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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 26, 2015 4:00am-4:30am CST

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see you next time. it's thanksgiving day, november 26th. coming up on "early today," a gift50 million of us are traveling. and french president continues meeting with world ads. new revelations surrounding thero death of nfl legend of frank gifford. and it looks like jason kidd is going to get slapped with a fty fine. warning for those paying with a credit card. "early today" starts right now.di good morning and happy thanksgiving. with theks paris terror attacks fresh on people's minds, are americans safe? with 50 million people traveling away from home, president obama is doing his best to assure people. >> i want thee american people to
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know that we are taking every possible step to keep our homeland safe. >> reporter: the message in effect, we'll do thehe worrying, youo the celebrating with a reminder for everyone to stay alert. >> if you seeomething suspicious say something, other otherwise otherwise, americans should go about their normal thanksgiving activities. >> reporter: and policevi already know thatlr attackers could capitalize on the thanksgiving holiday to promote their agenda. and soft targets nearly impossible to protect. >> wero have a number of tourist destinations and certainly we're always vigilant to something happening >> reporter: and preparing for a nightmare scenarios. >> this is an elite, dedicated force, they'll be briefed on
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intelligence every day. this is a force for today's threat picture. >> reporter: and even with the parade, police are employing extrapl security. >> i believe we can't live in cu fear. >> of course, it's on our minds and they want m us to live in fear and we feel we can't. >> reporter: security says they're working relentlessly to prevent ekbaany attack herer and french president's ongoing to push to form a coalition. and he met that white house on tuesday. however, the downing of a russian war plane by native ally putin isects expected to be a major topic today. good morning, claudeio.
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>> reporter: good morning. yes, this will be the last stop of this diplomatic marathon that hollande isoing round the world to forge a military campaign and possibly this is the most sensitive stop. president obama he found a lot of solidarity and pledges and now he's going to meet vladimir putin. and there's a big divergence between the attitude of syria and russia on syria and the other members of the coalition. russia wants assad to stay in place. so, hollande will have to force his diplomatic titudes to get them to come to the frabltable for a u.n. backed plan that does not include assad.
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>> thank you so much. well, pope francis is in kenya for his ever viz toot africa. he wasaf greeted by kenya's president and members of the clergy. and large crowds lined the streets to cheer and catch a glimpse of the post. he's scheduled to visit gonia. and saying he's quote more . >> > it's been a whirlwind election season so far and today, a collective deep breath. it's a bit of a political cliff hanger with major action waiting for us on the other side of the holiday. hally jackson reports. >> reporter: from candidate
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kind of presidential pardon, givenrd turkeys a break while they take one. most off the campaign trail this holiday. >> it is your opportunity to maximize your appearance to voters. >> reporter: andvo it makes momentum key whether you have it or you don't like ben carson, slipping double digits in the latest iowa poll and ted cruz surging within striking distance of donald trump who issued this warning last week. >> if this catches on, i might have toht go to war. >> and from cruz's point of view, i'm quite confident that he's going to play this very cool. >> reporter: but watch for him to draw distinctions on policy and trump, a rare appearance of his wife on the campaign trail. >> good evening. he will be the best president
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ever. >> reporter: another prefamily holiday outing, the rubios, now ins, the top tier, sat down with nattily morales. >> is this where you saw yourself at this point in the race?ce >> we've never had an election likeon this and i would say we're very pleased with where we are in this campaign. we've learned that gifford, broadcaster and husband of cathy lee gifford, suffered from chronic traumatic insef lopathy. it's typically related to hits to the hhead. and hishe family might be the small part of solution with anyone concerned with football. they'll continue to support the nfl and changes, and nfl said
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the health and safety of its players remains its highest priority. and security ioexpected to be high with more than 2500 police officers lining the parade, a record for the event. and good morning to you, jay. how's it going throughout? >> reporter: we're about five hours away frimom the official start. and they are lining up the floats. the balloons are inflated. what do wefl have this year as far as balloons? 17 of the giant balloons that you see here. over 1100 cheerleaders that will be a part of this and more than 1,000 clowns including some of the guys i'm working with behind the camera here. beautiful news is that we're
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there's been days where we struggled but today, the high expected to be somewhere around 60 degrees. and parade officials expect to see a record crowd on the routes here. andd stepped upecurity but so far, everything going great. happy thanksgiving. >> to you too, jay with the best seat in the house. 11 people were injured when a gust blew through a fly market. and thee san diego area will be under a coast advisory because of this, king tides. now for a look at our weather, bonny schneider. good morning to you. and we're going to be looking at grere weather for the parade and there's sponge bob. sunny and mild. we have southwesterly winds.
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even at noon and even in the evening hours. now, as we can tell, we're still watching for bad weather working its way across parts thoch midwest and that's going to bring about tough conditions going forward. so, we can expect stormy weather working its wayy through. for travel, we're concentrated on dallas and houston developing thunderstorms. watch for snow as well into denver. and the midwestde facing icy conditions. this isnd going to create low visibility for those on 35. and wet weather in the forecast and unfortunately, it will be raining through the day and into the evening. and the east is looking good. that's your national weather. ahead. we're looking at very mild
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locations and 50s in others. and the south also looking fantastic. watch out for rain in dallas. so, wet weather for thanksgiving and icy weather also. >> this doesn't look for a good thanks governing day parade here iner new york city. and beware if you're getting gas today because scammers. ya know, viagra helps guys with erectile dysfunction get and keep an erection. talk to your doctor about viagra. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain or adempas for pulmonary hypertension. your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing.
