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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  November 6, 2015 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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sleeping out under the stars. hundreds of siouxlanders are doing just that tonight... and it's all for a good cause. ktiv's robert lowe joins from patio... where the mercury is falling, tonight. matt.. it's ??-degrees in sioux city, right now.
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warm, and an apartment to sleep in, tonight. but, hundreds of sioux cityans don't have that luxury, and sleep on the streets. tonight, hundreds are sleeping outside, on purpose, to limit homelessness throughout the area.
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housing or it's very limited." as the opportunity to experience homelessness first hand, raises awareness and money in the community. "they might not have anywhere to sleep, so we're supporting them," said lacy barger "homeless need help with getting food and shelter and people need to be aware to be homeless," said matthew christian. "we're going to sleep in some boxes tonight, we're going to build a castle to lay siege to homelessness," said alec devries, a junior at morningside college. hoping sleeping outside results in siouxlanders sleeping inside. >> while there's 300 people that may be sleeping outside in the siouxland area on any given night. there's around 2,500 people in total that are homeless in the area. tonight, they aimed to raise $50,000 hoping to counter that number. matt? for more than 100 years, the florence crittenton center, in sioux city has provided support and services for siouxland children and families. tonight, that organization got a little help from designers, and diners. the 4th "design and dine" event
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featured elaborately decorated themes. from wicked to mary poppins, folks felt like the "great white way" had come to siouxland as they view, dine at, and vote on these masterpieces. last year, the event raised more than 77-thousand dollars for the crittenton center. two airlines have asked the federal government for hundreds of thousands of dollars of aid to provide air service to sioux city. united airlines, and american airlines, have both submitted bids under the "essential air service" program. american asks for just 1- point-2 million dollars from the federal government to continue its services from sioux gateway to chicago's o'hare airport. american's current contract expires april 30th of next year. united airlines has put in a bid that asks for over 300-thousand dollars from the federal government. the decision is up to the dot. it may have seemed cold outside, today... but what we have to realize is that we're a lot closer to average. chief meteorologis t ron demers has our first look at our forecast. temperatures were closer to average today but we knew we couldn't continue with the warmth that
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the brought us. tonight will be cool with a lot of us seeing lows dip into the upper 20s to around 30 degrees. then tomorrow will be quite a bit like what we saw today with better warming on sunday as a stronger south wind kicks up. a police pursuit that started in sioux city ended in a crash in plymouth county, iowa. around noon, a woodbury county deputy tried to stop a vehicle on 7th street. the driver took off, and crashed more than 20-miles away near the intersection of k-22 and highway 3. the truck ended up in the ditch. the driver wasn't hurt. however, mercy air care flew the passenger to
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city, with what are described as non-life threatening injuries. during the pursuit, investigators say the suspects tossed drugs from the vehicle. a sioux city woman has pleaded "not guilty" to a trio of charges related to a shooting, on the city's west side, last month. 35-year-old nadia broady is charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm, domestic abuse assault, and reckless use of a firearm in an incident outside her home at 1417 isabella street. police say broady, and her boyfriend, 23 year-old mykale johnson were fighting over a handgun. the gun went off. the bullet hit johnson in the hand, and then hit bystander aquilas scott in the chest. neither injury was considered life- threatening. we're learning more about a stabbing in rural woodbury county, on thursday, that sent a mississippi man to the hospital. 21-year-old katherine burdett is accused of stabbing her boyfriend, 28- chest. court documents say burdett was giving jones a ride to work near sergeant bluff when they got into an argument in the car. both admitted to hitting
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each other during the fight. burdett told authorities the she grabbed a knife and stabbed jones. he went to the hospital with a five-inch wound described as non-life- threatening. burdett is charged with aggravated domestic abuse assault. when jones is released from the hospital, he'll also be charge with domestic assault. still to come.... the highschool football playoffs continued tonight. we'll have highlights from siouxland teams on sportsfource extra. temperatures were closer to average today but we knew we couldn't continue with the warmth that the first few days of november brought us. tonight will be cool with a lot of us seeing lows dip into the upper 20s to around 30 degrees. then tomorrow will be quite a bit like what we saw today with better warming on sunday as a stronger south wind
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continue through tuesday with highs staying around 60 from sunday through tuesday. changes come our way on wednesday with a chance of some rain showers with even a rain and snow mix possible by wednesday night. we'll then clear things back out by thursday and friday with highs in the low 50s. still to come... the president
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an oil pipeline planned for siouxland. leanrn why he did it... and what supporters of the keystone x-l have to say.
