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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  October 31, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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team on the scene. "now we're just going through and we still have some fire that's in some of the voids in the walls etc. we're just opening up some walls and making sure the fire's completely out," said assistant chief, captain dave ahlers. the fire caused severe damage to the house and it is now red-tagged by sioux city inspection services. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. robert? thanks, tommie. switching gears, some beautiful weather on this halloween day for our trick o treating conditions let's toss it over to meterologist ben dorenbach we'll have a treat of an evening from mother-nature as temperatures gradually fall into the 50s
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bottoming out in the 30s tomorrow morning. after that, we'll bounce back even more into the 70s sunday afternoon with lots of sunshine. see graphics. your 7-day forecast is coming up in 10 minutes it was a long day out in the field for multiple gop presidential hopefuls. ktiv's tiffany lane was with them a athey took part in an annual event honoring an
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texas senator ted cruz also arrived for the hunt about an hour ago. louisiana governor bobby jindal will be arriving at the lodge later this evening. tomorrow, former arkansas governor mike huckabee will be hunting with the group. republican presidential hopeful, carly fiorina, took the stage at stoney creek conference center this morning in sioux city. the former hewlett packard ceo touted her relationships with fofoign leaders and said there's a need to reset how the world sees america. she says if she were to win the presidential bid, her first day in office she would make two calls... one to the prime minister of israel to confirm we stand with israel, the other to the supreme leader of iran to change the current nuclear deal. she would make it a new deal where every military anannuclear facility must be open at any time for america to inspect. "i believe that we have come to a point where the possibilities for too many americans, indeed the potential of this great nation, is being crushed by a government that has grown so big, so powerful, so complicated, so costly, so inempt, so corrupt in a professional, political class
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that refuses to do anything about it," said presidential hopeful, carly fiorina. fiorina also emphasized how she thinks the united states needs to do a better job caring for veterans. last night, four presidential candidates took the stage in northwest iowa for a major gop event at northwestern college. the room was filled with voters particpating in an election for the first time. hehe's ktiv's tiffany lane ain.
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that read "what about climate change." one member of the group says they wanted to get their voices heard. "conservative christians, young people in the midwest are concerned about climate change," said emily stricklin, a northwestern college student. "it's not just the liberal or coastal issue." those were not the only students at the event. steve kelly studies at t rdt college and has heaea almost all of the gop candidates speak. "it's really special because we're in iowa so all of them get to come to us and talk to us instead of seeing them on tv," said dordt college student body president steve kelly. "and i think that's a more realistic way to connect with the candidates." one community member says it was nice to see competing candidates coming together with such positivity. "i can't judge who's the best or anything like that but they're all fantastic and i'm sure the democrats will turn out the same way," said leroy jenness, a a cherokee, iowa resident. and while not all of the vottrs know who they are votiig for yet, thee say events like this help bring them closer to a decision. in orange city, iowa, tiffany lane ktiv news 4.>> there are 65,000 registered voters in the six counties that hosted the rally.. about 60 percent are republican. coming up ktiv's sam curtiss will join us. he's on the streets with trick or treaters. yeah, i've got a few safety reminders for pareres and kids who haven't hit the streets
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quite yet.
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you think we can grow our economy while ignoring climate change, think again. america's most innovative companies are already moving to clean energy using existing technology to improve their bottom line. now we need a plan to help businesses and families across america to save money y electricity and create millions of new jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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gradually fall into the 50s before bottoming out in the 30s tomorrow morning. after that, we'll bounce back even more into the 70s sunday afternoon with lots of sunshine. the 70s will stick around for the first half of next week before taking another dive into the 50s with rain returning thursday possibly mixing with some wet snowflakes early friday morning. temperatures during this time will fall a bit more into the 40s early next weekend before warming back up again..also, a friendly reminder to switch your clococ back one hour att:00 am tonight/sunday morning! see graphics. >>
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6 ktiv's sam curtiss will be live in sioux city as halloween night
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kids are aut 20 treating. sioux city officials recommeme parents and kids go between six and eight tonight. one of ktiv's "kids" is out on the street too. a big kid that is. ktiv's sam curtiss jns us from the morningside area. sam, how're things looking out there? there are some kids out and about right now. i've seen some good costumes out here. weather also really nice, a little chilly but nothing no one here isn't used to. a few saftey tips from the sioux city police department for those who haven't left yet. as this sun goes down, try and stay in well-lit areas. police say that applies to doors you or your kids might knock on as well. don't cross roads where there isn't a crosswalk and keep to the sidewalk when available. they also remind prents to inspect their kids candy fore they eat it. i'll be out here working on a fun story for everyone tonight at 10. or at thh very least,a full bag of candy to eat afterwards. any candy suggestions or favorites i should be the lookout for? (robert)
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sam, there was a bag full of twizzlers in the newsroom an hour ago, but it's gone so we're gonna need you to bring some more back mark's in now with sports - the
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after a bye week. (mark) iowa has a favorable schedule down the stretch - and it started today... ... against maryland. highlights from kinnick stadium are comingngp after the break. plus - south dakota and northern iowa square off in cedar falls - and briar
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a bye week didn't stop iowa from rising into the top 10 o othe a-p p ll. the 10th-ranked hawkeyes have a favorable schedule to finish out the season - just one of iowa's final five regular season opponenents has a winning record entering play today. the hawks - back home at kinnick stadium - versus maryland. there is c-j beathard - 8-and-0 as the starting quarterback for iowa. but today it was about the rushing attack - leshun daniels is back - he kicks things off with a touchdown run in the first quarter to make it 7-0 iowa. then in the second quarter - akrum wadleyeydds an 11 yard
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touchdown - iowa's up 14-nothing - the hawkeyes were actually outgained on the ground, 167-111. but derrick mitchell pushes through just before halftime for a 2 yard touchdown - iowa up 21-0 at the half. and in the defense holding strong - 3 interceptions on the day - iowa is 8-0 with a 31-1515in over ryland. nebraska, 1-3 in the big ten, on the road at purdue, who's 0-3 in conference. tommy armstrong - out with a bad foot - ryker fyfe making his first career start - and he hits stanley morgan - morgan with some nice moves and into the endzone - huskers down 14-9. it's 21-9 purdue in the 3rd - imani cross in for a few yards out. but pupuue freshman quartererck david blough threw 4 touchdowns - that one to deangelo yancy. nebraska made a late push - but fyfe threw 4 interceptions in his husker debut - 3 to anthony brown.
