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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  December 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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second suspect is urged to call crimestopper s at 258-tips. it's been one year since the argosy casino sailed away from sioux city. but, the floating casino's legal battles continue. the iowa supreme court has referred an appeal, by the argosy's owner penn national gaming, to the iowa court of appeals. that appeal centers on the iowa racing and gaming commission's rerection of nn's request to extend the riverboat's gaming license. instead, the i-r-g-c awarded that license to the hard rock hotel and casino, and its non-profit partner missouri river historical development. and nowm a year after the issue was brouout to the iowa supreme court-- further action has been taken. ktiv's tommie clark has the
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so, the waiting game is on again in the penn national gaming civil suit against the iowa racing and gamingommission. penn's attorney, in des moines, declined to comment on the case. what a warm december weekend we're having. but, will it last? for that we'll toss it over to meterologist tj springer ththmild weather has sinin left us and now we start to dive back into a more e ntry weather pattern with cooler temperatures to kick off the weekend as well as overcast conditions. along with the clouds a storm system is continuing to move it's way out of the fourorners region and is now moving towards the mid-west. this will give siouxland the chance for some rain showers this afternoon with a more soaking rain developing later on tonight into the day on sunday. ur 7-day forecast isisoming up in 10 minutes it was a morning packed with
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the holiday season. as the dorothy pecaut nature center held their "winter fun day." the annual event gets families involved in wintertime outdoor activities. kids could make recycled crafts, have their faces painted, make edible ornaments, go hiking, and meet some animals. and when asked why siouxlanders should come out... "because they're taking a break from the holiday shopping season and the crazyness. it's just a good way to spend time together and maybe destress and get in touch with nature a little bit," said naturalist at dorothy pecaut
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if you missed today's event, the dorothy pecaut center has more events coming up this season. bright lights will take over west middle school tonight. it's a fun way f f students to get excited, and learn how to program computers. known as "light up the night", the display on the front of the school has more than 81-thousand lights. lights are synced to music to get people into the holiday sprit. 174 students helped program the display. the idea started last year as a high-tech way to teach kids to code. "it's just something that none of us have ever done before, working with a program and getting this display out of it," said emily vo an 8th grade student at west middle school the light show will run again from 6 to 8 pm, next friday and saturday. cub scouts from around siouxland
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museum today, as boy scounts of america held their annual "robo-cub museum event." this year's theme was a joint adventure of both robotics mixed with star wars. first through fifth grade cub scouts got to build robots, learn from high school robotics clubs and work on programming. "not only to try new things, but to just open the horizons and get a hands on feel for what robotics is. a lot of kids know what robots are, or think they know what robots are-- but we're actually showing them what actually is a real life robot is a a ig step in the right direction," said district senior ecutive for boy scouts of america, matt sitzmann. boy scout leaderes say they hope to continue to focus on stem events. "today was just about we built robots, we talked about robots and lot of that stuff. how robots were made and how advanced we've gotten since a long time ago," said 10- year-old troop 100 cub scout, cole fischer. "we learned about robots. we got to drive robots, we got to play a game. it was really fun," said
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if your kids are interested in joining cub scouts drop by their location on virginia street in sioux city. sioux city leaders have approved nearly 300- thousand dollars to pay for studies of various projects in the fiscal year that started just five months ago. some have taken to social media to criticize local leaders for the way they have spent tax dollars. so, why spend money on studies? ktiv's tiffany lane asked local leaders s at question.
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expertise in house to perform the studies," said bob padmore, sioux city city manager. some consultants are local. others come all across the country. su "the consultant being used for the tyson events center study is from out-of-state. and tyson representatives say this gives them a look at similar facilities not only around the region, but around the country as well." "sioux city is not a huge market, but we can still get eas from marrets that are bigger than sioux city," said erika newton, said sioux city events & facilities executive director. "just because we're not one of the major markets in the country, doesn't mean we can't use ideas from some of those bigger arenas here." the tyson events center was awarded 68-thousand dollars for a study to look at physical improvements, as well as, a review of concessions and programming. the cone park project d the most expensive study for fiscal year 2016 at more than 102- thousand dollars. parks and recreation director matt salvatore says that is because the study also included a preliminary design. "we would have basically put together a rough idea of what we thought this project would-how it would have been done and we would have hired somebody to design and it wouldn't have g gen us ththinfo up front," said matt salvlvore, sioux city parks & recreation director. salvatore says without the study and design, they would have been going in blind into the project. city leaders say another reason
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beneficial are because they allow parties, that aren't affiliated with city, to make a neutral observation. in sioux city, tiffany lane, ktiv news 4.>> other sioux city studies approved for fiscal year 2016 include: a community assessment, a bridgeport traffic study, a campground site analysis, a trail study, the leeds/floyd corridor study and the neighborhood housing study. still to come here on news 4 at 6 northern iowa fighting for a spot in the fcs semifinals. they were up against north dakota state today. sam's got the highlilits in
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paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big monon. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money, and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock.
