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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  November 16, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm CST

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the gossip but the story has exploded with n ns about charlie sheen. >> i'm told that he's in treatment. that it's being handled well. and that he has good medical advice. >> reporter: charlie sheen's big sit-down. is the actor about to reveal he has hiv? oo pr expert said the pressure has been building r sheen to talk. >> what i can tell if charlie is indeed hiv positive it's a hard personal moment. takes a hot of courage on h part to talk about this. >> reporter:est cacaconfirm sheen will address reports clcliming he has contntcted the hiv virus tomorrow in a live interview with the "today" show's matt lauer. nbc stating sheen will be making a yeah revealing personal announcement." >> just minutes after the "today" show int announcement the national enquirer and radaronline posted the headline, world exclusive, charlie sheen is hiv positi >> relationship department action things good?
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>> happily -- radically happily single. >> reporter: that's charlie 2014. sheen hasn't been in hiding. his recent timeline, september 13th, happy and mugging for cameras. october 6th, charlie appears to have lost a bit of weight. october charlie has dinner with ex denise richards. >> you guys look amazing. >> modern family. >> reporter: october 10th the infamoususar incident, the mos recent images charlie in intense conversation with his mom october 16th. i think whatcharlieeeds to do is get his personal life i shape. then i think he's going to be much more ready to approach it professionally. >> reporter: "e.t." has reached out to charlie fcomment. he hasn't responded. for weeks we have been tracking published reports on tabloid websites alleging a prominent hollywood star has been hiding hiv diagnosis. the story's origins date back another scandal. >> the story was buried in one of the hack e-mails. it read, it's hard to be a drug
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do 40 episodes a year. >> a hot celebrities have been hacked, h he you dealt withth any of that? >> not really no. i'm just kind of a mess. >> we'll have full coverage of this for you tomorrow. let's move on to the tream in paris. >> hollywood is certainly responding. in fact, tonight the big "h games"remiere inin l.a. has been scaled way back. that's just one of the changes they made out of respect. stars around the world have been canceling events, holding vigils and moments of silence as hollywood honors paris. >> our hearts and our prayers go out to the families. it's just one of those things where you feel helpless. what do you >> there is no one in this world that should have the right to stop us from doing what we l >> reporter: the celebrity support was worldwide. i hear yououvoice >> reporter: in sweden, madonna wiped a tear and dedicated a song to paris.
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bieber led his fans in prayer. >> through all the pain, through all the darkness, god, you still shine your light, amen. >> reporter: in new york a poignant live opening on "snl." >> paris is the city of light. and here in new york city, we know that light will never go out. >> reporter: what's the real impact in hollywood? well, tonight's premiere for "the hunger games: mockingjay part 2" in downtown los a has been scaled back "out of respect for the very recent events in paris." the studio lionsgate canceled red carpet interviews with the film's stars and soso big chchges in primetime. an episode of "super girl" which involves bombings and an episode of "ncis los angeles" which touched on isis were both set to air on cbs tonight. the network has swapped them out for sensitivity reasons. cbs news correspondent elaine copp is in paris. she tells "e.t." the cinemas are open tonight but major concerts havbeen canceledn
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saturday night, they canceled immediately. disneyland paris closed until wednesdayyt least, they're still reviewing the situation. >> the world's crazy now. >> it's a nightmare. i was hoping i would wake up but you can't wake up from it. >> it's in i don't think you can make any sense of it. >> the boys of one direction paid tribute to paris th morning. that story and our exclusive conversation with the band coming up. gwen stefani and blake shelton making news this weekend completely different ways. one was hopping, the other playing ro. >> it locked up his brakes and backed up. that's when he hit. >> reporter: proving again he's just a good ol' boy, blake was back home in oklahoma when he came to the rescue of these guys stuck in a mud hole. >> he locked up the brakes. his dog slid intntthe front seat. he tried to get into his truck and it didn't work. i said, i'll be back with the tractor, pulled it straight out.
