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tv   Today  NBC  November 27, 2015 2:07am-3:00am CST

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'cause your expectations are way up here shoot low shoot low oh baby yeah oh baby no she like the way it goes oh baby go you gotta lock and load she like the way it goes i got eyes on you you got eyes on me i got eyes on you you got eyes on me say it like you mean it say it like you mean it til you believe til you believe that you're an
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an ace in the hole you ain't been happy for about a year 'cause your expectations are way up here shoot low shoot low get down mary ann you got caught up here in the dead pan and it's back to bowling green with your short blonde hair and your tight blue jeans well i ain't the music man that you thought i was in the marching band you have eyes like a dame i cursrsthe lord for
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newlyweds sofia and joe talking babies? breaking thanksgiving couples news. >> now on "extra." >> who's the mystery man with newly split kate beckinsale? bradley cooper getting serious with irina shakh and more on john mellenkamp. "extra" tracking the hottest couples. mimimn "empire." >> i would love for you to be one of cookie's friends. >> christmas in aspen and a crazy stunt in her pajamas.
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then, megan fox's first interview since her split with brian austin green, caught in a racy love triangle on "new girl." >> i need to decide who's going to have sex with me tonight. then, hours before black friday, our ultimate shopping expert reveals the best sales, the best sights, and the best tricks to get a deal. >> my best holiday shopping tip is -- plus, forget that turkey. do you suffer from turkey neck? >> that skin kind of hangs there. >> t t hot-new fix in a special secrets. and why is carissa making out with terry bradshaw? >> no one saw. >> now on "extra," from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. extra extra >> heheo, and a very happy thanksgiving from all of us here at "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up, mariah carry joining the cast of "empire." we're with her in new york. and the thanksgiving day tratition of turkey and football
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continues with the nfl's hottest team. first, we start with breaking couples news today. here's jerry. >> her ring is off. her marriagag is over. kate beckinsale flaunting her hot-and-single status on not one but two red carpets. breakup revenge is best served looking this good. now, new questions about this mystery man. the brunette beauty going public for the first time since she split with husband of 11ears directoror len wiseman. hitting london in this gown and a skin-baring lbd. this guy, we can i.d. as her long-time friend and make-up artist. sorry,ry sorry, rebound romance fans. headlines going wild after her soon-to-be ex-husband was spotted out clubbing i l.a. until 2:00 a.m. with 24-year-old kate look-alike model c.j. franco. show learning the former couple's learning the schedules
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pushed them apart. reportedly, secretly separating months ago. she's worth $16 million. he's worth $15 million. it's unclear if they have a prenup. gwen steteni ready for her first thanksgiving with new boyfriend, blake shelton? >> my mom's going to cook this time. i'm going to do christmas. she's doing thanksgiving. we're all going over there. it's going to be good. >> revealing her plans after hitting the "amas" solo in this risque look. her ex, gavin rossdale, seen in florida still wearing his wedding ring. from newlywewe to honeymooners, we hear sofia and joe are heading to turks and caicos after their star-studded $4 million extravaganza. the i dos glamorous, their holiday season low key. >> my brother has a baby who just turned 1. so it will be about the baby this yeaea this sexy couple getting serious. bradley cooper spied bringing a bunch of his stuff to girlfriend irene irina's apartment. dating for seven months, spied
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holding hands and bundled up in chilly new york city. things getting hot and heavy for christie brinkley and rocker boyfriend john mellancamp. >> how important is romance to ststing happy and looking young? >> it doesn't hurt. >> one on one with a.j. promoting her book, "timeless beauty, >> i know there's pictures out there, so i can say there is something going on that i really >> okay. i i an -- that's a good smile. now, you can call mariah carey the queen of christmas, the only one busier than her this holiday might be santa himself. a.j.'s with mariah now. she is all about christmas. you love the holiday season. >> i do. >> what are the plpls? what are youou doioi? >> my christmas special in aspen. that's going to be on right after high directorial debut of "a christmas melody" which is
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for the hallmark channel. >> how much fun was that? >> it was fun but a lot of work. a love story. i don't want to give too much away. it was a great moment. i enjoyed it. >> mariah enjoying the success of "all i want for christmas is you," making her over $50 million in royalties. all i want for christmas is you >> carey directing and appearing in this film -- >> congratulations. >> my husband's a dentist. 10th anniversary present. >> i canan see you channeling leeee daniels. the "empire" creator has directed mariah in two films, "precious "precious" and "the butler." she was tempted to do things his way. >> he wears pajamas when he works. i was tempted. >> that would never happen. even in the director's chair, mimi stayed true to form. >> i would get my haiaidone when i was working, nails donee occasionally. >> next up fromriahmariah, a role on "empire."