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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in what perhaps is the biggest blow to transcanada's effort yet... president barack obama announced today that he is rejecting the company's proposal to build the keystone reaction was swift from
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republican lawmakers, whose states stood to benefit from the project.
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producers from other places - many of whom do not respect nor share our values," said gov. dennis daugaard, (r) south dakota. nebraska governor pete ricketts said the president's decision was "politically-motivated", and "puts jobs and this tax revenue at risk." u.s. senator charles grassley said simply that the president's decision is, quote "completely non-sensical." >> the keystone xl pipeline proposal would have built an 11-hundred mile pipeline from canada to refineries in texas. south dakota's only representative in the u.s. house has endorsed republican marco rubio for president. congresswoman kristi noem says rubio stands out in the republican field because of his ability to articulate his vision for the country. noem is the second member of the south dakota delegation to endorse a presidential candidate. senator mike rounds endorsed arkansas governor mike huckabee. veterans in cherokee county got a big "thank you" today. how big?
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weighs more than 40,000 pounds. (--nat pop of crane moving--) this massive boulder is on the road to becoming a "freedom rock." these rocks are made by an artist as a way to say thanks to veterans, and their families. cherokee county's rock was moved this morning. one vietnam veteran has seen the other freedom rocks, and says he's been trying to get a rock in cherokee for years. "i think the rock probably help bring a lot of the memories back, but i wouldn't trade it for anything because i feel like i'm a better person for being in the army and going to war like that and i'd do it again," said vietnam veteran cherokee, iowa vfw commander, edward boger. boger enlisted when he was 17- years-old, and fought in vietnam twice and says this rock is a big thank you. the freedom rock was unloaded to the courthouse lawn.
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design plans will begin soon and they hope to begin painting it by 2017. sioux city public transit will provide free rides to all active, and retired, military veterans this veteran's day. on november 11th, for a free bus ride, all veterans have to do is tell their bus driver what branch of the armed forces they were in and the period of their active duty. that's it for news and weather. but, don't touch that remote! iowa high school football teams try to punch their ticket to the uni-dome, and the state semi-finals, next on "sportsfource extra." thanks for tuning in to another if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans... they want to go back to letting the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for equal pay for women. they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president.
