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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  November 19, 2015 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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off of each of their trucks, and replace them with spreaders. once the spreaders are on the back, crews hook the plows to the front of the trucks. while that work is done, brince trucks are already on the streets preparing them for the snow and ice. "when it first starts snowing it'll help keep the roads f fm icing and it gets us a small window fore there gets to b btoo much ow," said ed pickens, field services street superintendent for sioux city public works. the brine is made up of salt, and is applied to the city's priority streets. those are the streets used by buses, and emergency crews. city officials say the following steps can make their jobs a lot easier: rst... don't crowd d e plow. stay out of its way, so the crew can clear the snow. second, as you shovel your driveway, and sidewalk, don't push the snow into the street. that snow can turn to ice and can be dangerous. back to those priority roads we mentioned a moment ago... the most important streets are called "priority one", and include streets like floyd boulevard, hamiltononoulevard, outer drive, and gordon drive.
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downtown streets are also considered "priority one" streets. those streets get plowed first. then, there are "priority two" streets... like glen oaks bouelvard, grandview boulevard, peters avenue and stone avenue. other residential streets are handled third. you can get a closer look at this map by clickin on this story y ktiv-dot-com. to get the very latest on the roads around siouxland, you can find them at ktiv-dot-com. under the "weather" tab you will see "road reports." from there you can click on iowa, nebraska, or south dakota for the very latest road conditions. once you hit the road, sioux ty police want you to keep a few tips in mind. first... slow down. those big suv's, with 4- wheel drive,e,r all-wheel drive, g ge you grgrt traction to get going, but they don't gove you any benefit when you try to stop. second... slow down before you reach a hill. once your vehicle starts to head down the hill, your momentum may cause you to slip and slide to the bottom. third... give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. fourth... drive defensively. watch what other dririrs are doing.
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shoppers were out in full force all day, today, stocking up before the storm. (matt) droves of shoppers lined aisles of local grocery stores stocking up on the essentials to avoid battling the elements over the weekend. for some people, shopping before bad weather keeps their families fed. for others, it's simply a remedy for procrastinati on. "i know there's going to be a lot of snow tomorrow and i have 3 babies, so i'm trying to get it done before the weathth," said shopper kelly knaack. "it's been probay 3 or 4 weeks since we've actually gone all-out grocery shopping and i don't want to come out when it's freezing and snowing," said shopper josh vondrak. as ron said the snow will likely move out of siouxland friday night. but, higher winds, and much h colder temperaturere are forecast for the weekend. the food bank of siouxland is giving thanks for a big donation just in time for the holidays. e-f-s group wealth management presenting a check for $5,000 today. that's enough money to provide 50,000 meals in the siouxland area by supporting feeding america. feeding america is a nationwide network of more than 200 food
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banks, inclulung here in sioux city. "siouxland is a a ry giving and generous community that, little by little and sometimes bigger by bigger is willing to step up and help us in the battle against hunger, so we are immensely grateful," said food bank of siouxland executive director, linda scheid. the food bank of siouxland serves 11 siouxland counties. an iowa non-profit is promoting women's leadership throughout the state. today, iowa womom lead change shshed how it will bring that message to siouxland on february 16th. the 2016 women's leadership conference will host nationally known women's business leaders. the event will be at the marina inn hotel and conference center in south sioux city, nebraska. the theme..."gener ation she." "how do you create a work environment that's positive based upon understanding and respect for one another?" said diane ramsey, ceo of iowa women lead change. "so that's a lot about what our conference is going to be about." the conference will also offer an invitation only ceo forum, and an event for college students. mercy medical center is a presenting sponsor of the event. (matt)
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saving dogs, it's the mission of an animal rescue group in sioioland. (sheila)a) now, they have turned to an unlikely location to keep abused and unwanted animals from being euthanized.
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april giving these dogs intense training when they find their forever hoho." as being a dog person i was lolking as benefit to the dog. they really made me open my eyes to how important it is to the inmates," said deanna jarvis, noah's hope. inmates, like louis vandermolen from yankton, south dakota. 1:04 "prison isn't all that you see in movies or tv. it's actually a really rewarding experience especially when it come to these dogs. they seem to help you out momo i think." vandermolen,n,ho just turned 20- years-old, also like the dogs, waiting for his second chance at life. 1:19 "i lived in sioux city for a little while, trying to play football for briar cliff as a freshman. i plan to pay again when i get out in about a year." and, walk by walk, command by command, the inmates also make an impression of the officers paid to watch over them." "the inmates i have are just outstanding. some of the first dogs t tt left they had tears in eir eyes," said sgt.t.ary chririensen, corrections officer. dogs transforming men as they prepare to live their lives outside of the prison walls. >>
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the hounds of hope program at the state prison. it takes an average of three months to o t them rerey for adoption. noah's hope dogs are also being trained to help disabled veterans through another program at the prison. it's called "partners for patriots." meet the first dog named "rocky" going through the program coming up on news four at 6 next wednesday. the mike durfee state prison in springfield, south dakota also provides other opportunities s r inmatete the prison used d be a former college campus. it's medium to low security facility that houses 1,240 men. many have an opportunity to finish their geds and train in trades they can use when they're released from prison. things like auto body work, woodworking and construction. they build homes and even dog houses. (sheila) still to come... marcususeriden- cleghorn and akron- westfield play for state football titles. highlights fr the uni- dome are raight ahead in "sportsfourc e."
