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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  November 12, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm CST

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>> kim richards after rehab. our update from her sister. >> she would give me $100 if i called you di throughout the whole inte >> hi, my name is britney spears. >> now in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight". >> which one is gwen and which one is the nanny? she is dressing identical to >> it's crazy. how about there? gwen's expecting? we'll tell what you blake has to say about that report. >> wild rumors. >> copycat nanny and gwen fighting to stay strong against the strain. gwen looked happy this morning, smiling in bright pink walking into a recording studio and downtown l.a. not the case last night. reports claiming that her ex-cheated on her with her nanny, gwen broke down on "the
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members. >> i'm so blown away by this whole experience. i cannot believe -- you guys are saving me. you know? you're saving me. i don't know what to do. am i just talking? what am i doing? >> blake was busy on twitter burying the wild claims that he and gwen are having a baby. people can't than dumb, he wrote. when a fan suggested that the next headline might involve him an alien and beer drinking with elvis. he tweeted, now that one could be true. so where is the nanny today? maybe she isisn hiding. she is originally from australia. >> we understand from neighbor that's we talk to that she was a bit of a wild child. >> they report that her family is being hound bid reporters. >> they were n n prepared for it.
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are calling out mindy as a kind of creepy copycat. >> you know, all single white female with gwen's style. >> check it black and red plaid shirt, matching gray jump suit, leather jacket, even the pink hair. although we're guessing this identical outfit was a stefani hande down. >> it surprised me. who are you? who is this person i have in my house? it's like one thing if somebody is copying your style, but then if they sleep with your husband, that gets weird. >> when it looks as if mindndwas a gwen and gavin fan from m y back. that is mimiy at a bush concert and there at no doubt. speaking of gwen, looking back, you got to wonder had therein tl been clues about the alleged nanny incident all along. >> gwen confessed to a major vent. >> what did it blow up in your face? >> the day after the grammys. >> we took a closer look at her instagram account. it really seems to back up that. the last photo of her and gavin was posted back in december. she also posted about the grammys in february and then went silent for nearly two weeks which really isn't like gwen at all. >> well, this old nanny story got us wondering what happened to the nanny that ben affleck was linked to. christine is getting close once again to her ex-fiance. they've been seeing hanging in the bahamas together. at is where christoph lives. >> meanwhile, sophia vergara and joe will say i do on the 22nd.
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and we're breaking a little news about what they'll be wearing because we found them both out shopping. dressed down in a pair of jeans and g gen high tops, sophia was seen heading into a design shop in beverly hills. he posted this picture of him with the bride to be >> he spent about an hour inside. she is having a custom reception dress made by her. >> and we also found out that the talented designer is working on two award season dresses for sophia. now his designs are traditionally form fitting. snag would hug a lot of sophia's famous curves. we're thinking this will probably be a sexy bride look at the reception. >> we're like super excited of the future. and making all the plans. >> just the day before,oe was
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the couple will say i do in front of 300 guests and sources tell us sophia will be wearing a custom creation as she walks down the aisle. the dresses have a romantic sex appeaeato them. something traditional with an edge. sophia knows what looks good on her. it's no,wonder she is having the dresses taylor made. >> i mean it is sophia vergara. yes, she going to be absolutely gorgeous. we're going to be all over that wedding. but right now we have some sad news to report. former one life to live star nathaniel marson pass add way. he was in a serious car accident 13 days ago that was likeke going to leave him paralyzededf he pullelethrough. he was just 40 years old. so sad. >> our condolences go out to friends and family. it's another day and another premier for jennifer lawrence in "the hunger game." there she is at the latest premier in beijing looking so elegant. but jennifer is also making news on big issues in her life. that new photo scandal and hollywood's pay inequality. on average, women a a paid 2121less than men. and it's just not all right. so we need to start talking about it and making big changes. i wanted to inspire men.
