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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  December 20, 2015 10:30pm-10:59pm CST

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you know, they love the eagles. >> cris: play the "rocky" theme. >> al: a vibrant building. but for whatever reason, more wins away than here. >> cris: well, maybe time for ffrey lurie to give them another speech. he gave them that before the new england game, the play angry speech. went to everybody in the locker room and sort of grabbed them and used a little colorful language and got them all fired up and got a standing ovation after the game when they beat the patriots. but somebody's going to give old bruce arians and steve keieiand carsrs palmer a standing ovation. 12 wins in this league? very impressive. >> al: bruce will be a candidate for coach of the year which he's only won twice in three years. but at this point ron rivera. you're 14-0 with that team. the expectations going into the season. you know the story. calvin benjamin got hurt. they may have a perfect year, who knows? but he'd be the choice right
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for chip kelly, well, again, the great thing about the eagles, if you're an eagles fan is you just win the next two games and you're in the playoffs and you're playing a home game the second week of january. there's the final score of 40-17. and coming up next, the volkswagen post game report
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nbc station. welcome to the volkswagen passat postgame report. here now bob costas. >> the arizona cardinals have won eight straight. they go to 12-2. they clilih the nfc west for t t first time since 2009. the eagles, as we just heard al say, are still alive despite the record of 6-8 in the very forgiving nfc east. carson palmer is an mvp candidate. he went 20 of 32 for 274 and a touchdown. david johnson with andre ellington and chris johnson out, the rookie from northern iowa steps up and carries 29 times for 187 yards, 187 yards. also had four catches, scored three touchdowns. carson and johon who get the game balls and get a chance to
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>> on this date in 2009 when the cardinals won their last nfc west division tiblgts.tle. you do it again tonight. i knowowou have loftier goalal but how gratifying is this? >> very gratifying. to come in here against a team that needs this win also. this is a grown man behind you who couldn't be prouder o of the way he broke tackles and always fell forward. >> you set a single season record for points. you had this guy, as you mentioiod, david junsonohohon, run r three touchdowns. what is it like to quarterback an offense when you have so many options? >> it's a blast, it's a blast to be part of this group. we come to work every day and grind it out did you aring the week. we're coached hard and play hard on sundays. it's been a blast. >> you injured the index finger on your throwing hand. we saw you get it taped up. >> i i worrying about tyrara right now. that it's just a bump on the
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but you hate to see that, the and been praying for him nonstop. will continue to do so, hope he's all right. >> we're talking about tyrann mathieu who injured himself just before the game. congratulations. >> thank you. >> we'll update you on tyrann mathieu when we can. but david johnson, three touchdowns. talk a aut the second one. a 47-y-yder. take us through that run. what were you seeing? >> just an outside zone. i had good blocking where i was able to cut back. brokeles and stiff arms and got in. >> you're a rookie who has been able to step in. how have you handled all the responsibility thahaentails? >> always talking to carson and talklkg to stump and andre trying to get better every day and getting ready to help out our team. >> as a rookie, you come in and get a 12-win season and win the division. what is this like? >> feels great.
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hopefully continue the success and get ready for green bay and come back and get ready. >> big night. congratulations. >> thank you. >> michele, thanks, with regard to tyrann mathieu he's already been in and out of x-ray, but we don't have word yet on what that revealed. if we get any information before we leave the air, we'll pass it on to you. let's take a look at the nfc playoff picture with this result. if washington wins here saturday night in philadelphia, then washington wins the division, but if philly win, the eagles, giants and washington could all enter week 17 with a chance at the title. seattle and green bay clinched playoff berth and minnesota is all but assured of getting in. tony, a lot of focus on the unbeaten panthers as well as the streaking seahawks, but the nfc west champion cardinals have now won eight straight themselves. who do you see as the most dangerous team in the nfc? >> looking at the cardinals
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fantastic. i'm going to put my vote in for them. very solid on both sides of the ball. we know about that big play passing offense, that blitzing defense, but to me, david johnson, such a differencemaker. bruce arians and tom moore, one of their offensive coaches, they were in indianapolis. this guy reminds me of edgerrin james, playing physical, long runs, catching the ball. he could be that wildcard that really gives them the edge. i like w wt i saw from the cardinalscard cardinals tonight. >> they still have a small chance to overtake the panthers for the number one seed but they can be overtaken by green bay for number two as well. the patriots clinched a bye today while the texans won in indy. the chiefs, steelers and jets all won this week, with kansas city and now pittsburgh having the tie breaker edge in the wildcard race. but t ter that denver lossssnd with the broncos playing
