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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  November 18, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm CST

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now there's over 30. so i think he has a really good chance of living a long, productive life. >> charlie! >> that's charlie sheen today leaving his hotel in new york. meanwhile, his "spin co-star heather locklear is sending her support. >> do you have any comments about charlie sheen? >> love him. >> charlie's dad, the actor martin sheen, called his son courageous speaking at a conference said, quote, this morning as i had watched him alone i couldn't believe the level of coura was witnessing and that it was my son. >> not everyone is sympathetic. some of charlie's exes are outraged. >> charlie's ex-fiance brett rossi ignored reporters but s did make this exclusive video in april. >> look at all these nice photos. >> she can be seen burning photos of them together. >> you exposed to hiv for a year and a half.
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>> another ex, bree olson is also upset. >> i'm shaking, been crying. to think that -- that someone could do that to me. >> today i sat down with another ex, former adult film actress cassandra cruz. >> there was one sexual act that we had, and there was no condom use. >> when did he tell you he hiv? >> he told me he had hiv in spring of 2013. >> so that sexual act happened in 2012 where he did not tell you, you h no idea that he was hiv positive? >> right. >> cassandra says charlie told her his hiv was undetectable. attorney lisa bloom is representing cassandra and they're weighing their legal options. >> the way it was disclosed to her was in a way that persuaded her it was safe to have unprotected sex. >> so while civil lawsuits are possible, criminal charges a this time seem unlikely. the lapd tells quote, we have no active investigations
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aga charlie sheen. the actor told matt lauer his sexual partners knew about his status. >> have knowingly or even perhaps unk transmitted the hifbv virus to someone else since your diagnose? >> impossible. >> so what's next for charm ylie? magic is hoping join him as an aids activist. >> once wraps his arm around his new status is to really join the hiv and aids fight when and if he's ready. i'm here for him, but i would love for him to join that fight with me because we can do some gr work out here. >> let's never forget magic johnson helped change the world and their views about hiv and aids. maybe he can help charlie. we're speaking to another one of charlie's goddesses. we'll have that interview for you tomorrow. well now t sexiest man alive and it catches some surprise. not a lot of people guess david
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"people" magazine no doubt why david deserves the honor. >> nice to have that kind of title just for my wife from time to time and my el >> the photo shoot took place in beverly hills and beckham spent, well, not enough of it shirtless. what we learned, 40-year-old is shy and sleeps in the nude, thank you very much. "people" never reveals who the other top contenders are, but on this teaser shot on instagram, the internet responded with their choices. >> some thought chris pratt, efron. not a lot of people guessed him. >> while all of this is all good, it's this and after we love the most. >> that gives everyone hope any guy who maybe looks a little awkward, a little dorky, can sexy later if life. >> that guy's been on top of the world as a soccer player and now just as a man. good life. have you heard justin bieber's new album. >> i like it.
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i do l it. >> so talented. they are vying for the number one spot. >> let me tell you both are out promoting like crazy. they're going nonstop. and we were with one-d as they shot a performance on "ell they talk about the breakup rumors. man, my daughter will be first, we take you behind the scenes of justin's concert on the "today" show. >> bieber taking the stage and making sure his voice wasn't altered. >> we don't need auto tu that's for other artists, not me. >> i get to feel the energy of the crowd. >> that's justin opening up with our special correspondent. >> it's an emotional in my life for sure. i've been having a lot of cries lately. >> good cries, badcries? >> just all around being emotional. >> after a public breakup and
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run-ins with the law, justin has finally found his purpose. the new album is his most personal so far. >> i justsaid, hey, what am i going through? what am i feeling? and basically just poured my heart out in this album. >> justin's got an apology for ufc fighter ronda rousey who was seen covering her face walking through l.a.x. after her perfect record got ko'd last week. she's had a beef with bieber. >> supposedly she asked for a picture with her sisters and i guess no. but i don't remember this happening, so ronda, i'm sorry. don't kickass. >> yeah, just go get in the ring with her. justin is duking it out for the number one album title with the boys of one "d." >> one direction,everybody. >> they play to an adoring crowd, but that their album has dropped samantha harris has
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the answer to that one question. >> is one-"d" done? >> we're not breaking up. we're going to take time a reflect over what we've done over the last few years. >> any one of those guys can have great solo careers. hoping it isn't any time soon. >>adele's new album "25" drops friday. last night she got the trump endorsement. he went to the taping of her tv special at radio city music hall. jennifer lawrence was there, bradley cooper was also there. the show will air december 14th on nbc. how about that sta power? >> impressive, yeah. thank you very much, cameron. speaking of music artists, i'm so very happy for jamie foxx, because first of all one of the most talented people in the world. he was one proud pa about after his daughter was named miss golden globe 2016. >> he's probably more excited for this than i am. he probably has tears in his eyes.