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would you play yourself? >> working with lee, i would rather be a character. >> i would love for you to be one of cookie's friends. >> is that what you want? i know what you want. >> what does that mean? >> i know the mariah that you're looking for. >> yeah. that's a fun mariah. >> exactly. >> this mariah having fun knocking down rumors about moving in with her millionaire boyfriend, james thacker. i thought you were moving in together. >> oh, my god. i was staying at his house. he hasas a lot of different hohoes. sorry.y. i can't help it. >> okay, so they're not living together yet. until we break that news, mariah's got a christmas melody on the hallmark channel saturday, december 19th. well, as many of you probably know, this isn't my girl carissa's only job. >> no. like both of you, i do have another jojo it's sundays hosting an nfl ow. >> nice. what would you say is the biggest difference between working here and the nfl on fox? >> we don't talk about the kardashians on sunday. >> fair enough.
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right now, let's take an up-close look at your other gig. this is your vip pass inside fox' nfl sunday where things can get weird and really wild. >> no one stops. >> from my fake-out make-out with terry bradshaw to grilling michael strahan for dating secrets -- >> i'm not eligible. >> we're on the clock for every second. >> every time i turn around, she's in my seat! only tells me one thing, america. tv's day numbered. >> starting with our:30 a.m.. meeting. >> hey, let me tell you what, man -- at this round table, we need our check. >> my co-hosts kicking things off with some jokes. >> oh, i didn't notice the [ laughter ] >> tough guys like to get as pretty as i do. in the make-up chair by 6:00 a.m., a quick change, then headad to set. welcome to fox nfl kickoff. while i know a lot about their world, i'm wondering what they know about my world.
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let's see how much you know about show business. rapid fire. are blake shelton and gwen stefani a couple, yes or no? >> no! >> yes. [ bell ] >> are you the board. correct. they are a couple. russell wilson's girlfriend is -- fill in the blank. >> sierra, baby. i got that. come on. >> can you name a song or sing a sierra song? >> oh, my god. i just heard a sierra song and can't name it. >> who is strahan dating -- >> i don't know about michael strahan, man. probably some beautiful model. i don't know. >> why not? everyone want to know who you're dating. >> who am i -- nobody. dating myself. >> reporter: for more football fun, watch us all sunday mornings on fox. >> ooh! all right. i'm with susan who watches us in ontario, california. you want to help me out? >> sure. here's tonight's "extra, extra." >> tracy morgan's thankful to be back doing what he does best -- turning up the comedy on screen. >> you put food on my family's
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table? trying to replace me? >> i'm the new chef. last summer -- >> all i remember is in a wheelchair, wondering if i was going to walk again. now i'm here doing a commercial. how cool is that? >> tracy making his fans laugh again in this commercial starring alongside his wife megan and daughter maven. >> daddy? >> my daughter's the funniest thing in the world! she's made me laugh a lot during my therapy. and always at the top of fashion's hit list, futuristic in chanel couture. always a favorite of this charismatic director. >> i know people will talk. i said, marty, pull back. not in public. >> kate honored for her work in film at the eighth annual film benefit. and in love with another man? >> my wife is in love with elton and david. >> two men but only for a cause supporting elton and his husband david furnish did he benefited for the elton john aids foundation.
