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tv   News 4 at Noon  NBC  November 12, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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he's due in court later today. a university police officer says park admitted to writing the postings when confronted in his dorm room at a college in rolla, missouri. a second person, a student at northwest missouri state university in maryville, is accused of posting a similar threat. the university of missouri board of curators is set to name a new interim president for the university system this afternoon. today's appointment comes three days after president tim wolfe and mizzou's chancellor resigned under pressure following weeks of unrest over the administration 's response to racial incidents. violent storms thundered through the midwest last night spawning tornados in iowa. this is the scene in iconium, about about 80 miles southeast of des moines. several building were damaged, an r-v was blown over and a tractor banged up. to the north in knoxville, much the same story. a string of confirmed tornados caused damage and toppled a semi. near avoca in western iowa, outbuildings were damaged on several farms by a confirmed
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tornado. to the east, high winds and heavy rains stalled traffic and caused numerous flight cancelations nbc's ron mott has more from chicago.
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get into the afternoon hours and these winds continue to whip up today we expect to see even more delays and cancelations. so if you have travel plans check with your airlines before heading out. that's the latest here in chicago let's get it back to you. >> > weather ad-lib wind advisory in effect until 6 pm after a nasty evening of weather last night, things will start to improve a little bit today. one thing that will stick around from yesterday is the wind which will be at 20-30 miles per hour and gusting to around 40 from the northwest. we will get the sunshine back though which will help temperatures reach the lower 50s this afternoon. diminishing winds tonight will allow our lows to hit the middle to upper 20s tomorrow morning which will give way to a much calmer friday and much warmer weekend with highs near 60! our next rain chances should hold off until early next week when temperatures return to the 50s. see graphics.
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months of tension over a proposed oil pipeline across iowa are coming to a head at a public hearing in boone today. that's where dozens of people both for it and against it are testifying to the iowa utilities board. the utilities board is overseeing an application by dakota access llc to build it's 11-hundred mile pipeline across iowa from the northwest corner to the southeast corner. it would carry oil from the bakken fields in north dakota to a terminal in illinois. some of those who spoke this morning expressed reservations about the project's environmental impact. others spoke of the financial boost from creating thousands of temporary construction jobs. three landowners, including two from northwest iowa, have filed suit to try to stop the company from using eminent domain to take land for the project. president barack obama says an army captain who spared fellow soldiers by
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tackling a suicide bomber in afghanistan had the instincts and courage to do what was needed. obama presented the medal of honor to florent groberg at a white house ceremony today. the medal is the nation's top military honor for battlefield bravery. groberg is credited with saving many lives when he tried to stop the suicide bomber in august 2012. three service members and a foreign service officer were killed when the bomber's vest exploded. groberg suffered a severe leg injury and underwent 33 surgeries to save it. russia's sports minister said today his country has no intention of boycotting next year's summer olympics in rio de janeiro. sports minister vitaly mutko accompanied president vladimir putin to meet russian olympic athletes. an investigative report by the world anti- doping agency claimed russia engages in extensive state-sponsored doping. yesterday putin called on russia sports officials to carry out an internal investigation and urged
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russia must respond by tomorrow to the allegations before a governing body decides whether or not to suspend russia from competing. the slovenian army continues building a barbed wire fence on the border with croatia in an attempt to control the flow of migrants and refugees into the country. slovenia expects some 30-thousand new migrants to arrive and fears that if neighboring austria restricts their entry, the thousands would be too much for it to handle. nearly 170-thousand migrants have crossed into the country osed its border with croatia desperate people heading to western europe was redirected to slovenia. the men at the woodbury county sheriff's office have put down their razors for the month. they're taking part in "no shave november." as ktiv's robert lowe reports, it's a cause that hits very close for sheriff dave drew.
