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tv   News 4 Live at Five  NBC  November 10, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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many missions. this week, one of those missions stands out. (sheila) the red cross paired up with an organization called "support siouxland soldiers" to offer resources to veterans. volunteers helped provide a warm meal, winter clothing, haircuts, massages, and helpful resourcece.. for free. organizations arouou siouxland pitctcd in, too. cubby's convenience store donated food for the meal. the elk's club donated $2,000 worth of new winter coats. "mostly people know uss being the agency that helps connect military members and their families in time of crisis, but we also have a significant service that we provide to veterans and that's what this is about," said american red cross executive director, tammy lee. tonight at 6, we will bring you one veterans emotional story of the way he gave back to his fellow military members. hillary clinton has announced a plan to better support america's veterans and their families... calling it a "sacred responsibility. " she outlined her ideas before a town hall gathering of veterans in new hampshire.
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clinton said, as president, she would have "zero tolerance" for the kinds of abuses and waiting list delays seen in recent years. she also promised to demanan monthly joint planning meetings with her secretaries of defense and veterans affairs. s/ hillary clinton / (d) presidential ndidate :16 there's little or no coordinalion between different government agencies responsib for serving our veterans. these problems are serious, systemic, and unacceptable. they need to be fixed and they need to be fixed now. clinton later stopped at a manchester cafe befefe giving a speech a adartmouth college. republican presidential candidates debate tonight in milwaukee. and, crticism-- that ben carson distorted his story to add to his appeal-- could come into play. steve handelsman s more from milwaukee.
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fire from the quiet doctor. (sot armstrong williams / carson campaign business uanager -- too short to super) "bring it on, i'm ready to fight." (super already on screen - ben carson campaign photo :17-:21) carson is insisting his youth was in fact violent until he became a christian (sot donald trump / (r) presidential candidate too short to super) "now president trump!! president trump!! (super: springfield, il / last night :26-:31) donald trump ... at a huge rally last night in illinois. called the campaign weird.d.iting a carson storyry (sot donald trump / (r) presidential c cdidate / last night :34-:41) "if you try and hit your mother over the head with a hammer, your poll numbers go up, i never saw anything like it." trump and carson are tied in national surveys trailed by marco rubio... defending his personal finances and jeb bush... defending his debate performances (super already on screen in upper corner - jeb bush campaign ad :53-:55) in a new ad (sot from jeb bush in the ad) "it is not about yapping, it's not about talking. it's about doing" (take grapapc full -----------------in/out t ---------:56/:59) it's the 8 top-polling candidates tonight on the main stage on fox business that promises a different tone from the last debate by cnbc (take graphic full -----------------in/out ---------1:05/1:11) maria bartiromo, fox business news debate moderator "you want to draw out the differences, but... (not by) taking somebody's head off and having a fight" "you want to draw out the differences... says moderator maria bartiromo... but... (not
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by) taking somebody's head off and having a fight party chairman reince priebus (sot reince preibus / chairman - republican national committee 1:13-1:20) "i think they want a substantive debate on business and finance and the econonmy. which is what people in this country a ad this state o o wiscoosin want to ttlk about. the economy!" specific economic plans from the top contenders would be a change. (insert ends) (two second pause) audio outcue: i'm steve % handelsman, nbc news, milwaukee, wisconsin. >> presidential candidate carly fiorina will bring her campaign back to siouxland on thursday. she's scheduled to speak at the public library in onawa, iowa thursday at noon. onawa is the first stop of her first trip back to iowa after tonight's debate. (matt) it was a beautiful d d today, but big changes are in our fututu. ron joins us with our first look at the forecast at 5. (ron) high wind warning in effect for most of the area wednesday and wednesday night we got to enjoy one more mild day today before changes move in for tomorrow. clouds will already y be on the increase tonight and
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showers as the night goes along. then rain and storms become likely for our day on wednesday with maybe even some snow falling by the afternoon in western siouxland. as a cold front pushes in, the winds are going to become gusty and that's the reason for a high wind warning f f wednesday into wednesday night for the ktiv viewing area. thanks. (matt) the iowa department of criminal investigation is looking into a man's death in calhoun county. (sheila) around two this morning, the calhoun county sheriff was
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street in pomeroy. when they arrived they found a man dead with a gunshot wound. so far law enforcers haven't made any arrests in the case. but, authohoties say they the public isn't in any danger. investigators haven't released the victim's name. a sioux city man faces sexual abuse charges involving a 13-year-old girl at a local hopital. investigators say on saturday night 20- year-old alex anderson met up with the victim at the icu waiting room at mercy medical center. they say he kissed her several times and put his hand in her shorts. thorities charged anderson with 3rd degege sexual abuse. officials at mercy medical center say their security staff was alerted about the situation and they called sioux city police. it's looking like the u.s. supreme court will side with workers at the tyson foods pork processing plant in storm lake, iowa in a class-action lawsuit against the company. the 3000 workers are involved in a pay dispute with tyson dating back t2007. thth claim they were entled to