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temperatures are finally starting to fefe like december across siouxland and some raran is even possible. i'll break it all down
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the mild weather has since left us and now we start to dive back into a more wintry weather pattern with cooler temperatures to kick off the weekend as well as overcast conditions. along with the clouds a storm system is continuing to move it's way out of the four corners region and is now moving towards the mid-west. this will give siouxland the chance for some rain showers this afternoon with a more soaking rain developing later on tonight into the day on sunday. as the storm system ushers in colder air, some of the rain may begin to mix with and change over to a more mixed bag of precipitation for sunday night. it could change over to all snow come monday morning before it quickly exit. we have our next weather maker for tuesday givingngs yet another chance for snow with highs back into the 20's by wednesday. it's the season of giving and
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what an anonymous donor did this year when they donated over 100 bikes to siouxland kids.
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months ago and said they were riding their bike and realized they wanted to make sure every girl got a bike this christmas. so, at the girls inc. christmas party, each girl was suprised with a bike, a helmet and a lock from the anonymous donor. the executive director of girls inc.c.ays others have been inspired by this gift and havee donated this season. and ktiv's sarah te slaa volunteered at the event too. still to come here on news 4 at 6 a start-up is guiding people toward healthy eating... with the touch of a button. the details in tonight's's
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toward healthy eating... with theheouch of a button. foodwaze is a new smartphone app that sends foodies right to the source of where their food is produced. rachel menitoff shows us how the app works in tonight's consumer alert.
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"we essentially are listing restaurants and markets and any other food business that w wfeel meets certain criteria ababt where they're getting their food." mike reilly is the co- founder of the mobile food guide. reilly says - as he was traveling around - he had a hard time finding healthy food options. that's what inspired him to help others on the hunt for nutritious eats. (sot: mike reilly, foodwaze co-founder) "there's a lot of talk these days about where your food is coming from and we're trying to sort of walk that talk." reilly and his business partner visit places like free union -- as well as other farms, restaurants, and markets. then, they share what they've learned about those sustainable producers with consumers using the foodwaze app. (sot: erica helen, free union grass farm) "so, this is a way for people to say well, i heard that restaurant sources locally, but let's see if they're actually like you know, doing that." nats hellen says these days it's easy for restaurants to claim their food is locally sourced, but this app now holds them accountable. (sot: mike reilly, foodwaze co-founder) "we want to
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eat." >> foodwaze currently covers much of virginia and is spreading out to cities throughout the east coast. reilly sayayhis goal is to reach users nationwide. sam curtiss in for mark freund today. still weeks out from iowa and nebraskas bowl games but another iowa team was playing today. northern iowa still alive in the fcs playoff quarterfinals. playing a team they upset in the regular season last year, north dakota state. would it be the saememesult today? highlights shortly. and the morningside women in a
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after a first round blowout and upset win in the second round, northern iowa was in to the fcs quarterfinal playoffs. but saturdays matchup was quite the doozy. taking on the four-time defending fcs champs in north dakota state. we go north - rambunctious crowd at the fargo dome. uni making the opening statement - aaron bailey to brandon smith from 25 yards out - 7-0 panthers after one possession. bison fire right back - chase morlock from a yard out notches things at seven. this one a slugfest - second quarter - panthers weren't allowing much offensns- deiondre' hall strips it - take another look at it - panthers get a field goal, 10-7 at the break. huge momentum swing to start the
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spinning out of two tackles - stays on his feet - 97 yards - bison lead 14-10. same score in t t fourth - panthers defense holidng strong - able to bring down easton stick. bubumid-way through the fourth - king frazier puts this one just out of reach. north dakota state wins 23-13. panthers finish the season 9-5. aside from second ranked morningsides only loss, the mustang women have won the rest of their games all by double digits. they had a tough matchup saturday at hastings college, the third ranked team in the country. and the mustangs got quite the game out of the broncos. first quarter - teeka thompson strips it and phes it up the court for an early four-point edge. this one a see-saw of a first half - holly hild drills a three for hastings but the mustangs held a 31-29
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- jessica tietz - mustangs star player - two of her team-high 21-points and morningside holds on foror nanaow 71-70 win. mustangs mens team did not fare as well. they fall 88 to 77. mustangs are now 4-8 on the season, dropping theit last four games. adebayo babalola led the mustangs with 16 points. we'll have the highlights from this one tonight at 10. briar cliff's women's and men's basketball teams on the road at nebraska wesleyan today. charger women pick up a 80-57 win behind kaylee blake's 22 points in 22 minutes. jessi corrick addede18 as the charger women improve to 10-1 overall. chargers men's team knabs a hard fought 95-92 overtime win over the prairie wolves. bcu had five players score double digits. they were led by bryan forbes with a team high of 20. chargers improve to 10-2 and 4-1 in gpac play. the musketeers back in action tonight.
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beat 3-2 in a shootout last night. musketeers are 10-12 on the young season. goalie cam gornet had 26 saves in regulation last night.
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part in "building" the largest human christmas tree in the world. various lights of different colors were handed out - red for christmas balls, white for the tree and yellow for the star. there will have to be a certification process that will be sent to the guinness
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"the weekend insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> are you a bigot? >> not at all. probably the least of anybody you've ever met. >> donald gets trashed in the headlines and is trumped at times person of the year. >> i could be so politically correct. just don't have time for it.
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>> bad week.
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