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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  December 1, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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sioux city's field services street crew as they plow through the streets to make sure people are safe.
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less than 24 hours. we've gotten over seven inches of snow and i thinknkhe guys have d de a fantastic job." and pickens is not the only person who commends the their hard work. "they did a good job," said carl mueller, a sioux city resident. "it was pretty quick. i get up early in the mornings, go to work and it was all clear." "they come by a lot, le eight 17 times," said anthony rodriguez, a sioux city resident. "so i mean, i can't complain. you know it's being safe." and it may not be difficult to spot them out on the street. there are 50 pieces of snow equipment making the roads safer for vehicles.>> pickens says most residential areas should be cleared by seven tonight. one way he says people can help the cleanup is by shoveling their snow into their driveways rather than the street.
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streets more quickly. matt? keeping cars on the streets also makes it harder for road crews to do their work. the sioux city popoce department plans to start towing snowbound vehicles tomorrow morning at ten. they are vehicles still buried under this latest storm. it's illegal for people to park vehicles on city streets for more than 24 hours without moving them following a winter storm. as the heavy snow finally turns to flurries, siouxlanders dig out from under our latest snow storm. ktiv's tommie clark checked in with siouxlanders to see how they're dealing with seven fresh inches of snow.
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sioux city resident, anthony rodriguez. ...and they're shoveling for a good reason. "it's safety really. you want to make sure that people are safe and they're not slipping and falling on your property," said power wash usa manager, matt heath. some siouxlanders say they're used to it and don't mind it... but,t,t's the type of snowowhat makes clearing out all the more difficult. "it's kind of wet and heavy. if you use a snowblower it won't even work. it's all got to be hand done," said blessed sacrament church engineer, dennis labarge. homeowners say at the end of day they're exhausted, but it needs to be done. in sioux city...tommie clark...ktiv news4. >> there's still snow falling in some parts of siouxland. ron, how much more will this amount to by the time its all said and done? weather ad-lib it was a day of light snow falling and blowing around a little more
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staying close to 32 degrees, most of the snow has been melting as it falls. the snow will come to an end tonight as the wind will keep blowing at about 15 to 25 miles per hour so just watch for some snow blowing back onto roadways and trying to make th a bit slick. the parents of a child with
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sergeant bluff-luton community school district, and two employees, after they say their son was physically abused. ktiv's robert lowe spoke with h one of the parents' attorney this afternoon. robert, what do the parents claim happened? matt, according to court documents, the child, referred to as k.g. to ensure privacy, left his desk at sergeant bluff-luton primary school and then proceeded to lay on the ground. documents say k.g. began "kicking his legs ananmoving his hands in the air," but did not make physical contact with another student or staff member. after being asked to return to his desk by the teacher, k.g. was "uncooperative." that's when court documents say the special education teacher attempted to lift k.g. into a sitting position. she was unable to do so, and proceeded to drag k.g. across the carpeted classroom documents say k.g. cried out
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back!" then the teacher did stop. here's a look at post- incident pictures taken by his parents. now, todd boley, the attorney for k.g.'s parents, , ys after the incident, the district failed to conduct an "objective investigation." boley says similar incidents occur across the country. "children with disabilities are vulnerable to abuse to a degree much greater than the general student population," said attorney todd boley. now, we reached out to sergeant-bluff luton community school district. superintendent rod earleywine said quote "i do not have a comment concerning this issue." robert, why was this case filed in federal court? boley says this case violates federal laws including the american with h sabilities act and rehabilitation act. matt? the cold weather is believed to have contributed to the death of a farmer in kossuth county. sometime late on thanksgiving
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found the body of 63 year old gerald dreesman beside his pickup p a ditch. kossuth county authorities believe he froze to death after getting out of his vehicle and was unable to get back inside. he was found 2-point-5 miles from his farm northwest of titonka. the kossuth county sheriff says people need to be careful when braving the roads in the winter. a judge has sentenced the sioux city man, who ran a school-based program for at-risk kids, for having sex with a student. a judge today gave 29-year- old erick deleon 15- years probation. plus, he must register as a sex offender after being found guilty of sexual exploitation by a school employee. his defense attorney argued he was a state employee, who ran a program for at-risk students at north high school. but, the judge determined that deleon was also a school district employee because he also worked as an assistant soccer coach at weststigh school. deleonondmitted to police toto quote "pattern of sexual related texting and
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victim." still to come... the iowa football team is in the big ten championship game for the first time. we'll hear from the hawkeyes on the matchup with michigan state - that's later in sportsfource.
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jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in. it's not about yappin'. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the
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blowing around a little more than yesterday...but with temperatures staying close to 32 degrees, most of the snow has been melting as it falls. the snow will come to an end tonight as the wind will keep blowing at about 15 to 25 miles per hour so just watch for some snow blowing back onto roadways and trying to make them a bit slick. we should see more sun as the day goes along on wednesday as a quieter weather pattern settles back in. highs that will be in the low 30s tomorrow could get back to near 40 degrees by saturday so melting
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above-normal temperatures before this week's snowstorm in south dakota allowed many farmers to wrap up late-season fieldwork. the agriculture department says pasture and range conditions statewide are rated 48 percent good to excellent. stock water supplies are 71 rcent adequate to surplus. action kicked off today in the n-a-i-a volleyball tournament. here's a live look from the tyson events center. twenty-four teams from all across the countryryre in sioux city for this major event. . iar cliff university, the host team started playing a few minutes ago. they're taking on lindsey witson from kentucky. then, at 8:30 dordt will be playing georgetown, kentucky. we'll hear from dordt's head coach later in sportsfource. still to come... a 9-11 hero visited a local siouxland business today to give thanks.
