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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  November 24, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm CST

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dancing frenzy tonight after break down is mindy unbeatable. >> plus gwenen saying the l out blake. >> it's coming up now. >> on entertainment to >> i know she's like. >> why adam freaked out over gwen's new et admission. >> then the rivals as judge's handicaptonight's cut throat mirror ball war. >> also, exclusive sophia's co-star and her son talking about her
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>> plus, the er confessional as will smiththets candid about jada. >> our marriage was the most exex excruciating thing in our lives. >> top gun, et. beverly hills cop. >> i've only been in like three movies. now this is entertainment tonight. >> we have exclusive details aboutsophia and joe's wedding while gwen shocks us by saying those three little words to blake and will smith calls his marriage grueling. oh yeah, he did. all l at on theway. >> andd kevin phrasier will be along in a few minutes. first we are just moments away
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finale and all bets are on mi mindy broke down. they arranged a faye toe. >> she didndn know the photo was going to come up. it was a photo of h her father and the producers knew. she said i had no idea you were going to todo that. tell us what it felt like in the room to watch that live. >> everyone has to take a moment. it was poignant and po it felt larger than the sh >> you can expect more tears tonight. a portion of tonight's hour season finale will be broadcasted here live tonight at the shopping center.
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three in rehearsal. here is the big question. can anyone beat mindy? there's four reasons she's the front runner. number one, her story. >> her sto is so compelling. we all f connected to her dad and we've grown to love her as a person. we knew her family and now we know her. partner, derek, as a former competitor, i can tell you this is a major factor. derek is a fie competitor. he's won the mirror ball a record five times not to mention two emmys for his corr og if i. >> the reason all bets are on him is he's an incredible dancer. she's had no training and got multiple perfect scores on the show. >> and finally, reason number four, her attitude. >> she is so hardworking. after the show on the press line she's the first to arrive to interviews and the last to leave.
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she's also so positive and so upbeat upbeat. i've interviewed her multiple times and never heard her say bad word about anyone. >> no matter what, amazing show. all stars will be back ag last time. >> the voice was also live last night. that is where our sophie spspke adam and gwen. gwen let out words didn't expect to hear. >> i love you, blake kind of. >> sometimes. >> i love you to blake. >> wait. what? i love you to blakish. >> yeah, that happened. gwenus l word b bore t t show and had adam freakingout. >> no, didn't. >> why would you do something like that? >> i was trying to do that because i was trying to divert. i would have answered the question already and been done and not have to about him. >> anyway.
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herer's all we had when she dropped the bomb shell. >> given it's thanksgiving, wh qualities are you grateful for? >> i'm so grate got to know adam. >> mostly kept it cool yesterday but blake made one prediction. >> you c cld be thee first femalele coach to ever win the voice also. >> why we think she won with her amazing ama performance on sunday, gwen told us her boys were more impressed than everybody else. >> justin beiber was there they're like if yousee him, can you him we like him. do you think they think about us? >> no, i don't think they do b i do. >> it's way too early to start throughing thinking about a wedding for gwen and
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sophia's and joe'swedding. we had to get all the details sophia's son. >> were you nervous? i was. >> this wedding with the quote please don't trip, please don't trip. sophia's son gave a three minute 14 second interview and seemed to welcome the attention. >> i not going anyways. >> here's sophia at lunch. her band replaci 7 carat spar >o you call him jojo or >> joe.
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>> joe point 2 makes since. manilla's father was her first husband but not to only wedding guest returning to l.a.? >> eric, how was t wedding? >> great >> good time? >> beautiful. >> eric kidding around with paparazzi paparazzi. >> what did you sophia? >> i didn't get her anything. she should have gotten something. >> sophia and joe are just beginning their weddedlife. >> he and i got real about relationships. will was candid about the effort it takes to make their marriage work. what is the secret to et getting it right? >> we're at 20 pl years. really at the end of the day
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it's just not quitting. our marriage was the most difficult grueling and excruciating thing that we've ever tak on in our lives and we're just not quitters, so we're not going to sit there and let it painful. we're going to keep working. >> what struck me about the couple is they still have heat in their relationship. they r love hard. for instance, last night's l.a. premier premier, will's movie concussion. listen to him speak out loud on the carpet. >> i saw that and was like hmmm, okay, you gone win something tonight, rl. i've known her for most of my adult life, you know, we were together in our early 20s to watch her just blo in the woman she's growing into is making me smile. >> you can see jada has
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perfected this move, the over the shoulder look. you would be surprised who else has the sexy is pose down pat. brad pitt. >> she wasn't there but ryan was at the new york premier. brad a new blondish do. >> is that a wig for the big short? >> that was my real hair. >> was it? >> yeye i'm afraid so. > everybody bad hair days. welcome to the club. >> coming up, the rock on the set of their new comedy playing high school buddies. >> ififou're doing everythihi right but find it harder and harderrto get by, you're e t alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages,
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goofing >> that's wayne the rock johnson. they play old high school class classmates classmates. when i went to visit the set, of course, i had to go ththe. i had to buu out the old pictures. >> looks like a drug smuggler. look at the hairline. that's when mom cutting my hair. >> herrs proof thesewo guys weren't always th man. wait until you see them in thh movie.
