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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  November 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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founder, greg stout. while on a mission trip, stout realized how unsafe the drinking water was. so, he decided to do something about it--creating a nonprofit ministry that makes chlorine producing units. "one of these units that volunteers have been working on can purify water for an entire community." stout's simple unit breaks salt water down into a chlorine solution, which can then be used to disinfect water. volunteers did every step including cutting wires, molding and glueing containers, soldering them, and finally testing them out. "we're just understanding that we step out of our own lives and try to imagine how life is for others we can so easily do this and just a few of us can help so many others," said lifelong united methodist church of le mars member and volunteer, julie roy. volunteers say they feel that they're doing some good in the world and touching other's lives from a distance. "it provides people with a hands on opportunity to be involved in mission and ministry and to make a difference in people's lives in a very tangible way," said united methodist church of le mars pastor, john battern. once those in developing countries receive these units,
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in le mars, iowa...tommie clark...ktiv news 4. >> stout has now been on more than 50 mission trips and plans to mentor others to begin projects in even more countries. it was an october to remember for several automakers... as the u-s drives toward a record year for auto sales. sales of new cars and trucks rose by double- digit percentages at most major automakers in october. u-s sales for general motors rose almost 16 percent over last october. fiat chrysler's sales were up nearly 15 percent over a year ago... and both ford and toyota reported gains of 13 percent. auto sales have been accelerating on cheap financing, low gas prices and an improving economy. toyota said it's dumping takata airbags that use ammonium nitrate because of safety issues. u-s regulators
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say that takata's inflators can explode with too much force and spray metal fragments inside cars injuring drivers. regulators have linked the inflators to eight deaths. all in honda vehicles. tens of millions of air bags have been recalled. toyota, the world's top- selling automaker, joins honda and mazda in ditching the inflators that have led to the recall of more than 40 million cars worldwide. two airlines have asked the federal government for hundreds of thousands of dollars of aid to provide air service to sioux city. united airlines, and american airlines, have both submitted bids under the "essential air service" program. american asks for just 1- point-2 million dollars from the federal government to continue its services from sioux gateway to chicago's o'hare airport. american's current contract expires april 30th of next year. united airlines has put in a bid that asks for over 300-thousand dollars from the federal government. the decision is up to the dot. what a nice november day we're having for more we'll toss it over to
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chief meterologist ron demers. your 7-day forecast is coming up in 10 minutes for the second day in a row we saw slightly above average temperatures with a lot of sunshine. our temperatures are on an upward trajectory as a strong south wind will blow in here on sunday and send our highs into the lower 60s. thanks, ron look forward to your forecast a sioux city man has been sentece to 30 years behind bars for sexually abusing three
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55 year--old hector ranson gonzalez pleaded guilty on monday in woodbury county court.. he was sentenced to three, 10 year prison terms that must be served consectuively. gonzalez told the court he performed sex acts with three children in 2003. they were all under 12 years old at the time. it'll be a night of thanks in south sioux city, nebraska. multiple law enforcement and e-m-s agencies in northeast nebraska are being treated to dinner. south sioux city knights of cclumbus, and local businesses sponsor the steak dinn. the knights of columbus say they've hosted this dinner for over 24 years. ktiv's sam curtiss is there and will have more from the event on news 4 at 10. if you've visited the sam's club in sioux city recently, you may have noticed a very special display of flags. this morning, those flags were part of an event honoring our veterans. "nats of singing" sam's club held their fifth
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veteran appreciation event where they invited veterans from all around siouxland. they came out for breakfast, sang the national anthem, and heard from fellow soldiers. a big part of the ceremony was the wall of honor-- full of flags and dog tags honoring each fallen iowa veteran. on that board, they're 28 fallen soldiers from sioux city alone. "i think it's great for us to show our support of the troops. i myself served in the national guard. at sam's club we appreciate everything our troops do. we want to put them first. we support them in every way we can," said sioux city sam's club manager, stephen black. one local veteran had a huge hand in planning the event. the vietnam veteran participated in the flag folding ceremony and says it's a wonderful tribute. he says he's proud to help out and if they can honor just one veteran, they've done their job. "we need to encourage other people to take part in any and all veteran activities that they can get in because these people need to be honored. it's t as much us, the living veterans, it's these are the ones that we need to honor," said vietnam war era veteran and sam's club membership
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the wall of honor will continue to stay at sam's club until tuesday. as we get ready to celebrate veterans day next week a special event will take place the day before to help military members and their families operation engage america is a non-profit group that provides support, awarness and resources to veterans and active service members. they're going to have a get-together at the american red cross on tuesday. . 2:43 "you can come out see what's there. there's a lot of love and support and knowledge.. we just encourage everyone. you are not alone people care," said lisa naslund, operation engage america. lisa naslund from galva, iowa started the group after the loss of her son dylan. he served in both iraq and afghanistan in 2007 and 2010. :58 "we lost our son to post traumaic stress suicide one of the 22 a
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since his death that there are so many more out there struggling." the operation engage america event takes place on tuesday, noveer 10th at the american red cross on war eagle drive in sioux city. it goes from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. there will also be free lunch providednd coats for military kids. coming up on news 4 at 6 south dakota head coach joe glenn was going for his 200th careeer win. could the coyotes get it at home against southern illinois?