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they were not paid for the time spent putting on and taking off protective equipment and walking to work stations. tyson is appealing a 5- point-8 million dollar judgment against it to the supreme court. today, justice anthony kennedy told the company's lawyer, "i just don't understand your argument." protesters at the university of missouri's flagship campus in columuma are claiming victory, but say they're not done yet. the school system president and campus chancellor stepped down in the face of charges that not enough was being done to fight racism. the protesters plan to push missouri governor jay nixon, the university system's governing board, and the columbia campus faculty council for more changes. low-wage workers walk off the job to fight for 15 dollars an hour. most are fast food workers, chanting for a chance to make more money. protesters picketing outside a mcdonald's in st. petersburg, florida are also calling attention to the plight of low-wage workers. workers, like those in jackson, mississippi, want to be able to unionize. there are nearly 300 cities
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where workers are striking today. chipotle restaurants in oregon and washington state thth closed after an e. coli outbreak could reopen as soon as tomorrow. health officials say tests of thousands of produce samples turned up negative for e. coli. chipotle voluntarily closed 43 restaurants after reports of illness starting in mid-october. at least 43 people became sick after eating at chipotle restaurants. before the restaurants reopen, the chchotle must meet several requirememts, including tossinin all fofo, deep-cleaning restaurants and checking all employees for e. coli infection. (matt) still to come on live at five... a deadly accident in detroit. a nine-year-old boy shoots himself with a shotgun he found at home. the details... next. (sheila) and... video you have to see to believe! a pro skier falls 16- hundred foot down a
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if you think there's no solution to the climate crisis, think again. in iowa, wind energy is already producing enough power for over a million homes, reducing our dependence on foreign oil and supporting six x ousand jobs. i'm tom steyer. with bold leadership and an endless supply of wind and sun, we can do that across america. the goal is 50% clean energy by 2030.
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charges in connection with a threat made agnst the world pokemon championships back in august. (sheila) 27-year-old james stumbo and 19-year-old kevin norton appeared in a boston court today for their arraignment hearing. prosecutors say the men made social media threats against the world pokemon championships that were held in boston. police found a 12-gauge shotgun, a rifle and 300 rounds of ammo in their car when they tried to regigier for the event. they havavbeen detained ever since their arrest on august 21-st. detroit police say a nine year old boy died, yesterday after shooting himself with a shotgun. officers say the shooting happened early monday afternoon. investigators believe the shotgun belongs to the boy's father and was found in a closet. the boy's father and another sibling were at home when the shooting occurred. police are asking people with firearms and
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children in their homes to be careful. (s/chief jamesesraig - detroit police:07) "we're asking our community to be mindful of young people in the house and firearms, and if those weapons are properly secured that young people cannot get a hold of them." police are still investigating the shooting. the father was questioned by police and w w later arrested on an unreleled felony warrant. heavy fog caused a massive chain reaction accident on an expressway in northern china. forty-eight vehicles slammed into each other at seven o'clock yesterday morning. police said the fog and a slippery bridge contributed to the accident. the pile up also caused a massive traffic jam including hundreds of vehicles. police say only one driver was hurt. a pro skier survived a death-defying fall while filming in alaska. ian mcinsh was skiing for the movie "paradise waits" in april of this year. he was making his way down a mountain when he fell into an unseen five foot trench on one
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turns. while trying to regain his footing, he lost a ski and cartwheeled over 16- hundred feet down thth mountain in less than a minute. mcintosh pulled his airbag which helped softened his fall. well, for the second week of november, we sure can't complain about today's weather. but big changes are e the way. ron's full forecast is coming up after the break. (matt)
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pay tribute, and honor, the sacrifice that these men and women make every day for our freedom. (sheila) if you're just getting home here's a quick look at today's headlines. on the eve of veterans day, veterans and current military members of sioux city fire rescue, were honored for their service to our country. it took place at the flight 232 memorial, which sits in the shadow of the veterans memorial bridge. a smaller cast of candidates faces off tonight in the republicans' fourth presidential debate. the debate, the last for the gop until mid-december, could help shape the course of the campaign into the winter as voters begin to pay more attention to the white house e ce. the e bate takes place in n milaukee, wisconsisi chief meteorologis t ron demers joins us with the forecast. high wind warning in effect for most of the area wednesday and
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winter storm watch for holt county on wednesday we got to enjoy one more mild day today before changes move in for tomorrow. clouds will already be on the increase tonight and western siouxland could see some showers as the night goes along. then rain and storms become likely for our day on wednesday with maybe even some snow falling by the afternoon in western siouxland. as a cold front pushes in, the winds are going to become gusty and that's the reason for a high wind warning for wednesday into wednesday night for the ktiv
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area. winds could gust over 50 miles per r ur at times and it's going to stay quite breezy even later wednesday night and into the day thursday. if any snow falls in sioux city it would likely be wednesday evening intotoarly wednesday night with only minor accumulations possible. we will at least see the sun reappear on thursday and we'll keep lots of sun in the forecast into the weekend as temperatures will recover a little from the low 50s we see wednesdayayhrough
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(matt) siouxland youngsters h hrd all about turkrks to get in the thanksgiving spirit today. (sheila) nature tales took place at the dorothy pecaut nature center. every month there's story time and other activities. today, the group made their own gobblers and even took a hike through the park to try and find some turkeys out in the wild. (sheila) simple, but tasty. straight ahead in centsable health a recipe so easy to that even those challenged in the kitchen can put it together.