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edition' of sports fource extra. along with mark freund, i'm brad pautsch. it's quarterfinal night -- we'll have highlights of 8 games. in nebraska, we'll check out norfolk and norfolk catholic. in iowa, we have three rematches from the regular season. only the top teams survive. wel start in sergeant bluff. on monday, sgt. bluff- luton rallied from a 21- point deficit to beat carroll. the 8th-ranked warriors were back home to play number-4 webster city, who came in at 11 and 0. a win by sbl would send them to the uni-dome for the first time in school history. sbl scored a 3-a playoff record 72 points in the last round. there were a lot more points tonight. colby laughlin gets in from a yard away. it's 7-zip warriors. next possession -- sbl scores again. same play -- but the handoff goes to drew girres -- that's a 50-yard run and it's a 14-nothing
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after a webster city td made it 14-7 -- the warriors pad their lead in the second quarter. matt george goes right up the middle -- 20 yards for another score and it's 21-7. george had 353 yards -- his third straight, 300 yard game. the lynx try to get the momentum before the half. the run outside by payton kannaun is good for a 20-yard score. it's 21-14 late in the first half. but sgt. bluff-luton goes on a quick drive in the final minute. girres with a 15-yard run to make it 28-14 at the break and sgt. bluff-luton is going to the dome for the first time, topping webster city 55 to 35. in 2a, second-ranked spirit lake hosting central lyon/glr. the indians won the regular season meeting, 42-8. early 1st quarter -- the lions run cj roths up the middle -- you're not gonna bring him down with arm-tackles -- 16 yards for
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top 6-nothing. next indian possession -- logan backhaus gives on the read option -- tyler jenness scampers in to the endzone for the score -- indians take a one point lead. now to the 2nd -- lions senior quarterback pete menage -- keeps it -- nobody even lays a finger on him -- and the lions answer to take the lead back. but the indians tighten the screws at the half -- jenness again -- from 2 yards out -- spirit lake shuts out central lyon george little rock in the 2nd half -- the indians advance, 35- 13. there was another rematch in class 1a, where hinton traveled to western christian. the wolfpack won the regular season meeting, 42-17, to hand the blackhawks their only loss. but hinton was without quarterback jay small in that game. small was back -- but would that make up the difference? we thought this might be an offensive showcase - instead it was a defensive game. here is small on hinton's first drive - looking great early - check out the spin move to pick up a first down for the blackhawks. hinton looked well on their way
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end zone - but small coughs it up and western recovers the fumble - wolfpack take over. but then the blackhawk defense had their turn - joel kirwan crashing in on western's tyson kooima for the sack. the second - western looking to get the offense going - ben granstra for a nice gainer and the first down - but that drive stalls. much like every drive in the first half - kooima with a great play on defense to hold hinton - scoreless at the half - but wetern's headed to the uni-dome for the first time wiht a 14-7 win over hinton. in class a -- west sioux taking on akron-westfield. the falcons won this matchup in the regular season, 42-14. but it's the westerners with the 25-14 lead in the third quarter - west sioux driving but it's a fumble - zach bosse pounces on it as a-w takes over. points off turnovers - huge in
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this game - cal eskra - deep down the sideline for austin allard - and he's gone for an 80-yard touchdown - akron-westfield scored 24 points off west sioux turnovers. but here come the falcons - porter hummel pumps and drops a dime into kezden blankenship - west sioux back within 10, at 31-21. then, after an interception - hummel does it with his feet - diving in to cut that akron-westfield lead to 3. it was 31-28 after 3 - but dylan irizarry and the westerner defense held strong late in the game - akron- westfield upsets west sioux to head to the dome, 45-34. 8-man football -- number-4 m-m-c taking on unranked west bend- mallard. 1st quarter, eagles facing 3rd down when derek erdman receives the handoff and finds a hole and breaks tackles en route to a first down. m-m-c finishes drive when quarterback ben specht goes on the run, and he throws up a desperation pass and jacob spieler reaches over the
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defender to make the catch for the touchdown to put the eagles up 14 to 0. the wolverines try to answer, on the toss play, nolan roger dahlhauser gets the ball and he follows his blockers and gets to the outside before being tripped up for the first down. later, west bend-mallard facing 4th down inside the m-m-c ten -- nolan robert dahlhauser goes back to throw, but his pass is batted down by sam hueser for a turnover on downs. mmc is going back to the dome, 21-14 over west bend-mallard.. also in 1a, van meter edges south central calhoun, 28-26. the titans drove to the 4-yard line before time ran out. in 8-man football, newell-fonda blanks colo-nesco 49-zip. the defending state champs led 42-nothing at the half. still to come, highlights of three more playoff games. and, we'll go to nebraska to see norfolk and norfolk catholic -- both with tough road games. western christian - take it