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think the chiefs who kind of off the radar have won eight straight, do you think they can win the division? >> i do, bob, and here's why. they've got two home games left with cleveland and then finishing with oakland. i believe they'll win those two home games. if they tie with denver, they'll win the division a a denver has that game you mentioned against cincinnati. denver is not playing great on offense. they had some great plays today but not moving the ball well. cincinnati can score points. i can see cincinnati going in there and winning and kansas city winning their two games and being the western division champions. >> we turn to mike florio of pro football talk. it got ugly between odell beckham jr. and josh norman today at the meadowlands, papaicularly with some o o beckham's actions off the ball. what sort of response are you expecting from the league this week? >> i'm told the league office believes that odell beckham jr. should have been ejected from
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he wasn't. now will it go beyond merely imposing fines. would they suspend him particularly for a violent helmeteto helmet hit on josh norman under circumstances that there was no reason for that hit to be applied. it will happen on monday. he'll have independent appeal rights. it would all happen quickly, so beckham would know, the giants would know in next sunday night's game if he'd be available to practice and play. we'll keep an eye on adrian peterson's ankle this week. he sprayed it against the bears. he missed some time, came back, he didn't have x-rays, he didn't know whether he'd have an mri, but he sprained it. >> why a gifted play like odell beckham jr. would diminish himself and his team with play
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the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. welcome back to the volkswagen passat postgame report. >> congratulations, men. this is just the first step. this is just a starter cap. this ain't the one we want. we want much bigger, better things than this. but this was one hell of a nice job tonight of getting this one. as a football team. all right? but we got a long way to go. i see you wednesday. enjoy it. enjoy it. >> enjoy it.
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we got two more to get now. let's go. team on three, one, twoey, ytwo,o,hree, team. >> no further update on ty mathieu. the cardinals keep on going. they really got something going right now. >> they look like they can do anything. they can run the ball. they obviously can throw it. their defense is good. tyrann mathieu, that's a big deal. that guy does just about everything on the defensive side. >> so giants and vikings next week. you heard mike talking about the league thought he should have been ejectct. our frfrnds troy and joe were on top of that. i don't believe they haven't thrown him out of the game. we'll see what happens. if he gets suspended or not, we don't know. but the giants who still have a chance to win the east. how does that happen? if the giants win their next two in minnesota and they beat philadelphia and washington were to lose two here and then washington goes to dallas, the giant was be in. philly controls its own fate. they win two and they're in, you get washington on top of thehe
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it is just crazy in the nfc east. >> i'm glad you did all that. >> i think i know what i'm talking about, but not that often. but anyway, an interesting matchup. we'll see about adrian peterson. minnesota, of course, still vying for a playoff spot even though green bay leads in that division. still a chance to win the nfc north. but mike zimmer has done some job. >> minnesota took this arizona team that impressed us so much tonight right to the wire. it was a last-minute sack by dwight freeney that held them in that game. you know how good a team minnesota is. >> seeing the greawhite north next week. >> cannot wait. happy birthday, michele. >> and merry christmas, everybody. we'll talk to you next sunday from minneapolis. so the final score tonight was 40-17, al michaels, cris collinsworth and michele tafoya, for the gang up hererenatalie
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all the guys and gals who bring you "sunday night football" say saying good night from philadelphia. nbc sports thanks you for watching this special
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football league.thanks for joining us, i'm robert lowe. we begin tonight with continuing coverage of some sad news out of spencer, iowa, where a high school wrestler died last night after collapsing at the tigers' home wrestling invitational.
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spencer high school, collapsed while competetg in the championship match in the 220-pound weight division. roberts was taken to spencer hospital, where officials say he died on saturday night. ktiv's tommie clark joins us live in the newsroom. tommie, you were at spencer high earlier today. how is the community coming together? robert, the close-knit community of spencer is mourning the loss of austin roberts, but they're not doing it alone. multiple community members say they're rallying together during this difficult time.
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things, but there were also some laughs talking about stories about austin. austin was a student that was a student bigger than life in many ways," said spencer community schools superintendent, terry hemann. while students awaited the news of austin's condition, they called a local church for help. sacred heart stepped up. "plus adults, counselors from the school, mr. hemann the superintendent, the wrestling coaches. i mean everyone was here just kind of giving eachother support," said sacred heart catholic church pastor, father bill schreiber. and that support continued sunday morning - despite the pain... "i'm just proud of them. this is a heartache for them. this was devestating. this was a young man that was loved by all and austin will live on. the stories will live on," said sacred heart catholic church director of faith formation and youth ministry, gwen kardell. >> a gofundme page has been set up to help out austin's family. the page has already raised more than 26- thousand dollars.