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baby unanimously. and and according to investigators, t t driver had a seizure and accidently hit the gas pedal. luckily, no one sustained serious injuries. and in colorado, another car crashed into aarehouse, they inadvertently stepped on the gas while trying to park. a word of warning when you're filling up on gas. scammers are out to get you. here's our report. >> reporter: in michigan, authorities on t t hunt for a device secretly stealing information. >> this is a huge problem. >>eporter: they're called scrimmers. break nothing to the pumps with master keys they buy online.
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stalling a skimmer in les than minutes. >> and it's capturing all your credit card information. >> they know to point your security camera at the camera to avoid detection. and she lost nearly $3,000. last year the devices cost consumers more than 2$2 billions. major retailers are on alert. >> and you have gang affiliated or being coerced by gangs to bring these skimmers in. >> reporter: watch this swiping the credit card and then on a skimming that'ss out of site as she grabs the receipt. >> reporter: and you can find it online? >> yes p.?
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>> reporter: stay inside or use cash and monitor your bank account often. a fraud now spreading with credit cards in high demandhis holiday season. >> just ahead, thanksgiving means three things, family, food, and football. we have all today's, full plate. daddy gator couldn't push the throttle on his little boat any harder if he tried. he's beached here, gazing out on an unforgiving landscape. for while the people who come in here use quilted northern, a toilet paper that works so well they completely forget their experience... daddy gator sees all and forgets nothing. "i've got to motor out of here," he thinks. "this is no place to raise a child." quilted northern. designed to be forgotten. wildlife rescue workers open up a lot of dawn. tough on g gase...yet gentle.
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this morning on "today," it's one of the highlights of the holiday, the macy's thanksgivingngay parade. now to sports. the biggest turkey in the nba so far this season, the philadelphia 76ers. they lost to the celtics. they have not won a game since march of last season. they're o o a 26-game losing streak. now to milwaukee, jason kidd likely cost himself 10s of thousands of dollars of fines. the coach said he was frustrated but wants for the nba to examine down on kidd. kings win this one.
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since the infamous soda skill incident, the person bumped intoto kiddddnd mouthed the word "hit me." well, the team still lost. and get ready fl a full helping of football and followed by panthers and capped off rigig here with dub, bears. enjoy. well, just ahead, find out how snoop dogg is making a big difference this thanksgiving.
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. here's look at your forecast. if your are traveling on this thanksgiving day, we have treacherous weather in the nation's midsection. look for snow, low visibility at times. this is all on i 35. and then to the south in dallas, ok at that. storms, soaking rain, flash flooding, it's all possible. and also watch out for weather into chicago, milwaukee and detroit. it's not cold enough for snow. as you can see, the east coast looking great but this is where the trouble spots are. >> i'm not ready for winter
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though it's coming. >> well, now it's time for entertainment news and paul walker's father is suing porsche. this comom two years after the actor's fiery crash and porsche said walker knowingly and voluntarily assumed all risk and he's in danger with the respect to the use of the carrera gt. and snoop dogg helped give away over 1500 turkeys to those in need. he says he plans to give out even more next year. an president obama with his daughters by his side for the annual turkey pardon holiday.
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another year of pardoning a turkey. time flies, even though turkeys don't. >> that was good. >> i know it was. >> you got to love those embarrassing moments. >> it's a great holiday to be withthour family ifou can. >> one lucky turkey every year. >> there are many that get pardoned. i'm dara brown and this is "early today." coughing...sniffling... and wishing you could stay in bed all day. when your cold is this bad... need new theraflu expressmax. ththaflu expressmax combmbes... maximum strength medicines available without a prescription...
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leading t t news on gofund, dwayne needs your help. a 4 month old puppy, dwayne, the rock was found with a collar a around his neck and the namesake got word of the story and tweeted i'll help. stay strong. and currently, the goal has been reached but the rescue group says anynyxtra funds will go to help other pets. and we can get a potential new best friend delivered right to your office.
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kind of happy hour. at an austin advertising agency, does it get any met better? puppies delivered to the office. >> reporter: all the love, none of the heart breaking. welcome to uber puppy. the ride sharing app's latest offensive. >> i'm calling -- >> reporter: 30 bucks buys 15 minutes of cuddle time. if you can get them. >> and for puppies, it breaks the internet. >> reporter: one request from a college photography class. you signed off on this? >> i did. it's fun. they all wanted to d d it. that's fine p. like puppies.
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in nonstop. partnering with shelters in a dozen cities, ittarted to increase dog adoption and it's become much more. with holidays looming and work beckening, a prescription for whatever ailment. janet janet, nbc news, austin. too cutend now we want to wish happy birthday to john mcvie and tina turner, 76, and rich little turns 77 today. keep it right here for thehe thanksgiving day macy's parade.
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today." thanksgiving an american tradition celebrating the gifts
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