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tv   Today  NBC  December 7, 2015 7:00am-10:00am CST

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were warning signs missed? panic. not far from the scene of the san bernardino shootings robbers shatter jewelry cases and shoppers mistook the shattering glass as gunshots. police swarm in. the suspects still on the loose. and changes when it comes to your children's health. some of them may surprise you, monday, december 7, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. after a long nice weekend, how about the panic that must have taken over that shopping mall out in california? >> if that's not a sign of the times, the smash and grab jewelry heist, but people who heard it think it's gunshots.
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lives. that's one of the reasons why the president knew that this country needed to hear something about the war on terror. >> that takes us to our top story on a monday morning. president obama's address from the oval office to a nation yes, on edge in the wake of the shootings in san bernardino and the other terror attacks around the world. the president saying that they highlight a new phase in the terror threat facing the united states. we have complete coverage, including swift reaction from the republican presidential field, but first nbc national correspondent peter alexander. he's at the ite house. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. a majority of americans are dissatisfied with this president's handling of terrorism, but there he was, president obama, trying to reassure anxious shusamericans and, in fact, saying stay the course against isis, promising to destroy the terrorist group, guing the u.s. will prevail by being in his words strong and smart, resilient and relentless. just days after the massacre in san bernardino, a full-scale
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president obama. >> thisp was an act of terrorism, designed to kill innent people. >> reporter: president said there's no evidence of terroristic activity from overseas. instead they had been directed by a terrorist group overseas. instead, arguing they had gone down what he called the dark path of radicalization, embracing a perverted version of islam. islam. they are thugs and killers, part of a cult of death. >> reporter: comparing last week's attack to mass shootings at ft. hood and in chattanooga, the president argued that the terrorist threat has evolved into a new phase. >> i know that after so much war many americans are asking whether we are confronted by a cancer that hahano immediate cure. >> reporter: in only his third oval office address in seven years, mr. obama, who faces growing criticism that his campaign to defeat isis is failing, vowed the u.s. will hunt down anyone plotting attacks against this country. >> the threat from terrorism is real, but we will overcome it. >> reporter: noticeaeay absent any major shift in strategy, the
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ban assault weapons and to bar anyone on a no-fly list from being able to buy a gun. >> what could possibly be the argument for allowing a terror suspect to buy a semiautomatic weapon? this is a matter of natioiol security. >> reporter: while insisting he identifies with americans' fears, the president said the west is not at war against islam, cautioning americans not to single out muslims. >> it is the responsibility of all americans, of every faith, to reject discrimination, because when we travel down that road we lose. >> reporter: and a senior administration official tried to punctuate progress being made against isis citing stepped-up air strikes that have destroyed at least 116 oil tankers since paris, but the lack of any new policy announcements last night really says as much about the president's confidence in the current plan to beat isis as it does about his sense that there really aren't any better alternatives.
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>> peter alexander at the white house. peter, thank you. >> before the president even finished that speech some of the republican presidential candidates were weighing in. nbc's andrea mitchell is here with that piece of the story. andrea, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. well, not surprisingly it didn't long at all for the republican candidates to pan the president's speech. donald trump was first out of the box on twitter.. >> and may god bless the united states of americ >> reporter: it took only 90 skolkd seconds after president obama finished speaking for donald trumpo tweet is that all l ere is. we need a new president, fast! later trump tweete well, obama refused to say, he just can't say it, that we are at war with radical islamic terrorists, though that's a phrase george w. bush also refused to use. marco rubio on fox. >> people are scared not just because of these attacks but because the growing sense that we have a president that's completely overwhelmed by them. >> reporter: the other republican candidates issued statements. ted cruzuz if i am electetepresident, i will direct the department of defense to destroy isis. ben carson called it strange that it took four days from the
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and even more strange that somehow the attack on our soil is proof that his policies are working. since the san bernardino massacre, the e publican criticism has been f frce. >> we have a situation in our country whe we have a president who is out of control. he's out of control. >> reporter: even hillary clinton is sounding alarms. >> i know that americans are anxious and fearful, and we have reason to be. the threat is real. the need for action iss urgent. >> the white house wanted to reassure a jittery nation, but in the middle of a political campaign, that is a tall order, especially as terrorism becomes a major concern increasingly for a large segment of americans. >> all right, andrea. stand by there. we wananto bring into this conversation mark halperin, managing editor with "bloomberg politics." >> president don't do this often, go into the oval office and address in primetime. this president hasn't done it
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and crisis. because of that, are you surprised in this speech that he didn't offer anything new in terms of strategy or policy, that it was basically stay the course? >> i'm surprised by that. i'm also surprise that had h didn't do a good enough job or maybe any job of reaching out to republicans. this is a time when we need national unity. we're in the middle of a presidential campaign, he's leaving office in a little over a year. reaction from republicans, as andrea said, uniformly bad, not just the presidential candidates by the capitol hill leaders. i think nothing new and no sense of bipartisanship, not good for the country. >> mark, the white house will be quick to say this is not a speech that is for the political class. it's not for you. it's not for us sitting at the table. it's for regular americans who might just be tuning into this issue. the problem with that, as i see it, number one, it acknowledges that they need reassurance, that up to this point they haven't gotten it, and, number two, they don't know what our strategy is. shouldn't they? >> they need to know what the strategy is. again, i think americans look -- look, this is fuamental
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protect the country, to protect american interests abroad, and when the president comes out and gives a speech and then it becomes just politics, it becomes for the chattering class, i think that's a failure of leadership of both parties, but the president's got the primary responsibility now, and you would like a world, like after 9/11, where the president addresses the country and says the we're in crisis and republicans say we'll put partisanship aside for a moment and work with him. that's not what we're seeing. >> using the president's own words, early in the speech americans see the threat of terrorism as a cancer with no immediate cure. based on what you heard from the president last night should americans feel like e least there is a cure down the road? >> no, and i thought that was actually a bad metaphor to use because people think of cancer in one way, and what he needed to project, as mark was saying, that we have solutions and, in fact, with no new strategyo announce, having elevated this to a sunday night prime-time
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which is, you know, incredibly -- >> rarified air. >> rarified air, as you point out, and to not have a new strategy, to not explain new military options or new political options or to embrace some sort of unifying vision really is a problem. our new poll is indicating that there are real concerns about terrrrism, and there is a a partisan divide on this, but so many people are now after paris and after, of course, san bernardino, bringing it home. he needs to speak after paris. it's too wrong for him not to y to c crect the imagery of jayvee -- >> the press conference doesn't convey that sense of it. he needed to address the nation sooner, his own critics of his own party say, and, in fact, he came to this position last night becaususof democrats as well as republicans but primarily democrats in the leadership who are up for senate seats saying you've got to deal with this. the country is*really scared.
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business-as-usual moment. >> right. >> and too much of what he's done, including last night, business as usual. a repeating basically what he thinks the right policy is with nothing new and no sense of your jen see, which is what a lot of a aricans are feeling.. mitchell, good to have you both. >> more now on the investigation into the san bernardino rampage. as authorities interview family and friends of the gunman syed farook's father who is now speaking out. nbc's miguel almaguer is in san bernardino. >> reporter: matt, good morning. the fbi is still processing crime scenes.. they are looking for evidence overseas and here at home, this as investigators question the gunman's mother, and we hear from his father for the first time. his massacre claimed 14 lives and left 21 wounded by syed farook is described by his father as s momma's boy born andnd raisededn the u.s. speaking to an italian newspapers syed farook sr. says his son became obsessed against israel and shared isis leader al
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islamic state. >> we have at least 20 victims. >> reporter: farook with his wife tashfeen malik carried out the deadliest act of terror in the u.s. since 9/11.1. at their h he they raised their 6-month-old daughter with farook's mother, the house of bomb factory stockpiled with explosives and ammo. the fbi also raided the home of syed farook's childhood friend enrique marquez, agents blowing up a garage door and hauling away evidence and was unable to interview marquez because ofcials say he sought mental health treatment after the massacre. marquez bought the assault rifles used in the shooting three to four years ago that were later acquired by farook. >> seemed like normal everyday americans. >> reporter: every day in san bernardino they pray for the victims as families prepare to bury the dead. sierra claiborne was 27. she will always be her daddy's
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>> i give god all the glory for my daughter's short time here, for her short time here. we weren't ready for this. >> reporter: after spending several hours interviewing farook, the shooter's mother, they will also likely question her several more times, we're told, by fbi officials. meantime, matt, we should also say this investigation continues here and abroad as they look for more clues about this case going anywhere they can to find more evidence. matt and savannah? >> miguel almaguer out in california this morning. miguel, thank you. >> it also stretched out over to pakistan where tash feek malik attended college. >> bill is in pack stapp this morning. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. tashfeen malik is a mystery to
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here, all of whom are trying to work out why a young mother would end her life and the lives of so many others the way she did.d. tashfeen malik's former home is locked. her family, including her father gulzar malik, have fled, but not not before pakistani officials questioned them about ties to at the collele where she studied pharmacy for five years they insist she was not radicaliz there. >> the radical approach or radical-minded culture, it's not like that. >> reporter: she was a deeply religious and private woman, destroying any photographs that showed her without a veil. never revealing her face to men in pakistan. investigators here have little idea why she turned terrorist. there is no link says its interior minister, between her and extremists in pakistan. at the country's most radical
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to her. some women students from this mosque pledged allegiance to isis last year. tashfeen malik wasn't among g them, but she was close to some hardline students in pakistan, and she, too, declared her loyalty to isis just before the massacre. her friend say she was devoutly muslim but no supporter of islamist violence. they are shocked. >> anyone who knows her can't expect that she can do such things. >> reporter: and she stressed malik grew up in conservative saudi arabia. saudi authorities, too, are looking into her. it's not clear whether she radicalized her husband or vice versa. what shid she did, though, was very clear, very deadly, and very deliberate. and it's clear from survivors of the mass killing that she took a full and active part in it, and say police she fired at them
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what no one knows is where she learned to use and fire a weapon matt? a key part of this investigation. bill neely thank you. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams is working the investigation from washington. pete, what has the fbi been able to learn? >> reporter: matt, good morning. the president spoke mostly about isis sunday night, but the justice department and the fbi say they can't be sure what the source of radicalization actually was. torney general loretta lynch said sunday that investigators group's propaganda the couple was following. even though tashfeen malik for isis to facebook around the time of the attack. pakistan have told american reporters that before she came to the u.s. she was putting up media. officials say they see no indication yet that once she was here either she or syed farook were in direct contact with any terrorists overseas, and investigators say there's no sign the couple was part of a
7:15 am
anybody else was involved. so the fbi hopes the answers to those questions will be found on the computer hard drives and the cell phones the couple left behind, but agents say farook and malik smashed those devices. they say they are trying to extract what's on them but that's taking much longer than it usually does, although they say this morning theheare having some success. so far officialslsay their conclusion that the couple was radicalized it based on the things they left behind, the guns, the bombs, the way they tried to cover their tracks and the extensive preparation, but what the fbi wants to know is what they were thinking, and those answers, they hope, aren those devices. matt? >> all right. pete williams in washington. pete, thank you very much. we'll shift gears and take a look at weather. dylan is in for al. what are we looking at? >> the pacific northwest cannot catch a break. every single day there's been a major weather system, the typical el nino pattern, all this moistste streaming in off
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round and round of heavy rain. jet stream in the upper levels of the atmosphere moving at 200 miles per hour and all of these storms get wrapped up in it and make their way on shore. on thursday we'll see the pacific northwest get slammed with heavy rain and gusting winds. 60 near 80 miles per hour, and as we go through the day today, we'll seat heaviest rain across southwestern oregon and on tuesday ititoves back into we will see some mountain snow but mainly above 6,000 feet. it's really the rain that's our biggest issue where we could see another 5 to up to 7 to 9 inches this could lead to some minor flooding in the river. this part of the country can handle all that rain, and, of course, this isery good n ns when you talk about mountain snow. it gets you through the winter the summer. we're looking at significant rainfall over pretty much the next week. that's a look at the weather across the country. your local forecast is coming up in just 30 seconds. isn't it funny that the people you're closest to are also the hardest to shop for.