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central siouxland friday winter storm watch for far northern & southern siouxland friday winter weather advisory for holt county friday the good news is that the sun returned today, the bad news is that so did the wind. gusts in some communities went over 50 miles per hour making it feel colder than the temps in the 40s showed. today was just an inconvenience, though, compared to the winter weather headadng our way on friday. snow will start developing during the morning hours and likely become heavier from the noon hour into the afternoon. despite the warm ground
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down fast to accumulate pretty good with a big swath of 4-8 inches expected across much of siouxland (the lower amounts to the west and the higher to the east). the nd won't be overly gusty, but steady enough at about 10 to 20 miles per hour and especially friday night could blow the snow around. the snow will move out friday evening into friday night leaving us with sun for the weekend but very cold conditions with highs on saturday only in the 20s. we'll try to build our way back into the 30s for sunday and monday with
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(sheila) still to come.... word from police in paris the mastermind behind last week's deadly attacks is dead. and... in the wake of the paris attacks... more security for a football game a lot closer to home. we'll explain after the break.
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people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather.
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that keeps in place a rigged economy. bernie's campaign is funded byover a million contributions -- people like you, who see the middle class disappearing and want a future to believe in.
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(matt) french authorities confirmed today that the mastermind of the paris attacks is dead. (sheila) the french prosecutor's office said abdelelamid abaaoud was killed yesterday in a raid north of paris. his cousin also died there, when she blew herself up. officers conducted half a dozen raids in brussels yesterday focusing on the friends and family of one of the paris attackers. police say he blew himself up. (sheila) follows the recent terrorist attackckin paris, university of iowa officials are increasing security for the upcoming hawkeye football game. (matt) mac hageman, from our sister statn kwwl, in waterloo, has the story.
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weekend -- during the the hawkeyes' game against purdue. david visin/ui public safety assistant vice president (:08 - :16) "we just want to adopt the best practices that are out there. so, we're much more comfortable where we're at. we want fans to have fun about the game but not worry about security so much." macleod hageman/iowa city (:18 - :27) "with increased patrols, and 36 high- definition cameras around kinnick stadium, officials say they're plannini for a safe weekeke in iowa city." "i feel like a lot of people are not going to be prepared and be kind of mad, because we don't have places to put our stuff." several university of iowa students -- like emilie gitens -- say the school's police do a great job keeping the area secure -- (nats... heavy machinery) -- and more securty -- like the clear bag policy -- is not necessary. emilie githens/ ui senior(:43 - :50) "i'm ok with them going through my purse and seeing what i have in there. i'm not hiding anything, but i would like to have my purse." >> that's mac hagagan reporting from iowa city. gates atinnick stadium open at 9-30, saturday. authorities recommend arriving early due to the increased security in the area. (matt) still to come... a siouxland surgeon calls it a career, but not before performing one last surgery.
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jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in. it's not about yappin'. 's not about talking. it's about doing. i know h h to do this becauseei was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside downhat weren't working.`
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1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right t trise usa is responsible for the content of this message. after three decades, a well-known siouxland doctor is calling it a career. (sheila) tonight, was dr. duane nelson's retirement party. he's been an orthopedic surgeon with tri-state specialists. through 34 years, nelson says it has been a rewarding career. while there are plenty of moments that resonate with nelson, there's one that stands out. "july 19thth1989, when a [boeing] 747 crash landededt our airport," said dr. duanannelson. "we had a lot of
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patients to take care of. most of them did very well. everyone was in great sorrow over all the people that died but we were able to but we helped, a lot of the survivors did very well." nelson says retirement will hold plenty of hunting and fishingng large crowd came to o sh nelson well. and if you don't know him personally, many note how friendly he is. "he's approachable," said lee hilka., ceo of tri-state specialists. "there are some physicians that're not approachable and they're some that are. he's easy to talk to and just a gentlemen." while nelson is retired now, he has one more surgery he promised a patient he would do. brad's here -- with state football finals. m-m-c and akron- westfield each played for the big trophies. we'll have highlights and interviews from cedar falls. and, dakota valley looks for a win at day on of the south dakota state volleyball tournament. sports fource is
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if you're suffering from acne, there's a new way you can get treatment. and it involves taking selfies on your c cl phone.e. and if your phone'e'gps can be helpful. but you may want to avoid using it during the holiday season. marcus-meriden cleghghn not only wanted to finish their football season as the state champs -- they wanted to leave a legacy. with marcus-meriden- cleghorn merging with remsen-unini next season, winning a a ate chchpionship would mean so much more than just winning a state championship. history was on the line in their final game against don bosco. a win, and m-m-c would earn their second state title, and
