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tv   News 4 at Noon  NBC  December 11, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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sons in their own home early monday morning. austin cummings of sioux city is charged with robbery, going armed with intent, assault while participating in a felony and theft in the 2nd degree. he's being held in the woodbury county jail on 76-thousand dollars bond. police say cummings was one of two men who entered the home of jodi blackwell in the 26- hundred block of south alice street about three a-m monday. the men asked for drugs and money. police say the victims believe they had the wrong house. blackwell's younger son ran to get help from a next door neighbor. the other son, age 19, was tied up and beaten with a crowbar while blackwell was held at gunpoint. the thieves took multiple video game systems, a tv and cell phone. police say the investigation continues, but anyone with more information is urged to call crimestopper s at 258-tips. charges have beem filed against a stanton public school board member related to an animal cruelty case.
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thursday on two charges of aiding in animal cruelty and four counts of contributing to the delinquency of a child, all misdemeanors. the case involves cell phone video that allegedly shows the graphic torture of a cat. four stanton teenagers are also charged as juveniles in the case. former wayne county attorney amy miller has been assigned as the special prosecutor. she says the case also involves the torture of a possum. van pelt could face up to six years in prison if convicted on all six counts. arraignment is set for december 22nd for van pelt and the juveniles. in addition to being a school board member, van pelt is also the former chief deputy of the stanton county sheriff's department. talk about getting hit when you're down. strong winds have destroyed a pilger, nebraska church that was being rebuilt after last year's devastating tornado. st. john's lutheran church was hit by 60 mile an hour winds wednesday evening, bringing down the building's north and south walls, its rafters and interior walls.
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building at the time, but fortunately, nobody was hurt. the church was under construction after being destroyed in june of 2014. pastor terry makelin / st. john's lutheran church "we've worked long and hard to get the building designed and we broke ground last october and it was good to see stuff going up as fast as it was, so this is a hiccup, but it brings back memories of the first time it blew away." the project superintenden t says trusses have already been reordered, and they're waiting on approval from the insurance company to start rebuilding again. > the wind has died down since yesterday, but the mild surge of temperatures will continue for just one more day. temperatures will climb into the 50's once again across siouxland under a mix of clouds and sun. a disturbance coming in the form of a cold front is progressing towards the region and is expected to arrive later in the day on
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by the way, this is t-j springer, our new weekend meterologist at ktiv, who is afternoon. we'll learn a little more about t-j when he returns with the full forecast in a few minutes. >> the fbi continues to search a
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for clues connected to last week's massacre that left 14 people dead. a source says the divers are looking for a computer hard drive which may have been dumped into the water by the shooters. the lake is about three miles north of the shooting site. ben carson is threatening to leave the republican party. the presidential hopeful issued a statement condemning talk of a "brokered convention" if there isn't a clear gop winner during the primaries. the retired neurosurgeo n lashed out this morning at reports of a recent closed-door meeting of republican establishment leaders focused on deep divisions within the gop electorate, particularly the continued strength of donald trump. the house is moving toward passage of a short-term spending bill to keep the government running ahead of a midnight deadline. the senate has already agreed to the short-term measure. it's needed to allow more time for talks on a 2016 spending bill and tax package. niobrara, nebraska is honoring
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died while serving in the u.s. navy during the vietnam war. plaques are being added to the town's existing memorial bearing the names of 74 sailors who died when the u.s.s. frank e. evans sank off the coast of vietnam in 1969. gary, greg, and kelly sage of niobrara were among the victims, though their names have never been added to the vietnam memorial in washington. jim scott, commander of the niobrara american legion said, "it's because we have been trying to get these names on for a lot of years now, on the vietnam wall, and we are running into problems all of the time. so, we thought we would start our own and have our own little wall here. at least we won't forget the ones on there. we are still working to get them on the vietnam wall." the new niobrara plaque will be dedicated next memorial day in a ceremony that will include survivors of the shipwreck paying tribute to their fallen comrades. it's an amazing experience for a woman to hold her newborn child immediately after birth. but when the baby is delivered via c-section, new mothers often don't those first precious
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now, some siouxland hospitals are changing that. ktiv's sarah te slaa shows us.