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u can find the perfectgift for everyone on your list. low prices on everything youneed to share wonder every day. walmart dense fog advisory for monday the way of sunshine today compared to our saturday along with some warmer temperatures. most of us across siouxland climbed into the middle and upper 40's, with some isolated spots in the fifties. lows will be bottoming out in the upper 20's across the viewing area with some patchy fog possible due to our snow pack lingering on the ground. high pressuree will be building in from the south yielding lott of sunshinend pleasant conditions to kick off our work week. we will continue our warmer and dry trend right through the week before a cold front moves through later on next weekend, to cool our temperatures back down towards average, for this time of the year. we'll be right back af >> and that's your latest forecast. >> all right. dylan, thanks very much. coming up, we are going to get into that story we told you about atathe beginning of our
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a mall near san bernardino. the panicked moments as shoppers mistook the sounds of shattering glass for gunfire. and then firearms flying off store shelves as america's gun debate rages on in the wake of last week's attack. we'll look into it. but, first, this is "today" on nbc. last week's attack. we'll look into it.
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good morningngveryone. i'm sarah te slaa. a long-standing holiday tradition took place on saturday in sioux city. the annual goodwill of the great plains shoe and mitten party was held in sioux city. the event takes months to plan and to collect all the items. volunteers come from all over siouxland to help distribute the winter items to kidid one of those families, the lefler's. theyeyave helped with the event for 15 years. ben?
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forecast. the rest of the week will bring high temperatures in the 50s before cooling down this weekend with precipitation looking more likely well east of us, so we'll see how that plays out. see graphics. . >> if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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7:30 on this monday morning. it's the 7th of december, 2015. there's a happy tree go along with a happy crowd. >> they should be happy. it's going to be 50 today and maybe 60 by saturdayay >> you w we saying that's bikiki weather.r. >> did i say that? all right. let's take a look at some of the stories making headlines right now. in a very rare primetime address
7:26 am
americans in the wake of the san bernardino shootings and other terror attacks around the world. he vowed to destroy isis and other terror organizations to try to harm the u.s. but he did not announce any major strategy changes. the president also called on congress to pass tougher gun control laws. >> london police are adding patrols this morning after a stabbing at an underground station. videos capture the 29-year-old suspect being tased after he allegedly attacked a man with a knife reportedly yelling "this is for syria" as he did it. and our new msnbc telemundo marist poll puts hillary clinton ahead of all republican candidates in a hypothetical general election. she leads trump by t t widest rgin, 11 points and rco rubiby three and ben carson came closest, trailing clinton by just a point. >> as we've been talking about this morning, we saw a clear example last night of the nervousness a lot of people are
7:27 am
the story. >> that's s ght. you u ys showed that videoeot the top. many shohoers were at a mall i i southern california and confused the sound of a robbery in progress with gunfire leading to chaos and the mall being locked down. panic overnight in a crowded southern california mall as holiday shoppers heard what sounded like gunfire. >> it sounded like two large bangs. >> police launched a masasve response at the tyler mall in riverside, california. just about 17 miles away from last week's terror attacks in san bernardino. that city's police chief tweeting officers were called to riverside incident as a mutual aid shooting call, shooting unfound. the sound that startled shoppers caught on tape in this vine video turned out to be three men who entered a jewelry store and began smashing a display case with an axe in an attempt to steal the jewelry. >> just a massive stampede out of the food court.
7:28 am
just screaming run, run, run. >> the community on high alert after the terror attacks that left 134 dead. >> i told myself i wasn't going to go to any malls or any movie theaters with all of this thinking of the potential for other terrorist-type activity, but i told myself i wasn't going go out to the mall tonight and then this happened so, yeah. i think tensions are high. >> after a sweep of the mall, officers were unable to locate the three masked thieves. they did, however, recover the suspect vehicle nearby but certainly nerves are very that community. >> understandable. >> natalie, thank you. i want to talk more now about the gun control debate sparked by the san bernardino attack and other attacks. regardless of where you stand one thing is clear, the business of guns is booming. nbc's stephanie gosk is in san bernardino this morning. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning, matt. after a deadly shooting like this, there's a collective digging in of heels in the gun debate as there are calls for more calls control g gup and so
7:29 am
there are no official numbers after the shooting, but there are signs that in some places guns are flying off the shelves. shootings in recent memory, the 2012 attack on sandy hook school where 20 children and 6 adults famously said this. bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> reporter: that week broke the record for firearm background checks, the first step in buying a new gun, and the record still stands. among the spike in sales were purcrcses of ar-15 rifles like the one adam lanza used in the rampage. now, anecdotes from around the country suggest the attack in san bernardino which is being investigated as an act of terrorism is having a similar effect. nearby get loaded gun shop is basicallllsold out of f feballs and ammo. 35,000 rounds on saturday alone.
7:30 am
place my order again. >> reporter: the hogues were uneasy about buying a gun, b b not anymore. and in upstatat new york a sheriff wrote on facebook i want to encourage citizens of ulster county who are licensed to carry a firearm, please do so. and the president of liberty university sparked controvovsial we these comments. >> if more and more people had concealed carries, we could end the muslims before they go off >> reporter: falwell later clarifying, telling the islamic terrorists when he said joining the chorus for more gun control was the "new york times," publishing its first and radio talk show host eric erickson posted his response on line. i shot holes in the "new york
7:31 am
literally. for like-minded gun owners there will be a brand gnu-new place to turn on tv. >> this 24-hour live shopping network brings to life a vast awry of firearms. >> reporter: and gun-tv is set to launch in january, eventually becoming the first 24-hour network dedicated to firearms. one in three americans already owns a firearm, and the number of firearm background checks has been on the rise for months. black friday actually broke the record for a single day this. holiday season guns are on a lot of people's gift list. guys, back to you. >> stephanie gosk in san bernardino this morning stephanie, thank you. all right. someone just got an e-mail message, i don't know who it was. you heard that little ding. miss dylan has a check on the weather. >> and there could be some travel delays because of fog this morning, especially out near detroit and chicago where the fog is pretty dense. we're not seeing widespread freezing fog because temperatures have been really so much above average, but look at our visibility in chicago, in tole, in lansing.
7:32 am
the northeast as well. we've got this jet stream all the way to the north. this is a very unusual pattete, especially as we continue through december here, and look at temperatures through the week. we're going to stay about 5 to 15 degrees above average today. kansas city about 60 degrees. chicago about 46. and then on tuesday we're staying in the 50s and 60s further south and 71 in dallas, which is 22000 0 grees above average. wednesday the warm weather continues, new york city about 53 and raleigh about 63 and then inching closer and closer to 60 degrees even up into boston, ten degrees more than average and memphis 15 degrees by average by the end of the week. do have an air of high pressure that's keeping the sunshine out and very messy in the pacific northwest wherdense fog advisory for eastern siouxlxld until 6 am monday well, we definitely saw more in the way of sunshine today compared to our saturday along with some warmer temperatures. most of us across siouxland climbed into the middle and upper 40's, with some isolated spots in the fifties. lows will be bottoming out in the upper 20's across the viewing area with some patchy
7:33 am
due to our snow pack lingering on the ground. high pressure will be building in from the south yielding lots of sunshine and pleasant conditions to kick off our work week. we will continue our warmer and dry trend right through the week before a cold front moves through later on next weekend, to cool our temperatures back down towards average, for this time of the year. we'll and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan. thank you. coming up, the brother of reality star kristin cavallari missing, his car found hundreds of miles from his home. we'll have the latest on the frantic search to find him. >> and up next a remarkable find worth billions. the mystery surrounding the discovery of what could be the largest sunken treasure ever, right after this.ken treasure ever, right after this. one, two, three, four, can i have a little more? five, six, seven, eight, nine, t t, i love you sail the ship chop the tree skip the rope
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surprise!!!!! we heard you got a job as a developer! its official, i work for ge!! what? wow... yeah! okay... guys, i'll be writing a new language for machines so planes, trains, even hospitals can work better. oh! sorry, i was trying to put it away... got it on the cake. so you're going to work on a train? not on a train...on "trains"! you're not gonna develop stuff anymore? no i am... do you know what ge is? shot of the tree and the crowd. we're back at 7:4. we've got the discovery of what maybe the world's larrest sunken treasure. >> the colombian government says
7:38 am
the "san jose" and as nbc'c' kekey sanders explains it could be worth billions. >> reporter: this debris scattered 800 feet down off the coast of colombia may not look like much, a few cannons, pottery and a handful of coins but treasure hunters say it's the holy grail of shipwrecks. colombia's president juan manuel santos calls it the most valuable treasure thahas been found in the h htory of humanity. it's from the spanish galleon "san jose" sunk off the coast of caragena in a battle with the british navy and all but six of its passenger and crew were lot. the "san jose" was also carrying a treasure trove of gold, silver and jewels said to be worth more than spain's annual income at the time. in today's money, billions. >> the incredible thing about the "san jose" find this is a virgin shipwreck. it's been untouched for 300 years. >> reporter: it took the treasure-hunting schmidt family
7:39 am
getucky and find the historic 1715 treasure fleet off the florida coast. >> you hate to say it's a dream come true, but it's a dream come true. >> reporter: months ago they hit it big, finding more than 350 spanish gold coins worth $4.5 million. the exact location of the "san jose" wreck is a closely guarded secret, and there will likely be years of court fights to determine who is entitled to what, but treasure hunters say it's about more than money. >> everyone thinks in treasure hunting of the gold and silver, but it really comes down to the amazinggrtifacts that t tl bigger story, provide a great bounty of informati for mankind. >> reporter: for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news, miami. >> amazingled conversation that story sparked here on this set. a lot of budding treasure hunters. >> exactly. >> and i confess to watching "titanic" over the weekend.
