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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  November 16, 2015 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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woodbury county development committee meeting was to discuss plans for economic growth throughout the county and to give representativ es from each rural community an opportunity to have their questions answered. "the economic development boom that the siouxland region is having really gives an opportunity for these communities to get some w families to come and live there," said woodbury county economic development director, david gleiser. "we have little too crime, low property taxes, great schools and great people. i'm optimistic." among the ideas shared in tonight's meeting were plans to hire a professional consulting firm t tt spececlizes in infrastructct e growth to work with each community in the county. a siouxland city is one step closer to getting a new fire station. the dakota city council and rural fire district chose how to finance the new fire station tonight. the key funding will come from a county-wide group working to generate money for public service projects. on wednesday, delegates from
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around d dota county will meetet to vote on how those funds will be used. dakota city decided they will use those funds to help finance the new fire station with an estimated cost of around $4 million dollars. "we have a very strong, a very good fire department that serves a very large area. we've got dakota city, we've got the rural district, which in itself is a large area and so i think it's important that they have a building that meets their eds so that the citytynd the rural area are all well served," said dakota city city administrator, alyssa silhacek. the prosed new spot for the station is right off broadway street in dakota city. they're this spring. it was a gloomy day in siouxland but what does the rest of the week have in store? for that we'll toss it over to chief meteorologis ron demers.
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even some rumbles of thunder) and then we stayed gloomy, drizzly, and foggy. rain will be on the increase again tonight and good chances of rain, and maybe even some thunderstorms, will last through the day on tuesday. chances of showers will c ctinue into tuesday night and weweesday bebere we start to cleaea out some later in the afternrnn on wednesday. temperatures will be trending downward with tomorrow being the warmest of the days to come as we'll all still be in the 50s.
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estherville, iowa, police are investigating a suspected bomb threat allegedly phoned in to a northwest iowa@school, this morning. (sheila) police chief brent shatto told kicd radio, in spencer, that rap music lyrics were recorded on the voice mail of an estherville elemenatry school. shatto said the person listening to the message said they thought they couldldear the words "bomb" and "school" in the message before the caller hung up. officers responded and searched the schools. but, they didn't find anything out of the ordinary. shatto says administrator s chose not to evacuate the school. instead, they chose to secure the school, and check for any signs of an explosive device. they didn't find anthing. a one-vehicle accident in sioux city sent two people to the hospital this evening. the incidede happened around 7:30 at the corner of 7th and nebraska st. in downtown sioux city. the suv was traveling northbound, when it lost control, went over the wall and crashed. the driver was able to get out
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easily, but the passenger was entrapped. sioux city fire rescue, police and siouxland paramedics helped remove the passenger. neither injury is considered to bebeife threatening. no word on whahacaused the driver to lose control. a sioux city man, who's charged in a deadly hit and run, will enter a plea in court tomorrow. 29-year-old dustin suppi pleaded not guilty to charges related to the hit and run death of troy ford. on august 8th, police say suppi was slumped behind the wheel of his pickup in the 4000 block of division street when troy ford walked up toto check on h h. police say suppi woke up, and sped away. that caused a trailer attached to the suppi's truck to run over ford. court records show suppi has a plea and sentencing hearing, tomorrow morning, which indicates a change in his earlier not guilty plea. sioux city police have arrested an omaha man for the robbery of a local convenience storor last week. last thursday y ght, police say 21-year-old leander tyndall entered the kum & go convenience store, at 13th and pierce street, armed with a
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clerk. surveillance video shows tyndall taking the cash drawer out of the register, and then leaving the store on foot. that footage, tips to the police facebook page, andndalls the crimestopper s tipline led to tyndall's arrest. he's charged with 1st- possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession marijuana. a northeast nebraska man received 12 to 18 months for assaulting his pregnant girlfriend. eric benavides from madison pleaded guilty to a domestic assault charge to benavides told the judge he was intoxicated when it happened and couldn't recall events of that night. court records indicate benavides called police after the assault scene. the woman and baby weren't injured. a storm lake, iowa woman faces child endangerment charges for leaving her three children at investigators say 36-year- old loriana brbrtley left her house thursday night and returned. officer arrested her around 4