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if you think there's no solution to the climate crisis, think again. in iowa, wind energy is already producing enough power for over a million homes, reducing our dependence on foreign oil and supporting six thousand jobs. i'm tom steyer. with bold leadership and an endless supply of wind and sun, we can do that across america. the goal is 50% clean energy by 2030.
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for the second day in a row we saw slightly above average temperatures with a lot of sunshine. our temperatures are on an upward trajectory as a strong south wind will blow in here on sunday and send our highs into the lower 60s. we're going to keep it decently warm through tuesday
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changes move our way. those changes will include a chance of rain by wednesday and maybe some
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moving in. we should then dry things out for thursday as highs will be in the low 50s. still to come here on news 4 at 6 we're learning about small businesses still to come here on news 4 at
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we're learning about small businesses that are going after customers who give bad reviews,
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those details are coming up
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we're back now with a story thatat may have you reading the fine print a little closer. re small businesses s e going after customers...who post negative online reviews. but now...some lawmakers are trying t tstop the practice. nbc's gabe gutierrez reports s
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tonight's consumer alert. (nats) the power...ofof keystroke. (nats) scathing online reviews...fightiti bad service: but can the company...fight back? sot: (jen palmer/consumer) 16:49:35 "we were scared, stressed, had no idea what wass going to happen." jejepalmer's husband ordered her gifts from from a website called klearrear-dot-com. she says she never got shee posted d harsh revie w saying "these peoppe are horribll to dedel with" but then...the retailer ccarged the uple...35-hundred llars. sot: (jen palmer/consumer) what scaaed me more wasast that they were commg after us ffr a d review wawa that they ere hitting his credit for sometting i dd they're called non- disparangeeent clauses..allowing companies s o take action if a customer's baddreview couu hurt eir bottom lilie ...and they''e poppipig up more ooten...from online wedding vendors. natt: (sen. john thune/r - south dakota) ((lk-n-talk /gabe
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outside capitol 14:8:13 "we see it as an issue of conssmer rights, consumer freedom.... senator john n hune is he chairman oo the commerce committee. hehes introduced legislation to ban consumerrag clauses...nationwid e. sot: (sen. john thune/r southh dakota) 14:55:10 this is really sort t f online bullying, when you intimidate aad create and atmosphere of fear thahaa connumer can't exxress their views abouu a product ut right now...the e lauses are allowed in every state except california. o what should you do...before you bash a acompany onnine? first...reed the fine pririt. if the clause is in the may want to tatae your business elsewhwhre. - second...don't make things u u. there's a fine line between a bad review...and defation. - - d third...don't ignore it. if a company does fine you foo a bad review...and sends the bill to a colllltion could ding your credit score for years. (nats) that's what happened to jen palmer's husband. they sued kleargeaa..and after years of court battles...a judge awarded her 307-thousand dollars. kleargear's parent company...did not immediately respond to our request for comment...and did not respond to the lawsuit. the website's current
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owner...told nbc news the brand will be e ssolved later thiss month. sot: (jen palmer/consumer) 522 if you dont want bad reviews, dont provide bad service.. it seems so common sense to me.. >> the authors of a proposed bill hope to get it passed by the end of the year. they say it has bipartisan support... but as we know...few things move quickly in congress. mark's in nonowith sports - iowa looking to match their best start in school history. (mark) that mark is 9-0 back in 2009, when they went to the orange bowl. the hawkeyes traveled to indiana today - highlights after the break. plus, south dakota takes on southern illinois at the dakota dome - with joe glenn looking for career win number 200.