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7:44 am
.. back at 79:49. all the debate, who would you select att"time" magazine persoso of t t year. tamron i here for the short list. >> a few days to debate this. the criteria for person of the year is someone for good or for ill, has had the most impact on the world and the news for this year.
7:45 am
off a huge debate so here we go. no particular order, guys. here is "time's" short list. donald trump. black lives matter activists, angela merkel, chancellor of germany, caitlyn jenner, travis kalanick and abu bakr al baghdadi, leader of russia, vladimir putin, president of russia and the president of ir. that's the short list to start debating now. who do you think should be "time's" person of the year? head to "today" or "time's" person of the year. we'll reveal the choice on wednesday selected by "time" right here on the "today" show and for a little fun here's what we would look like as a bitmoji. >> i had nhing to do with this. >> i do love bitmojis but had nothing to do with it. >> savannah caused me to create
7:46 am
"time" magazine to do this for us. matt, savannah, al, natalie, dylan and i don't know who that person is down at the bottom. >> what do you think the people are going to say when we ask for this? >> i think it will be trump. >> i could see -- >> you can't deny his impact on politics whether you like it or don't like it. it's h he >> you hope it's not al baghdadi. >> i think it will be trump and caitlin neck and neck. >> he doesn't win the internet polling, but to your point, what he's done for the political discourse and the conversation as well. >> you note good thing? we'll find out first here wednesday morning thanks to the folks at "time." >> thank you, coming up, a new recommendation that could mean extra screening for your kids during their next checkup. >> and our chat with the woman of the moment, adele y.isn't she on the cover of that magazine? >> yeah. >> she says her new album is
7:47 am
but, first, your local news. actually, philly was the first capital. oh, honey... no wait, did you just have that on your phone? it's t te to mix it up. do it, dad!
7:48 am
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7:50 am
should we put a jelly bean on the top? purple? absolutely. [singing] on the third day of christmas my true love sent to me.
7:51 am
time for the morning club quiz. joining us on the phone is karla fergen from sgt. bluff. you're playing for a 50 dollar
7:52 am
greenbergs jewelers. this jolly man dressed in a red suit comes every year on christmas eve to deliver presents to good boys and girls. a) santa b) the grinch c) clark griswold d) rudolph thousands of people dressed as santa claus ran through h dney yesterday for a good cause. proceeds from the santa fun run went to a charity that helps children who are disadvantaged, sick or have special needs. race organizers were hoping to raise more than 340-thousand dollars for the charity. the race route took runners past some famous sydney landmarks, including the sydney harbor bridge and the sydney opera
7:53 am
>> it's 8:00 on "today." coming up checking up on your kids' check-up. new recommendations out this morning that could mean big changes at their next doctor's visit. then from dynasty to damehood. joan collins will stop b b live to preview an auction of some of her most prized possessions. and to remember her late sister jackie. plus, adele one-on-one, the music superstar opens up ahead
7:54 am
talking fame, family, and the baby boy who changed her life. >> has he made you a more >> yes. in every way possible. >> today monday, december 7, 2015. >> good morning, north dakota. >> we're visiting the "today" >> >> we're back now. 8:00 now o o a monday morning. it's the 7th day of december, 2015. we have a huge christmas type crowd here on our plaza this
7:55 am
and we've got wrangler hanging out looking- kit carson. >> where's my liver treat. >> coming up we have a legend in our house, we've got dame joan collins. we can't wait to talk to her. check out some of the treasures from her time on dynasty that she has brought along. lots to talk to d de joan collins. >> she's beautiful. yes. >> a check of the toph stories of the morning. natalie's at her post. good morning again. >> good morning to you again. a rare prime time speech from the oval office president obama vowed that america will defeat isis as well as a new kind of enemy threatening the homelanded from within. peter alexander is at the white house. good morning. >> good morning. this was the president's first oval office address in more than five years, the threat against the u.s. he says is evolved into a new phase. for the first time called the
7:56 am
terrorist act likely inspired by isis. president obama defended his administration's effort to defend the homeland and his strategy to defeat isis overseas trying to reassure anxious americans. >> let's not forget that freedom is more powerful than fear. and we have always met challenges whether war or depression, natural disasters or terrorist attacks, by coming together around our common ideals as one nation and one people. >> still, not surprisisily, t t president's critics were unimpressed. they said he is almost disengaged in minutes of his speech, many of them pounce insisting president obama isn't offering new strategy or policies and no real sense of urgency. donald trump tweeted, is that all there is inwe need a new president fast.. natatae. much. the fbi has interviewed the
7:57 am
syed farook. officials say she lived with her son along with his wife and acaccomplish and their infant daughter. agents want to know if the mother knew about the bomb making workshop in the garage. farook's father who lives with another son told an italian newspaper farook was fixated on israel and shared iology. they raided the home of the gunman's friend who originally bought the assault rifle that used in the attack. two male college students were found safe sundayyight after police say they were forcibly abducted over the weekend. police say the university of rochester seniors were last seen early saturday morning. a s.w.a.t. team was launched on sunday after police figured out where they were being held. both students are now in the hospital, they are expected to be okok. one of the victims had a gunshot wound to his leg. four people are in custody in connection to the kidnapping. police say the abduction was a targeted attack.
7:58 am
the public to help them find the brother of a reality tv star michael cavallari who lives in california, hasn't been seen since the day after anksgiving. officials are looking for reality tv star kristin cavallari'slder brorth after his car was found abandoned on a southeastern utah road. michael's honda was found about 100 feet off interstate 70. it was still running and the air bags were deployed. his cell phone and lap top were inside. there was no sign of michael. anything. the vehicle was abandoned. >> credit card receipts led investigators to a store about 100 miles south where the store's surveillance video helps police positively identify michael. he hasn't been seen since making that purchase. kristin rose to fame on the series laguna beach and a spin-off.
7:59 am
woman works. >> she is yet to make public commentstsut d ds before he went missing, cav a larry who is married to jay cutler, gave birth to her third child, posting this photo of the newborn on instagram last week. meanwhile, police continue their search for michael. >> at this point in time there's no signs of foullay that we canntell we're still piecing everything together. >> police are hoping that anyone with information or knowledge of michael's whereabouts will come forward. the university of houston is investigating video of security guards tackling and hitting a fan who rushed onto the fieie after houston's v vtory over temple on saturday. the school athletics official said he is extremely disappointed and angered with the actions taken by the guards which you see there. he promised swift action which could include terminating the security company's contract. >> some good news this morning
8:00 am
cancer. he told worshipers at his hometown church osunday that a recent mri reveals the cancer appears to be gone. the 91-year-old has several brain. carter plans to receive regular three-week treatments. nearly one month a aer the terrorist attacks in paris, irish rock band u 2 returned to the city to play the concert it was forced to cancel following the rampage. >> seems like the whole world is in paris. tonight we are all parisians. >> the lead singer bono paid respect to the 130 people killed in paris on november 13 and told the audience we stand together with the families of those killed in paris. the arena is not far from the site of the terrorist rampage. the band will play a second show in paris tonight. yououe upo date.
8:01 am
>> thank you so much. the next time you take your kids to the dock der there may be extra screenings. the american academy of pediatrics releases recommendations and pushing for more preventive testing. doctor, good morning. so this is the stuff that your kid will be asked about when they go to the doctor. >> dependinghat age they are. >> the first thing, cholesterol. this is controversial. >> yes, so basically the rationale for this is that they say the process that gunks up the arteries and increases the risk begins in adolescence. although they are recommending universal screening, that is every kid between 9 and 11 they are stopping short from saying that everybody needs to be treat fwd their cholesterol is high. they have a complex algorithm that takes in account what their profilil looks like, a small percentage of children are candidates for statin therapy if
8:02 am
they are not overweight necessarily, the idea is to intervene early to prevent the disease. >> so more screening means potentially more eatment. >> actly. >> cavities. yes. the change is that we for a number of years the recommendation was to do a fluoride varnish. they put a layer of flour i'd, that night. it reduces the incidence off cavdies. they used to make this recommendation if the you lived in an area that did not have fluoride in the water. they are also recommending some tooth pastes. we were talking about this, talk to your doctor about this on how to apply it. >> great. next hiv testing. >> yes, this is the recommendation here is the cdc has a recommendation there should be universal screening between 13 and 24, the american
8:03 am
recommending a screening at least once between the ages of 16 and 18, they say that one out of fourr cases of new hiv infection occurs in children or youth between 13 and 24, and 60% of patients don't know they have it. >> another biggy, mental health screening. >> yes. depression screening. this one i absolutely love. we hear about teen suicide. depression rates are onhe rise. very many signicant adu depression starts in addolescence adolescence. you look into it what kind of screening but it's quick and efficient and they can refer out for further therapy if needed. they are recommending this annually from 11 to 21. >> these are the questions that need to be asked. more questions that need to be asked. drug and alcohol use. >> this is called i don't know if we have it up here. basically it stands for kr have you been in a car with someone under the influence of alcohol or substance use.