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8:06 "increases breast feeding rates and breast feed a lot longer and better if they have skin to skin within the first hour so our goal is to have uninterrupted skin to skin in that first hour and through that first breast feeding session," says hill. 8:19 before, nurses cleaned, warmed, and swadled c-sectioned babies, then put the wrapped up bundled of joy on mom's chest or into dad's arms. then mom and baby were separated for up to an hour while doctors finished the surgery. but now, if mom and baby are doing ok, they get uninterrupted skin to skin cuddle time. 11:40 "it helps that bonding that you see with mom and baby you want that bond there right after delivery," says hueser. 23:15 "it felt absolutely amazing and it was great and if i had a chance to go back with my first three i would do skin to skin right away because it's an amazing feeling," says reed. baby hope seems to agree. 25:17 "i hope she stays in my arms for a long, long time," says reed. in cherokee, sarah te slaa, ktiv
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unitypoint health - st. luke's in sioux city also started the skin to skin procedure in october. a new christmas album drops today featuring all siouxland artists. and it benefits a couple of great causes. that's on the way... and nice today, but the weather changes a bit this weekend. meterologist t-j springer is in next with the forecast. here's the live view from spencer, where it's 40
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anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible
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meet the newest member of the ktiv team, t-j springer. he's our new weekend meterologist, but he's filling in for ben dorenbach this
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the wind has died down since yesterday, but the mild surge of temperatures will continue for just
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climb into the 50's once again across siouxland under a mix of clouds and sun. a disturbance coming in the form of a cold front is progressing towards the region and is expected to arrive later in the day on saturday. this will usher in a cooler air mass for the weekend along with a chance of some light rain. the rain will be with us through the overnight hours on saturday and may mix with and begin
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bag of precipatation during the day on sunday. the wintry weather will be with us to kick off our work week with cooler temperatures before another system moves in for tuesday, giving us another chance of snow. >>
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a new christmas cd is out just in time for the holidays, and this one features all siouxland artists. on the "christmas in the sioux too" album, you'll hear traditional carols mixed with some rock, country, and jazz. this is the second year the musicians have worked together on a christmas album. the cd is ten dollars for a hard copy or a digitial download. proceeds from the cd sales will go to toys for tots and casa in sioux city. "all the difference voices and generes involved, it's not just one kind of music. it could be country, rock, there's kind of a jazzy song on the album. so it's all christmas tunes that people hear over the holidays and they kind of get fatigued on hearing those songs over and over, so these are a little bit different versions of ones they may know," says travis barnes, co-creator of "christmas in the sioux too." there is a cd release party tonight at the marina inn. it's free and open to the public.
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be live performances and entertainment . if you want to buy a cd but can't make it to the party tonight, we have the link inside this story on our website, farm and financial markets are coming up on news four... and imagine how nice it will be to avoid all those trains! sioux city official give an update on plans for the proposed viaduct at 18th and floyd. ktiv would like to send out anniversary and birthday wishes to our viewers. darlene jorgensen is celebrating her 80th birthday today. vivian sadfold of moorhead, iowa is celebrating her 94th birthday today. if you or someone you know is having a birthday of 80 years or more or an anniversary of 50 years or more, please send in their name (and correct pron), address and telephone number along with their pictures to ktiv. please make sure to have all the information printed and sent in at least two weeks in
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picture returned please include a self addressed stamped envelope.