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an elementary school in texas has seen a recent outbreak of a highly contagious disease. what you need to know about it and how you can prevent it. and a popular video game is hitting stores this week. we'll
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we want to see your photos from all over siouxland. our first photo comes from burke lake who was at the sergeant bluff-luton game. this next photo comes from the marcus- meriden-cleghorn game where the eagles won the game and are headed to the dome. you've got pictures and we want to see them. twet photos to @ktivsports and use the "hashtags" sportsfource extra and fanfource. you can also use instagram and email them to at the basketball edition of sports fource extra starts december 4th. now we head into nebraska, where norfolk and norfolk catholic were both away from home. we'll start with norfolk catholic. the top-ranked knights had to go to wahoo -- to play #6 bishop neumann. the cavaliers gave undefeated catholic their toughest game of the season, in a 30 to 23 decision. the knights high octance offense - averages 43 points a game - took the field first. and they drove it right down the field - david engelhaupt runs the wildcat - 23 yards -- too strong to bring down - 7-0 knights. cavaliers roared back -- scoring
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the next 14 points - this myles vrbka fumble is returned and gives bishop nuemann a 14-7 lead. but before the half - engelhaupt -- from three yards out, that squares it at 14. third quarter - how about a special teams boost - tobi obatusin blocks the punt, putting catholic in good field position. that led to an engelhaupt score and his fourth td of the game on the next drive - knights lead 28-14. fourth quarter - engelhaupt gets his fifth score of the game. norfolk catholic is pulling away. and then knights only passing td - vrbka to paul uhlir 22 yards out. norfolk catholic wins big 42-21. ktiv's sam curtiss covered tonight's game and has post-game reaction. yeah guys, in what was arguably norfolk catholic's toughest game in the regular season when they beat bishop neumann by seven points looked like it was going to be another close one. the cavaliers led 14 to seven
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with less than two minutes to go in the second quarter. the knights tied it up headed to the half and then nearly shut-out bishop neumann, outscoring them 28 to seven. "i don't know that we played a great first half of football," said jeff bellar, norfolk catholic head coach. "obviously we knew they had a good football team and they put a very nice drive together and score. we gave a fumble up for a touchdown and that's not very typical of us. we need to do a better job in that respect. i think it was huge to be able to tie the game at half and go in and regroup a little bit." "[bishop] neumann is a great team," said matt miller, a junior wide receiver for norfolk catholic. "we knew it all week. coach preached this was not going to be an easy game at all and they gave it all they had. coach always preaches 48 minutes and that's what it was tonight. we had to play a 48 minute game." "this felt like a really big win cause we knew they were going to come with a lot of guns tonight and we knew we had to play well to win," said david engelhaupt, a senior runnning back for norfolk catholic. up next for the knights is boys town in the c1 seminfinals. brad and mark, back to you in the studio. in classk on the road to play number-2 bellevue west. t-birds get in front quickly. it's jalyn bradley on the ground moving the pile in for the td -- norfolk down 7- nothing. next possession fourth down for norfolk. lane mc-callum with the snap to the up-back. nothing
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doing. it's a turnover on downs. the t-birds strike quickly. trystyn ducker wide open dancing across the endzone alone. the panthers trying to get a stop. and they would get it. grant meyer goes up high for the pick. but norfolk falls to bellevue west, 40 to 7. the panthers finish the season at 8 and 3. two other scores in class c2. battle creek stays unbeaten with a 49-7 win over doniphan-trumbull. up next for the braves, will be oakland-craig, who handed gibbon their first loss 27-7. bc and o-c meet next friday in oakland in the semifinals. class 11-double-a semi-finals in south dakota. yankton hosting harrisburg. late 2nd quarter harrisburg pitches it to dylan tams who throw the halfback option pass to matt pohlman for a big gain down to the 1 next play hunker headlee sneaks it in 7-0 tigers at the half, looking for the upset. 2nd half the bucks get
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rayden terca helped the cause, -- it was all yankton after that, winning 19-7. the bucks are in next friday's title game in vermillion. that's going to do it for tonight. if you missed anything, go to ktiv-dot-com.
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