8:04 am
use it. do you ever drink when you're alone. and again, it's a way, a great opportunity for pediatricians to intervene early and identify therapy or referral. >> a lot of information. thanks for breaking it down. up next ryan gosling hosts "snl" and breaks out into an epic case of the giggles. adele opening up why she struggled to write this album, her son, and what does she think her place in music history is. >> a lot to talk about with the legendary joan collins. we're happy to have her back,
8:05 am
back after t tse messages. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. my psoriatic arthritis caused joint pain. just like my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and i was worried about joint damage. my doctor said joint pain from ra can be a sign of existing joint damage that could only get worse. he prescribed enbrel to help relievpain and help stop further damage.
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8:14. only one thing to do right now, "trending." >> you know what starts two weeks from today? >> christmas? >> winter. >> winter s srts. >> way to go,atalie. that's right. >> it's in the prompter. >> cnn is busting some of the top myths about your health during the winter months. myth number one. cold air makes you sick. >> that's not true.
8:08 am
>> i'll take your word for it. >> cells to fight infection actually increase when you go out in the cold. take that one to the side. in freezing temperatures, not good to work out. >> that's just an excuse. >> don't skip the gift. experts said gold could actually help you race faster and burn more calories. >> working out outside is okay in the cold. >> your mom would always say when you're young, wear a hat because you lose most of your body heat through your head. >> right. >> true. >> that's true, right? >> you know when you have no hair, that feels true. , no. doctorssay no. in fact, if you go outside with gloves you lose more of your body heat through your hands than you do through your head. >> my ears are cold and my feet are cold rest of me is cold. >> i thihi a hat is more comfortable in the win thor. >> you may ask this, does
8:09 am
take a look. this burger and fries was bought >> wow. >> one of the last mcdonald's meals ever served in that country before all the stotos closed so one guyuy decided to sake. >> where did he keep it? >> check it out. live streaming right now. >> wow. >> this is the burger and fries, right now. >> is that like -- >> is that fridge rated. >> is that hermetically sealed? >> mcdonald'sn i i website explained why this haps happened and you're on to something, matt. bacteria and mold may not grow on the foo without moisture, according to mcdonald's. >> i'm surprised there's still fries left. >> the nothing about that made me feel good. >> no, not at all. all right. you girngs happen t t watch "js" this weekend? it was on. i'm not talking about the original movie but the intense
8:10 am
one surfer says that is his sports super bowl calledss jaws and with waves as high as 60 feet high. wipeouts were spectacular and terrifying. take a look at this jetski. who does this? >> some brave people. >> ever tried surfing and get held under by a wave, can be absolutely terrifying. >> look at that. >> those two are happy to be alive. >> the surfers look this big. and a scary home invasion to simon cowell's home and twitter best this week. simon cowell, a frightening invasion. a burglar broke into his home on
8:11 am
20-month-old baby boy slept. simon is pragz one of his security guards who reportedly chased down the thieves and managed to recover jewelry and simon's passport. simon called thens dent nerve-racking, can certainly understand that, but says it all could have been much worse. very scary. next to twitter and its top moments of the year. the most re-tweeted twewes comes from harry stiles reacting to the news that zane malik was leaving one direction. harry wrote simply all the love as always, and that got more than 719,000 re-tweets and guys, get this. five of the top ten most re-tweeted tweets are from -- onedirection. >> one direreion, wow. >> not shocked. >> so the rule is put one direction in your hashtag. >> all right. president obama managed to make the list at number four with his responsed to the supreme court gay marriage ruling. he tweeted today is a big stete in our march toward equality, hashtag lovewins and caitlin
8:12 am
world tweeting welcome to the world caitlin. can't wait for to you get to know her/me. finally talking about this. ryan gosling this week and he hosted "snl" for the first time and here's the sketch people are talking a aut sharing over anan over. ababt three friends who have a wild encounter with aliens. ryan and "snl" cas members could not keep it together. here's the sgloemt perhaps they were collecting biological data. >> no. >> no, no, that fell off the books. there was one gray alien, i think he was the lookout. look, it wasn't my worst wednesday night. >> how did the aliens return you all to earth? >> i was carried down gently. he's crying >> he's crying.
8:13 am
doesn't like it when cast members break character to laugh, but i guess they could not control themselves and we learned today as well that ryan gosling is natalie's boo. that's your "pop start" and savannah refers to him, want to explain. >> he cracks me up. >> he's so hilarious. >> that's exactly what i meant. >> the way you were describing it. it was not. me. >> dylan, let's get a check of the weather. >> looking at pretty weather across most country except in the southeast and northwest. in the southeast we do have a southern florida that's been bringing rain to the area for ys and through south carolina this morningng we'reeeing some of the heavier rain and then it's going to move through north carolina, especially as we go into later this afternoon and tonight and tomorrow. we could see most of this low
8:14 am
just enough to produce up todense fog advisory for eastern sisixland until 6 am monday well, we definitely saw more in the way of sunshine today compared to our saturday along with som warmer temperatures. most of us across siouxland climbed@into the middle and upper 40's, with some isolated spots in the fifties. lows will be bottoming out in the upper 20's across the viewing area with some patchy fog possible due to our snow pack lingering on the ground. high pressure will be building in from the south yielding lots of sunshine and pleasant conditions to kick off our work week..we will continue ourrwarmer and d ry trenn right throogh the week before a cold front moves through later on next weekend, to cool our temperatures back down towars average, forthis time of the yeab. we'll be right back after the break >> and that's your late forecast. smait. >> killian, thank you very much. now to one of hollywood's most glamorous stars. joan collins issn awararwinning actress, accomplished producer and best-selling author. one of her most famous roles, the vixen alexis colby carrington on the beloved classic "dynasty" and now joan's personal collection from that show. some items hitting the auction block. joan, it's always good to see you. i should say now dame joan.
8:15 am
>> it's great to have you here. >> thank you, matt. nice to be here. >> how are you been? >> i've been great, wonderful. lovely to be in new york in this gorgeous weather. >> we have allotted to talk about. >> let me ask why now? why did you decide to part with some of these items? >> well, first of all, i absolutely love auctions. half my apartment in london has got stuff in it from auctions, and frankly i can't fit into any of these dresses darling, anymore, and i thought it would be rather nice for people to have these amazing gowns, some of them are so beautiful. some from "dynasty" and some from other movies that i did, and some off them are things like, for example, this one i designed myself and i will wear them begin because if you're an actress you wear it one and you can't times square again. >> some of the items are very personal. behind me are some letters, love letters written to you by warren ity. >> yes. >> bk if i think it was 1960. he was in the national guard and
8:16 am
letters. >> yes. >> tell me about what's the back story? >> the back story is we were engaged at the time and the engagement ring is in a safe, by the way, that's not in an auction, and we -- this i i before people texted and sent messages so we used to write letters every day. >> and i like the fact that you kept them, one line from one letter jumped out at me. joan, being away from you is becoming unbearable. >> well, yes, he was right. i have another 50 of though the, those are only two. i didn't want to flood the market. >> let's talk about fashion. so much a part of show "dynasty." >> the i know. >> lots big shoulders. >> still wearing them a bit. >> what's your favorite memory of doing that show? >> my favorite memory is the first day on thth show when i was working with the wonderful actor brian dennehy and hi this wonderful black and white outfit on with the big hat and veil and glasses and when i took off the
8:17 am
god, because i did look pretty good then, and i had to face the entire cast of "dynasty" who are all sitting there staring at me and actors can be a little judgmental and here it is. oh, here's this actress from england. let's see what she can do, and i said there for i think 15-minute scene which we did over and over again while i felt i was being judged and some of them were looking at me angrily but they were in character >> you make fun your age and you look beautiful still. >> thank you. >> i think everybody would agree. lots of great jewelry, costume jewelry i'm imagining. >> yes, yes, this ring is amazing, this ring. i wore that so many times and in fact elizabeth taylor saw it once and the she said i know it's not real but it's beautiful. >> it is gorgeous. >> that is a rock. behind you said you designed this dress here? >> t`e white direction i wore that in march when prince
8:18 am
damehood which is the female equivalent of the knighthood, and i can't wear it again because i was photographed in it, and i didn't know what to wear so i love white and love scream so i design it had myself. design a lot of my clothes myself. >> beautiful. >> it is nice. >> can i take a second here. you haven't been here in a while and certainly haven't been here since september when your sister jackie passed away after a battle witit breret cancer. she was, joan, i hope you know one our favorites around here. she was on this show so many times and we used to say she brought something to the party. >> i know. she was most wonderful person. she was kind and loving. world. i mean, she brought up her children while she was writingng books, and we werer all devastated. we're all going to be together at christmas. we were all going to go to hawaii but, of course, we're not now and we'll all be in london and there's millions of us. jackie had three children, six grandchildren and i've got three children and six grandchildren
8:19 am
boyfriends and so we're all going to be together at my sister-in-law's house. >> turns out she was a very private person. didn't share her illness with a lot of people. >> she did not. wanted to keep it secret the. she said i don't want to be on the front of trash magazines saying jackie collins is ill. she was very brave. >> thank you. >> wonderful to have you back on the show. . >> always good to see you, matt. >> you too, you know families today are so stretched... ...they're working two jobs; they're working extra hours, but paychecks have barely budged. raising family incomes
8:20 am
i have a plan that will put right at the center of our economy again. we've got to get back to making it possible... ...for anybody in america to go as far as their hard work will take them. that will be my mission as president. i'm hillary clinton, i approve this message
8:21 am
the second most practiced sport in the world came to sioux city. sioux city hosted the annual iowa judo state championships yesterday. the event brings competitors from all over the state to siouxland. the championship included categories for boys and girls, adult competitors, and open rank competition. judo involves throws and pins for children and holds and joint locks for adults. instructors say it's about more than the compeition. it's the character skills that the athletes learn that really matters. here's meterologist ben dorenbach.
8:22 am
few more clouds overhead. a few sprinkles if not a shower might be squeezed out of those, but that appears to be our onon decent chance of precipitatioioin our entire forecast. the resesof mperatures in the 50s before cooling down this weekend with precipitation looking more likely well east of us, so we'll see how that plays out. see graphics. >>
8:23 am
>> 8:30 now on this monday morning, it's the 7th of december, 2015, and we have some lovely angels collecting toys on our plaza this morning.
