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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  December 1, 2015 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm matt breen. sheila brummer has the night off. the parents of a child with autism are suing the sergeant bluff-luton community school district, and two employees, after they say their son was physically abused. ktiv's robert lowe spoke with one of the parents' attorney this afternoon. robert, what do the parents claim happened? matt, according to court documents, the child, referred to as k.g. to ensure privacy, left his desk at sergeant bluff-luton primary school and then proceeded to lay on the ground. documents say k.g. began "kicking his legs and moving his hands in the air," but did not make physical contact with another student or staff member. after being asked to return to his desk by the teacher, k.g. was "uncooperative." that's when court documents say the special education teacher attempted to lift k.g. into a sitting position. she was unable to do so, and proceeded to drag k.g. across the carpeted classroom documents say k.g. cried out
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then the teacher did stop. here's a look at post- incident pictures taken by his parents. now, todd boley, the attorney for k.g.'s parents, says after the incident, the district failed to conduct an "objective investigation." boley says similar incidents occur across the country. "children with disabilities are vulnerable to abuse to a degree much greater than the general student population," said attorney todd boley. now, we reached out to sergeant-bluff luton community school district. superintendent rod earleywine said quote "i do not have a comment concerning this issue." robert, why was this case filed in federal court? boley says this case violates federal laws including the american with disabilities act and rehabilitation act. matt? a storm lake, iowa, farmer has filed a federal lawsuit against swiss biotechnology company, syngenta. james stein accuses syngenta of depressing
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genetically- modified strain of corn called m-i-r 162, also called viptera. it's a corn seed genetically modified to contain a protein that kills corn-eating bugs. multiple markets approved its import with one big exception, china. china turned u-s corn away in november 2013, when traces of viptera turned up in a shipment of u.s. corn. some claim that cost the u.s. corn industry as much as $3 billion. stein demands a jury trial, compensatory damages, and punitive damages. his suit was filed on monday in federal court in sioux city. an iowa state senator, and congressional candidate, is being criticized by republicans and democrats after he said he supports executing immigrant felons who seek to re-enter the u.s. illegally after being deported. reached by phone, republican mark chelgren told the associated press on tuesday that his comments came during a conversation about terrorism and border control.
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specifically about immigrants with felony convictions trying to re-enter the u.s. illegally. the chair of chelgren's own party said the comments, quote "don't "represent the values and the beliefs of iowa republicans." a judge has sentenced the sioux city man, who ran a school-based program for at-risk kids, for having sex with a student. a judge today gave 29-year- old erick deleon 15- years probation. plus, he must register as a sex offender after being found guilty of sexual exploitation by a school employee. his defense attorney argued he was a state employee, who ran a program for at-risk students at north high school. but, the judge determined that deleon was also a school district employee because he also worked as an assistant soccer coach at west high school. deleon admitted to police to a quote "pattern of sexual related texting and sexual intercourse with the victim." even with snow on the ground, and the official start to winter
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summer lifestyle in sioux city took center stage at city hall, tonight. the pool committee held it's final public meeting regarding the future of sioux city pools. with just 1.3 percent of residents using sioux city's pools last summer, the goal is to boost attendance and maximize the usage of taxpayer dollars. the committee recommends closing leeds and cook pools after the 2016 season and replacing both facilities with a splash pad. riverside would stay the same. lewis pool would close after a new aquatic center is built in morningside. leif erikson would remain open until the pool is no longer operational. at that time it would be replaced with a splash pad. "if we're going to be closing a pool we need to replace it with something," said sioux city parks and rec. director matt salvatore. "splash pads are very inexpensive from an operational standpoint. it's a longer season. you don't need lifeguards, no filtration, no chlorination. it makes sense, it's a very user friendly facility. not a replacement for
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about half a dozen people spoke up at tonight's meeting. the pool committee will hold their next meeting on monday to discuss tonight's meeting and debate any possible changes. it's hard to think about swimming pool, and sunblock, when some of us are clearing seven inches of snow off of our sidewalks and driveways. ron, when will this snow move out of the area? it was a day of light snow falling and blowing around a little more than yesterday...but with temperatures staying close to 32 degrees, most of the snow has been
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will come to an end tonight as the wind will keep blowing at about 15 to 25 miles per hour so just watch for some snow blowing back onto roadways and trying to make them a bit slick. with the the second big snowstorm of the season winding down, city crews continue to clear up the roads. crews are scheduled in 12 hour shifts around the clock. their 24-hour a day efforts appear to be paying off. the
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major streets, including "priority one" and "priority two" streets, are now clear. "i think the guys are doing a great job," said pickens."it's less than 24 hours. we've gotten over seven inches of snow and i think the guys have done a fantastic job." the city's snow policy is to have the streets cleared within 72 hours. people can help the cleanup by shoveling their snow into their lawns, rather than into the street. once again, the sound of shovels and snowblowers, filled the air across siouxland. the snow was heavy, and wet. and, that made the job of clearing the snow much harder. some snowblowers got clogged. and, the snow weighed down shovels. "it's pretty warm today actually the snow's really heavy and i think it'd probably be almost easier to shovel it then to keep clogging your snowblower," said sioux city resident, mike semple. homeowners say, at the end of