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>> saved our lives. >> reporter: blake was doing good deeds. gwen in l.a. taking the kids to church on sunday and filming the paparazzi crush as she left a local diner r terwards. >> thank you, thank you! >> reporter: meanwhile, gavin was at a beverly hills coffee shop wearing what appears to be sources say he's keeping it on for the sake of the couple's three boys. on sunday night, gwen in this reveing dress at the baby to baby event is also where shannen doherty made her first public appearance since announcing she was battling breast cancer. and kerry washington was honored for her work with the group. >> i've known h h for so long. i'm so proud of her. she is -- a word i hate but a person i love -- classy. >> reporter: the organizatio provides low-income families with basic baby necessities. a worthy cause for this proud mom of a toddler. >> she makak me better, i hope evevy day. i feel very lucky to be her mom. >> there are more parties to
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talk about. apparently awards season is in full swing. this year's oscar contenders hobnobbing with oscar winners from years past ininuding cate blanchett at the academy's seventh annual governors award. will smith portrays a doctor in "concussion," is in the oscar hype this year. >> the doctor saw the film and he was smiling like a kid. i'm going to take a few d enjoy that before i stata looking beyond that. >> reporter: the academy honored actresses gina roland and debbie reynolds but recent surgery kept her aw also honored, the always &- outspoken director spike lee. ivanka, daughtfr of donald trump, has words for her father's haters. >> of course it's difficult, especially when the things often said are untrue. but, you know -- any daughter would feel thahaway. >> reporter: ivanka, daughter of
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trump, has words for her father's haters out there. >> somebody has a perception of you that you feel is flawed, then it's kind of fun to prove them wrong. >> reporter: finally lili hemsworth has a new bff, man's best friend, a great dane mix dora adopted from a rescue center in los angeles. >> she's giant. she's 6 months old and 80 pounds. >> reporter: according to the owners it was liam's ex, mylie cyrus, a dog adopter herself, who helpd broker the deal. >> she bically was like, oh my god, i have somebody who will love thi let me text them. he got on a plane and was here first thing in the morning to pick up his puppy. >> adorable. good to see the exes are good friends. speaking of that kind of thing, coming up, our one direction exclusive. what harry is saying about the new song everyone thinks is about his ex, taylor swift. >> i'm not going to tell someone it's not about what t if yououork hard, and you do your part, u should be able tooget ahead and stayayhead. but the republicans... they want to go back to letting
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they don't stand up fo equal pay for women. they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this s onomy working for r e vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. tomorrow, bieber on his new
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missteps. is people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and appuse ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather. he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system that keeps in place a rigged economy. bernie's campaign is funded byover a million contributions -- people like you, who see the middle class disappearing and want a future to believe in.
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that is one direction bowing their heads for one minute of silence before the concert saturday in london. and they also wore tri-color ribbons last night on "the x factor" to show solidarity for the people of paris. touching, respectful tributes. samanththharris, you were witit he boys not long ago. >> i was with them in belfast. i joined t for "e.t.'s" one direction week. it was so much fun. they had so much to say. i got into everything. like did harry really turn the tables on his ex t tlor swift? and write a song about her? if you're looking for someone baby i'm perfect >> is it about taylor? that's what everyone wants to know. >i think the fun thing about music in general is that you write a lot of different persal experiences but i4 doesn't necessarily have to be so literal.
