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tv   Today  NBC  November 5, 2015 10:00am-11:00am CST

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> well, there's good news and there's bad news today. >> what's the bad news? >> first of all, it's thirsty thursday, november 5th. we have meghan trainor on with us today. that's the good news. bad news, it's also i-hoda day. >> the bad news is we're dressed casually. >> well, that's the good news. >> for a reason. >> yes. >> we j jt came from the subway! >oh, oh. we were riding the subway. >> yes, we were. why were we riding the subway? >> we were riding the subway because we went down to tribeca to see elvis durant.
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it is the end, like the southern tip of manhattan and we are way up midtown and it would have taken us an hour each way. >> because of traffic and stuff. >> we got on the subway. we decided to document it. swiping. doesn't work. i'll help you. let me help you. let me. we can't do it. there. okay, so then we got through. >> that sweat by the way that i'm wearing is eight years old. >> we got through. we ended up going to elvis. we were there because he is going to be honored. >> he's being inducted tonight for the broadcast hall of fame for radio. you know the exact name of it? >> no, but it's the hall of fame for radio talent. he was up against -- >> a huge, huge honor. let's say who they are. ryan seacrest. steve harvey. and delilah. three heavyweights, heavyweights in that world. we're so proud of him. he's like our little brother. he is about the sweetest guy you would ever meet.
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>> we learned a couple things about radio. >> he gave us these beautiful scarves. i'm wearing my scarf. where's yours, hoda, you lose it? >> mine's in my dressing room. we were imbibing, having fun. we got into a conversation -- >> they just showed my stuff by mistake. >> we learned that there are things you can do on radio you cannot do on tv. >> yes. >> take a listen. >> kathie lee and hoda. you start a sentence and there's a clock ticking. they're going to go away whether u're in the middle of the seseence or not. hehe, we can finish the sentenen. >> yeye more control. >> talk aboutike painfulul rectal itch. >> farts.s. >> we can sayay the w wd [ bleep ].]. >> let's say it, hoda. [ bleep ] >> oh, my gosh, it's liberating. [ bleep ] one. >> oh, yeah. >> ready. [ bleep ] >> this is sh a fun show and i
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like [ bleep ] too, that's fun. >> i think you said that on our show. >> you get caught up in it. there's a -- sort of a barnyard feeling when you're down there. you're out in the barnyard with the animals. >>cy wanti want to say -- can i just give a shoutout to this young man. his name is noah. >> hi, noah. >> noah is a young man from los angeles who's come to visit us. he is -- just remember the name noah. we have a feeling later on in his life he's someone you'll listen to. noah, thanks for coming to see us. i want to say one thing. >> you're very pleased with yourself. >> yesterday, i don't know if you remember, but i said i had
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shelton and gwen stefani were dating. you were watching while blake was gazing for an unusually long time at gwen. >> look at him smiling. look at him just like, keep talking, keep talking. >> well, lo and behold, that very day. >> probably because of you, hod. >> a statement came out -- >> from both reps. >> that confirmed that blake and gwen are dating. could you believe that? >> why are you soo happy? >> becauau the ev wasidenen was obvious. >> there was a time when that would have beenery upsetting to you. are youou saying you're so hapap personally with yourself and for yourself and in your relationship that you have no upsetting things at all about this? >> i'm 90% happy. 90% happy. 90. anyway, they are together. what was a little bit weird was last night were the cma awards. >> right, big night. >> so you knew that topic -- people like to -- they talk about these kinds of things in
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>> they do that so well, braidd paisley and carrie underwood. >> this is how they handled what we believe is the blake and miranda break-up. take a look. >> we can't ignore the break-up that really rocked our world. the one that's on everybody's mind. two people in this very room whom we all know and love. splitsville. >> look, they're not even sitting together. is it me or -- on a completely unrelated topic, howdy, blake. >> you know what's cool about the cmas though -- >> they're all friends it seems like. >> and when -- >> unless they've been married. >> when miranda's performing, they're not doing the cutaway of blake watching. they don't play that tv game -- >> they respect each other. >> congrats to miranda. >> she won best female vocalist
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for the sixth year in a row. that's called on a ll, isn't it? >> that's amazing. there's a young man, well, he's in his 30th. you're going to learn his name if you don't know it already. his name is chris stapleton. chris stapleton was the biggest winner offhe ninit. >> j jt the fact everybody knono his name thehe next d d is a huge win, right right? the. >> best new artist he won. thenene won male vocalist of thth year and best albumum of the year. >> unbelievable. >> he won all three. i mean, that is -- >> can youmagine how his alblb is taking off? now i want to get it. he had the performance of the night too apparently. singing with justin timberlake. this i'm anxious to see. a glass of brandy
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so maybe you better baby i can drink you i tried jack i tried jim i tried all of their friends >>cy can't drink you away. >> fun. >> fun to see them cross over too. >> right. >> little big town won three awards. we love our little big town. including vocal group of the year. and luke bryan took home the biggest prize. >> entertainer of the year for the second year of the row. that would normally be the headline. >> it's nice to see other people breaking through though. >> that's what's great. >> you wondered who the highest paid women in music are. >> i know who it isn't. >> forbes came out with its list. and two of them may surprise you. number five, beyonce. >> she had a bad year, only $54 million. >> lady gaga was number four.