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well needed debate. spending the day with diane sawyeye she very honest a aut how w utal hollywood can b b >> it's all business. you know? i like the business part of my job, negotiating or, you know -- >> you do? >> yea controlling your stock and being in contr that i like. that i love a that's the only part of my job that i love. but all of it is a business. >> j-law has the backing of julia roberts at the premier of her new film "secret in their eyes." julia told me she is standing behind jennifer. i heard you're supporting her essay and you thought it was
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great. >> i support anyone who wants to speak their mind and share their thoughts in a way that is kind and appropriate and interesting and forward moving. >> female bonding very important for jennifer and she tells diane how close she'd become to gal pal amy schumer. >> i've been famous longer than she has. i feel a certain protectiveness, you know, in that sense. and we both are incredibly blunt and incredibly opinionated. >> are you laughing out loud al the timim >> i laugh out loud every single day. she would give me $1 hundred nun i called you di throughout the whole interview. >> and we were laughing all through this behind the scenes of her new cover shoot for vogue." >> hi, my name is susan serandon. >> hi, my name is michelle obama. >> hi, my name is britney spears. kate moss? >> she gets serious opening up to vogue" about the private nude photos that leaked on the web saying it was all pain and no gain. but i don't dwelelon it unless someone brings it up. have you seen me naked? her inxerview diane will air on abc's "world news tonight" tonight. she is sad about the ending of
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the "hunger games" franchise and unsure about her future. >> i don't know if i'll ever get mamaied. i'm okay with t tt. i don't feel likiki need anything to complete me. i definitely want to be a mother. i don't know if i'll get married. >> she says she can't get a date. no one will ever ask her out. she said she is lonely every saturday night which sounds impossible. that's hard to believe. >> coming up, george clooney without amal jetting overseas. why he dropped in on the excited workers today. >> that is next. but first, "grey's anatomy" before the winter finale. i caught up with one of the actress it's microsoft lounge to
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>> god, you're sexy. >> you are worried? >> yes, i'm worried. >> no relationship goes smoothly. >> it's gone too smoothly. anything can happen. >> the 31-year-old british actress is featured in good house keeping's december issue sharing her reality tv guilty pleasure saying i feel like i'm also on the show and falling in love. why don't those relationships work? >> sometimes they do. one is married with kids. >> they never work. >> and camilla is playing double duty with her role as lara kroft tomb raider. >> i feel like lara is grounded in the way she stands. i feel like joe is a little bit like p pase like me. we've got to fight it. >> who better than lara kroft to show me the just released rise of the tomb raider. the x box team tells us it's a hollywood exclusive to that took
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two years totoak >> i did not realize how physically exhausted and sorry would be. i realize i have no core basically. it was a horrible discovery on my birthday.
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>> this is you on the "three's company."
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>> memories of his father. that's a veteran hand willing the paparazzi. rr lowe getting a workrkt and talking to them. that's an old man, he can run a long way but not fast. >> stop it. >> rob lowe does not age. he is a likeable guy and so is george clooney. and george just got a swooning once again. and it's simply because stopped for a bite to eat. >> what kind of sandwich do you want? >> i don't know. let's see what kind of sandwiches they get. >> only clooney could get a
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crowd of 200 fans and press just because he's hungry. >> get the two. >> he traveled a good ways for that meal two from his london house 300 plus miles north to scotland where he probably could get elected to anything. >> how are you doing? you okay? you doing all right? >> you're used to a town like this but we're not. >> it's really nice. >> it was 43 degrees there this morning and the fans had been waiting for hours. >> your hands are freezing. >> finally, clooney arrived at his destination. the social bike cafe, a shop which donates all of the profits to charity. >> i like what they're doing. >> how are the sandwiches? >> the cafe also donates food to and hires the homeless. >> clooney was actually in town to speak at a business awards bank wet this evening. the employees retreated like clooney's long time pals. after making a donation, he gave a quick lesson in proper
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>> smile a little bit. >> george did not have that stew. he actually haddn avocado pesto and pepper wrap if you wanted to know. >> staying in shape. come on now. up next, antonio sibato jr. takes a tour of "housewives" mansion. it is crazy. seven bedrooms, huge closets. loo >> this is my dream >> then nick carter over overcoming substance a during his days as a back street boy. how he is now leaning on his expanded family. >> she's like my shield.
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustiti and inequalityty speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contntbutions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ]
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an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. it has been a difficult year for "real housewives" pal richard. but a home remodel helped kyle manicure stress. nothing lili a 400 square foot closet to make a woman smile. and kyle opened the doors to our special correspondent. >> planes and yachts are nice, but my happiness starts at home.
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without major house. this family finished a $1.5 million renovation on their 7,000 square foot belaire home. >> this is my dream home. it's a little big. it is dedeeiving when you see the outside. it looks like a cozy home. it's seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms. don't mind the lighting we have here that is really embarrassing. >> you can't miss all the pictures of kyle and her sister r kim richardsdsround the house. kim is back after a stint in rehab and was just seen filming. >> how is your sister. >> my sister is doing really well, thank she's doing very well. you know, she needed time to take care of herself. sneeze a g gd place. we're happy. >> thank you so much for inviting me in your home.