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men sporting beards and women wearing jeans is the november norm at the woodbury county sheriff's office. "this is our third year doing it," said woodbury co. sheriff dave drew. "everybody is somehow affected by cancer." including woodbury county sheriff, dave drew. on veterans day 12 years ago, the man at the top, quickly hit the bottom after hearing... "when the doctor came in and told us there was a large mass, you could have knocked me over with a feather," said sheriff drew. his son, josh, just 16 at the time, was diagnosed with testicular cancer. "you have to tell your son, i'd rather get my butt kicked in a bar fight," said sheriff drew. incredibly hard for anyone to hear, but especially one who dedicates his life to protecting others. josh would have to undergo
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next-day surgery and multiple rounds of chemotherapy . "i tried to stay strong, i remember telling him you'll be all right, i'd leave and come back, i'm an emotional guy, i couldn't hold it together," said sheriff drew. a gun and a badge could do not good. but those at the june e. nylon could. that's why more than 70 perccnt of the sheriff's office participates in no shave november,, each ddnating $30. "to give back to the community. one of the ways we do it we have everybody hear grow beards and we donate the money to june e. nylen. a fact that's not lost on josh, who today, is cancer free. "it shows that they support individuals with cancer and want to help in someway," and as the sheriff's office continues to grow their beard to show their support, josh continues to grow his family "they told me, maybe a 10 percent chance that i could have kids, and then my daughter came and then not a year later my son came and then hopefully another boy will be on the way. what sheriff drewewcalls a holiday-time miracle, for a man who's family first. in sioux city, robert lowe,, ktiv news 4. >> after last night's wet and snowy weather, after last night's wet and snono weather,
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the sun is back! and the winds are howling. stay tuned for the forecast from meterologist ben dorenbach coming up next on news four at noon. here's the live view from our skycam in spencer, iowa, where
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if you think there's no solution to the climate crisis, think again. in iowa, wind energy is already producing enough power for over a million homes, reducing our dependence on foreign oil and supporting six thousand jobs. i'm tom steyer. with bold leadership and an endless supply of wind and sun, we can do that across america.
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so, what are we waiting for? ben, it's nice to see the sun again.
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from yesterday is the wind which will be at 20-30 miles per hour and gusting to around 40 from the northwest. we will get the sunshine back k ough which will help temperaturere reach ththlower 50s this afternoon. dimininhing winds tonight will allow our lows to hit the middle to upper 20s tomorrow morning which will give way to a much calmer friday and much warmer weekend with highs near 60! our next rain chances should hold off until early next week when temperatures return to the 50s. see graphics. >>
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the federal reserve rereases numbers on farm income for the third quarter. that's up next... and later---a new world record is set by a skateboarding bulldog. ktiv would like to send out to our viewers. harold k. lawrence of sioux city is
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his 93rd birthday today. if you or someone you know is having a birthday of 80 years or more or an anniversary of 50 years or more, please send in their name (and correct pron), addss and telephone mber along with theif pictures to ktiv. please make sure to have all the information printed and send it in at least two weeks in advance. if you would like your picture returned please include a self addressed stamped envelope.
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the federal reserve says farmers cut back on big purchases after farm income fell sharply during the third quarter in midwestern and western states. the u.s.d.a. predicts farm income will fall 36 percent this year. the federal reserve bank of kansas city says agriculture bankers across theheegion are reviewing their loananto make sure farmers can make payments. but at most banks, fewer than 5 percent of loans had been placed on watch lists at the end of september. about two-thirds of bankers surveyed reported declining capital spending on farms. but only about one- third said farm capital spending was lower
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>> stocks are heading lower in midday trading, weighed down by weakness in companies. common? morrthan you think, actutuly.
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at least, in carson, washington... where a mom looking for something to help her son's skin condition found the answer at the local brewery. now, she's got a booming business. jeb bush: we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? who's going to take care of israel and support themem our greatest ally in the middle east? the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible
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okoboji from okoboji skycam... juggling kids and a career isn't easy.
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but according to the national women's business council, the number of female entrepreneurs in this country is growing faster than ever, and nonostands at almost 10 million strong. one washington womaahas found success with an unlikely combination: business, babies.... and beer. heather graf has her story.