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matching its best start in school history, at 9-0. the still-unbeaten hawkeyes, sitting at 8-0, were on the road at indiana. iowa debuted at number-9 in the first college football playoff rankings - the hoosiers are 4-4, but winless in big ten play. a lot of people thought this might be a trap game for iowa. but the hawkeyes looked good early - leshun daniels 4 yard touchdown in the second quarter - and iowa is up 14-3 on the road. but back comes indiana - it's 14-10 with 4 minutes to play in the half - jordan howard - ran for 174 yards and 2 scores - and indiana goes up 17- 14. iowa counters - c-j beathard - playing big in big moments -
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takes off with it - divins across the pylon with 17 ticks to go - great play from the hawkeye signal-caller. to the 4th quarter - hawks go on a 75- yard drive - daniels caps it with his second score of the day - iowa is 9-0 with a 35-27 win. elsewhere in division 1 - nebraska and michigan state are scoreless in the first quarter at memorial stadium. number-14 oklahoma lds iowa state 7-3 in the first - highlights of both of those games at 10. great win for south dakota state today, 25-20 over f-c-s number 2 and last year's national runner-up, illinois state, u-n-rolling at home in the third quarter, 38-6. south dakota is no longer receiving votes in the f-c-s coaches poll after falling to northern iowa last week.
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against southern illinois, who is receiving votes. coyotes head coach joe glenn needed just one win to notch career victory number-200. that would make glenn the 76th collegiate coach to accomplish that feat. 7-0 salukis in the first - former boyden-hull/rock valley standout andrew van ginkel crashes in and forces - and recovers the fumble. south dakota drives down the field and ryan saeger finishes the drive with a touchdown on the sneak to tie the game. then the south dakota defense steps up again - tyson graham - with the pick off the tipped pass -- tied at 7 after a quarter. to the second quarter - southern illinois gets a 62 yard run to set up isra lamprakes on the fade route - s- i-u takes the lead. but south dakota comes away with a late score and blocks a field goal attempt in the final seconds to earn a 34-31 win, number 200 for joe glenn. let's go to wayne for the egg bowl - wayne state's regular season
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home finale against upper iowa. first quarter - wildcats trail 7-0 - brent lammers pass deflected - everyone thinks play is over except jonathan bland - he picks up the live ball - 37 yard fumble ties it at 7. and then both teams offenses couldn't get drives together - logan weinandt with a sack here. 28 seconds left in the second quarter - taylor reedy finds tayib toussaint 20 yard score - reedy threw for 351 yards and 3 touchdowns. but it's upper iowa - coming away with the 34-31, double overtime win. quarterback trent solsma started today for an injured ryan kasdorf in morningside's 80-10 win over midland - solsma went 15-of- 15 in the victory.. the mustangs are hoping to have kasdorf back for next week's regular season finale against doane. northwestern falls on the road at nebraska wesleyan, 44-38. dordt falls on the road at
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briar cliff hosts doane tonight at the dakota dome - kick off is at 7:30. buena vista falls to central, 38-23. musketeers host sioux
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there's more coming up on news four at ten this saturday. just over a year to election day 2016, the stump continues for candidates seeking their party's nomination for president. leading democrats,
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders, hit the trail in south carolina. on the gop side, trump takes the stage tonight on saturday night live. we've got you covered at 10 tonight: clear. low: 33 wind: s 5-15 mph weekend insider from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversations. >> now it is official. shelton are dating. >> i think he's hot, don't you? >> now, holla back at blake on
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miranda's big night. >>ood week.
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