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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 11, 2015 4:00am-4:30am CST

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peekality this year's victoria's secret fashion show. "early today" starts right now. the milwaukee melee is over and the dust is settling on the fourth republilin debate. for four hours they clashed over military spending and immigration. >> go to a three page tax code. >> reporter: in the debate on the fox business network, the focus was on exact economic plans. how exactly would each candidate fix our midide ass. >> yes, i haveiddle class tax increase. >> each one of those tax plans is better than the mess that we have right now. >> reporter: four candidates debated earlier. ben carson and donald trump tied
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at the top. carson's count of his youth was in question. trump again called for a wall in the mexican border. >> if you think walls don't work, just ask israel. >> 12 million illegal immigrants, to send them back, 500,000 a month is just not possible. they're doinhigh fives in the clinton campaign right now when they hear this. >> reporter: it was a competition and a look at how a republican president, presumably one of these eight would try to change our taxes and how our governmeme spends. nbc news milwaukee. ande want to give you more of last night's most talked about moments. so, here they are. >> well, first of all, thank you for not asking me where i sit in the 10th grade. i appreciate that. >> we will have a wall. the wall will be built.
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if you think walls don't work, all you have to d d is ask israel. >> come on, folks, we all knono you can't pick them up and ship them across the border. it makes no sense. >> all i can say is you're lucky in ohio that you struck oil, that's for one thing. >> little false little things, sir, they really don't work when it comes to the truth. >> i built an unbelievable company worth billions and billions of dollars, i don't have to hear from this mama believe me. >> there are more words in the irs code than in the bible and not a one of them is as good. >> i do want to rebuild the military. i believe the world is a stronger and a better place when the united states is the strongest military power in the world. >> marco, marco, how is it conservative to add a trillion
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dollar expenditure that you're notaying for? how is it conservative to add a trillion dollars in military expenditures? you can't >> we can't have an economy if we're not safe. >> the next debate will be between the democrats on saturday. the republicans don't meet again until middecember. a small passenger j j bound from aikron to akron. >> reporter: the hawker jet was just two miles away from its destination when they say it slam under to a small apartment building. roberta saw it happen. >> all of a sudden the plane appeared out of nowhere and veered o oits side and f fw
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the duplexes and it was engulfed in flames immediately. >> reporter: a neighbor was live chatting when she caught a glimps of the plane. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: and the debris also set another home on fire. >> it struck the one house and then continued on into an embankment just behind that house. the plane becameme engulfed in flames, which ignited the residents that had originally struck and continued on to another residents thawas behind that house. no one was home in either building at the time of the crash and no one on the ground was heard. they don't believe anyone in the plane survived. the faa and ntsb are investigating. >> officials will hold a news conference at noon today. here's bhautwhat it looked like
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mixture of snow and ice made traveling brutal. and parts of nevada got up to a foot 1/2 of white stuff but that didn't discourage these pooches. across the plains, today is shapg up shapininup to be a nail biterer fromom whiteouts expected in oklahoma to the blowing snow coming to kansas, nebraska and colorado. meteorologist, bill karins is watching all of this. >> this will be the strongest storm we've had in a while. widespread power outages and difficult road conditions with blizzards. denver, you're going to wake up to a couple inches on the ground and the worst of the drive will on interstate 70 as we go throughout the early morni hours. as far as the winter weather adviseory
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denver and winltter storm warnings north of denver. and that will be the worst of it as we go throughout the early porshzs s portions of the day. and as you drive out on 70 past ththairport, that't' w wre we could see up to 6 and maybe even 9 inches of snow and the other story will be the winds on the back side of the storm. they should be 31 to 50 miles per hour. winds. that's enough to knock down trees. and even a possibility up into areas of ohio and southern portions of minnesota. and we need to talk about laterer today and that'ss going to be the severere weather p ption of the show. that's your national weather, now a closer look at the day ahead. well,io acan see you can see the temperature contrast. colorado, wyoming, nebraska and
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and damaging winds possible in texas to illinois. so, coming up, betty, i'll pinpoint who i think has had best chancef seeing the worst weather. and a university of missouri teacher is apologizing and not resigning, a couesy appointment following major public back lash. amid excitement, protesters were seen shuving a free lance photographer. and these comments were so surprising to some. >> hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here. i need some muscle out of here. >> a journalism school dean says she's quitting. and school police have increased security. they're investigating threats made on social media. yesterday, they confirmed a
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phone in threat made to the black culture center on campus butnsist no immediate dangerer 106 peopletand indicted this morning after a deadly shootout at a waco restaurant in may. they're for engaging in organized criminal activity with underlying offens of murder and aggravated assault. nine bikers were killed. 177 people were arrested. charges against the remaining 7 7 have not been finalized just yet. last week -- this week parts of china are covered in record smog. it is so bad china's state news agency is comparing it to dooms day. it's nearly 50 times what the world health organization says is safe. look at that.