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stocks are sharply lower in midday trading, led by more declines in energy and materials stocks as prices for oil and other commodities slide. sioux city officials are outlining plans for an 18th street viaduct over the rail yard off floyd boulevard. at an open house last night at city hall, engineers gave a progress
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construction in february 2017 and finish the project in 18 months. "we have 60 percent of the design plans completed. they have been reviewed. and we're just informing the public of the changes that will take place with the roadway network at steuben street and floyd boulevard, and the potential closures of railroad track crossings in the area." said glenn ellis, city engineer, city of sioux city. the project could include construction of the new bridge, concrete pavement, curb and gutter, and storm sewer improvements. a singer known around the world is bringing his bass- baritone voice to sioux city this weekend.... here from simon estes when we return... and moby dick comes to the big screen. "in the heart of the sea" is one of four new movies we'll preview in the friday film
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here's a live look at west lake okoboji from our okoboji skycam... an internationall y acclaimed singer is performing in sioux city this weekend. bass-baritone simon estes will perform in concert with the mount zion baptist choir as part of the christmas spectacular at the orpheum tomorrow night. estes has performed with opera companies around the world. he's a native of centerville, iowa and says he always loves to perform in his home state. "whenever i come back to iowa, it's like coming back home. my roots
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symphony orchestra many, many times. but i love the midwest, i love iowa, and i'm really thrilled to be back in sioux city again." said simon estes. estes also holds teaching positions at iowa state university and wartburg college. the performance is tomorrow night at 7:30 at the orpheum. if you grew up in the american school system, there's a good chance you had to read "moby dick" at some point. the herman melville novel is considered a classic. but did you know it was based on a true story? raphael seth has more in this week's friday film feature.
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"the big short." steve carrell is the side dish next to a handsome sandwich made of christian bale, ryan gosling, and brad pitt. they team-up to take on the big banks in an investment strategy that will profit from the 2008 market collapse. "the big short" is rated r. "we're standing in the very creek bed where david fought goliath." sam rockwell has a few skeletons in his closet in "don verdean." he plays a self-proclaimed biblical archaeologist hired to find sacred relics in the holy land. but when he runs into international red tape, don turns to grave robing to protect his integrity. "don verdean" is in theaters and on- demand. "if frank stockburn is your father, raise your hand." adam sandler gets bushwhacked by his own family tree in "the ridiculous six." he plays an outlaw raised in indian territory. but when his father is kidnapped, sandler joins forces with five brothers he never knew he had to track down the old man. "the ridiculous six" comes to select theaters and netflix. that's the box office preview, raphael seth, nbc news. >> a world record sized christmas tree... composed of people.
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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presenting their program for the day at 9 and 10:30. they're doing a program called for the glory of the king. they've been working really hard. we've got some great singers and some singing parts and all of the stuff that goes along with that. it'll be fun. those are during the regular service times? yes, our service times that day are 9 and 10:30. in the afternoon you have another special presentation? our celebration choir has been working on doing a performance of once in royal, david city. we're going to be performing that with an orchestra and we've got many talented musicians there and some community musicians as well. we're going to present the vocal choir and the orchestra and kathy has written some narration that goes along with that. it'll be a nice presentation. the best part is you don't have to buy tickets, everybody's welcome to come. it's free and it's open to the public. come bring the family and the kids, it'll all be family friendly and you're neighbors as well. lots of treats will be there too. cookies and all that
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new sanctuary as well, the sanctuary just got renovated and it's being completed as i speak. it'll be a fun day. where can people find you? we're at morningside lutheran church at 700 s. martha st. it's right up the hill from taco john's on gordon drive. charity, thanks so much for being here. thank you. thanks for joining us for around siouxland. >> in northern portugal last night 36-hundred people took part in "building" the largest human christmas tree in the world. lights of different colors were handed out - red for christmas balls, white for the tree and yellow for the star. there will have to be a certification process that will be sent to the guinness world records authorities to prove
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you know families today are so stretched... ...they're working two jobs; they're working extra hours, but paychecks have barely budged. raising family incomes is the defining economic challenge of our time... i have a plan that will put raising incomes right at the center of our economy again. we've got to get back to making it possible... ...for anybody in america to go as far as their hard work will take them. that will be my mission as president. i'm hillary clinton, i approve this message
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. [somber music] >> chad: hey, hey, you okay? >> abigail: yeah, i'm fine. fine.
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