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elton john bringing big music news. >> the album will come out in february. it's upbeat which is how i wanted it to be. this is the honest truth about jessica alba. >> i do touchups all day long. i obviously am not classy. i have another bad had beenited. i eat popcorn -- bad habit. i eat popcorn in every meeting. i crunch loud. it's annoying. >> these wearing the cosiest of sweater dresses. talking about the challenge of being the honest company's ceo, parenting, and how she lets loose with friends. >> i'm the shots of tequila hype man in the background. >> more out now. up next, how to beat black friday without breaking the bank. the dos,don'ts, and don't think hundreds. >> my best shopping tip is don't pick up anything that isn't -- then, megan fox exclusive. her first interview as a single girl." >> i hear that put the boys in a little bit of a tricky situation.
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and things are getting wet and wild. >> they had cece and reagan take >> hello? plus, leann rimes breaking >> any plans to expand the brood? >> coming up. when you've got a diamond kind of love, you've got to let it show... ...and now's the perfect time. save 40 to 50 percent off on doorbusters now through monday. at zales.
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interview since her so tomorrow is the biggest shopping day of the year. will either of you lady be braving the crowd on black >> no. too. >> a wise choicee because it is dangerous. >> it is. >> people get trampled. >> crazy. >> yes. renee has a few tips and tricks to help all you holiday shoppers keep your sanity and your cash. 'tis the season to shop, shop, shop. >> black friday will always be a great day to get deals. you need to prep your wallet. >> until you drop, drop, drop. >> a season of sales. >> author and retail expert mark elwood at the winter village in new york with everything you need ton to survive the holiday shopping season. >> here's a shopping strategy for black friday weekend. hit the big mall stores on black friday. then head to your local stores on saturday which is when most of the local, independent operations should be offering special deals. >> and think big when it comes to any deals. >> my best holiday shopping tip
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isn't discounted at least 30%. you should never pay full price for anything ever. and definitely not during the holidays. >> for all you online shopping addicts, join deal-searching sights like par ba is or honey and try this -- >> think of online shopping as a first date. never put out the first time. there's a trick called cart abandonment. put something in a cart where you've registered, walk away. i bet you'll get an e-mail from the store with a special promo code to close the deal. >> make sure you grab gift cards early. >> the week of black friday should see some amazing discounts on gift cards which probably won't be repeated the same way for the rest ofhe season. >> and the items everyone will be fhting over -- >> what's the hottest selling item this season? "star wars," "star wars," "star wars." >> chowy, we're home. >> for the second year in a row, i suspect you're going to see some great deals on apple products. especially if the rumors about them discounting ipads are true. >> if you can't handle the heat of black friday, d't worry --
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the d before, the day after, and every day up until christmas. fox's primetime hit "the new girl" just got a hot fox to guest star this season. reny is with the beautiful megan fox right now. >> "extra" is exclusively on the set of "the new girl" with the beautiful megan fox. >> hello, mario. >> this, her first interview since her surprise split from husband brian austin green. "new girl," her first tv series since "hope and faith" a decade ago. 11 years. >> 111 years. i think i was8 when ias on tv the last. >> wow. filling in for zoe deschannel while she's on pa maternity leave. i hear are you shooting today. that you put the boys in a tricky situation. >> yes. they are driving me crazy. they're big babies and can't make decisions about anything. the thingnghat i n nd to decide on is who's going to have sex with me tonight. i think she is bisexual.
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>> that's what is written on the script. >> of course she is. her old flame happens to be old model cici. >> in our first episode together, they had cece and reagan take a shower together. >> hello? >> there were so many guys just losing their -- >> megan loving this gig because they shoot in l.a., and she can see her kids. they have no idea their mom has starred in so many cool roles like "teenage mutant ninja turtles." >>hen they get older, they're brainwashed into thinking that i'm magical and stay with me forever. >> for now, their mom is "new girl's" new girl on fox early next year. coming up, leanne rimes dishing on turkey day with her husband and her self-diagnosed christmas obsessive disorder. >> i love christmas. > then, t t perfect beauty fix for turkey day. >> where that skin hangs there.