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exit 8-man football as champs. mmc, looking to complete the undefeated season - but getting off to a slow start. the dons scored on the second play from scrimmage - then connect for a 23 yard touchdown on their second possesssion - mmc down 14-0 afterer quarter. but the eagles do dadage in the second quarter - - 4th and 6 - ben echt to jacob spielelefto make it 14-6 - then specht finds spieler again - that connection was working all day. just before the half - specht finds jake hunter for an 11 yard touchdown - eagles take a 22-14 lead into the locker room. m-m-c scores three more times to open the second half - specht to jacob spieler for 54 yards - specht - threw 7 touchdown passes, shattering the state record - five of those touchdowns went to spieler. specht was specht-acular - he had a hand in all 8 eagle touchdowns - mamak. scoring 30 points in the 4th
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quarter - and making it just a 5 point game in the final minute - but mmc is able to run out the clock. and in their farewell to 8-man football, marcus-meriden-cleghorn wins its second state title in four years. 57-52. "i told the kids just a little bit ago, 'hey, you know how to really write a storybook ending, don't you?'" said head coach kyle oswald. "it's the last game ever for mmc. it's going to be remembered forever that way." "it feels amazing," said spieler. "i couldn't ask for anythign better in my life. it's the best feeling. i'm so happy with what we've accomplished the last four years, and we're going to miss the 8-man game. it's very fun." "we've been dreaming about it our whole lives, going out on top, and we finally got it done today, so it's a really great feeling," said specht. "it's going to be written foreve it was going to be talked about. either, is it the team that forever lives on as almost or finished it off. and as dicy as it was, we were able to finish it off. i'm very proud of these guys. they deserve this." in cedar falls, mark frend ktiv
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akrorowestfield has been the cinderella story of the playoffs. starting the postseason unranked, the westerners have beaten three top ten teams in the playoffs. a-w facing 7th-ranked gladbrook-reinbeck in the class a title game. things did not start well for the westerners. akron-westfield gave up four touchdowns in the first quarter - eric knaack hauls s the 14 yard slant - to make i i 28-nothing gladbrook- reinbeck. but in the second half, the westerners get things going - cal eskra over the middle to dylan irizarry - and the a-w is on the board. the westerners recover the onside kick - and then eskra hits austin allard for a 29-yard touchdown - suddenly it's a 2-score game. but g-r responds with a 52-yard run from eric stoakes - the rebels outgained akron-westfield by almost 200 yards. eskra gets a-w a little closer to end the 3rd - but that's all the westerners could muster - gladbrook-reinbeck wins the
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"i felt like we were pretty good coming in," said junior quarterback cal eskra. "felt good, just that first half there, i don't knono we couldn't get rolling. i guess it is what it is." "our success is not measured in the destination, it's the journey," said head coach eric walkingstick. "this team has had a great journey. they have proved so many people wrong, and got to the state finals. that's what i'm more proud of, is their effort throughout the season, not how we started off slow. i was so proud of them tonight, coming out here and playing for a state championship." because of tomorrow's snowstorm, the ihsaa hapostponed friday's championship games until monday. they'll still be at the same time. so, western christian will face iowa city regina at 11 am in the 1a final. in 2a, spirit lake and mount vernon play at 2. dakota valley is just starting their state volleyball game in sioux falls. we'll have that at ten. dakota valley finished third in the south dakota state lleyball tournament t st seasononthe panthers are thth third seed, out of 8 teams, in the clasasa field. dv opening with sixth-seeded mobridge-pollock. sophomore elizabeth lammers pounds one -- it comes back to
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pruett giving out high fives. dv on defense -- taylor hauger rises up for the block. panthers win the first set, 25-14. then, dv goes outside to meredith lammers -- 15 kills for the sophomore to lead the way. the panthers get the sweep -- the ace goes out of bounds. dv wins 3-zip. they'll face second-seeded sioux falls christian friday at 7-45. just over -- the hawkeyes on the road at marquette. good nigig for the "sioux crewew mike gesell threads the needldl to anthony clemmons for the layin. iowa up 31-10. then, adam woodbury gives it up -- and gets it back. woody with 2 more and iowa is still up 20 in the first half. gesell -- looking for someone -- finds dom uhl for the stuff. hawkeyes making it look easy in milwaukee. just before e e half, gesell scoops in the dedee. iowa up
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tonight: increasing clouds. low: 24 wind: w/s 5-15 mph morrow: snow increases. high: 32 wind: e/n 10-20 mph thanks for joining us tonight... the tonight show with jimmy fallon is next. we'll see you back here
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- rachel weisz. spike lee. musical guest,t,. kelly. and featuring the legendary roots crew.uestlove: 371 latvia.
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jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] >immy: that's what i'i'-- oh, i feel the lovov thank you u much. welcome, everybody. this is it. you're here. you made it. you're part of the show. thank you for being here. [ cheers and applause ] thank you so much. gonna be a fun show tonight. lot of -- a couple surprises, some good stuff tonight. let's get to some news first. did you see this? in a recent interview with "gq" magazine, president obama said that he'd like to own an nba team after he leaves the white
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