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people can interpret a lot of different things in different ways. and i'm not going to tell someone it's n n about what they think it's abou because i think the whole point is it's about whatever it means to you. baby i'm perfect for you >> we're hanging out waiting for the other guys. >> i'm getting them. >> reporter: one-d a trio. liam under the weather and i got to know the guys by taking a few selfies. let's start right now >> reporter: their fans have been waiting a year for ne music and they're eating up the fifth album "made in the >> with every single we want the fans to enjoy it. the reaction has been great. so yeah. >> sick, yeah. >> reporter: every one of their previous albums has hit number one and their new cd came out the same day as justin bieber's new release. we won't know who won the first week battle until sunday. >> i know you've been going back and forth with the biebs a little bit. >> i think it's turned into a
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beliebers and tte directioners. a bit of a battle and stuff. but, y it's fun. there's no real competition at all. you're going to be competing with whatever. >> good to have a little bit of rivalry among musicians. it's >> i know, right? >> more fun, here is harry meeting harry. >> cute. >> there they are at a performance in london on friday. and i will have more of one-d exclusively for you tomorrow. the guys are telling me all about what they thought when zayn told they will them, hey, i'm leaving the band. we're inside a celeb's massive manhattan townhouse. the manicure station. a department store-sized closet. >> it's six floors about 15,000 square f j. lo gets our icon award and celebrates with our "e.t. flashback." >> you got to see me through my early 20s. that's me in my chunky days. >> that is ahead.
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by -- we have kept you guessing long enough. who lives in the ridiculously huge manhattan townhouse we've been telling you about? donny deutsch, media mogul and executive producer of "donnie." he showed our jennifer all six stories of jaw-dropping eye candy. >> you've gutted this entire place. you got to choose everything you wanted. >> other than the facade, we built it from scratch. >> how long's that take? >> whole process, four y yrs. >> reporter: over 15,000 square feet. bought for over $20 million. fillewith art including warhols and this strangely intriguing medicine cabinet. it's where donnie films his usa network show. >> this is my office down here. ththse are my gorgeous g gls, my ree daughters. 28, 12, 8. >> this is an amazing kitchen and i've never cooked anything. >> nothing? >> i don't cook. i have my kids half the time. my girls. it's chicken nuggets, mac and
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this is my girls' play room. and we've got the cupcake and the red heart chairs where the real action happens is over here. this is the manicure station. >> reporter: the fourth floo the girls' bedrooms. the fifth flolo is where donnie has lots of fun. especially with his guests on tomorrow night's episode christie brinkley. >> this is the famous christie brinkley chair. >> yes. in the episode when i finally get her up here in the bedroom she basically sits in this chair and tells me to strip. >> show me what you got. >> you need to watch christie in this chair, the sexiest thing in the world. >> this is awesome. i've never seen a bathtub like this. >> it's pretty cool. >> reporter: there's nine bathrooms in all. on the sixth floor, a private if you're wondering how donnie managed to get all this, herers his advice. >ollow your passion. always think about it from the her person's perspective. don't be afraid to fail. and go for it. >> reporter: words that have worked for donnie. he is reportedly worth up of $300 million. not $200 million, $300 million. >> he'e'doing all right.
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35th season. cameron mathison is here to kick off wh is the centerpiece of our celebration. it is our first-ever "e.t." icon awards >> it's a big deal. i was thrilild to be able to present this one. we created this award to honor the stars who have made a huge impact on our audience over a span of decades. let me tell you, we have been all about jennifer lopez ever since her days on the block. >> jenny from the block. >> we want to give you our "e.t." icon award. it's so well deserved, congratulations. >> it is such an honor. honestly. i'm a big cryer for everything. it's like i'm getting an oscar, thank you so much! ohohmy gosh. it really does mark a career, something like this. you realize how long you've been doing it and people appreciate what you do. it means a lot. and i really -- i'll treasure this. thank you for this. waiting for the night >> when was it for you did you feel like you made it? >> probably -- last year. when i bought my first apartment
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in new york. >> come on. >> i swear to you. i used to dream about that when i was growing up in the bronx. one day i'll have a nice apartrtnt, i'll have my girlfriendndover, we'll be like single and doing fun stuff. you know, and i'll be working on broadway. ooh, it feels so nice. >> flash forward. >> yeah, flash forward. i'm like, whwh the hell? how did i get here? >> j. lo, you got here by walking countless red carpets, doing two fly girl auditions, 40 acting roles, 36 music videos, and the number of times you talked with "e.t."? 198. >> that's me.e. with a few extra pounds on. in my chunky days. if you loved me in my chunky days of fly girl you were a real fan. >> it hasn't been overnight. there's still the biggest overnight in this business. i knew everything about this business in 1995. here on the set of "
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welcome. i'll be playing, if you haven'ting if the it out, selena. >> number one at the box office, number one on the charts. >> that was the best thing that ever happened to me in my whole life! but right now i just like -- i'm back at work and it seems like another >> what makes jennifer an "e.t." icon? one, passion. two, perspe you see, when it comes to all the ups and downs in life they've only made her better and stronger. >> it's just growth. you guys got to see me all through my early 20s and into my 30s and now i'm in my 40s. going from a girl to -- to kind of a big girl. >> out of everythihi that you have accomplished whatatre you most proud of? >> my kids. they bring me the most joy. i know that i would not be as good a mother if i wasn't doing all the things that i do. because i am fulfilled as an individual. again, everything starts with you.