8:24 am
victoria's secret show. they are doing the honors this morning. we'll be chatting with them about the show. >> yeah, the big show this week, but obviously a lot of other things. they will take time-out during a very special week to help us collect toys for totsn need or children in need. >> also, by the way, i want to mention the collection of dame joan collins. we just talked about will be at jillian's auction house. the auction takes place on december 16th. >> got it. >> okay. >> what else is coming up? >> also ahead, adele blew us away when she was here perfororng not long ago. she has got a huge show coming up on nbc, one-night only performance at radio city music hall. had a chance to sit down. we'll sit down and talk about her family and son and the song we can't get out off your ears. >> back in your beaeaed dada?
8:25 am
>> and i took my first trip out to "the voice" and my time with adam, blake, pharrell and gwen did not disapoint. they were on fire. we'll get into that coming up. of course, first a check of the wet we are dylan in for al. >> not so bad this december and actually thisshole week is going to be well above average for most country. we are looking though at some very messy weather in the pacific northwest. up to 5 to 7 inches of rain alone and then at the end of the week as well. we'll see a few showers through the ohio and tennessee river valleys as we get closer to the end of the week and more mountain snow through the rockies. as for the temperature it's going to remain very warm. 15 to 20 degrees above average through most of the plains and into the northern plains and midwest. most of the country country is going to see temperatures well above average and into the latter half of the week and into the weekend should be approaching 60 degrees in the neefrkts but the cool air starts to work back into places like california and into nevada where
8:26 am
little bit below average as we get closer to tdense fog advisory for eastern siouxland until 6 am monday well, we definitely y w more in the way sunshine today compared to r saturday along with somee warmer temperatures. most of us across siouland climbed into the middle and upper 40's, with some isolated spots in the fifties. lows will be bottoming out in the upper 20's across the viewing area with some patchy fog possible due to our snow pack lingering on the ground. high pressure will be building in from the south yielding lots of sunshine and pleasant conditions to kick off our work week. we will continue our warmer and dry trend right through the week before a cold front moves through later on next weekend, to cool our temperaturee back down towarddaverage, for this time of the year.r. we'll be right back after the break with tonight's healthbeat >> and that's your late forecast. matt and savannah? >> all right, dylan, thank you so much. adele is more than a singer, a phenomenon at this point. her album "25" easily the best-selling album o othe year. >> that's right. a week from today adele's one-night only concert at radio city music hall airs right here onnbc. we're happy about that. i had a chance to sit down with
8:27 am
highly anticipate return to the stage. last time we were together, adeal, you said were you in a bit of an uncertain period in your life. you had been t tough some tough >> yes. >> you were kind of scratching your way back but you weren't now. where -- >> i've never been happier and i've never been healthier. i'm good. hello, it's me >> adele is a livivg legend. after a four-year break to focus on her son she's made a triumphant return with her album "25" in the an unforgettable one-night only performance from radio city music hall hello from the outside >> i never said this to the woman sittingng acrososrom me but can i hold your hand for a second. >>age lo. >> kind of out there. >> and kir see the other. >> paradise. >> yes. >> one referring to the other. >> yeah, exactly.
8:28 am
the day or missing him, can that make you feel better? >> he is my emotional place but did i write songs about that and it was boring for everyone else. everyone's own child is like the light of their lives, but not the lives anyone else. >> has he made you a more emotional person? >> yes, in every single way possible. when we were young >> her soulful signature voice sun mistakable, but she says easy. when you sat down to write this album and write songs for this album it was a bit of a block. >> mm-hmm, huge block. >> how bad did it get? >> i found it impossible for a while and i didn't know what i wanted to write about. what's wrong is i wasn't sad. >> were you overthinking it? >> yeah, yeah. >> saying it gingerly, because in the past you've always just written what you felt at that moment. >> i was always thinking everything and whenity chilled out it came. so hello from the other side
8:29 am
is it about? >> it's about reconnecting with everyone else and myself. to tell you i'm sorry for everything that i've done >> emphasized how hard it was to make this report. i couldn't get over my guilt to leave myid to write record and getting on the o oer side, it's just like in general, it's like hello to everyone. >> i'm back and here we go. >> i'm still here and letting myself, like, i haven't change. literal lit meaning of "hello." >> you said on ann occasion or tuite song brought youou to tears. >> yes. >> can you song still do that after you've sung it 100 times? >> is that your cry song, a go-to cry song? >> another one "when we were young" and literally every time i sing that song i'm re-mined of something amazing iny life.
8:30 am
>> i have a cry song. >> what is it? >> "killing me softly" by roberta flack. >> that's a good one. i love her but i try to avoid her if i'm feeling sad. >> because you go right down the tubes. umor h h itt >> so "billboard" magazine ranked the top albums of all time. >> and i'm beyond grateful, but it's a bit ridiculous. >> number one. do you know what was number one? >> i know what was number one, "21" was number one. "i think "free love." >> the that't' number three. >> what was number two, the sound track to "the sound of mrieux." >> i feel like it should be the other way around. >> just own it. >> i own it. and i'm afraid of people showing up throwing rotten fruit at me. >> there's always that little bit of doubt. everything just puts me back
8:31 am
>> last thing i want to pick on you about. you were 19 when you released "19" and were you 20, but you made it when you were 19. >> i was 20 and i turned 23 shortly after. >> so you should be 26. >> i should be but i'm 27 and i'll be 28 next week. >> what? >> it took me a long time to make this record. >> i'm 45, shall i tell you that. >> i'm forever 21. >> "21" the best album of all time. >> i didn't think she could love her anymore and she said hello. >> such a great personality. >> so awesome. >> and, again, catch adele live in new york city next monday, 10, 9:00 central time right herer on nbc. coming up next, the season of kindness. jenna bush hager touches a holiday surprise for several
8:32 am
season of kindness on "today" is brought to you by y jimmy dean, shine on. >> we are back now, 8:40 with more of our comcast season of kindness. >> and this season a remarkable group taking on the role of santa's little helper here in norbert and "today's" jenna bush hager couldn't wait to join them. >> on ththe, team. >> it's a team ready to spread some christmas cheer. >> that's it. >> reporter: pay await layaways, an all-volunteer charity group which raises money to pay off lei away account for the holidays and this sneaky group withthgoodwill set up a surprisis atronx k smart store and collected toys on lists and readied the gift wrappers. our nbc crew had cameras above
8:33 am
while the charity's founders paid the bill. talk it me about how this organization has grown in the last couple off yeyes. >> the last year we actually raised over $60,000 and this year we're trying to raise over $100,000. that in itself has allowed us to pay off layaways at so many countries in the country? what's the most rewarding part about if? >> authenticity. >> and seeing their smiles. >> the smiles run believable. >> and so we were ready. after inspecting some interesting toys i kept a lookout, waiting to surprise some unsuspecting parents. >> yes, my name? ian bel, i'm from pay aye wait layaway and this is jenna bush hager from the "today" show. >> got a surprise for you. >> we're actually going to pay away everyone's lay heir ways today. everybody is going home with all their presents on layaway. >> hap holidays! >> here we come. >> she thought she was coming in to pay her bill. >> and 6-year-old tristan just liked being in the toy section.n.
8:34 am
>> you got new games. >> high 5 and santa is coming to see you. >> what does it mean you can get presents for your son? >> it means to me that i'm grateful, appreciated. thank you. >> you're shocked. >> yes. >> you basically work very hard to make ends meet. >> and does this help a little bit out? >> a whole lot. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> anna has five kids to care for this christmas. >> i'm so excited. like oh, my god. >> what is this like that these people have come together to make sure your kids get what they want? >> grateful, thankful. exciting. i want to cry. ke oh, my god. it's touching. that there are nice people out there who help people like me. what do you want for your children? >> happiness, for them to be grateful and work hard and be better. >> linda came to the store with lilleyia who is celebrating her very first christmas. >> what toss it mean that everybody came together to help you out this season?%
8:35 am
i appreciate it a lot. >> no, it's okay. it's okay. >> what's christmas morning going to be like in your house? >> going to be special this year. >> going to be special? >> yeahah >> happy holidays. >> special for so many here. one little guy wants to make double triple sure that santa has his list. >> green dinosaurs and a pig with sandwiches. >> a pig with sandwiches? >> yeah. it's on there. >> the pig with sandwiches right there. >> things are looking pretty good for tristan this christmas and for lilleyia, too. >> she likes it. >> mm-hmm. >> you can get this on christmas morning. >> and so in the season of giving, a store filled with joy and tearar too. lesson learned once again. it's always so much better to give than to receive. >> you're excited for christmas morning. >> yes, yes, i am.
8:36 am
>> oh. >> love that. >> cominggp next, natalie catches u u with "the voice" coaches for an interview that
8:37 am
first, this is "today" on nbc. back at 8:47 with "the voice" on today. it's crunch time withh tonight's live sememinals. >> and natalie got to experience the bitement firsthand last week. how did it go? >> well, you'll see. it's show that centers on the contestants, of course, but this season it seems the coaches are grabbing all the headlines, and when we sat down with adam, blake, gwen and pharrell let's just say thehe were in a raucoco mood. >> you guys getting all this? >> check. >> this was the mood for my
8:38 am
voice" coaches in los angeles. >> guys," voice" my first time getting to hang with you ys. >> i'm sorry. >> i know. >> i'm sorry, too. >eel bad for you already. >> i feel bad for you guys( >> i'm going to warn you. i would be really scared if i were you right now. they are in a really good mood. >> don't frighten our new guest. >> i'm getting a sense already. let's talk first about the show and the success of the show. you're season nine now. you guys are rocking it,eek after week. look at the itunes charts and yourartists are all in the top ten for the most part. what does that say about this slow? >> i think it's not just a karaoke contest this show. i mean, these are artists or they are performing their versions of these cover songs but they are making it their own. >> is it about the artist or the coaching? you have a little ownership and pride if it, foo? >> only about the coaching when we're talking about the four of us going against each oh, but when we're bragging on the artist, we brag on everybody's artists except, you know, when
8:39 am
>> likee when you're rigig y y're right. >> is this all an act or is it like this all the time? >> i was going to interject and say welcome to my world. >> it's so beautiful and emotional and a perfect platform to showcase your incredible singing. >> your second ason, gwenen to young artists? >> so rewarding in so many ways it as well because because around so much music. >> let's talk about the >> okay. >> you, two. >> bromance with a "b." >> you seem to be as much in marriage. >> i hate his face. >> if you could put a song to your relationship with make, what would it be? >> "that smell." you know the song like "that mel?" and what about "lick it up" by kissss
8:40 am
>> this is going so well. >> you're doing great. hang in there. you warned me. you're right. you warned me. jokes aside and what is clear is they are a tight-knit bunch and when it comes to their personal lives, especially the new romamae between gwen and blake they turned protecting each entertainment. gwen and blake, all know what's going on with you guys. is it good toust be out in the open now? >> a nice segue. >> next question, next question, please. ask the next question before it gets awkward >> so while they clearly rather focus on coaching than courtship there's no denying their chemistry. >> you guys are still having as much fun. >> oh, my goodness. >> as you showed week after week. >> there's nothing better, seriously. >> you can see they are still having a lot of fun together. season nine and still going strong so -- >> you have your work cut out for you. >> oh, my gosh.