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south dakota has a two- game winning streak in missouri valley conference play for the first time since 2013. the coyotes - going on the road to northern iowa - uni is ranked 21st in the f-c-s by the coaches poll. coyotes head coach joe glenn is one win shy of 200 - which would make him the 26th coach in n-c-a-a history to achieve that. first quarter -- ryan sasaer fires in to the end zone as andt van roekel has it for the 23 yard score -- 7, nothing coyotes -- but uni gets it back in the second -- off the play action -- aaron bailey hits braden lehman on the 14 yard strike -- game tied 7 apiece -- minutes later -- it's bailey again -- across the middle for cody mccoy -- mccoy just shy of the endzone -- uni punches it in on the next play. now 17, 7 in the third quarter -- saeger's pass is batted by the receiviv -- and picked by deondre hall -- that sets up a field goal as uni
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wins it, 20-7. at the dakota dome - briar cliff hosting northwestern. first quarter - scoreless game - craig bruinsma finds jc koerselman for 26 yards - all the way down to the 2 yard line - and jesse riley finishes off the drive with a 2-yard score - northwestern takes a 7-nothing lead into the second quarter. then the defenses take over - bruinsma is pressured by tyler dean - and ron tortorello recovers the fumble - briar cliff takes over. but just two plays later - dylan desmarais throws the interception to nathan dehoyos - returned 61 yards to the house for a pick-six - northwestern goes on to the 21-0 win. morningside e es on the road to concordia and wins 44-21 in a top-25 battle - the mustangs still unbeaten in gpac play. as is doane - the tigers beat dordt 73-0. in divison 2 - wayne state falls on the road at winona state,
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buena vista gets beat by number 15 wartburg, 55-0 in division 3. stste cross country today in fortrtodge - on the boys side, nic peters of e-l-c and dylan cavanaugh of storm lake finish in the top 10 in 3a. siouxland with a great showing in 2a - gable sieperda from george-little rock/central lyon goes 6th - unity christian gets a pair of runners in the top 10 - and tristan hulstein of western christian finishes 10th. unity christian finishes second as a team. avery lester of sioux city east is the top siouxland finisher in 4a. kourtney delperdang is the highest siouxland finisher in any class - finishing second in 3a - ellie mendlik of denison schleswig is 8th. kp/wc's suzanne putze finishes 6th in 2a - and madison schiernbeck of oa-
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if you think we can grow our economy while ignoring climate change, think again. america's most innovative companies are already moving to clean energy using existing technology to improve their bottom line. now we need a plan to help businesses and families across america to save money on electricity and create millions of new jobs.
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so, what are we waiting for? >> the week eninsider from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> was it tough not to be the star? >> i don't know what you mean. i think divery well. >> polls say otherwise as did not add debuts a kinder gently
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trump. hate. >> no, no, no. i promote love. >> that's part of our good week. >> bad week. >> it makes us perfect for each other. split. >> three divorces. >> and malcom jamaal warner talks about the scandal that shatters the show's legacy. >> that you can't take away. >> plus, j.lo bruised and bloodied. onset for her tv make-under. >> i wanted this to feel totally different than anything else you are used it seeing me in. this is very raw. >> is she adding reporter to her resume. >> what is your baby do? >> 16th of january. >> oh, very soon. >> i know. >> good luck. >> now the insider together with yahoo!. >> proud mom drew barrymore on hollywood's pressure to have the perfect body after baby. you know, she is so cool.
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something tells me she is not trippin on that. >> good for her. >> let's kick things off to the headlines that have been getting plenty of social traction in the good week -- >> bad week. a bad week for trump who for once wasn't at the center of the third gop debate. >> have you toned it down since the first debate? >> not trying to. of job. with all due respect, some of these folks i really like a lot. >> donald trump seems to have disappeared from the stage. >> trump and carson were pretty quiet last night. >> i don't know. i don't know. >> is it tough not to be the star? >> i don't know what you mean by the star. >> making news for what he didn't say. the reporters tried their best to poke with no success. >> they say you promote hate. >> no, no, no, i promote love.
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