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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  December 14, 2015 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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good evening, thanks for joining us tonight, i'm sheila brummer matt breen is off tonight. today, iowa's terry branstad becomes the longest serving governor in u.s. history. politicians and supporters came together tonight to celebrate his time in office. ktiv's robert lowe is with live link 4 outside the iowa state capitol in des moines. robert, describe the scene for us tonight. good evening, sheila, it was a packed crowd with more than 1,000 at the iowa state fairgrounds today. on hand, a number of friends, family and fellow politicans celebrating branstad surpassing former new york governor george clinton, who first took office back in 1777. but, this service record now belongs to branstad.
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branstad's time at terrace hill, making him the longest serving governor in our nation's history. "george clinton served as governor of new york for 21 years," said iowa gov. terry branstad. "today, i surpass his days in office. no, this is surreal, i never imagined it would happen." creating a field of opportunities for those living in the hawkeye state all started in the small northern iowa town of leland. "well, i grew up on a small farm in winnebago county and learned to work hard at an early age," said branstad. roots that resonate with iowans from sioux city to dubuque. with an overall election record of 19-0, making history isn't new to the head of the hawkeye state. only 35 years old at the time, branstad won his first gubernatorial race in 1982, becoming the youngest serving governor in state history. more than 33 years later, 21 spent working in the office of the governor, branstad says there's more work to be done "we'll continue to bring more good jobs to iowa and diversyfying the economy", said gov. branstad." i'm honored and proud to be selected by the people to have this super responsiblity to serve as their chief executive," said gov. branstad. and everyday at work, means
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the history books. proving iowa really is a field of dreams. >> and the proceeds raised from tonight's event will go toward promoting and preserving iowa's history. sheila? he's no doubt part of that history in iowa and across the nation. did the branstad discuss running for a possible 7th term? sheila, during our interview, i asked the gov. that very question, and he said he's not ruling it out, but he's going to wait until the 2018 election cycle before he makes that decision. nebraska governor pete ricketts is planning to have knee replacement surgery in chicago on thursday. ricketts injured his right knee 30-years ago and has been wearing a brace since march. ricketts plans to return to work by the end of the year. the republican presidential candidates will face-off in the last debate before the iowa
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joining the main debate this time is new jersey governor chris christie who failed to qualify for the main debate las month. kentucky senator rand paul was in danger of not making the cut. but he had a stronger showing in a fox news poll released this morning. the other candidates taking the main stage tomorrow night are donald trump, dr. ben carson, texas senator ted cruz, florida senator marco rubio, carly fiorina, former florida governor jeb bush, and ohio governor john kasich. the debate will air tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. on cnn. donald trump may be riding high nationally -- but he's feeling the heat in iowa. that could make for some fiery exchanges in tomorrow night's debate. new polls show trump still leading nationally -- but cruz nipping at his heels. trump at 27%, cruz 22, in "the wall street journal"/nbc news poll. but not so in iowa, where cruz leads trump 31 to 21 in a weekend des moines register/bloomberg news poll.
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monmouth university, donald trump is at his highest level yet at 41%, way over ted cruz at 14%. two gop candidates plan to visit siouxland after tomorrow night's debate. dr. ben carson will be in spencer, iowa thursday night for a rally. it takes place at the airport in spencer starting at 6:30 p.m. friday morning he'll be in storm lake. he's scheduled to take part in a meet and greet at the buena vista university campus at 9 a.m. then he'll take part at a townhall at northwestern college in orange city at 3 p.m. there's also a rally in sioux night at 7. former arkansas governor mike huckabee will also be in siouxland. he'll be in rock rapids on thursday at 2:45 p.m. at maintainer custom bodies, inc. then, at 4:45 he'll visit the sioux county livestock company in sioux center. he'll, end the evening in local vfw at 7:30 p.m. friday morning he'll be in emmetsburg, iowa at woodford equipment at 8:30 a.m. then he'll tour the positech
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in laurens, iowa at 1 p.m. and, methodist manor in storm lake at 2: 45 p.m. then sac city, at sac on sixth at 5 p.m. flood warnings are in effect for parts of siouxland... let's toss it over to chief meteorologist ron demers for more on that. flood warning in effect for calhoun, carroll, sac & crawford counties until 10:45 a.m. tuesday winter weather advisory for holt county from 6 am tuesday until 1 pm wednesday siouxland is sitting in between two storm systems. the one from the weekend has moved onto the northeast but not before giving eastern siouxland as much as 3 to 5 inches of rain over the past three days and has caused some flooding. the next locations west of siouxland much more than us, but holt county is far enough west that they have been put in a winter weather advisory from tuesday morning until midday on wednesday for snow accumulations in the 2 to 4 inch range. the rest of us will see more of a mix and not too much snow
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thanks, ron. we'll have more on the flood threat today in siouxland later on during this show. a father and grandmother face kidnapping charges after the disappearance of two children in storm lake, iowa. three-year-old ymani banks and one-year-old yamir banks were located and are currently in the custody of storm lake police. they were found earlier tonight. their father 32-year-old scott banks and their grandmother 50-year-old dionne pamon both face kidnapping charges. they're accused of hiding the children from officials with the department of human services. an arrest was made regarding a threat made to a northwest iowa high school. the threat was large enough that school officials initially banned backpacks from class on monday. that decision overturned as ktiv's sam curtiss brings us the latest from sheldon, iowa. following saturdays arrest, students were able to return to sheldon high school with their backpacks in hand monday morning. there was an extra police officer at the school.
