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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  November 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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thanks, tommie-- more to come. for now, officials are stressing safety to people. they say not to panic, but rather be patient. city officials want to remind residents to conserve water through the evening. and, residents who live in the parts of the community that are unlikely to get power restored--need to monitor their home temperature. officials don't think freezing pipes should be a concern, but they want to remind people to not let their house get below 30 degrees. "it's amazing not even four, five days ago we were wearing short sleeve t-shirts now we have a foot of snow and we're worried about people being cold in their house...what do ya do," said sioux center community high school principal, gary mceldowney. in the next few days the city will make permananet repairs to the damaged substation. in addition to the second substation, a temporary substation has been set up to help residents still without power. siouxland seeing white out conditions for the first snowfall this winter. no surprise, as meterologist ben dorenbach has been tracking it for the past week. ben, calm conditions right now
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usually a cold snap will follow a major snowfall like yesterday's, and that's exactly what happened! registered sub-zero low temperatures early this morning, and quite a few of our evening wind chills are close to those very same marks. see graphics. up in 10 minutes thanks, ben look forward to your forecast and as ben just alluded to the first winter storm of the season blanketed iowa in snow last night and this morning. more than a foot of snow covered several towns in northern iowa. the central part of the state saw between four and eight inches of powder on the ground. road crews were working through the night to clear some streets.
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but state department of transportation officials say travel is still not advised on many roads. speaking of traveling city plows have been working hard to stay on top of yesterday's storm. they've been working 24/7 to get the job done. they work 12-hour shifts... 7 a-m to 7 p-m... and then 7 p-m to 7 a-m. there are almost 50 pieces of snow equipment in the sioux city streets department, with 18 of those being the spreader trucks. they drop salt, and sand... and have blades to plow those streets. they're the ones first on the streets and last on the streets. "they're out there on the nights, they're out there on the weekends, they're out there on the holidays- time away from their family and friends and events so i think highly of them," said sioux city streets superintendent, ed pickens. he says teamwork is big for their department. the driver we followed, has been plowing sioux city's streets for 5-years. well it wouldn't of been a lawn mower waking many people up today. but something just as noisy, a snow blower. it's officialy that time of year.
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the first winter storm of the season brought plenty of snow. and with that, plenty of shoveling. ktiv's sam curtiss caught up with some doing just that, sam? well, i think i found the one person who doesn't mind shoveling. at least if you compare it to lawn mowing. that storm yesterday dumped nearly half a foot on sioux city. many were clearing off their driveways and sidewalks. a mother-daughter duo tag teamed their driveway so they could get to the store to buy thanksgiving turkeys. "one for family and one for a neighbor of my daughters," said ruthie waurren. "they're a little hard up for money.i think i'm going to buy two turkeys and two pies." ruthie there is almost 81 years old too. she's still shoveling snow. and she's quite the character. at 80, you'd be surprised how busy she keeps herself. her garage is a workshop of wonders. i'll have that story at 10 tonight. can't wait, thanks sam.
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but with fresh snow on the ground, many kids had a lot of fun today.. "oh my gosh," said a sledder. "watch out," screamed the sledder. seratoma park in sioux city was packed with sledders and a few snowboarders. many coming out to enjoy the snow before it melts. seratoma park is one of two public places in sioux city to legally sled, the other is grandview park. some say it's a great family atmosphere and it was tough to find a kid who didn't enjoy it. "pretty fun but once you wipe out on a snowboard it kind of hurts," said tristan monk. "it was intense at first because the snow just hit ya, ya know," said dominic eastman signs at those parks designate where and when you can sled. triple-a released its annual thanksgiving travel outlook today.. and if you're planning a holiday trip.. the data indicates.. you can plan on a couple of things -- lower fuel prices.. and a lot of company.. jay gray has more..