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>> stevie nicks and christine of needwood mac. $59.5 million. >> they had that huge tour. >> i thought taylor swift would be number one. she'e'number 2two with $800 million. and numberrne is katy perry. >> but that is beforee taxes. thanks to o r world tour, which was huge, and her endorsement als, like cover girl. >> you hear more about taylor swift because of all the pr she gets. >> she gets the most unbelievable press. >> let's keep it in the country family. carrie underwood. i picked this song. >> i guarantee you i'm going to like it. >> it's called "smoke break." let's listen to a little carrie underwood. a good mom and a good christian she said i don't drink but sometimes i need a stiff drink sipping from a highball glass
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she said i don't smoke but sometimes i need a long drag yeah i know it might sound bad but sometimes i need a smoke break >> cool, right? fun lyrics. >> but she doesn't. she's a very good girl. >> she does everything just right. >> yeah. there's a reminder, if you want to listen to us on sirius xm 108, you can find us there. every monday and wednesday at 2:00. that's good to listen to. >> two lucky ladies, two fabulous new looks. so awesome new ambush makeovers. >> and meghan trainor.
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our next guest is one of the biggest pop stars in the world. can you believe it? meghan trainor. >> her debut album title went all the way to number one. she has lots of grammy nominations under her belt. she's just 21 years old. >> it's not fair. and she's so darn sweetet we can't even slike her. plus, she's got a brand-new songg thth's got us moving and grooving called "b"bter when i'm dancing" from the darling "peanutsmovie" soundsoundtrack. >> and look at the charlierown skirt she wore, so cute. >> hi. >> we heard they let you see a few of the scenes that were finished at the time. >> they weren't even finished when i saw them.
10:14 am
much and the mouths wasn't moving. i was like, ya'll got some work to do. it was amazing. >> did you ever watch the peanuts? ever read the cartoon or watch "the great pukin?" >> i saw a christmas special. recently. those are the ones i remember. >> charlie b2own christmas. >> they're huge. >> this song is so perfect for this movie. >> i'm glad. it was scary writing for a movie. i'd never written for a movie before. i thought they would just call my team and be like, write a song. they brought me in and showed me clips and told me exactly what they wanted. >> it's serious business. >> yeah. >> i love that your parents come every time you come. her mom and dad are somewhere wandering around. the name of the song is -- >> "better when i'm dancing." >> we're going to put you to the test. we're going to find out if it really is better when you're dancing. we'll do some things together and we'll find out if it's better to do them when we're dancing or not. >> all right. >> you're first. you have to do the first one. >> better when i'm dancing or not.
10:15 am
>> please crank up the music. >> wherever you want. >> move that booty. >> move it. move it. >> 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1. stop. here's the question. kathth kaka. >> noo way. >> now youave to answer t t question. >> i is so good. >> yes, much better. >> not for our aududnce but it was better f f me. >> meghan, next one, you're up. >> shelling pea nuts. >> i don't know how to do that. >> you know how to do that, don't you? here we go. i feel better when i'm dancing yeah yeah better when i'm dancing yeah
10:16 am
>> 3, 2 and 1. >> time. >> was it better? >> it made it a little more difficult. >> it was better when you were dancing. >> all right, hodie. >> we already did that one. here's mine. playing wiffle ball. better which i'm dancing! >> yes, yes. >> watch out, everybody. >> hold on, hold on, ready. i got to get my music. i feel better when i'm dancing better when i'm dancing >> get it, get it, yes. there you go. better when i'm dancing yeah yeah better when i'm dancing >> is that all right? >> wait, there's more. it's not over. >> it's not over. >> get in kath, you're next. this is so fun. >> doing a rubik's cube. >> all right, here you go, kath, you're other here. should we do it with her? we'll each take one. ready?
