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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  December 9, 2015 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm sheila brummer.
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new details tonight about two teens involved in a bank robbery this summer. ktiv's sam curtiss brings us the latest developments that took place today in woodbury county district court. as a judge read her rights, heaven zevenbergen sat in court continuously answering yes as she plead guilty to second degree theft. zevenbergen, along with who police say was her accomplice, angelica perez, did the same on wednesday. both were arrested in what seemed as an inside job from the start. august 15th, perez, disguised as a man, said she had a weapon and demanded cash from the security national bank inside the hy- vee on hamilton boulevard in sioux city. on the other side of the counter, the teller out of sight, perez's friend, zevenbergen, a 2014 class valedictorian at elk-point jefferson high school in south dakota. zenvenbergen later told police she helped stage the robbery with perez. perez graduated from sioux city's east high school in 2015 and even
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surveillance video caught her casually walking away from the store with thousands of dollars that day. sioux city police zeroed in on both and arrested them a few days later. both zevenbergen and perez could face up to five years in prison along with heavy fines. their sentencing scheduled for february 10th. in sioux city, sam curtiss, ktiv news four. both teens will also have to repay the bank the thousands of dollars they took. after a great stretch of good weather, what can we expect tonight and tomorrow? chief meteorologis t ron demers joins us with a sneak peak of the forecast. for the third straight day, sioux city hit a high in the 50s while western siouxland was basking in downright warm temps making it all the way into the 60s. a weak cold front will move through tonight but really only bring us more wind as opposed to colder air. that means we can again expect warm highs for this time of year again on thursday as we won't fall too
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it's almost winter, but plans to close some sioux city pools continue to move forward. today, the sioux city parks and recreation advisory board unanimously approved the proposed plan by the pool committee. the pool committee presented its plan at today's meeting. the plans include closing leeds and cook pools after next season and replacing both facilities with a splash pad. riverside would stay the same. lewis pool would close after a new aquatic center is built in morningside. leif erikson would remain open until the pool is no longer operational. at that time it would be
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"the park board has really been engaged in this issue for a long time," "they've been participating in the process along the way. we've been talking about this issue for over a year now. so the park board was prepared to make this decision." the plan approved by both the parks committee and the pool committee will be presented to city council members on january 4th. local lawmakers are preparing for the upcoming legislative session in des moines. sioux city city council held an annual meeting to talk to state lawmakers about what the city has been up to and areas it's trying to improve. some of the topics discussed were tax increment financing, the need for a growing workforce and public transportation funding. "this really helps us to understand some of the issues that they'll deal with on a week to week basis," said iowa state representative chris hall of sioux city. "whether it's economic development or workforce or quality of life issues, it really helps us to set an agenda going into session in january." city council meets with the
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this meeting. at the end of the event, each of the lawmakers discussed how they could take specific issues to the session that starts in january. after months of debate, the nebraska school activities association has paved the way for a potential transgender policy for high school athletes in the state. today in norfolk, the association voted to give first-round approval allowing individual school districts to decide what to do with athletes. to determine which gender a student would take part in for activites, documentation and a consultation from a doctor would have to happen first. "we had to do what we felt was in the best interest of those students who've come to us and want to participate in nsaa activities. we believe the policy that's been presented fairly accounts for that as well as provides some other guidance with regard to facilities, such as locker rooms and rest rooms," the nsaa executive director jim tenopir said." the proposal has drawn criticism from both the aclu and nebraska catholic conference. the athlethic board will take action at its next meeting in january in lincoln.