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neck next. more people getting their entertainment news from "extra" because we deliver what the other guys don't. exclusive interviews. >> that's right. i'm only talking to you. >> explicit scandals. >> kind of harsh realitit >> experience the difference. >> we've done things little backwards. >> that's right, i'm only talking to you. >> this is what people don't know --
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extra. hungr
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flashing back to the time she > it's offially the holiday season now. renee's with a woman who's ready to get tng in full swing. guys, i'm getting in the holiday spirit with leann rimes. thankful she's not hosting turkey day at her house this year. >> somebody sells cooking. we're going to hang out as a family. >> that family, leann, her husband eddie and the two boys. do you plan to expand? >> he wants to have another one. we have to see when. >> you have to put it on the calendar. >> yeah. i could kind of put it in the calendar maybe.
2:28 am
>> right now, leann is spreading country khmer withcheer with "today is christmas" on her annual country christmas show. >> this is date energy around christmas time. >> she's crazy with christmas. you self-diagnosed yourself with obsessive christmas disorder? >> yes. i love christmas music. iove to decorat as soon as halloween goes down, christmas goes up. >> her christmas day tradition? >> wend up making lasagna. we have for the last several years. eddie's cuban, i'm from the south. i think i thought it was like this great one-pot meal to make for everyone. >> kicking off a new west coast "today is christmas" tour including her remake of kenny home." >> paying tribute to troops returning home featuring real reunions in the music video she says is too emotional to watch. >> it's so moving, i can't make it through it. i watched it once. i'm like, that's great. >> her new tour starts december
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now in honor of today, tracy is joining nurse jamie for a special turkey day beauty treatment. >> it's not just your face that betrays your age. >> it's commonly referred to as turkey neck or like toirkurkey waddle where the skin hangs there a little bit. so what causes turkey nk is lo of elasticity, loss of collagen, muscle tone. >> nurse jamie with a 360 approach to fix this 48-year-old. >> tell me what it was about your profile that bothered you? >> everything. i felt like my face was being pulled down. >> start with thermage cpt. >> radio frequency, causing the fbi force thicken. the overlying skin is firmer. this treatment, you'll see a visible improve.mentimprovement, but they improve over the next two months. >> a pain-free cooling tip. >> so how your pain level? >> none. >> a common problem is it's not
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so essentially we had to give volume to the area as well as tighten the entire face cause everything is connected. >> restalyn lift in the cheeks to lift sagging skin and fill in her face, and bowtox in the new york smooth and tighten the jawline. e resests -- a tight, firm neck with no more t when you've got a diamond kind of love, you've got t t let it show... ...and now's the perfect time. save 40 to 50 percent off on doorbusters now through monday.
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sfx: zipipc bag opening
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...they always do. life needs ziploc sc johnson when love just keeps getting stronger, you can't keep that in. but this wasn'n'about saying it out loud... thth was about showininit out loud. so the world would know. so she would know. a diamond kind of love can't be kept inside. let zales help you declare yours with our endless brilliance collection. designed with more diamonds for more sparkle. at zales, the diamond store. for all you ladies dying for giveaway. murray. >> you're going to love this! >> what do you have? >> i've got reloxyn lift. a skin mask that immediately
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lines, wrinkles, andpores and utilizing technology to tighten skin, giving an instant facelift that lasts up to 24 hours. >> that sounds amazing. for your chance to win, sign up at right now, we have somo for our crowd. who wants beautiful skin? [ cheers ] >> that's it for today's "extra." for the latest entertainment news, go to
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really helpful as well. >> all righty. >> then one of my favorite tipip is t t add some pizzazz to your space, give it a boutiquey look. your closet is a room within your home. wallpaper. you can add it on the interior once all the clothes are out that you've decided to get rid of, put this on the back wall. if you decide to move or you're renting you u n peel it right off and you're done. >> good ideas, stephanie. thanks, sweetie. how to turn your overprocessed summer hair into an mane attraction for fall. >> and lilliana vasquez gives us fashion upgrades right after this. >> how cute is she? >> so cute. so how ya doinin enough pressure in here for ya? ugh. my sinuses are killing g . yeah...just wait 'til we hit ten thousand feet. i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast. they're new liquid gels.