10:17 am
better when i'm dancing yeah yeah i feel better when i'm dancinin better when i'm dancing >> who got anything? >> i got nothing. here we go. [ buzzerer ] >> nothing. >> wait, was that one better when we w we dancing? >> you goto loo at the doggone thing. >> i love our game. >> taking a selfie. >> favorite thing. >> we're in with her. i feel better when i'm dancing yeah yeah better when i'm dancing better when i'm dancing yeah yeah better when i'm dancing yeah yeah [ buzzer ] >> yes! >> okay, that was my -- >> that was my favorite. >> that was the bestone. >> meghan we love you so much. >> we love having you on the
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fibromyalgia may have changed things but with less pain, i'm still a doer. ask your doctor about lyrica today. lyrica, move forward with less fibromyalgia pain. it's time now for one of our ferret things. bobbie's buzz. >> we had our party thursday night at the refinery rooftop which included many of the favorite things products that we featured on our show. by the way, go there. place. >> bobbie thomas is here to show most. hey, b.t. >> hi, sweetheart. i love doing this segment everyier an. these truly are some of our favorite things. hand selected. started with >> you had your baby shower at my house and minted did it. they were great. >> i literally owe kathy a child i think for hosting these lovely
10:22 am
events. independent artists design the products. it makes them unique. you can make your own bags like we did. they also have artwork. this is little miles. you will be getting the thank you card in the mail. >> oh, how precious. >> they have really great holiday cards starting at $2.25. you can personalize and customize and that's what makes a gift precious. >> then we went on to jewels by jen. >> jennifer miller. she is one of our girlfriends. and we love how talented she is. she knows how to layer jewelel like anyone else. e's debuting this friday, tomorrow, jewel also byy jen on hsn. it's all these chains and charms that you can swap and customize which is so eat. it's at a price point that's so fantastic. $49.95. >> our bobbie was on with her new makeup line and sold it out. >> bobbie, hats off. love you. >> this stuff is fantastic.
10:23 am
>> this is another personal favorite. sara moro wilts is a celebrity perfumer. for $85, you get four full-sized fragrances. i've been wearing this scent right here. this is the base. for years. for 15 years. you can layer awakening, harmony or passion. you layer these together. this is the best girlfriend gift. i love this set. it's so beautiful. it smells great on everyone. >> such good packaging. >> last but not least, what do they say about your hair being high? the higher your hair, the closer you are to the man upstairs. >> the lord. >> that is how we get our volume on most days. we love the dry but he also had gold lux nourishing oil. this helps soak in the ends and make it shiny. >> we use this other stuff on hoda the other night because her roots were showing. >> the gray root touchdown spray and the anti-humidity spray which is so great. you still have humid -- through
10:24 am
>> tested in florida, right, yeah, yeah. >> there's all kinds of stuff that we can't show. how is your woosh line doing, bobbbb? congrats on that. >> i'm so grateful. it's soo fantastic. we solol out of some products. we still have some others. woosh beauty is a dream come true. thth'rebrand-new. >> can i telll you, we've loved them. if you canit makeup in something this big a a carry it in your purse, home ruru >> thaha you. >> b.t.t. we lovov you. >> love you, darling. >> the ultimate dessert for your thanksgiving dinner. we'll learn how to whip up a delicious pumpkin cheesecake. >> it's almost that time when we reveal the astonishing ambush makeovers. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about,
10:25 am
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the holiday's we take the calls for. ok so these are inbound customer service calls and you have some openings right now. tell us about that too. we have lots of openings. we have some great partners that we worked with for sometimes twenty years. every year we really ramp up for the season as everyone is gettinggeady for their holiday gifts.s.o we have a lot of seasonal work for employees that just want some extra spenenng cash and gegethat extra christmasas money. great opportunities for ople that want just want some part timimor temporary seasonana work. . udents that want to work after school. we've got nights weekends days - lots of flexible got some special events coming up to help you look and make connections with those folks that might be looking for a career at lawrence and shiller tele-services or just some part time work. when are those happening? some events scheduled the first week of november. we're really solidifying those dates right now so i don't have those exactly yet but they'll be coming soon. we do however take in walk