8:41 am
interview i was sweating from everywhere. >> good to know. >> great job, nat. >> you can catch "the ice" tonight and t torrow at 8:00, 7: central right here hon nbc. up next, some divine inspiration. we'll catch up with a couple of angels from victoria's secret,
8:42 am
nbc. we're back now, 8:52.
8:43 am
the plaza just a while ago and let's say hi to victoria secret models. ladies, nice to see you both. >> mice to see you. >> thanks for doing that outside.e. >> you'r'r very welcome. >> those toyoy go to deserving children all around the country. >> i saw some of the toys i used to have as a kid. >> the little ponies, my little ponies. >> you had those as a girl. >> a smaller version, but i like the big version. >> even in south africa. >> you grew up in namibia where we dididhe show not too long >> yeah. >> you're from south africa. >> what's it like transitioning to this uncan try? do you find very different? >> exteamly. >> it's very different, but i think we both also wanted to get out and kind of experience the world and see something else other than south africaand here. >> it seems sometimes like it was a dream, my childhood, but, yeah, we've got to experience so many amazing things that i never
8:44 am
>> i was reading the newspaper this weekend, and there was a story about one of the newer models in the victoria's secret ow being discovered i think in a shopping mall in ohio. ye. how were each of you discovered? >> it's crazy. most of the girls you hear about, we were all discovered in the most random, smallest little places ever. >> a lot in shopping malls as well because that's like where cute girls hang out. >> note to guys out there, go >> i know. i was in a shopping -- well, like a food or like a grocery store with my grandparents in south africa when i got scouted. >> and i was at a flea market, so, yeah. >> and i think what's nice about victoria's secret, a little bit like spoths ilstraight you get great name recognition. not just seen as a face or a body. who has being involved in the show done for both of you career-wise? >> that's changed our career and lives for the better.
8:45 am
the new girls, the small changes in their lives. it's immediate. >> yeah. >> just because the show is seen in so many different countries and respected a over the world, soour name goes everywhere. >> but they really know how to make like -- like how to create a household name by, you know, putting yourself out there and kind of -- and i think it is true when you see the young girls, you realize how your life changed back then. >> and i'm sure -- >> very interesting. >> and congratulations this week for the victoria's secret fashion show and look forward to seeing new, that and appreciate you again coming and collecting toys for us this morning. >> thank you. >> thanks for having both. >> nice to see you both. let's goooutside to dylyl >> announcer: season of kindness on "today" is sponsored by amazon smile, you shop and amazon gives. thanks, matt, and continuing with our season of kindness campaign, we have a huge announcement here on the plaza.
8:46 am
sponsors, and today we are offering or just actually giving people on the plaza $50 gift cards to amazon. [ cheers and applause ] >> everybody here is getting one, but it does cam with a catch. this is catch, and that catch is you have to pay it fofoard. so you get the $50 gift card but you have to spend it on someone >> thank you. >> and who will you be spending your $50 gift card on. >> the six of us have decided to pool ours together and we're
8:47 am
chchdren, m authoities released the names of the people involved in friday's crash near yankton, south dakota, that killed three people and sent three others to the hospital. 55-year-old robin mettler of menno, south dakota was traveling on highway 81 when her car crossed the line hitting a car carrying four people. authorties say hurley residents 68-year-old karol aeschlimann, 71-year-old lila rayburn and 68-year-old sandra johnson the scene. 69-year-old dennis johnson of parker suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries. mettler and her 21-year- old passenger, mary mettler, were also seriously injured.
8:48 am
8:49 am
rest of the week will bring high this morning o "today's today," the grammy nomination ares in. how much for taylor and did your favorite star? and jeffrey tambor on a ground breaking success and shaq is come true for kids around the country coming up next. from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza.
8:50 am
christmas is here, ringing of cheer hear the words of the cheer from everywhere filling the air oh, how they come, raising the sound people sing songs with the cheer of christmas merry, merry, merry, merry christmas merry caroling ding, dong, ding, dong >> very nice, very thighs. >> wonderful. >> this is "todada on a monday morning. it's december 7th and we're being treated to a special live morning jam from straight no chaser singing "carol of the bells." gentlemen, thank you very much. >> they will be back with a performance and we'll chat with them a little later. >> every morning in december? >> okay. >> the month of dececeer, our house band. >> yeah. >> we'll need a much bigger couch. >> and a bigger set.
8:51 am
>> i like that. >> good way to start off the morning. >> the problem is now we need a live morning jam every day so artist here singing in. chchstmas. >> and think about talking about booking it. >> brings is here, he'll do the >> okay. >> we've got some grammy nominations just off the press. >> speaking of great music, hot off the presses. just announced the nominees for go. kendrick lamar leading the way >> the best. the best. >> taylor swift also and the weekend each earning seven nominations. record of the year. >> here we go. >> "really love," d'angelo and the vanguards. >> if you've not heard that song, hot. and over. >> so food. >> "thinking out loud" by ed sheeran. >> "blank space" taylor space
8:52 am
weekend. >> i couldn't pick. >> i think "can't feel my face" the weekend. so many hits. >> i was goingo said weekend. funk." that song is incredible. >> i just feel like "the weekend" is new and different. >> what's the criteria? is it the most reesenent our mind or the best? >> i think that's the best. >> the best. >> the arrangement of "uptown funk," that the was killer. >> i donon know how you pick with that. >> how about weekend. >> sompingt year nominations. >> "all right" kendrick lamar. "blake space," taylor swift, "girl crush" by little big town. >> all right. >> and "see you again" by whiz chalifa and "thinking out loud." >> i'm going with kendrick lamar. >> i'm going to throw in "girl crush" the biggest country song of the we are. >> and the wiz khalifa song. >> yeah. >> every time i can cry, just, boom. that s sg is beautiful.
8:53 am
year, here you go, "sound and color" by alabama shake, to "pimp a butterfly" and "traveler" by chris stapleton, "1989" by taylor swift and kind of hard to beat that and "beauty behind the madness" by the weekend. >> got to win something. >> her album though, i have to say from top to bottom. >> every single one. >> you don't have to skip a song and you don't see that often. we're so conditioned. year. >> sometimes they go darkiors. who is the dark horse, alabama shake? >> someone not on e ery say. >> alabama shake would be that? >> or chris stapleton, cleaned up at the cmas. >> and clearly his star is beginning to rise right now. awards show, by the way, on february 15th. >> when you go to itunes and download all of it. >> if you haven't already got these songs. >> and important to point out,
8:54 am
which said "hello," adele. she was not eligible for this year's grammys. >> next year will be the year of adele. >> she will sweep it clean. >> came out two months after the deadadne. >> and let's talk a little politics here and national security and everything else president obama addressed last night in primetime. he made an address from the oval office, only third time he's done that as p.this in the wake of last week's mass shooting in sbeerndio and a few weeks after paris. here's a bit of what he told the country. >> this was an act of terrorism designed to kill innocent people. now, here at home we have to work together to address the challenge. there are several steps that congress should take right away. to begin with, congress should act to make sure no one on a no flyist is able to buy a gun. what could possibly be the
8:55 am
suspect to buy semiautomatic weapon. it's a matter of national security? >> he began his speech by laying out what his plan to defeat isis is because the criticism of shim there is no plan or i i there is one i is not working so he went pointty point. obviously not going to satisfy everyone but he wanted to explain he says that there is a plan in place and that he believes at least it's working and then as you saw there he wanted to detail a couple of things that could be done in this country to shop mass shootings and stop terrorism here. >> didn't announce a new plan but did to your p pn also mention intensifyingg was already in place and that's been a part of some of the response from the gop regarding if this strategy is not working what else can be done and the president's i guess improvement of the plan is the intensification of the air strikes and what's happening? >> certainly a lot of people this mornrng, the gop candidates, saying, you know, we need toear more thanust tough words. i mean what, realtiy is taking place here?
8:56 am
watching any of his twitter feed last night live tweeting during all there is? we need a new president, fast. ted cruz tweeting if i'm elected department i'll direct the department of defense to destroy isis and marco rubio told fox news people are scared not just because of the attacks but because of the growing sense that we have a president completely overwhelmed by them. i think overall though people listening to this speech just felt like obviously a speech isn't going to do it, you know. you need to have more than, that and i think, you know, even though there's an action plan in place a lot of people are saying that's been in place so what more is happening? >> and they also expect when you take to the oval office which is a huge deal that there will be something new introduced or something monumental, sort of a laying out of the status quo for the american people so -- >> interesting. >> also interesting, the cover of the "new york times," the editorial page, anyway for the first time since 1920 "the
8:57 am
greater gun regulations in this country, so in part they pupuit this way. it is a moral outrage and a national disgrace that people can legally purchase weapons designed specifically to kill with brutal speed and efficiency. opponents of gun control are saying that determined killers obtained weapons, illegally in places like france, england and norway that have strict gun ws. yes,s,hey did, but at least those countries are trying. the united states is not. and this morning "daily news" printed a cover he have we cynicism, you might say, but by the numbers this is an interesting eric erickson, he is a conservative blogger. >> right. >> red state. we're showing youhat he did. he actually took the editorial and fired his weapon, and you can see the bullet holes in the paper and he called on his supporters, his readers of "red state" to do the very same. that one response to the "times" editorial and there is it is.
