saget. >> do you have any cheese to sprinkle on? >> we have where's waldo. >> and we have captain america.
7:49 am
>> we have hillary and then donald trump here. and are you having fun? >> this is a cute costume. >> guys, that will do it. i want to before fibromyalgia, i was active. i was a doer. then the chronic, widespread pain slowed me down. my doctor and i agreed that moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. for some p pients, lyrica sigigficantly relieves fibrbryalgia pain and improvov physical function. with less pain, i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until l u know how lyrica affects you.
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- welcome to lazy town a place where you'll want to stay you'll meet robbie with his rotten plan and sportacus saving the day go go go get up lazy town
7:52 am
things arerepside down h he in lazy town adventures just a moment away - "records day." - i would like to congratulate you, robbie rotten, for winning the laziest person award. - yes. - thank you, thank you! - oh, yes, here's your special crown. - there you go. robbie, this is one record that i cou never win! - of course not! - congratulations! - thank you! - you are the best! - i know! - you've always been my favorite, mr. rotten-- always! - can i get your autograph, please? - oh, no, no, no, no, later, later on-- thank you. - oh, well, in addition to that, you even get your picture in the big book of records. - yes, i get my picture in the book!
7:53 am
thank you, thank you, thank u, thank you, thank you! it was all a dream. don't tell me that sportacus took the only record i could win! ighest jump, sportacac-- most races won, sportacus. "mososflips, sportacus-- laziest person, no o-- "longest thro-" "laziest person--" no one's there! ah-ha-- that record is mine! - milford, where is my fruit juice? - oh, yes, coming right up-- oh, yes, here it is. there it is, miss busybody. is there anything else i can get for you? - no, thank you. - anything for your face, perhaps?s?
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- no.
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