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in interviews everyday. so employees or people that want to be employees at lawrence and shiller can stop by at any time and interview them on the spot. ok and you're address? we are at 606 gateway drive in north sioux city, south dakota which is the old gateway north of the skywalk. easy to find right
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it's thirsty thursday which means one thing. it's time for ambush makeovers. >> two wonderful ladies were plucked off the plaza for new hairstyles, new outfit, new office. >> they worked their magic. "today" contributeor and stylili to the stars -- louis licari, la, la, la >> and s smuch more. >> all ght, kids, howow was today? >> todod was great. >t's likepringut there. >> it's like spring out there. with spring come ambush makeover candidates. we had many to pick from. >> let's go with colin. from new york. a wife, a mom of three girls. doctor's office. she wears scrubs every day. this is her first time in new york city. she bought her 12-year-old daughter, hanna, love your in a, to the "today" show so she could
10:30 am
meet her idol megan trainer. >> we're crying from excitement, right? two happy things today. >> yes, i'm so happy. >> so mommance getting a makeover but you get to be a backup dancer. >> yes, i'm so excited. >> why do you have tears? >> it's a dream come true. i've always wanted to be with her and meet her and talk to her in person and it's just a dream come true for me today. >> and you get a makeover. >> i do. i'm so excited for that but i'm more excited for hanna to meet meghan trainor. >> meghan trainor and hanna were hanging. we're going to ask you to keep your blindfold on for just a second, okay? look at the picture. we just saw a picture of you with meghan trainor. do bad you couldn't see it. here's colleen prescott before. all right, colleen, let's see the new you! wow! oh,,yeah. >>hanna, hanna, hanna, take off your blindfold.
10:31 am
>> you look so good. you look so different. >> swing around, take a peek. >> are you serious? >> we almost lost her. >> wow. >> colleen, look right here at camera 12. louis, tell us about that. new look. >> she has a completely new look. you couldn't tell with her hair back but her hair was highlighted. in fact, overhighlighted. i brought her back to her natural color. soft around the face. worked the magic as always. and beautiful makeup. >> hanna, what do you think? >> she looks amazing. >> can you believe what you're looking at? >> no. >> that dress fits her like a glove. >> there's a reason for that, right, jill? >> there is. it's new by shoni. it was the first dress we tried on. i love it because it's stand color blocking and blue is the color of next year so all set. >> big round of applause. colleen, you can join your daughter. our second lady is barbara.
10:32 am
she's married and has two stepchildren. she's had some heart problems so she works hard t t stay fit and take care of herself. she said she's nevereen good at makeup or finding the right hairstyle so she's excited about getting ambushed today. let's hear her story. >> i know you've been through so much. why is this makeover so important to you? >> oh, this is just so exciting. it's just a once in a lifetime opportunity. and i love kathie lee and hoda so i'm so thrilled to be here for this. >> i love them too. tell me what are you hoping for? >> i have really thick big hair and i don't know how to do anything with it. and makeup, i'm not very good at, at all. >> all right, we got you. >> oh, thank you. that's wonderful. >> it is wonderful. she's here with her friend, linda, who's also wonderful. okay. we're goeng to take -- we're going to see one last look. did we do that yet? one last look.
10:33 am
barbara gill bailey. beautiful. all right, linda, you want to take off your blindfold, hon? >> ha! barbara. >> she's gorgeous. >> i don't even know you. >> want to turn around and see what she's talking about? you do look gorgeous. >> oh, my gosh! wow! >> that is so prettyty >> w. >> gorgeous. >> w. oh, my gosh.. wow. >> can't tearr yourselfway fromm yourself. that's a good thing. >> i think she likes itit >> hey,y, barbara, you want to look right there at the camera. >> barbara had predominantly gray hair. she highlighted it. at one point, highlights don't work on gray hair. so we colored it. instantly brought color to her face. this long layered bob that works well. swept to the side bangs.