8:58 am
tweefshlgs okay. the week after sandy hook apparently the record was broken for firearm background checks. that's the first stable in the firearm. stands. a similar thing happened after san bernardino, so what they are saying here by the numbers is that after these incidents, yes, you have part of the country who has the gun debate and have others who feel the response is >> right. >> and the thing that stephanie gosk went to a gun shop near where the san bernardino massacre happened and the guy was like basically, the manufacturers or whatever are going to be happy with his sales because his store was pretty much sold out. one in three americans already own guns, and they are somewhere around 310 million guns i think, one gun per person in the united states. our population is around 330 million. >> yeah. >> it's interesting to see after an incident like san bernardino, people have different points of
8:59 am
for some people it's terrorism and for some people it's gun control and for some people the answer is mental health. the answer is probably a combination of all things. people go to their corner and you are going to arm up and feel you. >> and some of the numbers though with the gun purchases. people fearing that perhaps because there may be some legislation there they better buy everything now before the laws change. >> load up, literally. you know what's so interesting and this is a stat that i feel is ignored so often is that even members of the nra when they are polled would like to see what is often referred to as common sense gun reform, some kind of tightening of background checks. that is poll that came out after new town, and it's been cited as well, so when people instantly assume that if you're a member
9:00 am
completely shut down on changes, that's not true according to the polls. >> right. now that maybe true to the case of politicians who often pander on both sides to what they think constituents want to hear. >> yes. >> but the polling shows there is an appetite even for those who are members of the nra to make some common sense changes. >> i think when you take a look at some of the weapons in this case that were used, assault rifles and you think about, you know, secondality amendment was at a time when people were using very slow gunpowdwd guns, i mean, regular guns. we're not talking assault rifles, it's a very different kind of gun that we're dealing with these days so people often ask that question like why are we -- why do you need to arm yourself with the teeth with those kinds of weapons necessarily? >> because they would say it's their constitutional trying do so. >> but others who say the second amendment was applying to militias, that the whole gamut
9:01 am
applicable to your point about the weaponry and the whole point of protection of the second amendment. >> the yeah. >> all right. let's head over to dylan who is in this morning with al with a look at weather. hey, dylan. >> good morning, guys. we've got a classic el nino setup. storm after storm coming in off of the pacific ocean here and a jet stream way high up in the atmosphere running 200 miles per hour and the storms get caught up and come right onshore and every single day we'll see some very heavy rain somewhere in the pacific north west. today it's mainly across the west coast of oregon and tomorrow it moves up into washington. 5 to 9 inches of rain possible with very gdense fog advisory for eastern siouxland until 6 am monday well, we definitely saw more in the way of sunshine today compared to our saturday along with some warmer temperatures. most of us across siouxland climbed into the middle and upper 40's, with some isolated spots in the fifties. lows will be bottoming out in the upper 20's across the viewing area with some patchy fog possible due to our snow pack lingering on the ground. high pressure will be building in from the south yielding lots of sunshine and pleasant conditions to kick off our work week. we will continue our warmer and dry
9:02 am
before a cold front moves through later on next weekend, to cool our temperatures back down towards average, for this time of the year. we'll be right back after the break with tonight's healthbeat 4 >> and that's your latest forecast. guys? >> thanks, dylan. see you in just a bit. coming cup, a big year for jeffrey tambor. >> love him. won the golden globe and an emmy playing a transgender in
9:03 am
and with a thicker, more fabulous formula, she's not splashing. you can wear anything and pour bleach. and her whiter whites, just dazzling. clorox splash-less bleach. also try new crystals and packs. olive garden's all-new flavorfified pastas, with raviolis so nice we filled them twice. bursting with indulgent flavors like chicken marsala ravioli, an irresistible twist on an old favorite. plus unlimited salad and breadsticks. for a limited time. at olive garden. and off you go,
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9:05 am
>> mentioned being favorite guest and not to mention a handsome saufn gun. jeffrey tambor is funny. >> and now jeffrey who is won the emmy and golden globe as role of a transgenderr on the hit amazon series "transparent". >> and this week his life decisions does not get any easier for family members. >> we just want to thank you both for coming. you look great. >> let me get the car, mom. >> listen, i want to come by and see mom. >> oh, really. you want to s s mom? >> don't you dare, mort. you will let that person get off the planet without knowing about this, can you do that? could you do something for somebody else? >> wow.
9:06 am
we love you so o ch. >> t tnk you. >> and i wouldld like to say, yes, you have received all of these awards, but we called it right before this show. >> you did. >> was made, you know, launched out. we thought -- we saw the dvd. and just knew it was brilliant. >> thank you. >> phenomenal. what's it been like for you? >> it's been terrific, trtrsformative. as i say, it's -- i -- i deserve the luckiest guy in the room award, and in the only has it changed my life but it's given me one of the great, great responsibilities i've ever had. >> it's -- it's nice. >> such an interesting part about it when you receive all these awards and you go right to the social responsibility and talk about the lgbt community and you really have become an icon there. >> icon is -- >> they turn to you. >> we were just at white house. >> yes. >> and we were there for the champions for change day, and that was a huge honon where they
9:07 am
community, and we showed our show there and were on a panel with the danish girl and i remember walking through the white house saying would i like my mom and dad to have seen this. it's huge. >> wow. >> it's just huge, and i'm very grateful. . >> you musus have s smany people so proud of you in your life for this row. i mean, we're all so proud of you. >> i'm proud of you. i watch you guys every morning. >> i know you have some questions for us. >> because you are such a loyal fan viewer. >> i'm -- i just want to know what's with all the eating? every time -- every time i click in someone has something in their mouth. >> that didn't sound right, jeffrey. >> we don't eat breakfast here. >> that's one. >> we often get up so early so we figure we eat around 4:30 in the morningike s sething quick. by 9:00. >> have a world renowned chef
9:08 am
can you come and hang out. for example, if i want french toast. it might magically appear. >> okay. would i like some french toast. >> we'll work on it. >> what happened? >> worked much better in the rehearsal. >> complicated. >> so nice -- >> a head's up. >> thank al for showing up. that was great. >> that's where your french toast is the, with al. >> and i'm also -- i want to say something. i would just like to honor hollywoodlawn who passed away. she was one of the great transgender artists and she was there at invention of the wheel. >> wow. >> and i just wanted to -- to honor her today. >> and we honor you. >> you do. >> we do. >> one of our favorite around here. >> are we invited to willie's for dinner? >> i'm a neighbor and have lived there for two years. >> i keep putting notes in your mailbox and you never respond. >> that's going to get creepy. >> very versatile.
9:09 am
>> we'll get your french toast. >> the entire second season of "transdepend "transparent" available this friday. >> up next, shaq. >> oh, he's modeling. >> light bulb change. >> shaq is back after this. the snow is starting to fall... and all the e corations are just right. the presents have all been opened... and our loved ones are gathered all around. so share that extra joy in your heart... and make this christmas even more special than the last. walmart has everything you'll need for a christmas meal thehell never forget.. share wowoer every day. walmart. grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas. i hear you're quite the expert at waking people up in the morning.
9:10 am
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9:12 am
nba champ and three-time nba finals mvp, 15-time nba all-star. >> and now shaquille o'neal has gone to his local toys r us and bought gifts for underprivileged kids. shaq-a-klaus is providing toys through the marine toys for tots foundation. the big man is in the housus >> good to see you. >> shack-a-klaus, have such a big height that matches your heart and all that. how special is it for doing this for the kids? >> i've been doing this for 20 years and been with toys r us for past seven years and i wish i could take all the credit. in 1992 i get a call from my mother, hihimornings i love you. she said babe i need to borjow some money and i said why. boys and girls club, underprivileged kid, got to buy some toys and went out to check out situation and 1,000 kids, you can't buy toys for half the kids. i'll take care of it. now at the time i didn't know
9:13 am
messing around and on the way home there was a uhaul and toys r us so i put my mind together. >> a thinkinger. >> me and my boys got a toys are u.s. truck and bought the toys and shack-k-klaus was created 20 years ago. mom, thank you, i love you. >> and your dad is part of reason you do all of this. gave you a gift one time? >> he gave me an autographed dr. j basketball because, you know, a couple of christmases i didn't get anything. had sisters and, you know, used to come in and treat me like a man and said, listen, summon kind of tight this year. let me take care your sisters first and i'll get you later. >> oh. >> while they were out there hoping presents i was in my room crying, and then he came in with that autographed dr. j basketball. >> and that smile. you forget at that the point. >> the best gift ever. >> we love shack-a-klaus and
9:14 am
charles and e.j. and kenny we wondered why shaq-a-klaus wasn't wearing any pants. >> no pant zone. >> charles and gen-y like to play. >> look ought. >> where are yououpants? >> charles and kenny stole them? >> you had no spare pant in yr dressing room? >> no. >> there was a report. >> your legs. >> talk about doing that all the time, but you actually did it. >> oh, my gosh. >> they stole my pant and they set them on fire. >> wiwiie,t's a remap. the last time were you here. willie dunked on you. >> five seconds. >> willieunked on you. >> should we put a jelly bean on the top? purple? absolutely. [singing] on the third day of christmas my true love sent to me.
9:15 am
ll see how that plays out. see graphics. >> . >> a car crash in cherokee county, iowa killed one person and sent three others to the hospital yesterday. the incident hapapned around one in the afternoon on highway 59, just south of 420th st. 19-year-old, kaleigh jone of cherokee was driving when she collided head-on with a pick-up truck. jones was transported to cherokee regional, but later died. the driver of the truck, 43- year-old, shannon manwarren of primghar was hurt and transported to the hospital ong with
9:16 am
year-old kyleigh sanders and 15 year-old ashely portz. the cause of the crash remains under investigation.