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joining us today is fareway foods registered dietitian whitney packebush with a tasty recipe. whitney: we are making french onion sliders. i actually took a recipe that i like to make in the summer for grilling and i brought it inside. and, i found d that i like to make it this way even better. sheila: even better? whitney: yes, making sliders this way is very easy especially if you're entertaining people and need to make a lot of sliders. you don't have
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to flip every indivudual slider over. you're going to make it in the oven so it's a lot easier. to get started we're going to make our own seasoning. this is our own french onion seasoning. this is really to cut down on sodium. instead of buying our own box we're going to make our own. it's real easy. the base is these dry onions. the base is these dried onions they come in a container like this and you can see i used almost a a of them. i think i have only y een them in big container r ke this. you can find them about everywhere and use them in anything that you would use fresh onions. throw them in soups and chili and other things like that. that is the base of our seasoning mix. we want some onion powder, some garlic powder, and some celery salt. this is not a sodium-free seasoning. but, it does cut down on the sodium quite a bit by making your own. some dried parsely. if you don't have any don't really worry about it. sheila: that's the stuff you can skip. whitney: that's what i like to use to t that color. because you eat with your eyes first. i have some so i'm going to throw it in. but, if you don't have it you don't have to use it. plus, a little salt and pepper. this makes about a half of cup. you only need a couple of tablespoons for this recipe. you could make less and you could make a lot more. it will keep in your spice cabinet in a drawer. sheila: it seems like with the dried onions you don't get as bad of breath? whitney: they're not as strong so if you have someone in your family who doesn't really like onions... sheila: : ey might like this version. whitney:..and, you want onions in something you're coooong this is a really good alternative. we're basically going to make a meat loaf, a few tablespoons of bread
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crumbs, your seasoning.. and i already pressed it into my pan. and, for a one-pound version an 8 by 8 pan works really well. make sure you press along the sides because your meat is going for one pound like this i usually get 9 sliders. sheila: and you just cut them up in 3's. whitney: it's really easy and not messy and you have your burgers. sheila: how long do you cook it? whitney: it's 400 degrees for about 25 minutes. i topped mine with gouda cheese. i like to shred it so you don't eat as much, but you can swswp out anything that you wwnt. thth are very good and very savory. sheila: french onion sliders, very good and very easy! allright, thanks whitney. if you would like more information about centsable health topics go to our website and click on the newslink and you'll also for the oven sliders." >> let's check in one more time jeb bush: we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economicicnd
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i will be that kininof president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling c cmate change totoreate clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ]
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an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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if you think there's no solution to the climate crisis, think again. in iowa, wind energy is already producing enough power for over a million homes, reducing our dependence on foreigngnil and supporting six thousand jobs. i'm tom steyer. with bold leadership and an endless supply of wind and sun, we can do that across america. the goal is 50% clean energy by 2030.
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breaking news tonight, a plane crashes into an apartment complex in ohio, exploding into a raging inferno. reports of a growing death toll, we have late details. the largest bank breach ever, a massive attack hits 100 million americans. how the feds say the thieves made off with so much money. the cheap trick they used to fool so many people. >ight night, the republican candidates ce off tonight, trump versus carson, bush versus rubio. the stakes couldn't be higher. drastic measures, controversial new rules to prevent concussions in kids soccer. no more headers.
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will that really work?
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