10:34 am
flattering on almost everyone. with a little bit of height. >> look at the difference. >> i love that outfit. >> just casual chic. you can dress it up or dress it down. it's from white house black market. >> what do you think, linda? >> she's absolutely gorgeous and i hope she got to watch you put her makeup on. >> someone's got to teach her. >> very good at that. >> big congratulations to both of our ladies. get ready to meet our very furry friends from the very far north right after this. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me. with once-weekly trulicity. trululity is not insulin.. it helps actctate my body to dodohat it's supposed to do
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grilled chicken and bush's baked beans. >>mom totally forgot to give us vegetables. i know. it's awesome. >>boo-yah. blow it up. bush's baked beans. slow cooked according to our secret family recipe with a hint of sweetness. they're the vegetable kids love. they're totally eating their vegetables. boo-yah. >>blow it up. whaaat? bush's baked beans. the veggie kids love. try our newest flavor, asian bbq. availablblfor alimited timemenly. ou think your job's rough? how about being a veterinarian in alaska. >> from traveling across glaciers and mountains to subzero temperatures and endless
10:39 am
cares for every animal, wood orild or not, on animal planet's "dr. d, alaska vet." we're so happy you're here. you don't often come to the mainland, do you? >> i don't. first time. >> really? >> first time in new york. >> in how many years? >> ever. >> 57. >> how many years has it been since you left alaska? >> i come out alaska, just not here. i've been in alaska 33 years and gotten to know all my little friends. >> if anybody's wondering if reindeers exist, the answer is yes. >> they're very sweet, aren't they? is this as big as they get or is this a baby? >> they actually get bigger. this is a male. so he's a little bibi smaller. so now - - >> what's he sniffing for? >> probably the burrlap. >> they're very docile, they're sweet? they won't bite you or anything?
10:40 am
>> usually they won't. he likes that. >> somethins going on. >> he says, i like this scent. pe likes you girls. >> who doesn't? get in line. >> all right. >> thank you. don't think i've ever seen one before. okay. >> he says i like that. >> nice talking to you. >> why don't you get on this side of us, just for fun? >> i will. this is an animal that's dear to my heart. these are meant to not be in captivity. but this one just happened to be an orphan so amy and grant have taken good care of her and use her for education. >> beautiful. >> have you guys ever listened to a heart? >> are we going to today? >> i'd rather listen to mine right now. >> it's probably racing. you put these in here like this. wewee going tose this inn here. and you j jt go ahead and i'm going to s sw yoyo it's okay, sweetheart. she's pretty docile.
10:41 am
i'll put it right here. and you can listeno it. >> you do it. >> oh, oh. sorry. >> can you hear it? thump-thump. >> yeah, i hear it. >> you've heard the missing links. >> i can't find the heart. >> here, get a little closer. it won't bite from its tail. >> to really listen, it's very faint. >> i don't hear it, i'm sorry. >> that was fun. >> okay. anyway. >> he no likee. >> sorry. >> whoa. >> what's the next one? >> this is so much fun. >> this is a beaver. >> the beaver. oh, my gosh. every -- i was going to say -- i can't say it. [ laughter ] >> how do you like my beaver? do you like my beaver? >> every time we've had a beaver
10:42 am
ininere, it's reeked. >> reaeay has. >> telll us about this guy. >t likik bananas. >> he sure does. >> actually, this is she. >> oh, of course. of course it is. >> she was an orphan and so she's here to just entertain everyone. >> they really do have the most amazing tail though. >> look at the feet, look at the feet on this. >> huge foot. >> okay. >> look at that back foot. got these big, big webbed feet. and of course -- look at that tail. >> that's what they do, they pat the mud with that, right? >> and they also will slap it whenever they're very nervous. >> oh, they will? >> i slap my tail when i'm nervous. >> you slap my tail when you're nervous. >> i spank ye hodie. >> it's coming over here. >> i saw a fox the other day in our yard. i wasn't too happy about that. >> she's a little skittish. >> so are we. >> she's in with a couple more
10:43 am
>> she knows ace ss a a foxy chick when she sees s it. >> do p pple bringike wild animals t t you that have been hurt? >> they do. we work with fish a a wildlife and fish and game and we try and find a home. like if we find -- i've got a new contact. if we find orphaned animals. they really want to find some place that's established, certified to take care of them. otherwise, they let mother nature take her course. >> mother nature can be cruel, can't she? >> dr. d, thank you so much. >> thanks for having us. >> especially for the beaver, thank you. okay, dr. d, alaska vet, premieres this saturday night on animal planet. we're going to head into the kitchen right now to show you how to make the ultimate thanksgiving dessert. i'm jerry bell the second. and i'm jerry bell the third. i'm like a big bear and he's my little cub. this little guy is non-stop.