9:17 am
taking a look at the headlines, the american acacamy of pediatrics has issued several new recommendations when it comes to well check screening. vision screenings that age 18 will only be recommended for high-risk patients rather than as routine. however, a cholesterol screening will be added for children 9 to 11 years old in addition to a depression screening for ages 11 through . a new and improved weight watchers is taking shape and is launching an app and some new online tools today aimed at
9:18 am
andd set fitne was in second place and the boxing film "creed" was in third. dylan in for al with a check of theto. looking at the week ahead, temperatures will be well above
9:19 am
but it is going to remain stormy with a pacific storm making its way onshore every day this week for the pacific northwest. california, washington and oregon a a by the end of the week, mountain snow. we'll see showers start to take hold through the ohio and tennessee river valley, making their way up into new england by the time we get into the end of the week. but as for temperatures, we start off very warm through the plains, northern plains, mild up and down the east coast. midweek, the temperatures continue and warm until late in the week where the 10th west pulls off a bit but approaching 60 deges in the northeadense fog advisory for eastern siouxland until 6 am monday well, we definitely saw more in the way of sunshine today compared to our saturday along with some warmer temperatures. most of us across siouxland climbed into the middle and upper 40's, witt some isolated spots in the fifties. lows will be bottoming out in the upper 20's across the viewing area with some patchy fog possible due to our snow pack lingering on the ground. high pressure will be building in from the south yielding lots of sunshine and pleasant conditions to kick off our work week. we will continue our warmer and dry trend right through the week before a cold front moves through later on next weekend,
9:20 am
down towards average, for this time of the year. we'lllbe right back after the break forecast. natalie? >> all right, thanks, dylan. this morning on "today foods," stress-free entertaining all week long. we help you plan the perfect party menu and today is appetizers for an open h hiday house. >> two great wayay to use filo dough and candy bacon. good morning. >> good morning. thank you. here's the deal. i was down on the green room trying to see what dress you were going to wear. and i saw natalie. >> the florals here. >> a floral pattern. >> whateverrorks for you, bubuy. >> yeahah thanks. love you too, buddy. >> confidence! >> so here we go, guys. so this is called open house phylo. is that it? >> yes. >> drink that and see what you
9:21 am
a little bit of liquor, here is brie cheese, dough, hot sauce, ginger, oranges, salt, pepper, butter and cranberries. here's the deal, guys. right. >> okay. so we're going to wrap the brie cheese in the phylo? >> please. >> it can be hard to work with. what's the key to keeping it moist? >> here's the key to keeping it moist. you have to use a damp paper towel. here's the deal with phylo, whatever you want to call it. it will actually dry out. what you wanto do is take a damp paper towel and keep it moist so you can take a layer. i know is seems like a lot of paper towels. take some butter, willie, do the same thing. you'll do the top layer and natalie the bottom layer. >> butter the whole thing? >> the whole thing. take butter like it's, i don't knkn -- a salon. >> a butter salon. >> do the whole thing. we're going to make layers. this is the thing, natalie. you rip it, break it, that's completely fine.
9:22 am
another layer, just like this. and each time you're going to -- >> keep buttererg. > exactly. butter, tter, butter. >> it's have i gentle. >> an artisan like myself. >> okay. >> confident man this morning. >> excuse me. >> so natalie, now we've got two layers here. we're going to take this bottom here, and take this big old wheel of brie cheese. >> butter and cheese. >> there i i nothing wrongng with this. then i make cranberry sauce, a cranberry chatney. take it tust like so. >> so from the hot sauce. >> and then the shot of liquor that willie drank. we take this and put it on top here. >> do it. >> wrap it like a present. >> yes. just like that. >> turn it with the butter. >> seriously. why do we -- >> because you're so good, willie. >> now we take this, put the whole thing around, you bake it -- we fight every time we're on.
9:23 am
so 375, about 20 minutes. natalie, check this out. >> oh, my gosh. this is insane. >> all right. >> all right. so the cool thing about this, this can set out room temperature, the longer it sits, the better it gets. >> really good. >> come around this way, guys. sohis phylo dough, what you do is now take -- >> i'm confused! is it feel-o or file-o. somebody on the internet. >> so now take prosciutto, and roll the prosciutto with the as par dwusgus. we use phylo again and roll it in parmesan cheese. and take a pizza cutter and just like this. butter it just like this again. w, natalie, willie, roll this. just like so, guys. >> that's so cool. >> i'm from california.
9:24 am
last but not least, you bake these, they're done, room temperature is great. >hat is on this bacon? >> check this out. rosemary, brown sugar, black pepper. room temperature is best. >> i think al is cursing himself for not being here today. >> good to see you, buddy. go to back.
9:25 am
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9:28 am
here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get riri ingredients like bacon intoto2 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor
9:29 am
veesh time for a little holiday treat courtesy of the word famous a capella group. >> they are new albumus covers like "i can't feel my face by the weekend". >> and today they are here with rocking around the christmas tree" inspired for the 25th anniversary of the holiday classic "hem alone." >> thanks for opening that show. music in a second but big newss in the group. congratulations, dad. >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> baby ailia. at the hospital? born yesterday. >> baby is here. >> the big question is what are youing to here? >> that's whahathe wife is asking? that's a commitment to the cause >> what are you guys going to sing is.
9:30 am
"rocking around the christmas tree." rockin' around the christmas tree at the christmas party hop mistletoe hung where you can see every couple tries to stop rocking around the christmas tree let the christmas spirit ring ring-a-ling later we'll have some pumpkin pie and we'll do some caroling you will get a sentimental feeling when you hear voices singing let's be jolly, deck the halls with boughs of hole rocking around the christmas tree have a happy holiday
9:31 am
everyone's dancing merrily in a new old-fashioned way sleigh belts ring, are you listening in the lane, snow is glistening a beautiful sight, we're happy tonight rocking in a winter wonderland you will get a sentimental feeling when you hear voices singing let's be jolly deck the halls with boughs of holly rocking around the christmas tree have a happy holiday happy holiday everyone's dancing merrily in a new old-fashioned way >> nice! >> wow. >> straight no chaser, thank you. the at bull is "the new old
9:32 am
now get back to the hospital. and up next the creator of "napoleon [barks] are those... you there... stormtroopers! halt! turn here. go go! follow them! bb-8! beep, beep! this way! where'd they go? they went that way! that way, they went that way! i can't believe that worked! of course it worked! beep, beep, beep! you are my whole life! your two blue eyes are shshing! dolce and gabbana. light blue why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun.
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9:36 am
just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make holiday magic. (microwave) ding! chex party mix. it's what the holidays are made of. >> sam rockwell has appeared in more than 80 tv shows and films. >> wow. >> did you know that. a lot of critically acclaimed works, smaller movies as well and does the big ones, too. dancing around is eric knox in
9:37 am
or "wreaking havoc" or the big screen marvel film "iron man 2". >> and now he's trying to uncover sacred artifacts but on a limited budget. >> we bring more artifacts here. >> like a hole land in the g gd old usa, where it shoulul be, not over there. >> i believe i have a lead on the lotecation of goliath's skull. >> don, i'm going to get you to israel. >> good morning. >> hey, hey, good morning you. >> know already it's a comedy. >> it's a comedy. >> going to be laugh out loud funny. >> your character is sort of the anti-indiana jones, is that right? >> a biblical archaeologist and he's looking for all kind of stuff, you know, the skull and it's funny. it's a funny movie. danny mcbride and leslie bibb. oscar-nominated amy ryan and jane clement is hilarious. will forte, a very funny movie. >> awesome cast get to the bottom. >> yeah. >> the beard, is that real? >> the beard is real. >> the hair, you know. >> yeah. >> you have to ask jerry about
9:38 am
>> have to get an investigation. >> need an archaeologist to dig around. >> talalng about "napoleon dynamite." >> and you sort of feel that quirkiness, if that's the word right, of "napoleon dynamite." >> i think it's a real funny movie and people who are religious will think it's funny anan bill maher will thk it's funny. >> that's a range. >> it makes fun of fundamentalism and has a redemption pro-faith kind thing at end. >> speaking of range, have you quite a range. >> thanks. >> from the indy films, to you know, big blockbusters. how do you pick what you want to do? >> i think it'ss a very personal, emotional kind of response to material and you just kind of, you know, either you like it or you don't, you know. >> yeah. >> one for you and one for them. >> you can say sometimes that works. sometimes that bites you on the butt, but, yeah. >> well, this movie is a total blast. people are going to love it. >> thanks. . >> it's very, very funny.
9:39 am
>> thanks very much. >> it's on n theaters and on
9:40 am
back in a m we are happy to say so far our do i drive has shipped o o more than 15 millionn toys and gifts this holiday season. our biggest can beautor, mary kay, which has donated more than $44 million in gift for our toy drives and jessica bayer is the great granddaughter of the founder mary kay asher. good morning. so good to see you. >> thank you. nice to be here. such a great partnership that we have with mary kay and this allows their kids to give moms something sweet for the holidays. >> it does. what we know and what we work for at mary kay is that to enrich these women's lives from theenside out and so it's
9:41 am
it's so empowering for thighs these kiddos to be able to do something special for their moms to make them feel beautiful and empowered. >> you say empowered. i grew up hearing the story of mary kay, the legend and what she did and that's what this brand is based on. >> absolutely. >> we strive to give back and enrich women's lives, again, from the inside and out and when she created the company over 50 years ago that was very, very northern to her and myself and my entire family try to carry on her legacy in our everyday life. >> done a great job and knono she would be so proud of you and all the mary kay employees and jessica, thank you so much and you have until tuesday, december 22nd to couldn't bumpt check out for details. kathie lee and hoda after your
9:42 am
thank you again, mary have your next burger with a side of awesome. the one-of-a-kind, creamy blend of sweet t d tangy. miracle whip and proud of it. at kraft we start with quality ingredients. all expertly blended to make our mayo. so you can take whatever you're making from good to amazing. several organizations in siouxland gave back to ththcommunity yesterday. traci bower photography, the railroad museum, century 21, the marina inn, and kay-hills came together to hold a toy drive. the toys will be donated to the crittenton center, a local
9:43 am
the drive will continue through december 16th. if you want to donate, you can take toys to the marina inn. a long-standing holiday tradition took place on saturday in sioux city. the annual goodwill of the great plains shoe and mitten party was held in sioux city. the event takes months to plan and to collect all the items. volunteers come from all over siouxland to help distribute the winter items to kids. here's meterologist ben dorenbach with weather.
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