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but, it's work that has to get done. sioux city code says you have to clear your sidewalks 12 hours after the snow stops falling. if you don't, you could face a fine. keeping cars on the streets also makes it harder for road crews to do their work. the sioux city police department plans to start towing snowbound vehicles tomorrow morning at ten. they are vehicles still buried under this latest storm. it's illegal for people to park vehicles on city streets for more than 24 hours without moving them following a winter storm. the cold weather is believed to have contributed to the death of a farmer in kossuth county. sometime late on thanksgiving day, a relative found the body of 63 year old gerald dreesman beside his pickup in a ditch. kossuth county authorities believe he froze to death after getting out of his vehicle and was unable to get back inside. he was found 2-point-5 miles from his farm northwest of titonka. the kossuth county sheriff says
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roads in the winter. you've heard of black friday and cyber monday. but what about giving tuesday? it's a newer trend that started in recent years. it doesn't involve shopping but . it was created as a response to black friday and cyber monday. many non-profit organizations nationally participate in promoting the trend like the salvation army. according to mobile-cause dot com, nearly $46 million dollars were donated on giving tuesday in 2014. "we're just asking folks to think about those in need this holiday season," said major von vandiver witht the salvation army. "and to remember that in the many blessings that they have that there are many folks that need help this holiday season." the salvation army says there are numerous ways you that information is inside this story at ktiv dot com. still ahead... volleyball fans from across the country made their way to siouxland for the naia women's national volleyball championship. highlights as two
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it was a day of light snow falling and blowing around a little more than yesterday...but with temperatures staying close to 32 degrees, most of the snow has been melting as it falls. the snow will come to an end tonight as the wind will keep blowing at about 15 to 25 miles per hour so
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onto roadways and trying to make them a bit slick. we should see more sun as the day goes along on wednesday as a quieter weather pattern settles back in. highs that will be in the low 30s tomorrow could get back to near 40 degrees by saturday so melting
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still to come.... a hero, who saved lives at "ground zero", brings a piece of history to sioux city. the story after the break.
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a 9-11 hero visited siouxland
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this holiday, ford america's best-selling brand is giving you more. the ford holiday sales event... with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus and 2016 fusion and escape. plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on 2015 focus and 2016 fusion and escape. it's the best gift ever. now during the ford holiday sales event get 0% financing for 60 months plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on select vehicles. see your local ford dealer. retired new york city firefighter ed breen stopped by fashion floors carpet one floor and home in sioux city.
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shadowbox holding a piece of steel from one of the twin towers. his appearance supported the stephen siller tunnel to towers foundation. the foundation runs a program called "building for america's bravest," which builds smart homes for military service members who were injured during their service. "after 9/11, the world came to help us, it really did," said ed breen. "the country especially, it was tremendous the outpouring of support we had in the country. when this became available, it was a no-brainer for me. just to a part of it was spectacular." breen served as a firefighter at "ground zero" and is traveling the country to bring awareness to the foundation. volleyball fans from across the country made their way to siouxland this week. the n-a-i-a women's volleyball national championship tournament kicked off at the tyson events center tonight. both dordt college and briar cliff university were the two siouxland teams in the national tournament. fans filled the gateway arena all afternoon to enjoy a few games.
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the naia volleyball championships later in sportsfource. still to come.... two restaurant chains are removing soda from their
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children's menus. consumer groups, including the center for science in the public interest, say dineequity inc.,
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applebee's and ihop brands, will remove sodas as the default drink option on kids' menus in its restaurants. soft drinks will still be available by request. the chains follow the lead of some fast-food restaurants that have already made the move, including fast-food chains mcdonald's, burger king, wendy's and dairy queen. mayo unveils a new clinic focused on treating and studying angelman syndrome, a rare neurological disease. the new clinic will be only the third in the nation and the first one west of the appalachian mountains to focus on angelman syndrome. the clinic received a 50- thousand dollar donation from the angelman syndrome foundation at the grand opening. angelman syndrome is commonly misdiagnosed as cerebral palsy or autism and affects as many as one in 12-thousand people. the department of health and human services announced today that fewer patients are dying as a result of hospital- acquired infections. according to the report, there has been a 17 percent decline in the amount of hospital related conditions between 2010 and 2014---nearly 20-billion dollars in health care
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this decline. experts credit the affordable care act as well as combined efforts from hospitals and doctors with providing a safer healthcare system. hospital-acquired conditions can include catheter-associated infections, adverse drug events, and surgical site infections. mark freund, in for brad pautsch tonight - with plenty of naia national volleyball tournament action. (mark) briar cliff and dordt both beginning their tournament runs. we've got all the highlights and reaction from the tyson events center coming up next. plus, nebraska takes on miami in the big ten- acc challenge.