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this year's holiday rush.. on the roads.. rails.. and in the air.. will be the busiest it's been - in years.. (s/ marshall doney / aaa president & ceo :08 - :17) "triple-a projects 46.9 million holiday travelers this thanksgiving.. that's the most since 2007, and it also marks the seventh consecutive year of travel growth for this holiday." so.. where's everybody going.. analysts say there are two destinations.. shopping.. or sunning.. (s/ jeanenne tornatore / orbitz, senior editor :29 - :35) "chicago takes our number 1 spot as the most popular destination for travelers. orlando, los angeles, new york and cancun, round out our top five." according to triple-a most.. 89.3 percent.. will be getting there by car.. and they'll be getting a holiday bonus at the pump.. (s/ marshall doney / aaa president & ceo :49 - :56) "lower gas prices have helped to put extra money in travelers' pockets. / flyers will get a break as well.. (s/ marshall doney / aaa president & ceo 1:00 - 1:05) "airfares are projected to fall by 10% this thanksgiving, landing at an average of 169 dollars for a round trip flight." low fuel prices leaving.. a little extra "gravy" for everyone taking a trip this holiday
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coming up on news 4 at 6 morningside opened its n- a-i-a playoff run at home. and it was a closer game than you might expect. mark's in later with the
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we'll see similar cold tonight before 'warming up' slightly into the 30s on sunday with some decent sunshine and steady southwesterly winds. we'll see a gradual warm-up to near 40 during the first half of next week before a very ill-timed weather system moves through over thanksgiving where a possibility of rain, sleet and snow exists. it's still a few days out, but it's something to keep an eye on as the days pass. see graphics. >> still to come here on news 4 at
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turkey prices are on the rise, what you need to know before you head to the store to shop for thanksgiving is coming
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it's been a tough year for the turkey market. but what does that mean for your thanksgiving feast? jane wells explains in tonight's consumer alert
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mashed potatoes, buy gravy- we'll sell 15k quarts of gravy. obviously its more profitable than turkey" and stew leonard's isn't alone. across the u-s, many food retailers are eating the loss in favor of foot traffic. >> as the poultry industry continues to recover from the worst bird flu outbreak in u-s history, turkey supplies are expected to return to normal by next spring -- meaning next year those plump thanksgiving roasts won't likely be accompanied by this year's plump costs. mark's in now with sports - iowa going for 11-and-0.
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(mark) facing purdue in their home finale - and this one was never really in question for the hawkeyes. we'll take you to kinnick stadium for the highlights - coming up after the break. plus - morningside opens up its post-season run at home. all the action from olsen
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america's never been a country of quitters. it's not who we are. we don't ignore threats like climate change.
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with american-made clean energy, we can end our dependence on foreign oil... spark new innovation... and create millions of new jobs. solving our climate crisis starts with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? with the wins piling up - so does the pressure for iowa.
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but the hawkeyes have done a good job ignoring it - they just keep winning, looking to move to 11-and-0 against purdue. in this season of firsts, a win would give the hawkeyes another "first" - their first appearance in the big ten championship game. that's right - iowa clinches the big ten west with a victory. first quarter - hawks up 7-0 - leshun daniels bounces it outside - finds the seam and is in for a 13 yard touchdown - his second score of the day - 14-nothing iowa. it's 20-nothing in the second - purdue on the move, though - markell jones scores - purdue was actually within a touchdown in the 3rd. but in the third - c.j. beathard kittle - 35 yard touchdown - iowa pulled away late - to iowa state - on the road at kansas state. second quarter, game tied at 7 - joel lanning - on the fake - in from a few yards out - iowa state takes a tocuhdown lead. and they'd build that lead to 35-14 at the half - lanning to allen lazard -
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just gets the foot down - those two connected twice for scores. but k-state shuts out the cyclones in the second half - scores with 42 seconds to go to tie the game - then on the ensuing iowa state possession - they force the fumble on lanning - wildcats recover - and kick the game- winning 42-yard field goal. meltdown in manhattan - iowa state falls, 38-35. the quest for a national championship started today for morningside. the top-ranked mustangs opened up the n-a-i-a football championship series against saint xavier of illinois. both morningside and the cougars lost in the semifinal round of last year's playoffs. someone's going home in the first round this year - on a snowy day at olsen stadium. st. xavier got out to a 14-nothing lead in the first quarter - john rhode finds dennis vilimek for a 16 yard touchdown - rhode threw 7