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and the link will be inside the story. community memebers are also invited to drop off food and water at the high school this week while crisis counseling continues. for now, we're waiting to find out what caused his collapse. robert? thanks tommie. holidays are about food in a lot of ways with festive meals gathering families around the dinner table. but, some families can't afford that food-- and that's what the food bank of siouxland is here for. the non-profit is dedicated to making sure everyone in siouxland has enough to eat. they serve 11 counties throughout the tri-state area and they had a record shattering year. the food bank distributed 2 million pounds of food this past year. in november alone, they distributed one-hundred- and-eighty-six-thousand pounds of food, which is the fifth biggest month in their history. "really we always emphasize that the need in our community is there 365 days a year. if we encourage our donors to stick with the essentials to make sure everybody has enough meat, enough fruit, enough vegetables, enough pastas, and cereals and breads-- those are the things we focus on," said food bank of
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if you would like to donate to the food bank of siouxland, visit our website and the link will be inside the story. an above average weather weekend in siouxland but for what's to come we'll toss it over to meterologist tj sptringer temperatures are mild all across siouxland with most towns feeling the lower to middle 40's. but how long does the warmth last? a cold front is scooting its way through the region and will pass through the area this afternoon and evening!>>
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travelers... the average gas price went down four cents over the past two weeks... to two-dollars and six-cents a gallon bringing gas prices back to where they were in april 2009... this drop comes from the decrease in crude oil prices. the cost per barrel is down several dollars. a mid-air scare on an air france jet led to an emergency landing in kenya today. more than 450 passengers were on board the plane when someone found a suspicious device in a bathroom. n-b-c's kelly cobiella reports that the device turned out to be
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staying overseas, turkish police fired tear gas and water cannons in istanbul today to disperse hundreds of protesters. the demonstrator s wanted an end to curfews in the southeast of the country, where the turkish military has ramped up operations against militants linked to the workers' party. some protesters threw firebombs at security forces, who responded with tear gas. senator chuck schumer is backing new legislation to change government methods for finding and dealing with terror groups' communication on social media. the new york democrat is calling for the modernization to combat terrorists using social media to recruit americans, inspire attacks and raise money. with the new legislation... the senator says the government would investigate known or suspected terrorists' social media accounts. "we're here today to say that the federal government must make sure that we're on the cutting on edge when it comes to how we decipher, disrupt and decode social media communications made by terror suspects and terror groups." senator schumer's statement
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new york pizza shop owner pleaded guilty this week to recruiting for isis on facebook. turning our attention to the race for the whitehouse, the candidates clashed in the democratic debate causing a comment which gave republicans fuel to go after hillary clinton. nbc's edward lawrence has the very latest for us tonight.
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runner hillary clinton for this moment in the democratic debate. (sot hillary clinton / (d) presidential candidate :12-:26) super already on screen in upper corner - saturday/ abc news "i wish we could say yes, let's go destroy isis and let's let assad continue to destroy syria, which creates more terrorists, more extremists by the minute. no. we now finally are where we need to be." (sot gov. chris christie / (r) presidential candidate :27-:37) "the fact that the former secretary of state and architect of the obama foreign policy says we are were we need to be on isis tells you everything you need to know about why it's a failed foreign policy and why she can't be promoted." on meet the press.. even sen bernie sanders says the middle east would have been better off if the u-s left some dictators in power.. (sot senator bernie sanders / (d) presidential candidate :45-:49) super already on the screen - nbc meet the press "but the simple answer is yes the region would be much more stable." (super: cedar rapids, ia / saturday :xx-:xx) donald trump went further calling clinton a liar - for claiming isis uses trump's comments as a recruiting tool. he also blames the current middle east problems on secretary clinton. (sot voice of:donald trump/(r)presidential candidate-name on screen-no super needed 1:01-1:07 ) "so she wasted a lot of time and a lot of energy, and a lot of time, and a lot of money, and quite frankly she wasted a lot of lives because her policies were a disaster for the world." the republicans are all trying to show voters it's time for a change from the democrats. (insert ends) (two second pause) audio outcue: i'm edward
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nbc news, washington. >> in a moment of what he called self therapy, jeb bush called donald trump a jerk while speaking to a crowd in new hampshire. it happened saturday during a town hall. the former florida governor was in between answering questions when he, unprovoked, said he had to get something off his chest. bush then went on to criticize the front runner in the republican race for the white house.. saying trump cannot insult his way to the oval office. coming up for us on news 4 at 10 the nebraska men's basketball team looks to avoid an upset against a mid major team. we've got the
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sports paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there,
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and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money, and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock.
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