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it's never too early to start planning the ultimate thanksgiving from the juicyist desserts. >> we'll be bringing you the most requested online recipes. today, marcella -- >> close enough. yes. >> viadolie is here with her cheesecake. she's the co-host of food network's the kitchen. which is so much fun to go on. you weren't there the day i was on it. >>cy wasi was making a human. >> i hope it all turned out well. >> it did, he's at the hotel, he's great. >> tell us about this. >> i'm making a pumpkin cheesecake. so here i've got all the ingredients. a lot of them are very traditional like what you could find in a cheesecake. we're working with fun ingreend
10:48 am
squash instead of pumpkin, which i'll tell you about in a minute. and the english version tea biscuit. first, it's called a pumpkin cheesecake but i'm using butternut squash. in spanish -- [ speaking foreign language ] is any squash. >t's great. >> it's really sweet in flavor. so caramelizes nicely. i'll use some brown sugar. the original recipe i use -- [ speaking foreign language ] which is mexican raw sugar. you let it cook. see how it caramelizes? >> yeah, get also a good glaze on it. >> you take that squash and you're going to puree it and that's what you're going to use for the cheesecake. there's a lot of flavor happening there. you hit it. when it gets super smooth -- look how beautiful it is. >> it gets that texture. >> doesn't it look like a
10:49 am
so for the crust, remember i mentioned those beautiful maria graham crackers? if you don't have them, use a graham cracker. we made a beautiful litite crust.t. moving on n filling. we'veot that beautiful ----his is the -- [ [ speaking foreign language ] there's a recipe in mexico that's been made since foreign times so there's history in your cheesecake. cream cheese. thank you. >> we're not counting calories? >> no, it's the holidays. >> and we've got some eggs. some vanilla. and some cinnamon. >> so we'll hocus-pocus. >> exactly, the magic of television. >> then we'll make that beautiful brittle. remember that syrup? we saved it. it's in here. it cooked down with a little bit of butter and sugar. you add those in there, the salt and the sugar. you mix it and you let it caramelize just like that. >> smells so good. >> doesn't it smell so nice? >> that's brittle? what?
10:50 am
>> i'm going to let you guys do it in case, you know -- >> i love it. >> that's the cheesecake? >> that's the cheheecake right here. you use it a aa garnish. it adds c cnch and flavor. can you guys t tte it andnd tell me what you think? >> this is good. >> this is for you, my dear, and this one's for you. >> hoda's dairy free. >> we think of hoda of course. >> thank you, sweetie. this looks great. mm, mm, mm. marcella, thank you. >> oh, my gosh, that's good. >> really good. >> wow. >> smooth? >> to get this recipe and more, thanksgiving recipes, go to >> easy for you to say, hodie. >> by the way, say hello to jeff and the whole gang there.
10:51 am
>> this is "today" on nbc. kristinen stewart, amy adams, have all been snapped -- >> what is it? >> taking off their stilettos and going barefoot on the red carpet. >> is it okay or not okay to go barefoot on the red carpet? >> it's smarter to go barefoot than to wear eight inch heels. >> a good point. i say sure it's okay. one thing's for sure, your red carpet photos will be memorable. >> good point, hoda, for a change. >> get a pedicure. >> yes, please,, keep america beautiful, get a pedicure. that does it for us this thirsty thursday. before we go, from riding the subway at rush hour to dancing with meghan trainor to the beaver, our producers felt we deserved an emmy for today's show. >> yes, it was good. >> really? >> yes, tomorrow, diane lane. >> i love her. >> and sara barelis and reese witherspoon. we'd like to thank the academy.
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