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a.m. in connection with a disturbance. however, police say she never mentioned anything about her children. the children were discovered friday afternoon. the kids ages 5, 7 and 9 were taken into custody by the department of human services. work will soon be underway to construct a 10 storage units for private planes at sioux gateway airport. the move comes after high winds august 2014 thunderstorm did serious damage to an existing t-hangar. city leaders decided to replace it instead of repairing it since replacement would be less expensive. the estimated cost is $650,000. a big celebration tonight for a sisixland school, which is one of the best in the country. ridge view is the only high school in iowa named a national blue ribbon school in 2015. tonight's event honored students-- past and present--- as well as teachers and school board members. "we've had success in the fine arts, and the athletics, and this just here for is the academics, and we have outststding kids here who achieve very well." said superintendent jon wiebers "it's
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the only school in iowa. it's basically all our teachers, and i give credit to them because they push us to be the best we can be." said ridge view senior afton wulf. ridge view high school serves the communities of early, galva, schaller. tomorrow, sioux city's sunnyside schoho will be honored as a blue ribbon school. this is the first time a school in sioux city has been selected for the honor. watch for continuing coverage tomorrow on news 4. still to come.... the man believed to be behind the attacks in paris has been identified. the latest from france. rain moved through early today (with even some rumbles of thunder) and then we stayed gloomy,
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foggy. rain will be on the increase agaga tonight and gd chances of rain, and maybe even some thunderstorms, will last through the day on tuesday. chances of showers will continue into tuesday night and wednesday before we start to clear out some later in the afternoon on wednesday. temperatures%will be trending downward with tomorrow being the warmest of the days to come as we'll all still be in the 50s. the cooler weather then continues to move in with highs by saturday only getting to about 40 degrees. we're keeping a a ight chance of a
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friday night but otherwise we have a drier forecast once we get through
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amid reports that a syrian passport was found near one of the paris attackers, u.s. governors talk about barring syrian refugees from their states. siouxland's governors weigh in, after the break.
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jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in. it's not about yappin'. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working.
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1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out t poverty. children startrt to learn. as p psident of the unitededstates, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. mastermind behind the paris terror attacks. (sheila) richard lui has late details from paris.
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also more information about where he came from and where he's going. france, but now perhaps somewhere in the belgium area. alslsseven arrests relateteto thisis case in belgium and now the focus is what is the connection and what are the possibilities of who still might be at large. meeting with the president francois hollande, a historic meeting with his congress here in france. meanwhile the country moves to aa different state. (-- sot -- (president barack obama 1:01-1:13) "the terrible events in paris were obviously a terrible and sickening setback..on the military front our coalition is intensifying our air strikes, more than 8,000 to date." they had a moment of silence today. and the sadness continues to be expressed.. (s/ john kerry / sec of state 1:18-1:21) "no one should doubt the light still shinesesn the city of light, thht darkness wwll not ever, never overpower ." de la republique filled the ground with ideas and expressions and anger too. on cam:
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(s/ richard lui / nbc news / paris 1:35-1:39) so it has been a very full day here in france on this monday. back to you. >> a new video released online today was allegedly created by isis to celebrate the deaths in the coordinated terror attacks in paris. the video shows news clips of the aftermath of last week's six-location terror campaign in paris. there are also clips showing the french president addressssg the world after the tragedy. throughout the video there are messages written in arabic and militant fighters, posing with weapons, talking the camera . they're said to be praising the actions of the assailants who carried out the attacks. today, governors from all three states have weighed in on the syrian refugees. today, iowa governor terry branstst ordered d l state agencies to o op any work on bringg syrian
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refugees to the state. also, nebraska governor pete ricketts sent a letter to refugee resettlement agencies in nebraska to urge them not to pursue resettlement of syrian refugees. and south dakota governor dennis daugaard's office says the state has not received any refugees and doesn't believe any will be sent to the state. still to come.... charlie sheen is expected to make a personal announcement tomorrow. a look at what some sources say he plans to reveal about his
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blood'. (sheila) now actor charlie sheen says he's ready to make a more serious, personal announcement . the actor will appear on nbc's "today" show tomorrow morning. the network confirms sheen's appearance, but doesn't hint at what his "personal announcement " will be. it'll be a sit-down interview with "today" show host matt lauer. a source t tls people magazine sheen will reveal he h-i-v positive. the 50-year-old was fired in 2011 from his starring role on the sitcom "two and a half men" after a public meltdown and lashing-out at the show's creators. public health officials say two central iowa men have died from the flu and the state now has one of the highest influenza virus activity rates in the nation. the iowa department t public health medical director says the two men who died were between 41 and 60 years old. right now, the cdc says iowa, oregon and rhode island have the highest influenza activity.