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all right. we all have items in our closets that are ready for retirement. but the problem is we're not ready to get rid of them. if you're stuck in a fashion rut and need a new lookhis one is going to be for you. >> four lucky fansre about to get a fashion upgrade. here to give it to them is our friend, style expert and editor of the lv lilliana vasquez. >> hello, girl. you have another thing going? >> no. this is my blog they do every week. it's just a great place to get affordable finds. >> sometimes we cannot bear to part with things we lone. >> for sentimental reasons. >> sentimental reasons is the hardest. spending money on something that was on sale, we don't want to throw away.
2:37 am
a lot of ex cueses for keeping old clothes that don't fit. >> lisa had some old gym clothes you were not a huge fan of. tell us why. >> i think it was just an all around bad fit for r. she's anyone credible shape. she's got this fabulous body that i wanted her to show off. but that sweatshirt that you see tide around her waist she's had since college. she says it's soft, it's comfortable. kind of like a safety netor her. she doesn't want to throw it away. i'm with her. i have those things, too. >> lisa let's see what lilliana did for you. >> so cute, right? >> bright, chirpy and happy. >> adorable. >> is it okay if i put these aside for now? >> yes. >> okay. >> so those are gone. >> so tell us what you did for her. >> this entire hd to toe look is from express core new workout line. active wear is a huge thing right now. super affordable. i love color. when you wear bright colors it motivates you to go to the gym.
2:38 am
a printed tight is huge right now. turn aroundo we can see the back? it's a two in one. the sports bra is built into the tank top which also saves you money you don't have to buy two pieces. great sneakers and she's ready to hit the gym. >> thanks, honey. thanks so much. >> all right. next you found felicia. she is a self-proclaimed print addict. >> there's only one print thaha she loves. >> she has print underwear we heard. >> i think she has leopard print everything in her closet. we wanted to show her a more sophisticated way to do leopard. you don't have to do it head to toe because she was addicted to it. >> come on out, felicia. just a little on her toes. >> instead off classic leopard in that darker tone we gave her a snow leopard in the shoe. >> i love the snow leopard. >> i do, too. >> so chic and so sophisticated. this is her old leopard outfit in my hand.
2:39 am
can we put this aside? >> for now. >> we gave her a belt and detail there and little cardigan cool in offices and about the snow leopard mule. she can slide that right on. huge trend in fashion right now. really comfortable. for her it's about overall sleek and sophisticated. >> do you like it? >> i love it. especially these shoes. >> do you miss your old print? >> do you miss your old leopard? >> that can go. i love the shoes. >> thanks, girl. >> we have a couple of people who needed help in the denim department. >> cat and casey were into their jeans. >> so into their jeans. so here's cat in her destroyed denim. then casey in what i like to call his dad jeans. but he's not a dad. so we needed to get him out of the dad jeans. >> let's see what you did with that new jean look. me on out, you two crazy kids. >> cute! >> how sweet do they look? >> here they are in kind of head to toe sleek denim. cat for her she wanted an edgier denim.