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school gave adults a high- tech lesson today. mrs. vanderloo's second grade class at loess hills elementary school is working on computer coding. the school teaches two computer programs to all of its students. today, the students passed on their computer programming knowledge to local business, city and county leaders. colton pedersen is just seven years old and has already been coding for a year. the school has students like colton program at least an hour a week. "the grown ups didn't know how to do it so i showed them how to do it," said loess hills elementary school second grader colton pedersen. "they showed me a little project and i was supposed to do it and i only made a couple mistakes," said terry murrell, president at western iowa tech community college. "but the student was right there to tell me exactly how and why i made the mistake and you know it was really kind of fun and exciting just to sit down with the students." principal john beeck says it's nice to be able to share their skills with influential local leaders. loess hill's elementary school was one of six state schools to be awarded in a challenge during computer science education week. the school won four- thousand dollars for how it's
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into its curriculum this week. the iowa governor's stem advisory council partnered with code- dot-org for the award. a morningside business student was recognized this week after winning a national prize in chicago. junior josh doering won a five- thousand dollar prize at the founders u.pitch competition monday night . he presented his agriculture tech startup project "seedslide." doering was one of 24 college students from around the country to compete after putting his entry on youtube. doering presented his startup to shark tank cast member daymond john. "while the five-thousand dollars is nice," "i think that's one of the lower things i actually took away from this experience. the networks, the connections i made there was really, really nice of just people who want to help me succeed." the seedslide is a device to increase safety and efficiency on the farm. it's put into the gate of a seed
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seed wagon you use a remote to open it so the seeds fall into the wagon. the startup company was launched in april. caught on video. a daycare provider busted abusing a baby. the parents lash out at her in court.
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downright warm temps making it all the way into the 60s. a weak cold front will move through tonight but really only bring us more wind as opposed to colder air. that means we can again expect warm highs for this time of year again on thursday as we won't fall too much cool by a couple of degrees on
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but saturday will be the day where you can feel some pretty big differences. along with the cooler air, saturday could also bring us a chance of a few light showers. then a light rain and snow combination could be possible from saturday night into sunday. cooler weather will then persist into next week. still to come.... protestors take on the streets of chicago.
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protestors take on the streets of chicago. hear the emotional speech from the city's mayor and why protestors want him to step down. plus... hear from the shooter who attacked a planned parenthood in colorado.
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an iowa day care provider caught
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children is headed to prison. her crime caught on camera. and, that video was released during yesterday's sentencing. what you're about to see is graphic video that's tough for any parent to witness, especially the parents involved in the case. a judge sentenced 29- year-old christina williamson from pleasant hill to five years behind bars. she had pleaded guilty to two counts of child endangerment. prosecutors say a video shows williamson abusing babies in her home day care back in april. she can be seen grabbing and throwing a baby around like a rag doll then smashing her face into the carpet. the parents of the abused babies had a chance to speak out in court. we were inconsolable with guilt- knowing that we had unwillingly placed our precious baby girl in the hands of a monster on a daily basis 02 39:04 she was afraid of you and i didn't see it.. now i see it and it breaks my heart 15 the video system had been set up by williamson's husband. a georgia woman has been
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shocking child abuse case involving a chicken coop. diana franklin was convicted last month of 28 felonies. prosecutors say she locked up her adopted daughter in a chicken coop naked. she used a shock collar and beat her. the victim, who is now 18-years old was in court. she actually forgave franklin for her crimes. the suspect in the planned parenthood shooting in colorado was disruptive in court today. 1:11 "kill the babies, that's what planned parenthood does." robert dear made a series of outbursts, at one point shouting, "i am guilty. there is no trial. i am a warrior for the babies!" dear faces first degree murder charges for killing three people at the planned parenthood in colorado springs. in chicago.. thousands of protesters flooded the streets today demanding the mayor must go. nbc's kevin tibbles was in the middle of it all.
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emanuel... rahm 10:11:38 the first step in that journey is my step and i'm sorry this was the embattled mayor this morning... issuing an emotional apology to his city council and his city.... rahm 10:39:27 no citizen is a second class citizen in the city of chicago. (voice breaking)applause gfx- -anger spiked with the release of dash cam video showing a chicago police officer shooting 17 year old laquan mcdonald....16 times... -that same day... officer jason van dyke was charged with his murder...he's pleaded not guilty. -a week later.....the chicago police superintendent was fired.... this week... the head of the independent police review and the chief of detectives both stepped down... -just as a justice department investigation was launched into how the chicago police department operates.... wmaq political editor carol marin says the mayor's apology... was
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leaves. he knows how bad a crisis this is, this is like nothing rahm emanuel has ever faced. not even in two white houses. and today... through downtown... and up chicago's magnificent mile... growing -- yet largely peaceful -- protests ... nats whose streets? our streets! marching and chanting for more change... nats rahm! resign! >> still to come.... the world's first litter of ivf puppies is helping scientists prevent genetic diseases. that story on
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cornell university.... that have the potential to help prevent diseases. nbc's erika edwards explains in tonight's healthbeat4.
