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tv   News 4 at Noon  NBC  December 3, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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>> you are jerry mcguire.big development projects are in the works in all three siouxland states by the economic development arm of the winnebago tribe of nebraska. ho-chunk capital has just outlined plans for investing more than 100-million dollars on projects in iowa, nebraska and south dakota. among them, virginia square, a $24 million project that will go on this property on virginia street in downtown sioux city. it includes residential units, retail and restaurants. plans also call for a 7- point-5 million dollar apartment project in dakota dunes, south dakota called "dakota 303." and in south sioux city, 220 acres of residential and commercial addition. ktiv's tiffany lane is on this story and will have much more tonight on news four. ten shooting victims are being treated at two hospitals following yesterday's massacre in san bernardino, california, that left 14 people dead. today, there are still more questions than answers. questions like was it workplace
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nbc's jay gray in san bernardino with the latest.
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the bathroom then she realized her hands were bleeding." president obama today did not rule out terrorism. "it is possible that this was terrorist related. but we don't know." farook and malik were later killed in a shootout with police several tense hours. like police, family members are tragedy. farhan khan/ suspect's brother-in-law "i have no idea why he would do like this, i am in shock myself." shock across this community that is now beginning to heal... bernardino, ca "our community is resilient, we will recover a recovery that will take time.. jay gray - nbc news - san > weather ad-lib digit morning, many will have some fog to deal with as well.
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one mile in some places along with some re-freezing on area roads, so use some extra caution when commuting this morning. once we burn off the fog, the sunshine will return in full and help temperatures rise into the middle to upper 30s. some more fog is possible tonight and early tomorrow morning, but that won't stop many from making a run at 40 degrees on not only friday but the following chunk of days too. readings near 50 degrees are certainly not out of the realm of possibilities by mid to late next week either! see graphics. >> olympian "blade runner" oscar pistorius, once convicted of manslaughter in the shooting death of his girlfriend, now stands convicted of murder. a south african appeals court
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death of reeva steenkamp. n-b-c's jeff rossen reports from south africa.
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to go from here. but will not comment any further at this time. they could appeal to the constitutional court, that's basically south africa's version of the u.s. supreme court. but unclear if that court would even take the case. so now all eyes are on this house. jeff rossen/ nbc news/ pretoria, south africa "do the police show up here and re-arrest pistorius? does he have to surrender at all? it's truly unprecedented here. no one really knows. we are told though that his re- sentencing will likely happen in a month or two and pistorius himself could speak, making a personal plea for a light sentence. back to you." >> syrian activists say russian troops are expanding a military base in central syria. they say the russians are developing runways in a sign they intend to use it as their second air base in the country. the work could also signal moscow's intention to step up airstrikes in the country's central region where the islamic state group is active. battles have raged in syria the last two days, and an islamist militant group renewed threats against russia from the syrian province where russian forces are based. authorities say eight people were arrested as police officers
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outside a minneapolis precinct station. the encampment was put there by demonstrators protesting the fatal shooting of a black man by police. the police chief says seven people were arrested for obstructing the legal process and one was arrested for trespassing as tents were removed from the site and campfires were extinguished early today. the demonstrator s have been camped outside the precinct station for more than two weeks. a nebraska lawmaker is turning to the public to build support for his bill to legalize medical marijuana. senator tommy garrett of bellevue visited norfolk and dakota city on wednesday to make his case for the proposal. the bill would legalize medical cannabis for patients with specific chronic or terminal illnesses, including cancer, glaucoma, crohn's disease and epilepsy. the cannabis could be ingested as a liquid, pill, or liquid vapor, but could not be smoked. "we've done our homework. i'm here to tell you that cannabis has medical efficacy and can really help
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nebraska lawmakers debated the measure during this year's session but didn't pass it. critics have said that while they're sympathetic to the people with debilitating diseases, they're concerned that medical cannabis creates a slippery slope toward recreational use. a group pushing for stricter animal welfare laws in iowa hosted a session in le mars last night. "iowa friends for companion animals" is lobbying for more humane conditions at the state's puppy mills. member say iowa has the second most puppy mills in the united states. "we are not trying to end dog breeding, we aren't trying to move mountains with this legislation," said kathie pfaffle. "all we're trying to do is make the conditions for the dogs living in the usda facilities in the state of iowa better." the group hopes their efforts bring stricter oversight into the industry. state democratic lawmakers are concerned over iowa governor terry branstad's plan to privatize medicaid. yesterday, they held a public forum at western
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to people who will be impacted directly. the organizers of the event were state representative chris hall, state representativ e dave dawson and state senator rob hogg. hall says this has become a partisan issue. "when we talk about four billion dollars being handed over from taxpayers to private companies and some of these companies have significant fraud issues across the country, there should be more concern coming from the republican party as well," said state representative chris hall from sioux city. this week, governor branstad said there's no reason to delay the plans for the program. a judge have recommended the state throw out one of four contracts awarded to companies to run it. branstad says it can still be run with two or three contracts. one siouxland woman with health concerns says she has unanswered questions about the program. "i've had kidney cancer and i've had ovarion cancer, and so at any time i may have to go back to you know-while i do go to the kidney specialist because i also