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touchdown passes on the day. second quarter - mustangs down 21- 10 - but some great blocking downfield for connor niles - 27 yards - morningside took a 3-point lead into the half. but st. xavier comes roaring back in the 4th quarter - stephen simms - the cougars have a 54-40 lead with 6 minutes to go. here's morningside - scoring twice in the final four and a half minutes - ryan kasdorf to jason vanderkooi for the game-tying score with under a minute to go. we would go four, yes, four overtimes - but after the mustang defense holds - tyler kavan finishes things off with a 13 yard touchdown run. a combined 13-hundred yards of offense - over 200 plays - but it's morningside moving on in comeback fashion - what a game, 75-69. after we came back from two touchdowns, we believed we were going to win the game," said morningside head coach steve ryan. "we had a chance in the
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first overtime, and we gave it away.we just kept playing, kept playing, and it worked out for us, so it was fantastic." "the guys kept playing, they fought, they played hard, phenomenal game." the second round naia pairings will be announced no later than sunday - if seeds hold, morningside will host tabor next weekend. the college basketball season is still very young - but northern iowa got a huge home test today. the top-ranked team in the nation - north carolina - making the trip to cedar falls to take on the panthers. the panthers had upset on the mind against marcus paige and the tar heels. first half - wes washpun - driving - oh no - a savage throw down - washpun had a huge game. time winding down in the half - washpun takes - one dribble - 60 feet out - money - uni down 9 at the half. but the panthers storm back and have a 3 point lead in the final minutes - washpun - 21 points - 8 assists - doing it all for uni. carolina has a shot with time
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down - but the tar heels throw it away. upset! northern iowa takes down
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message. join us for real change. we'll be back after the break. there's more coming up on news four at ten this saturday.
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the snowstorm yesterday dumped nearly half a foot on sioux city. many were clearing off their driveways and sidewalks this morning, we'll bring yo uthe story of one 80year-old who's confronting mother nature head on. tonight: windchills will be near 0 with a low temperature of 10 degrees under mostly cloudy skies with south winds at 5-10 miles per hour. sunday: we'll warm up slightly up to 34 degrees with sunshine and southwesterly winds at 10-15 miles per hour. "the weekend insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversations. >> as soon as the tragic news started to spread --
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people around the world immediately took to social media offering support. >> the world mourns for parents. how millions are coping with the tragedy on-line. >> they are able to share their pain. able to share their solutions. >> i'm here to admit that i am in fact hiv positive. >> charlie sheen's hiv confession. was he blackmailed by his sex partners. >> that's just part of our good week/bad week. >> plus in the kitchen with tv's most beloved mom, family ties meredith baxter. behind the scenes with sister sister mom jacque. >> and baby daddy's melissa peterman with more than a mouthful on her comic roots. >> i was not what you would call popular. went to homecoming all the time as a senior. >> hollywood from the inside out. the insider together with yahoo!. here at the insider we cover the world of celebrity and pop culture. sometimes an event like the one
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ago has such a huge global impact that it crosses the lines into all those worlds. >> yes, it does. events like these see no labels. we are all just human and just trying to make sense of this horrible tragedy as millions of people took to social media's reaction. >> and the outrage, compassion, horror, healing. and of course prayers for paris. we're getting through it all in a digital age. but tonight we're going inside paris picking up the pieces. >> with the notre dame cathedral ringing 129 times in homage to the victims in paris, the world is gripped by the darkness which has fallen over the beloved city of lights. >> what was your reaction when you heard about the reaction. >> welfaris is like a second home. i live ford for years. i have family that lives there.
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i today find out if they were
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