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says that was optional after the potential threat was found to be not viable. kourtney dagel's kids go to the elementary school a couple hundred yards from where the threat was made. she kept them home monday as a precaution. "just because i'm not comfortable with how the school handled the situation informing parents," said kourtney dagel. even though the superintendent says it only involved the high school, she didn't want to risk it. "i felt that as a parent, us parents are our kids' voice," said kourtney dagel. "we speak for their children. nobody really knows who this kid is." as for who made the threat, spears says it was a student that later was arrested on saturday. adding it was something written in a bathroom at the school but would not say what. sunday, the school district sent parents this email updating many on the situation outlining the threat no longer exists. the school even had a christmas concert in the auditorium that day. spears says that student acted alone and the school is now following its safety procedures. in sheldon, iowa, sam curtiss, ktiv news four.
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will be expelled or charged with anything. ktiv also put in calls to the sheldon police department. they have not been returned at this time. the sentencing of a northeast iowa teenager charged in the traffic deaths of two siouxland girls last year--has been pushed back. 18-year-old trevor feauto of clarksville was supposed to be sentenced today. he pleaded gulity last month to two counts of prosecutors say feauto was driving drunk in august of last year when his pickup truck crashed into a car near breda, iowa. bailey jacobsen and lindsey quirk, both 16 and both of wall lake, iowa, were killed in the collision. the judge says he has some things to take into consideration before sentencing. it's now set for january 19th at the sac county courthouse. a new owner is about to transform an old shopping center in sioux city. the boys and girls home bought the indian hills shopping center for almost $2 million. next, spring they plan to reveal what they have
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includes eight and a half acres. sioux city mayor bob scott spoke on the acquisition after this evening's city council meeting. try and call him and see if there's anything the city can do, and see what's going on, but i've not been was just a really busy day, we had a lot of things going on. but this week i'm going to try and call art and see if there's anything the city can do to help him in that process." said sioux city mayor bob scott. the mayor is talking about art silva who is the president and ceo of boys and girls home and family services. the non-profit group has helped chldren and adults in siouxland for more than 100 years. today. a look at the aftermath of today's flooding.
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dear future, life is good. no, great.
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but even though i know everything, i still feel like you could surprise me. like that skateboard incident with the squirrel. but life is sweet now. hey, what could go wrong? it's you and me all the way, future.
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winter weather advisory for holt county from 6 am tuesday until 1 pm wednesday siouxland is sitting in between two storm systems. the one from the weekend has moved onto the northeast but not before giving eastern siouxland as much as 3 to 5 inches of rain over the past three days and has caused some flooding. the next system is going to affect locations west of siouxland much more than us, but holt county is far enough west that they have been put in a winter weather advisory from tuesday morning until midday on wednesday for snow accumulations in the 2 to 4 inch range. the rest of us will see more of a
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accumulation. that means most of us see rain develop on tuesday with maybe some snow mixing in late in the day or tuesday night. a light mix could continue into wednesday morning before that system moves out leaving us with a quieter weather pattern for the rest of the workweek and into
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still to come.... a nursery in iowa is closing because of low teen pregnancy rates. that story in tonight's healthbeat 4. and... a look at the damage caused by flood waters around siouxland. that story in just a few minutes.