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>> i'm absolutely just blown away that this is -- youknow, i cry easy, but this is the moment that madee and her and the whole family can challenge. >> we've known her since he was 11. she was jamie's date when he won his oscar. >> if you don't win, don't need a statue to tell you you're a good actor. >> wow. >> now he says he' do just about anything to be her date at the globes. >> i'll be thevalet, be the chauffeur, whatever i got to do. that's my babgirl. you know, like i said, man, you know, you know it's real. >> they have such a beautiful, beautiful relationship. in fact, he told me he runs a lot of his music b her. >> he's a great dad. coming up we're with tracy morgan after the crash. >> this is the first time without a wheelchair. a miracle. >> john legend and hisrable bulldog. that's on the way
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by --
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the supplier diverseity event. who was the first person to make tracy morgan laugh after the acci that nearly killed him? nischelle turner is with him. i hope he's doing a lot of laughing. >> he really opened up his heart to me.
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he got emotional about recovery. there was only one small hitch. there was a little scene stealer inside the room. >> how are you feeling? >> i feel good. i feel strong. >> you ta about your family. we can hear her over there doing her thing. >> that's one of my s players. >> does she make you laugh? yes. >> come here. >> oh. she's being a girl. that camera-shy cutie is tracy and wife megan's 2-year-old maven. she was just under 1 when tracy was seriously injured. >> my daughter started walking, took her first step and i was in a wheelchair, and that right there, i said, walking, too. and like a week later i was standing. >> now the who family is involved in foot locker's campaign starting on saturday. >> you bringing flowers? >> do you remember the first pair of sneakers you fell in love with? >> i remember it to this day. >> just like that.
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money and go to foot locker with me. >> tracy gets emotional talking about his love for certain friends. who was the first person you laughed at again. >> eddie. >> eddie murphy. >> it was eddie on the phone. he said, are you all right? and he said, i love and take a year of take as much time as you can off because you don't want to get on the with your knee wobbling. and i started laughing. >> i love that. ed and tracy are going to team up on the big screen in the n richard pryor bio pick. tracy is set to play redd foxx. >> good to see him doing so well. samantha harris will be sharing a health update after her breast cancer battle tomorrow on "the doctors." coming up next, i'm here with oprah, one of our "e.t." icons. you have to lady o's reaction to our decades covering her. from 1985.
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>> oh, my god! >> 1986 oscar nominated oprah winfrey. plus at home with tom brady talking about those super bowl
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that's ahead. tom brady is giving david beckham a run for his money as sexiest man alive. >> i'm probably in the gym two or three days a week. >> stealing a bit of the spotlight when gq went to
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their annual men of the year issue. tom's got four sup rings. affleck's nanny showed them off on private jet. but tom says he doesn't mind wearing them himself. >> unless people want to see them. they're so big gaudy and they attract a lot of attention if you're wearing around because they're enorm so for the most part, they just stay in a safe all day. >> well, tom might want make room in that safe for a fifth ring because patriots favor to win the super bowl again, although they better watch out for those carolina panthers. the 50th anniversary of the game airs february 7th cbs. i had the honor of a very special one. the "e.t." icon to the one and only oprah winfrey. you know her enormous talent and her generous heart have made her a fixtu on our show for more than three decades. after all these years it's not easy to surprise her, but
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let's talk about being an "e.t." icon. >> talk a that. i didn't even know that when i sat down. i thought i was going to be talking ab "e.t." being iconic in o culture because it's 35 years ol >> can you believe it? >> i can't believe it. listen, generations have grown up with this as their source of information. >> okay. when oprah says that, well, who else has all this? 200 hours ofinterviews we have with you. 676 entries under oprah winfrey when you do a search. >> hold on a minute. >> let it sink in. >> 200 hours. >> 200 hour of interviews with oprah winfrey. the one thing that really stood out was intention. take a look at this. our first interview from 1985. >> oh, my god! i believe that when you believe
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in yourself, when you really, truly do believe in yourself, and i don't mean kind of liking yourself to go out and buy a pair of shoes, but believe in yourself and your own open to you. i really do. whoa. >> is that amazing? >> that is amazing. >> you did veer from your intention. >> no, i've been kind of consistent about that. the only thing i've not be consistent in weight or hairdos. >> i wou say semi-nappy. i have semi-nappy hair. i have been v consistent in my beliefs and my intentions. >> that belief and intention has led oprah to her biggest challenge yet, fin conquering a lifetime worth of body struggles with that weight watchers deal. so far she's l more than 20 pounds. one of the things that you've always been the most real ab which we all struggle with as women, most all of us, t weight issue. >> yea oh, lord. >> is it still there?