2:40 am
instead of doing classic blue i gave her gray. no rips, no distress, a philadelphiay top i gave her a jeans jacket. on casey i got him jeans that fit. not three sizes too big. >> preppy look. >> super preppy. he's so young we want him to be plaifl with his outfit. i have your jeans here. i know you love these, okay? but you can't wear them out of the house. casey these just don't fit you. >> yeah. we're done. >> do you guys like your new looks? >> oh, my gosh, yes. i just feel like cinder fella. they're great. >> come on out, everybody. you all look great. >> thanks, everybody. >> he is a cut above the rest. >> celebrity hair stylist harry
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fall is just a few weeks away so it's a great time to revamp and refresh your hair. >> just check out amy popoler's different styles or maybe have jennifer lawrence or you. i've gone through a couple of hair transformations. >> you know what? that was unnecessary. >> that was unkind but funny. >> here to help make over your mane for fall is harry josh. >> how are you doing? >> you've brought some mystery women. >> i did. you know what, transformation has never been easier. doing one strong impactful thing can make such a difference. >> it doesn't take a lot. >> it doesn't. we're going to go through all three of our models and tell you what single transformation we did that made the whole look radically different. >> let's look at megan's before picture. >> there we go. >> telel us what you thought needed done. >> megan's hair here as you can see she's basically always wears her hair back, up a lot for the summer. i really wanted to do something.
2:44 am
she likes her length because she wants to throw it up. women all want to change but don't want to lose their length. how can i make my hair different. so that being said, the best way recreate and revamp without loosing an inch of length is bangs. you can see beautiful way to frame her face. this is really nice, reminiscent of julie christie, the thing we saw in the 60s. it's come back in a strong way. allows her to have versatility, wear it up in a pony tailor wrap it in a bun. no matter what she does she's got a look because this is always here. >> you like it piecy. >> very important for me to tell her this was going to be a soft rounded bang. the blunt is really hard to pull off unless you're 17. >> even then. >> even then you probably shouldn't do it. . >> megan loves it. >> all right. michelle is next. talk about people with big, curly hair. here we go. someone with naturally curly hair who really struggle with it every day having to wash it air
2:45 am
dry it. never stays smooth and frizz free. the thing is if you invest the time and spend actually an hour -- do you hear me? an hour blow drying and waving it, your hair will last five to six days easily. >> wait, five to six? >> easily. this kind of hair never ever ever gets oily. it's just a natural texture. it's coarse with tight curls. >> here's the real. >> wow! >> we didn't cut anything or color anything. this is a total style transformation only by adding heat and a curling iron. this will last her literally seven days. think about the investment for one day. that's a long commitment but knowing every other day you wake up just have to tweak it. >> even if you're working out? >> if you're going to sweat like crazy you're going to do that. if you want to keep your hair looking great. on friday we did this she said i'mot going to the beach this weekend. i love my hair. >> the sacrifices we make. >> but think about that, women.
2:46 am
transforming texture can make a big difference without having to cut or color anything. >> one of our own. chris one of our producers is here. talk about our before picture. >> she's got a beautiful silly health yea hair. healthy hair everyone loves it and wants it. it's a one trick pony. slippery, shiny and healthy. there's no versatility with that women want to have different textures. >> this is going to be a shock. she had never ever colored her hair they are whole life. i just added highlights she'll only have to do three times a year. do it, kristen. >> let's see the reveal. >> makes it look so much more body, too. >> i know if she ever used a curling iron before it would never hold a shape. too healthy. slips and falls out. allowing her to have this versatility and body. this is no piece es, just her own hair expanded. the cortex of her hair is expanded. natural highlights, not doing a ton just the most important pieces.
2:47 am
we did a closeup of her roots this is her natural color. >> do you love it. >> i love it. >> enjoy the life of coloring. >> yes.. >> speakinggf a lot of time -- that was very much, harry. >> thank you guys. >> our favorite things is just a moment away. >> first this is "today" on nbc. >> that was great, by the way. when it's your job to protect the world's greatest nation, it's your responsibility to solve the world's greatest challenges. this is why we search for the best and brightest. why we train for every eventuality on land and water, in the air, space and even cyberspace. we operate in a complex world with one simple mission. win. americans. we try to live healthy. but many of us don't know there are nutrients that can help support our metabolism. take new one a day healthy metabolism support multivitamin
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