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and in new york, there's no love for fantasy sports sites. new york attorney gegeral has determined that botot sites violate the state's laws against illegal gambling. comkash comcast is an invester in fandual. white supremacist frazier glen miller was sentenced to death. he was convicted of one count of capital murder, three counts of attempted murder as well as assault and weapons charges. desperate times call for desperate measures. 46-year-old kevin has chained himself to a water slide 30 feet in the air until he gets an infusion of cash for his floundering business. >> i'm going to be up here until i can find someone to help us get through this or go to the
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>> hee has to pay off $1$1 millions in loans or will be forced off of the property one way or another. and a light moment of the royal tour of a winery in australia. camilla, duchess of cornwall took a little stab at her husband, prince charles. he did have e shocked reaction. t-mobile says binge on. the wireless wars are heating up with the new option that lets customers stream from services such as netflix without charging for their data plan. and the larger screen tablet is aimed at business customers and starts at $799 a a can knowwgogo over a grand if you get the
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and amazon is up a whopping 1300% this year. those gains have propelled jeff bezos to become the fourth richest man on the planet. his fortune is now estimated at just over $58 million and he's hot on warren bubuett's heels. boy, that must be nice. >and just ahead, the 24-year-old that's $8 million richer. and the trailer for one of
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this morning on "today" the cast of the original "willy wonka" reunites. and the effect they still have on fans today. and get ahold of this loot. you're looking at $7.7 llions plus a huge championship bracelet and that's the huge prize at world series poker in las vegas. and it all came down to two. so i, a 24-year-old from pennsylvania, battled josh beckley, from new jersey and mckeenen walks away with a mountain of cash and his firir world serers championship
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nearly 4 $1/2 mill1/2and a1/2 million dollars. and who's in and who's on the bubble. here's where things stand right now. clemson number one, followed by alabama and notre dame sneaks the to the number four spot. ohio and baylor are knocking on the door respectively. to the nhl and beingonored along with all of our veterans. now to the action. veteran yagger comes up with a loose puck and comes through traffic to come up with a career winner. and in the nba kevin durant strained his hammy and sat out of their win over the wizards.
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welcome back. a lot of weather hazards today. we start with a blizzard and then wind damage and then we'll watch severe weather this afternoon. from sclooevhreveport, and the enhanced risk, the best chance
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of columbia, and north of st. louis and springfield. there's a possibility of one or two strong tornados and we'll watch those storms head towards chicago and minneapolis with strong winds. you get a little bit of snow and severe weather along with it. now for entertainment newsws the victctia's secret fashion show took place in new york. kendall jenner and oths made their debut as angels. i don't need to hear purpose to go it's the best album ever. >> ben stiller brought back derek zoolander to help promote
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justin bieber. scarlet johannson has earned the saue husband her "avenger's" co stars and they say this is a sign of pay equality in the industry. >> i'm sure this was a one-time thing. can we allll just go bacac to -- dory. disney released the next trailer for "finding dory the follow up to the blockbuster "finding nemo." and you say dory is really the star of the entire thing. >> those scenes were the best anyway so why not make it a sequel 13 years later. >> who doesn't love "finding neme nemo?" . so, i'm betty nguyen.
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leading the news on myanmar election, suu kyi, is barred from becoming president, this was seen as the m mt democratic election in 25 years. turnout estimated at 80%. and fighter jet sent to turkey to deter russians. and the jets will protect slow flying u.s. planes and this is part of a revamped strategy.
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overwhelmingly passed and sent presidenenobama's a defense bill that explicitly blocked him from transferring any guantanamo detainees to t u.s he will sign the bill, although he has not changed his mind about closing the prison. authorities in florida say 60-year-old church usher was caught red handed on surveillance video takingg cash from a collection basket. it happened while they prayed with their eyes closed and heads bowed. he faces felony theft charges. and the bubble is bursting on seattle's famous but kind of gross gum wall. it's being steam cleaned to remove 20 years of gum. >> wouldn't it make it gooky? >> this tradition starteded in 1993 but the sugarar and gum is
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starting to damage the bricks. so, today, we take special time to honor our veterans and compopy companies are joining in to offer free bes to women and men in uniform. vets and their spouses can get a free 12 ounce coffee at star bubus. d applebee's and chilly's offering a special menu. and colonial williams burg and for all the free bes go to our facebook page. a somber remembrance will take place at the tomb of the unknown soldier. the president will lay a reef in full honor ceremony. now. keep it right here for more news, weather and sports.
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i'm betty win arenguyen thanks for watching "early today."
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have a good one. react...we have the details. plus, our i-80 hararst tour aps up. in agribusinins...sell for show or selling for profits.s. i love to know that i sold my grain at the highest price of the year, but guess what? it doesn't work that way and celebrating veterans day with a former tennessee soldier-as others pitch in to help him make a life on the farm. agday-brought to you by the dependable, long lasting chevy silverado. a a by mycogen seeds, visit acres of to discover the potential of mycogen seeds. good morning i'm clinton griffiths. before we get to today's top ag stories, we
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