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in certain breeds. (sot: alexander travis, phd - cornell university - :50 - :59) "in-vitro fertilzation itself can't help prevent disease but what it does is it gives us a way to generate embryos and then we can use new technologies to hopefully go in and fix certain genes that cause those diseases." instead of treating genetic diseases -- these doctors some day may be able to prevent them. but first -- the basics. "sit, sit" erika edwards, nbc news. >> scientists can freeze and store semen and eggs of rare canine breeds ... and then reintrodue that genetic material into the gene pool to help with endangered species. brad's here -- bragging rights were on the line in omaha. creighton was trying to beat nebraska for the fifth straigh time.
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the government is changing the way they rate vehicle safety. we'll show you how they plan to keep you safer on the roads. and children with autism often struggle to eat healthy. how one program is targeting the issue and getting them to eat better. -- in favor of the bluejays. creighton's won four straight against the huskers. the jays started 5-1 -- but have lost their last two. the huskers came to omaha at 6-3. sellout crowd of over 17-thousand at the qwest center in omaha. creighton broke out to a big lead. isiah zierden comes up with the steal and makes the basket.he scored 11 points in the first half. then nebraska's shavon shields
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for the layup. but creighton still led at the half 36 to 30. nebraska closed to within four, when andrew white scored underneath. he led the huskers with 28 points. then creighton goes on a 16-0 run -- zierden pulls up and nails his fifth triple. he led the jays with 17 points. creighton beats nebraska again, 83- 67. northwestern college on a 4-game winning strea -- taking dakota state, at the pentagon in sioux falls. northwestern's jaxon heinz puts on a crossover clinic, scoring easily later nathan wedel finds chris borchers inside with the nice post pass. the trojans answer right back with the quick dish to derek meger for the "and one" score this three pointer by brendon boomsma was just enough as dakota state downs northwestern 81-79. iowa and iowa state will square
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the cyclones have won 31 games -- and the hawkeyes haven't won at hilton coliseum since 2-thousand-3. the cyclones have won seven of the last ten meetings against iowa, including a 15-point win last year in iowa city, where isu led by as many as 25. iowa state is 7 and 0 -- and ranked fourth in the a-p poll and second in the coaches poll. six of their seven wins have been by double digits. but the cyclones know that anything can happen in a rivalry game. "rivalries are great," said iowa state head coach steve prohm. "one thing that makes up great rivalries is the programs have to be relevant and i think both programs are very, very relevant. rivalries are fun. as a coach i always say it's the next game but from a fans standpoint it's a huge is for us as coaches and players." the hawkeyes are 7-2, with losses to dayton and notre dame. iowa has already played four games -- either on the road or at nuetral sites. the hawkeyes have lost six straight at hilton and seniors
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would love to upset the cyclones before their college careers are over. "we've been around. we've played in plenty of road tests," said gesell. "it's just another opportunity to play one of the top teams in the country. there's nothing intimidating about it. it's just another game, another opportunity to build our resume." "it's a very good team we're going to go play," said woodbury. "every team definitely has its challenges and this one will be no different. they've got a tough environment for us but we'll be ready to go and just try to have some fun." iowa and iowa state tipoff at 6-30 on thursday night on espn 2. we'll have highlights and reaction tomorrow at ten. northwestern college is looking for a new head football coach. that's after kyle achterhoff announced his resignation this morning. achterhoff had a 56 and 19 record with the red raiders over seven seasons. northwestern made the naia playoffs three times in that time -- tying for the gpac title in 2014. achterhoff is a 1990 graduate of northwestern and also served as an assistant
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a press conference will be held at 11 am thursday morning to announce the new coach.
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wind: sw 10-15 mph tomorrow: breezy. high: 56 wind: w 15-25 mph thanks for joining us tonight... the tonight show with jimmy fallon is next. we'll see you back here tomorrow. in the gpac, the northwestern men fall to dakota state, 81-79,
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