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>> never gonna get it. never gonena get it. >> my days on set are with nothing but love and appreciation. >> it's every day laughing and having fun. >> they really are playing but one thing they're serious about. >> i heard you get up every day. whose getting it in? >> both of us. >> i would be up at 4:00 in the morning. >> one man who does that too. >> we may have kill some people. >> we'll do no such thing. >> when the geek turned cia who dragged kevin into the movie. it's the first time the rock has
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worked with my man kevin. >> i've been in one of your movies, i don't understand. i've been to every set. >> that'great. >> that's great. >> you all right. >> see nancy, that's when you have a special relationship with a star. >> i see big things in your futuring kevin. >> but not a kevin heart movie. tomorrow, nancy, make sure you check out racheal ray. it's her thanksgivinin special holderfield surprising kids with great stuff. >> thank you, kevin. we flash back to the biggest 80 movies with the star and star couples et met before they were famous. >> i've never did a film before.
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>> stick around.concussions are a hot topic in sports. and one high schooler is developing tools to hehe those e o have suffered from them. and drones are popping up on christmas wish lists this year. what you need to know before you
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adel, yes, adel. emma stone and jennifer a had a girls night out in new york city going for mexican food. amy wasn't there but sounds like they enjoyed a few margaritas. autographs and selfie outside their hotel. she has a s sall cir friends and will cut out anybody who thinks is using her. >> we were piano man p >> drinking a beer during her
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intervrvw, now we know the whole story about their uptown party. >> amy's like i' got to go rehearse and we're going to go out and dance. i was like are you joking right now? sheeas li no. >> well, jennif was born in 1990. a decade for movies. tom cruise, eddie murkevin, all became stars. we were right there behind the scenes of the biggesesfilms of the decade.
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>> like you said, there's no move with the trispeed air conditioner to go back to it. >> oh the 80s how we love you. the big stars were becoming fam iconic movie scenes were being shot and this guy just felt the need. >> how abbut when girls bombard you in your room in a crazed tom cruz attack. >> a crazed tom cruz. that kind of stuff is uncomfortable. >> he had that tom cruz laugh back then. on the set was mor recognizable faces. only 1 degree of separation between tom and m foot loose himself, kevin bacon. >> i was 24 years old and came to new york when i was 17.
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>> the movie was replaced with film's theme song and we met another movie that day, sarah jessica parker. >> i've never didid a film before. i'm learnini more and watching more. when you have a dance partner like kevin bacon, you can't wrong. >> later we found the future husband, matthew riding a float in downtown icago. >> it became nationally. i just skipped school a little bit. >> other 80s movie sets we visited, jennifer bales and robin williams on good morningng vietnam. it' like having sex in a witunnel. it's a good time. >> welcome. >> and who could the movie that made everybody think
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differently cheating, elevator sex and bunnies? >> okay. fullrehearsal. >> the action comedy. i like those type. >> in 1984 eddie murphy dropped a didn't know you knew this trivia on beverly hills cop. >> t t charactt was wrote for a white guy. i put a little soul brother t it. >> a few years later we were with charlie and a best picture oscar winner. this is told through my
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e.t. on the set of e.t. spillberg and a cool trucker hat. we watched them unfold. ood >> another director reloved was ron howard. it was 1989. our show was eight years old but we already milestone. >> wow, entert tonight. 2,000 episodes. that makes sense. i've seen about 1,200. >> now in our 35th year we're up to episode 8,922. oscar winning director ron howard sayingthat. we did keep up the good work, ron because we were a lot of cool sets in the 90s as well. we're going to have that flash back for you tomorrow as well. >> the gol globes air january 10th and here is the first image returning to host i
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it's g gng to be wild. >> in our entertainment tonight birthdays, which grays anatomy star was fascinated by her ring?
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the answer coming up next. right now at et online.
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why cancelled on cobert and the cbs thanksgiving day parade. plus does adam have baby fever? and kristin welcomes her baby and why palin can't help but weigh in on the baby's name at welcome back to the show everybody. which gray's anatomy starar was fascinated by her engagement ring? >> i would be talking to somebody and start getting mesmerized.
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>> that is catherine heigel who turned 37 today. >> happy birthday,catherine. and kevin, it's a big night for you. >nd also from our sister shelby insider. we are hosti the greatest o cf1 o count down on the cw. you will see the most around th world. it's cool. we are also hosting a thanksgiving day paradecbs. you know my heart belongs to you. >> you're cheatingg on that's a good point.
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