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know if he's going to be on the list," said event participant sherry flansburg. "and i don't know if there is another one in sioux city." iowa will shift the 4- point-2 billion dollar medicaid program to private on january first. after temperatures plunged into the single digits this morning... we're actually melting some snow afternoon. meterologist ben dorenbach's back with the forecast, next on news four. currently sunny and
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amilies today are so stretched... ...they're working two jobs; they're working extra hours, but paychecks have barely budged. raising family incomes is the defining economic challenge of our time... i have a plan that will put raising incomes right at the center of our economy again. we've got to get back to making it possible... ...for anybody in america to go as far as their hard work will take them. that will be my mission as president. i'm hillary clinton, i approve e is message and i hope yououl read my plan. ben, things started off very
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a highway bill that congress is
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restores 3-billion dollars in cuts to crop insurance. it's part of the budget agreement completed in october. farm state lawmakers say the provision is important for farmers and ranchers because it boosts their safety net. south dakota senator john thune says the highway bill also eases licensing requirements for people hauling smaller amounts of diesel fuel for ag- related uses. south dakota agriculture secretary lucas lentsch wants to see more cattle and hogs in his state. he's calling for more animal agriculture in south dakota. lentsch says putting livestock back into cropland farming will diversify farm operations and preserve traditions. the emergence of a global grain trade about 40 years ago made it possible for farmers to quit raising animals and make their living by raising only crops. but ag officials say livestock can still be an important part of crop production today, by doing such things as putting nutrients back in the soil and supporting producers when crop prices are
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> u.s. stocks are trading modestly lower the department of transportation says despite what airlines say, passengers are entitled to compensation for damaged baggage.
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damage to handles, zippers, wheels and other exterior parts of luggage left in their care. this comes in the face of baggage policies from various airlines stating that they won't reimbursing passengers for damage to their bags. still ahead: the spirit shines with a lighted christmas parade town... and he's only seven years old, but this montana boy really feels the holiday spirit. see how he's making a difference to charities... on
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jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible
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skycam... the holiday spirit shines brightly in ponca, nebraska. folks lined the streets for the annual lighted christmas parade last night. floats decorated with thousands of lights rolled down main street. the people of ponca say this yearly event really brings the town together during the holidays. "i love this parade," said lauryn gill. "i like seeing all the lights and colors and seeing santa claus." sarah beach. "i like how the community all comes together." "beautiful," said mackenzie crosgrove. "all the lights and everything, everyone has their own personality on the floats, and santa claus is here!" and there he is. santa was the main man at the parade.. and he wishes everyone a merry christmas. the holidays bring out the
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seven-year-old boy in montana. he's spending the holidays looking for ways to give samantha harrelson has his story.
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help them provide snacks and field trips for the kids. jacob studer, billings best hiking sticks) "i just did automatic, i don't really know, i just did because i wanted to do a fundraiser." anna studer, jacob's mom) "i am so proud... just so proud and i want to help him and do whatever i can and i want to keep it going. he just was born with a big heart. its not typical for his age group i think he's very kind and caring he goes out of his way to think about others what they might need." and his business is growing -- he started with sales in his driveway -- now his business is online. anna studer, jacob's mom) "people can order and we will deliver them and we will take branches if you need to get rid of them so we can make more sticks" "i got your hiking stick." "thank you!" and when asked his favorite part about his whole experience -- jacob studer, billings best hiking sticks) "selling. i am a salesman." >> that was samantha harrelson reporting from billings, montana. "billings best hiking sticks" has a facebook page and web site. it's seven dollars for a grownup
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still ahead, a christmas show to benefit the gospel mission... and a preview of the latest live musical event coming to nbc tonight!
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david. we're talking about the 4th annual gospel mission christmas
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discovery chorus. jerry i know that you're a member of the chorus and have been for years, what's m mt important about partnering with the gospel mission to put on a show like this? as a group of 25 guys bake sales is not a great way for us to help raise funds but if we together a concert, to entice people to come and enjoy the concert, and give them an opportunity to help a local organization, that's what we live for. david, the need is critical this time of year for the goel mission, how critical is the need? specifically 40% of our funds come in during the last two months of the year. although the funding helps us throughout the year this truly is the most important time of the season to be able to maintain the services that we provide. certainly having a chorus of guys like
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forward to say we'd like to help you out, we like to partner with you to help fill those coffers at the end of the year has got to feel good. it's such an incredible blessing to have a partner like jerry and the siouxland discovery chorus to walk alongside usdin this endeavor. they're committing their time and their talents and their god given abilities to benefit the mission, of which we are sincerely appreciative. we want to make sure you get to this show. it is december 2nd at 7 pm at st mark's lutheran church. if you want more information about it you can call 712- 255-1769. jerry and david, thanks so much for joining us today. thank you mathew. thank you for joining us around siouxland. >> n-b-c embarks on its latest musical holiday tradition tonight --- a three-hour live event production of the groundbreaki ng broadway show "the wiz." it's the musical that brought oz to life in a funky sing-along journey down the yellow brick road. toninit's star-studded cast includes queen latifah, mary j. blige and david alan grier. watch "the wiz live!" tonight at
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