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>> so many years, you know, i just wanted to be a size 6. well, i really can't. my body won't do it. i have to be comfortable in the 8 to 10 zo will quickly rise to a 12. my thighs love being a 12. yep, they do. but the weight is not who i am. i am not a size and i'm not number on a scale. >> that's so oprah, inspiring thoughtful and just fun. but what i wanted to know what does she think of some of her most iconic moments. i want to play a little word association game. >> go ahead. >> when i throw out something, i'd like you to give first word that comes to y mind. like a game show. you got to win. oprah's got to win. you'll get a car. >> that was an iconic moment. >> yes, iwas. >> can i tell you something about you get car? >> okay. >> because i just shared this at the dinner table. my goddaughter have you ever told that story? no, but maybe i'll tell it to nancy. >> please do. >> that moment of you get a car.
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>> you get a car. you get a car. get acar. that came up -- i was saying that because people were screaming so loudly, they didn't know what was going on. and prior to that moment i had said, open up your boxes. one person has a key. so when i looked at the faces of the audience, they go, but i have a key. and then, but she has a key. i thought i had the key. that's why i said, you get a car, you get a car, you get a car. to try to cla because they all looked so confused. everybody gets car. >> all right. you ready? 1986. oscar nominated oprah winfrey. >> i remember dress didn't fit. having to cut it that night. there you go. >> 2005, "the colo purple" on broadway. >> david lettermen walking m to
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and ending the so-called feud. one of happiest days of my life. you want to make mecry? my girls are graduating from college. i got to figure out how i'm going to be at three graduations on the same day. i mean, reward, reward, reward, reward. >> oprah's book club. love it. launching the o net tpwork. >> crazy girl. what were you thinking? you learn more about y when you're in those challenging moments. i said that to you. >> she left us with o final bit of wisdom. her a-h a moment for what celebrity is all about. >> the true purpose of it to have the light shined on you so that other people can see that and then see that inthemselves. that's what it's for. you know. it's to say this how it can be done. >> i would like to present you right now -- >> there's an award? >> there's anaward.
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oprah winfrey, i woul like to present you the "enterttinment tonight" icon award for entertaining our audience for year and for making us all feel like you've been our and our sister and our best friend. >> thank you. this one i will treasure. i will actually treasure this. >> and she said was going to keep the award in full display on her desk. yes, she's as r as you think she is. she's so genuine. >> she's the best. >> "e.t.'s" icon week con with ellen degeneres. en. >> and our birthdays, which star played a cowboy doesn't get get
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[ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather. he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system that keeps in place a rigged economy. bernie's campaign is funded byover a million contributions -- people like you, who see the middle class disappearing and want a future to believe in.
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at, gwen stefani wishes divorce from gafben rossdale happened. >> plus il. >> behati prinsloo and gigi hadid try on their secret wings. and the se meanings behind their tattoos revealed. our interview with the artist who inkedem only on 24/7 destination for celebrity news. travel consideration
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provided by -- welcome back to the show, everybody. in tonight's "e.t."birthdays, which star played a cowboy but didn't get along with his horse. >> i never felt that he respected me. >> that's owen wilson in "shanghai noon." he turned 47 today. >> chrissy teigen's man john legend is also honored the issue on stands friday along with his bulldog putty. >> he shows most love when you
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>> bye.. (sirens blaring) (laughing) you did not. i so did. he was disgusting. now he's disgusting and bleeding. (chuckling) i am so tweeting that. a little change? -ew. -go. (chuckles) i don't think this is the street. it is. the review said you're on this super grim block and then you walk through a random door and suddenly you're rolling in hot guys and whiskey sours. it's retro. i have to hurl. -you're fine. -(vehicle approaching) -(tires squealing) -(brakes screeching) (panting) (vomiting) (sirens blaring) (people chatting indistinctly)
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good evening, detectives. dead young man here took three rounds to the torso. one lodged in his shoulder, two to the abdomen. so this guy was driving with multiple gunshot wounds? indeed he was and yet the blood soaked interior of this otherwise quite choice ferrari california does not contain any expended rounds. no gunshots in the glass either. must have taken his lumps outside the car and then got in to try to escape. we will process and forward the shoulder slug to ballistics, see if we can luck into a hit in the system. as for your victim, cheap old phone but but no wallet or id on his person, of course we will run prints and check for dna. it's a burner phone, can't trace calls or texts. did you adjust the seat? we did not. car is registered to william davis. i don't think this is william. enlighten me? the front seat isn't positioned for someone that tall. besides sports cars are usually driven by teeny guys compensating for their teeny...
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roger that.
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