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as a woman, as a performer, as an artist, makes me a better person for them. >> reporter: j. lo told me her favorite fashions include this lden globe dress, t t banded dress from the ama, and of course the green versace. the important thing j. lo wants you to know -- >> you can do anything that you want to do, there are no boundaries or limits ononhat. i never let anybody p p me in a box. i don't care what -- they can say a lot of things about me but i never allowed somebody to say, because you're an actress you can't be a singer. because you're a singer you can't do a reality show. if it felt right to me and it felt like i had something to contribute to it, i went for it. >> last question, a serious one. are you still jenny from the block? >> you saw when i walked in here. >> that's r rht. >> i had d y bomber on. there were like, you should put on a nice e ess. and i was like, honestly? this is iconic jennifer lopez righ >> that's right. we want the genuine.
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>> i don't want those things on. >> that's right. >> i'm jenny from the block. >> i i ve that may be true but jennifer continues to push herself further and further. she's executive producing and starring in "shades of blue," the crime drama on n premiering in january. that happens to be the month that she begins her residency at plplet hollywood in las vegas. and get this, this sunday she'll host the american music awards on abc. >> thanks, and i will b for those american music awards, can't wait to see her. we have more icon awards to hand out all week long. stay with us, it's so much fun looking back. >> fantastic. in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which emmy winner was once a weather girl? is it marg helgenberger? allison janney?
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the answer's coming up next. when i go joey seeks final days. the country singer speak from hospice care. why she isn't afraid of what's to adorable photos of jessica duggar's baby. kate hudson's been making headlines for her reported relationship with nick jonas. but the actress is now saying she doesn't have much faith she'll find love. why kate thinks her odds "aren't great." head to
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provided by -- welcome back to the show. tonight's "e.t. birthdays." which emmy winner was once a weather girl? that is marg helgenberger who turns 57 day. >> do you believe burt reynolds will turn 80 in february? tomorrow a rare conversation with one of hollywood's biggest stars. >> here's a take. bye, everybo >> your body is a wreck. >> it is. i am in such pain now. >> our exclusive with the legend. in pain, struggling to walk. >> my knee swells up. >> why he's saying good-bye t his home. >> i'll take the ones i love
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>> tomorrow on "e.t." >> carson: before we begin our show tonight, on behalf of everyone here at "the voice," i want to offer our love and support to the people of paris. you're in our hearts, our thoughts and our prayers.
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>> carson: tonight our coaches hand the power to america as the top 12 sing live for your votes. >> at this point the artists have to bring their a game every single second they're on the stage. >> carson: but before they take their shot. >> hi. >> carson: the artists will get their most intensive training yet. >> i'm so glad america voted me through. >> we're in the top 12. that means everything is completely amplified. don't put your cape up now. they want to see you fly. >> the music and performances have to be stronger. it's a big deal. >> i ised my only save of the season. >> i don't want to let you down. >> stop..hl what's the matter. come here. >> carson: their coaches are going to push them. >> you're a rock star. >> carson: developing the skills they will need. >> you're going to find some girls out here. you're going to be singing to them. take their hands. >> you're ridiculous. >> thank you. >> carson: to be named "the voice." >> how about that? >> i'm about to bring it, baby.
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>> thanks, man. >> carson: america, the decision
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