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you know families today are so stretched... ...they're working two jobs; they're working extra hours, but paychecks have barely budged. raising family incomes
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i have a plan that will put raising incomes right at the center of our economy again. we've got to get back to making it possible... ...for anybody in america to go as far as their hard work will take them. that will be my mission as president. i'm hillary clinton, i approve this message
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a 9-11 hero visited siouxland today. new york city firefighter ed breen stopped by fashion floors carpet one floor and home in sioux city. he dropped by to thank the store for supporting the stephen siller tunmel to towers foundation. the foundation is named after a new york city firefighter who died during the september 11th attacks. breen served as a firefighter at "ground zero" and is traveling the country to bring awareness to the foundation. democrat hillary clinton will return to sioux city, on friday, december 4th, to talk about rebuilding america's infrastructure. the former secretary of state will speak at 11:30am, on friday, at the carpenters training center, at 2200 west 19th street. doors for the event open at 10:00am. u. s. senator joni ernst has retired from the iowa army national guard. calling her time in the military one of her "greatest honors,"
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had retired from the role. she said she was focusing on her work as a senator and spending time with her family. a lieutenant colonel, ernst served more than 20 years in the u.s. army reserves and iowa army national guard. her retirement was effectiviv nov. 30. governor terry branstad says there is no reason to delay plans to shift iowa's medicaid operation to private management, even though a judge has recommended the state throw out one of four contracts awarded to companies to run the program. branstad says the state always planned to haveveetween two and four companies running the program. he says ever if the state takes the judge's recommendation, it can continue with three private firms. the governor said the state has not decided how to proceed. iowa is set to shift the 4- point-2 billion dollar medicaid program to private management starting in january. mark freund, in for brad pautsch tonight - and two siouxland teams getting things started tonight at the naia national volleyball championship. (mark) dordt and briar cliff - both getting started tonight. the defenders are hoping to get
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play. we'll have a preview of dordt coming up afteer the break. plus, the iowa football team prepares for michigan state in the big ten championship game. sportsfource is next.
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saturday. the hawkeyes will take their first west division title into their first big ten
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michigan state - with the winner almost surely going to the college football playoff. michigan state's only loss came to nebraska, who the hawkeyes just beat on friday. the spartans survived a tough east division with wins over michigan and ohio state. m-s-u is third in the big ten in scoring offense - the hawkeyes are second - both score over 33 points per game. iowa finished the regular season unbeaten for the first time since 1922 - but the hawkeyes know they're playing for a spot in the college football playoff. and they know michigan state will be the toughest test yet. "we've been underdogs 11 out of 12 bowls, so i figured we'd be underdogs again," said head coach kirk ferentz. "we've been in that environment. we've played in a lot of big games, historically, and this team's played in big games this year. what it really gets down to, is it's another game. it's important, but it's another game." "we know that again, it's going to be another very physical game," said senior running back jordan canzeri. "they're very tough,
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ball, so we know it's going to be a fight. that's exactly what we expect, so that's what's been our motivation for practices during the week." kick-off between iowa and michigan state, from lucas oil stadium in indianapolis, is saturday at 7:17. about an hour ago - kirk ferentz was named big ten coach of the year the new college football playoff rankings are out - iowa and michigan state are ranked 4th and 5th, respectively. again - the big ten championship - is likely a play-in game for the college fofoball playoff. ohio state is ranked 6th. the naia national volleyball tournament is underway in sioux city. pool play started this afternoon - 24 teams competing for a national title at the tyson events center the next 5 days. one of those teams is dordt college. the defenders, ranked 13th, were the gpac regular season champions, but had to play their way to the final site, sweeping mount mercy last saturday to advance to sioux city. dordt has 11 wins
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or receiving votes, experience that will help the defenders compete in a pool with two other nationally-ranked teams. "we love our pool," said dordt head coach chad hanson. "we have a great, great pool of top teams. to know that we need to come out right ay, play outstanding volleyball, there are no warm-up matches for us, it's just on. that's what the national championship should be about." "i think that's going to lend itself to some fun, and lord-willing, some successful volleyball for dordt college." dordt plays georgetown of kentucky at 8:30 in their national championship opener. briar cliff is already out on the floor, taking on top-ranked lindsey wilson, also of kentucky. the chargers trail 2-0 in that match - we'll have highlights and reaction from the tyson events center tonight at 10. this summer, we asked for football gear from siouxland schools for our set on sportsfource extra. now we're looking for basketbalal
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have it, we want it. you can send it to us at ktiv, at our new address, 2929 signal hill drive -- or you can just bring it to the station. when the season is over -- you'll get the equipment back. our first basketball "extra" is i love a gourmet cheeseburger as much as anybody. and that's why we created the pub burger at culver's. my favorite cheeseburger starts with great beef. when you get that burger in your hand and the juices are flowing, you want to devour it. chef, we're going to make a pepper grinder pub burger. i'm stoked, man. we've got a little wisconsin swiss and wisconsin cheddar. those are the criteria for me fresh beef, bacon, wisconsin cheese. the four-peppercorn mayo really sets this burger apart. this is the ultimate bacon cheeseburger.
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