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we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. if you put decorations up outside you might be at risk for thieves to stop by. we'll tell you how you can avoid having your house hit this season. and a lot of people gain weight this time of year. but we'll show you one man who has done just the opposite. the naia national volleyball championship got underway today - 24 teams competing for a national title. among them, dordt and briar cliff. the chargersa are in the field as the host school for the third straight year. b-c-u had a tough test to open pool play - facing top-ranked lindsey wilson of kentucky. the blue raiders had some trouble keeping pace with b-c-u out of the gate. chargers played with a lead most of the first set - breanna nogelmeier
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things rolling for a while - dani helland has got one ace at least heading into finals week - b-c-u led 22- 19. but the blue raiders show why they're the top seed - carol siqueria kills that one immediately - blue raiders would take the first two sets. third set now - makenzie montano finds a hole for the kill. and that would do it - b-c-u is swept in straight sets. "i'd always expect the number-one team in the nation to come in here and probably be one of the best teams we've seen all year," said briar cliff head coach trevor schirman. "we just have to play at a consistent level for a long period of time." "we've got to be ready for those big blocks," said junior katelin langel. "there's some really good big blocking teams here, a little bit taller than us, so we've just got to be ready to be scrappy and pick up things, and hopefully our offense will pick it up a little more." dordt, ranked 13th, opening pool play against 12th-ranked georgetown of kentucky. first set - defenders trailing, but they set it up for elizabeth kiel - she puts it away - dordt within
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but the defenders were playing from behind most of the first set - courtney grafton with the kill - tipped but falls - georgetown up 5. dordt still down 5 later - brooke granstra - goes opposite court for the kill - she had 9 of them on the night but the defenders drop the first set - sarah bell serves up the ace - tough opener for dordt - they're swept by georgetown, 3-0. here's a look at wednesday's schedule - dordt continues its tough road against number-2 viterbo in a rematch of a game won by the defenders in the regular season. that game is at 5:45. briar cliff gets number-11 eastern oregon at 8 o clock. this season of "firsts" for iowa continues on saturday. the hawkeyes will take their first west division title into their first big ten championship game. on the other side will be michigan state - with the winner almost surely going to the college football playoff. michigan state's only loss came to nebraska, who the hawkeyes just beat on friday.
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east division with wins over michigan and ohio state. m-s-u is third in the big ten in scoring offense - the hawkeyes are second - both score over 33 points per game. the hawkeyes know michigan state will be the toughest test yet. "we've been underdogs 11 out of 12 bowls, so i figured we'd be underdogs again," said head coach kirk ferentz. "we've been in that environment. we've played in a lot of big games, historically, and this team's played in big games this year. what it really gets down to, is it's another game. it's important, but it's another game." "we know that again, it's going to be another very physical game," said senior running back jordan canzeri. "they're very tough, very fundamental, quick to the ball, so we know it's going to be a fight. that's exactly what we expect, so that's what's been our motivation for practices during the week." kick-off between iowa and michigan state, from lucas oil stadium in indianapolis, is saturday at 7:17. kirk ferentz is the big ten coach of the year, as voted on by both the league's coaches and the media. ferentz led the hawkeyes to their first undefeated regular season since 1922. the hawkeyes went 8-0 in big ten
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they've done that since 2002, when ferentz won national coach of the year honors. it's the fourth conference coach of the year honor for ferentz. the big ten-acc challenge got underway yesterday. nebraska was hosting miami as part of the challenge. the hurricanes are ranked 21st in the ap poll - the huskers are 5-2. big red is unbeaten at home. but miami was threatening to run the huskers out of the building early - nifty move by angel rodriguez. the hurricanes got out to a 7-0 lead - but tai webster drops in the triple from the wing - getting big red going. glynn watson junior - helping the cause - a ridiculous double clutch three - the huskers hit 9 treys. tied at 25 later in the half - canes miss the three - anthony lawrence junior - insane putback - gives miami a 2-point lead. big red trying to come back - shavon shields - the senior had 28 - but nebraska falls in overtime - 77-72.
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state - new cyclone football coach matt campbell in the house. first half - georges niang spinning - goes down hard - clutching his knee - that's not what you want to see - the cyclones calling it a thigh contusion, but he'd be alright. case in point - second half - niang - silky smooth on the three - isu up 9. later in the half - it's a four point game - jameel mckay with the stuff - iowa state runs away from there -
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