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under flood warnings tonight. that includes the little sioux river and the communities of spencer and linn grove, iowa. plus, calhoun, crawford, carroll
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all under a flood warning until 10:45 tomorrow morning. all of sac county was under a flood warning today. the north raccoon river was overflowing into parks...street s...and backyards. while homeowners in surrounding areas were dealing with the aftermath of the flood waters. one homeowner in early, iowa woke up to find her entire basement flooded. at it's peak, her basement was filled with 3 inches of water. she has some advice for other homeowners in the same situation. "get flood insurance. make sure you have maybe sand bags if you know the rain's coming. use youre best judgement honestly," said early, ia homeowner, melissa dean. for now, the deans are working on sealing their basement and adding a new coat of waterproof paint. and, high water an issue for the boyer river in the crawford county community of denison, iowa today. the farmland foods pork plant actually had to send workers home today because of the flood threat. good news through, this afternoon the river started to go back down. it fell about 6 inches. the town of luther in boone
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basements are flooded.. the city park is under water. city hall has also taken on water. crews are trying to pump water out... but it's hard to keep up when it keeps raining. and with that rain, it's important to stay safe on the roads. sioux city police officers say if there's any water on the roads-- make sure to avoid it. they say cars can be swept away if there's 12 inches of water on the roads. and, if you're using cruise control, disengage it and drive manually if you're around any water. "if the road is wet, take caution. the roads are the most dangerous right after it rains because the water has not had a chance to wash away the oils or anything so the roads are most slick after it rains so just slow down," said sioux city police officer, brent heald. officer heald says they have not seen any accidents due to the flooding so far today. still to come.... dealing with addition during the holidays. on tonight's healthbeat 4, see what signs to look out for in loved ones and
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while the holiday season can be full of joy.. it can also be stressful. especially for those dealing with addiction. :03 it's important very important to pay close attention to someone you think might be struggling and to be there to offer support." here are some signs your loved one may be in trouble. denial. they are oblivious they have a problem. loss of control. they may try to reduce or stop, but fail. isolation. this can be especially dangerous
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follow. gladys smith from jackson recovery also has advice for everything this season. 1:29 "draw good boundaries for yourself. there's a lot of things going on. you'll get alot of invitations and it's really o.k. to say "no". for more information on how to get help this holiday season you can call jackson recovery centers at (712) 234-2300 or go to and check out this story on our homepage. an iowa high school is planning to close a school nursery next year because fewer teenage girls are getting pregnant. in 2001 there were 97 teens who had babies in muscatine county. that has decreased to just 40 last year in 2014. and right now, the cribs inside the nursery at muscatine high school are all empty. "we're down to one baby and that mother will be graduating at the end of the school year and we only have three teenagers who are pregnant currently in our high school," said broderson. "so, we're very happy to be able to say that we're not needed anymore."
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muscatine had the highest number of teen parents in the state. broderson said it's proof that prevention programs and education works. the nursery will close permanently by the end of the school year. broderson said closing the nursery will also free up at-risk state funding for the school district to use in other areas. brad's here -- it's a big weekend for college basketball in iowa. the big four classic features iowa state, iowa, northern iowa and drake -- the cyclones are the only ranked team but they'll have their hands full. and, we'll hear from western christian, who is number-1 in the first statewide class 2a poll of the season.
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during the holiday season can be dangerous for your pets. we'll tell you what you should and shouldn't give to them this holiday season. and it's time to start making those new year's resolutions. we'll show you some financial
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lot to be happy about. the cyclones are undefeated and ranked fifth in the new a-p poll. but isu hasn't been sharp the last two weeks, with the big 4 classic coming up saturday. iowa state will face 6-3 northern iowa saturday -- who already has a win over north carolina this season. the cyclones are 9 and 0 after a lack-luster win over arkansas-pine bluff on sunday. uni has beaten iowa state in six of their last nine meetings. after beating iowa by one point -- the cyclones can win the mythical state championship but it's books before basketball. "new week, obviously finals week so biggest focus today, we're off today," said isu head coach steve floor tomorrow just with some individual workouts, shooting ready for northern iowa on wednesday, thursday and friday." iowa state and uni play at 6 on saturday night. iowa and drake play at 3-30. the first iowa boys high school basketball poll of the season was released late this afternoon. western christian is one of the championship contenders in class 2a.
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beating a good spirit lake team, 78-48 on friday night. western also opened the season with a 16-point win over lemars. the wolfpack went 22-3 last season, without a senior on their roster. senior josh van lingen had 21 points on friday night -- and likes the way the wolfpack are playing. "we want to win a state championship but we're focusing on the regular season, taking it a game at a time because that's how you get where you want to do" said van lingen. "we got the best coach in iowa, i think, and he'll always get us playing hard in practices and always working hard and staying hungry." the first poll of the season is out from the ap. no siouxland teams in class 4a. valley, iowa city west and pleasant valley all got first place votes. in 3a, bishop heelan is fifth, with spencer and moc-floyd valley also making the top ten. sgt. bluff-luton and spirit lake received votes. there's western christian in the top spot in class 2a, getting 10 of 13 first place votes. sioux center is 8th and ridge view got two votes. in 1a, boyden-hull is third, with three first place votes. ikm-manning is sixth and south o'brien is ninth.
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all get votes. see the entire poll at ktiv-dot-com. jacob wilson of the musketeers is the ushl defenseman of the week. wilson helped sioux city take a pair of games from youngstown last weekend. he had an assist in a shootout win on friday -- then added two goals and an assist in saturday's 9-4 blowoout. the arizona state recruit has 13 points in 20 games, and he leads all muskie defenseman with four goals. last month, after four years at south dakota -- head coach joe glenn announced his retirement at the age of 66. now, usd has found their next head coach -- within their own conference. bob nielson of western illinois, the reigning coach of the year in the missouri valley football conference, has been hired as usd's new coach. the 56-year-old has compiled a 186-80-1 record in 23 seasons -- including the last three at western illinois. he led minnesota- duluth to ncaa division ii national championships in 2008 and 2010. this past season, nielson led
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illinois to the playoffs. he'll be formally introduced at a press conference on tuesday at 1 o'clock. tonight: patchy fog. low: 31 wind: n/ne 5-15 mph tomorrow: light rain develops with snow possibly mixing in. high: 38 wind: e 10-20 mph
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