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>> this is a real pub. we love thihi 'm very proud of alllly bottles it's very, very important to me. >> you remodelled this house. >> it was an outdated '80s modern. i didn't love it. i lot of home and i love the energy. >> now the design that goe behind all the room, it is done by both of you together as a team? it is done by you? how does that work? >> we have a designer that is close friends. and e works with us and kn our taste. >> so this is our media room. we love it. this gets used a lot. it's in the center of the house. all of the posters around here e all kyle's different mov or "the housewives" here. that's from your boo >> they moved the gym down stairs to make a dbessing room for kyle. >> i see the shoes on this play. there are more on the side.
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>> yeah. >> you know what? >> i love it. i can see how neat you are. >> i try to be. >> you have skinny jeans, skinny design. >> i try keep it very organized. >> while kyle's closets are complete, the gym is a work in progress. >> here's my gym. nothing like a chandelier in the gym. >> this chandelier needs to go. >> you are wondering what house like that costs? kyle paid more than $3 million for it five years ago. it's worth a lot more than that now. >> it is a spececcular, spectacular house. as you know, all week long we've been celebrating "e.t.'s" 35th season with stars who are celebrating their 35th birthday. we join the party and he's here with a guy tearing it up on "dancing with the stars" nick carter. >> he made it to the final four. he has a lot to celebrate in his life. this is a true come back story for this back street boy. he's been through so much to get to this point. let me tell you those emotions came right to the surface when we took a look back at his earliest "e.t." interviews. >> nick carter and i'm from tampa, florida. >> that is before back street.
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right bring met them. >> oh, >> i just like being noticed. love is all i have to give >> back street is back but on a whole other level. i want it that way >> i was always thinking i was second best. it's funny, you know, this whole "dancing with the stars" show, you know, it's like coming down to the wire. and there's a little chip on my shoulder. you knowow still from then. i think it will be nice to get first place. >> at just 35 years old, nick is seeing the ultimate highs and lows.
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a dui, a bar brawl, battles withh alcohol and cocaine. that was then this is nick now. sober, mature, and reflective. what were the real firsts of being such a big teen idol? >> there are a lot of yes people out there. ose are the perks. but they'qe negative they just don't have the purist of intentions. what is interesting now is, like, on your show 35 years old, i'm 35. you know, the progression, like, how i started and where i've come to now -- >> can i ask what the wakeup call was, when you realized you need to make a change? >> your physical appearance. when you look in the mirror and you're doing things and you're seeing that you don't look healthy. i was gaining weight at the time. the color in my face was gone. i was able to look in the mirror and said i don't want to be that person that you turn on the television and they're saying oh, we feel really bad because, you know, he died. >> also helping nick turn his life around is his wife lauren, the two are expecting their own baby back street boy next spring. at was it about your wife that made you realize she's the one? >> she was a woman who wasn't afraid to tell me like, no. she's like my shield.
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you know what i mean? i'm her shield. >> the other back street boys mbers are all parents. they all have kids. have they given you any advice? >> i was the odd-man out for years, actually, on tour with these guys. they doctor we call it daddy daycare. i mean, the buses would be full of diapers and bottles and so noguess i'm kind of a part of it. you know, no matter who you are or what you've been through, it is possible to change your life. >> that is the truth. words t tlive by, nick. i love that. i also hit him up with a rapid fire back street boys quiz, who did he get in the most trouble with? who would he get to baby-sit? you can watch that on our facebook page. i'll be with nick and all the stars at "dancinin monday night back in the ballroom and not having to dance. i love it. >> who did he get in the most trouble with? >> i don't know. think abo that one. all right. in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which "broke back mountain" star was thrown from a horse while on the set? it is ann hathaway, jake gillenhal or michelle williams? >> i'm going to go with jake. did she get hurt?
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up next. welcome back. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which "broke back mountain" star was thrown from a horse? >> i got thrown from a horse o the first day of filming. >> that is ann hathawa neititr one of us got. that she turns 33 today. >> big game on the nfl network, the bills taking on the new york jets. can't wait until next week, though. that's when we're presenting first ever "e.t." icon awards. >> yes. major stars that have made a huge impmpt on the history of our show.. here's a p pk. good-bye, everybody. >> it is such an honor, honestly. it really does mark a career, something like this. >> the true icons making headlines, making history. >> hollywood didn't have your back. >> j was angry at the time.
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the stories you never heard. >> it makes me -- i'm not going to cry. i'm not going to cry. >> we honor the stars who entertained us and i ipired us or over three decadede
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>> i just want to say thank you. . - previously on "heroes reborn"... - [groaning]
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