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the medical director says getting a flu vaccine is the best defense. to some -- coffee is the elixer of life. now science appears to back them up. researchers at harvard pooled data from three large, ongoing studies that included more than 200-thousand people. people who drank moderate amounts of coffee-- about 2 to 5 cups a day-- were less likely to die from heart disease, neurological diseases and type 2 diabetes. the effect held true for both caffeinated and decaf coffee. it's unclear exactly what it is about coffee that gives an apparent protective effect. (sheila)
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healing. we'll tell you what you need to know before you head out to o y it. and there might be a shortage of a favorite thanksgiving food, what you can do to make sure you don't miss out on turkey this year. wynot has only lost one game
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the blue devils got a chance for revenge in the class d2 semifinals. the winner would get a spot in next monday's state championship game in lincoln. wynot fought hard - in fact, it was scoreless after a quarter. but in the second, st. francis really poured it on - already up 16- nothing - kyle wemhoff breaks through the hole and scores to ke it 24-0 - the flyly fans are happy about that. wywyt trying to get something going - getting it to their playmaker cody stratman on the screen - and stratman finds a lane - down the sideline - for a big gainer to the st. francis 15. the blue devils give stratman another go on the next play - but he coughs it up this time - st. francis - great defensive efefrt all game, holdingngt. francis then gets the offense going agagn - driving all the way down the field to make it 32-0 - it was 40-zip at the half - and st. francis ends wynot's season, 40-12. in d1, creighton falls to b-d-s, in shickley, 46-28.
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the bulldogs trailed 32- nothing -- cut the lead to 4 -- but finish 11 and 1. also in d1, , earwater- orchard falls at burwell, 40 to 6. it's turned into a season of "what if's" for iowa state. the cyclones nearly pulled off the biggest upset of the weekend, but blew a 17-point lead against undefeated oklahoma state. isu has two road games left to find something positive. the cyclones travel to kansas state this saturday, before closing the seseon at west virginia. last saturday, isu led okie state, 24-7 in the first half and 31-21 in the fourth quarter, before falling 35-31. even though getting to a bowl game is no longer a possibility, the cyclones still have a lot to play for. "everyone was frustrated about the outcome and everything. we just wanted to get a win," said quarterback joel lanning. "but no one really hung their heads, just frustrated about the outcome honestly. we're fine now. we're just going to move on and prepare for kansas state." "you don't get many opportunities a year to play college football," said defensive end j.d. waggoner. "we get 12 oppotunities. we're working every single day. that's enough motivation for me just to want to go out there and perform my best."
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kickoff is at 11 am on fox sports 1. new iowa state basketball coach steve prohm -- making his home debut against chicago state. the cyclones started a little slowly -- georges niang with the lob go jameel mckay. 49-35 cyclones at the half. second half -- niang is left all alone and he drops in the 3 -- georges had 11 as all five starters were in double figures. the lead balloons to 47. monte morris to mckay -- 2 more of his career-high 25 points. naz mitrov-long added 14 -- 3 from the corner. iowa state wins 106-64. the cyclones are off until next monday. wayne state has picked up a baseball r rruit from siouxland. this new pitcher tooooan un-conventional route e get a scsclarship. brody gugat is a senior at sioux city north, who signed with the wildcats in front of his parents, jerry and dana, and sister brooke. last summer, the 6-5 right- hander decided to
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sioux falls cyclones and coach steve phillips, to face some of the top talent in the midwest. he responded with a zero- point-95 era on the season, with a no-hitter. gugagasays the decision to play travel ball helped him get better. "we got to travel to different places," said gugat. "we traveled to nebraska, kansas and illinois and i played some great competition there. more scouts got to me and i just feel like that was the better option for me." he's'sanked as the number-r- right-handed h hh school pitcher in iowa, by perfect game. tonight: rain increases. low: 53
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>> steve: from studio 6b in
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rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- cate blanchett, anthony mackie, musical guest tinashe, and featuring the legendary roots crewew >> questlove: 368. >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's what i'm talking about. thank you very much. welcome, everybody. [ cheers and applause ]
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thank you for the love.
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