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our kids' well being is to be there for them" and that's exactly what emily was trying to do.... when her youngest son developed a severe case of eczema as a baby. ( emily waters, backwoods beer soap) "and it was head to toe. i find something that would help him." a search that surprised her... (brewery ) when it led to tom's brewery. (sot: emily waters, backwoods there's these e ople who make soap out of beer and its pretty awesome." (nats: "so i use a or lye") (nats: making soap - "this gets mixed into the beer") it began as an experiment in her kitchen, making all- natural soap out of beer that seemed to help her little boy... (sot: emily waters, backwoods beer soap) "hops are really good for the skin" something emily thought might interest others as well... (sot: emily waters, backwoods beer soap) "i think when we first put it out there it was more of a test" (nats: "yeah this is her soap shelf right here..." selli backwoods beer soap inside
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(nats) "the soaps are so good you want to eat them!" and right next to with the beer from which it's made... it turns out... was an easy transition. (sot: tom waters / head brewer, backwoods brewing company) "bc i love brewing new beer all the time and she loves making new soap out of it so its like -- its a match made in heaven" the hard part... was when emily put the product online.... (sot: emily waters, backwoods beer soap) "our website is backwoods bear soap dot com" and people started buying the soap... faster than she could make it. (nats: making soap) (sot: emily waters, backwoods beer soap) "so its a lot of sacrifice, but with that comes reward" and if emily can do it, she wants other women to know.... it's possible for them to find that same balance. (sot: emily waters, backwoods beer soap) "i think going from hobby to business doesn't have to bees definite asseople make it" a multi-tasker... an entrepreneur.... (sot: emilil "its exciting still" and above all else.... a mom. (sot: emily waters, backwoods beer soap) "that's always still my first job." >> that was heather graf reporting from carson, washington. still ahead, ballroom dancing
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skateboarding dog breaks a world
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dancing wiwi the stars: chelsea a hightower and dmitry chaplin. dmitry, i think a lot of people want to see dmitry. the ladies in the area will be very happy to see him. yes they will. it also features two singers om american idol: gina glocksen and vaughn smith. there's twelve dancers that will be accompanying them. they also performed on so you think you can dance. so it's more than just the two feature dancers, it's a whole troop of dancers? it is. it features various styles from ballroom to salsa and other thinin like that. it's really going g be quite a a show. the symphony has been getting ready for this for a while. i don't know if you've been to the symphony but it's an amazing top- notch group. yes it is, it's really first rate. this is our 100th season so we're really putting on a big show this whole season, this show is really quite special. that's great. i know there are so many different shows people
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that if you want a taste of symphony, this is a good one to get started with the symphony. exactly. it features popular music but also music that's in a symphonic arrangement so it really will be quite wonderful. that's great. i cannot wait for it. that's coming up on saturday the 14th of november, is that righgh that's correct. what time does it start? 7:30 at the orpheum theatre. thank you so much. the orpheum theatre of course is an amazing place to s shows. yes it is, it's beautiful. thank you. thank you for watching around siouxland. >> all right, check it out.... your video of the day! a dog in peru has skated his way into the record books! check out otto the bulldog... breaking the guinness world record for skateboarding through the 'longest human tunnel'. he was able to pass through the legs of f people. otto's owners beamed when he was presented with a certificate by a guinness world records official. the 11th annual guinness world
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records day is being celebrated today.
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. >> daniel: nicole, hello. d i do something? >> nicole: you did nothing. >> daniel: then why are you looking at me like that? of the limo. you didn't ask the caterer if they had a vegan substitute. you didn't do anything on the list. honey, this wedding isn't gonna plan itself. >> daniel: okay, yeah, you know, i've just been kind of busy. i had to step in for dr. mcgreggor on a sigmoid resection. i can't seem to get the screening levels here and just-- [sighs] never mind. >> nicole: what abououhope? how's she doing? >> daniel: well, physically, she's doing a lot better. we sent her home. >> nicole: such an nightmare. >> daniel: yeah. okay, you know what? on a lighter note... >> nicole: mm. >> daniel: as soon as i'm done with my shift, i promise i will take care of the limo... what's the other thing? what?
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>> nicole: you didn't write
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