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tv   News 4 at Noon  NBC  December 21, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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two the spencer fire department is investigating a deadly fire over the weekend. firefighters responded to a a trailer home at 317 w. 18th, lot 9 around 1:30 saturday afternoon. after putting out the fire, once inside the home, firefighters found the person who lived there dead. investigators say, it appears the fire started accidentally, but they aren't releasing any other details or the victim's name until they've finished their investigation. meanwhile, people in spencer are leaning on each other to deal with a struck over the weekend.
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roberts collapsed during a wrestling tournament saturday and later died at a local hospital. clay county medical examiner dr. david robinson says preliminary investigation points to a natural cause of death. the case has been turned over to the state medical examiner. a youth wrestling tournament for sunday was cancelled and grief counselors came to the school. ktiv's tommie clark has more.
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while students awaited the news of austin's condition, they called a local church for help. sacred heart stepped up. "plus adults, counselors from the school, mr. hemann the superintendent, the wrestling coaches. i mean everyone was here just kind of giving eachother support," said sacred heart catholic church pastor, father bill schreiber. and that support continued sunday morning - despite the pain... "i'm just proud of them. this is a heartache for them. this was devestating. this was a young man that was loved by all and austin will live on. the stories will live on," said sacred heart catholic church director of faith formation and youth ministry, gwen kardell. >> this is a story that's touched a lot of people, and a "go-fund-me" page has been set up to help austin's family. if you'd like to donate, you'll find the link inside this story at ktiv-dot-com. people are also invited to drop
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the high school this week. lindsey graham is bowing out of the race for president. the republican senator from south carolina posted a video today saying he was suspending his campaign. he's picked up such a small level of support, graham didn't even qualify for the undercard debate last month. graham told cnn this morning that his campaign has hit a wall. he said he had run "a campaign we can be proud of" that was focused on the nation's security. donald trump says he wants an apology from hillary clinton. during saturday's democratic debate, clinton said trump had recruiter." she claimed that, quote--"they are going to people showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists." there is no evidence to back spokeswoman later said "she didn't have a particular video in mind." trump told the "today show" this clinton quote--"lies about
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>>weather ad-lib highs will be in the 20s and 30s across the area with a diminishing breeze. we'll get some limited clearing tonight that could result in a few peeks of sun tomorrow which will also be warmer and windier. there is a small chance of an isolated shower or two tuesday night/wednesday morning as a cold front moves an overnight snow shower wednesday than that, most of the rest of the and mild before a small chance of a into saturday before temperatures take a tumble on sunda see graphics.
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prosecutors say they expect to file murder charges against the driver who crashed into pedestrians on the las vegas strip overnight, killing an arizona woman and injuring dozens of others. police say video of the incident "looks like it's very intentional." nbc's morgan radford has more.
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thirty-seven people were injured hospitals...six of whom were down graded overnight from critical to stable condition... witness: people were running behind the car, chasing the car. and they were not police officers chasing the car. they were like random dudes.... we look to the left and its just hysteria. i'm shaking still. according to witnesses, the driver seemed to ignore people yelling at her when the car finally came to a stop on the street... police say she then took off again jumping the curb at least two more times slamming into more people near planet hollywood and the popular paris hotel and casino. police: "yes, the driver did go from one location into the street and then back onto the area where pedestrians were in front of the paris." witnesses say she left the crime scene driving to a hotel just a few blocks away where police found the car - with a smashed windshield - and arrested her. police say the car is not registered in nevada and they believe the woman recently moved to the area... police; "the information i got is that she may have been here for a short period of time but she's not from here...a recent move here." both the driver and the 3 year old toddler were unharmed, but police say if they find out this was in face intentional... they'll treat this as a homicidal act. morgan radford, nbc news, las
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the mall of america is taking legal action in an attempt to prevent a protest by the minneapolis chapter of "black lives matter." the group says it will rally at the mall wednesday to protest the fatal shooting of jamar clark, a 24-year-old black man who was shot by minneapolis police last month. the group has been protesting outside police stations ever since. but the mall is private property and doesn't allow protests. "black lives matter" organizers say the demonstration will go on unless authorities meet their demands, which include releasing video of clark's shooting. there's a new miss universe today. but she was crowned only after a very awkward moment on live t-v, broadcast around the world. c-n-n's boris sanchez reports.
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miss colombia celebrated being crowned miss universe... but her reign lasted only a few minutes. (nats: steve harvey/miss universe host) "i have to apologize. the first runner up is colombia. miss universe 2015 is philippines!" miss universe 2015 host, steve harvey, misreading his cue cards and naming the wrong contestant as the winner the two women, awkwardly standing at the end of the stage - paralyzed by the snafu. harvey addressing a confused audience. (nats: steve harvey/miss universe host) "this is will take responsibility for on the card." miss columbia stripped of her crown... stunned viewers, watching as miss universe 2014 placed it on the head of winner miss philippines.. the show abruptly cutting to credits some of the other judges taking to social media judge niecy nash tweeting this video: (niecy nash/judge) "oh my god this is crazy
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here!" harvey himself tweeting after the show saying: "i'd like to apologize wholeheartedly to miss colombia and miss philippines for my huge mistake. i feel terrible." even posting a picture with miss philippines back stage - saying he was able to apologize to her and miss colombia personally... who tearfully also spoke out after the show. (ariadna gutierrez/miss colombia) "everything happens for a reason so i'm happy." but the newly crowned miss universe summing up the shocking turn of events: (pia alonzo wurtzbach/mis s philippines) "it's a very non traditional crowning isn't it. it's very, very 2015." >> that was cnn's boris sanchez reporting. winter officially arrives tonight. are we in for any snow? meterologist ben dorenbach will be back with the forecast after this. here's the live view from our skycam in spencer, iowa, where it's and degrees this
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the area with a diminishing breeze. we'll get some limited clearing tonight that could result in a few peeks of sun tomorrow whii will also bee warmer and windier. there is a small chance of an isolated shower or two tuesday night/wednesday morning as a
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area, and possibly an overnight snow shower wednesday night/thursday morning. other the holiday week looks dry, cloudy and mild before a small chance of a rain/snow mix late christmas day into saturday before temperatures take a see graphics. >> stocks try to recover from friday's b b drop. we'll check the numbers from wall street.. and have farm market numbers when we return... and a sioux city judge hears arguments today in the des moines water works lawsuit against drainage districts in three siouxland counties.
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december 20th. if you or someone you know is having a birthday of 80 years or more or an anniversary of 50 years or more, please send in their name (and correct pron), address and telephone number along with their pictures to ktiv. please make sure to have all the information printed and sent in at least two advance. if you would like your picture returned please include a self addressed stamped envelope. happy birthday from all of us at
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a judge will hear arguments this afternoon from both sides of the lawsuit between des moines water works and drainage districts in three siouxland counties. attorneys defending sac, calhoun, and buena vista counties filed a motion to dismiss 10 of the 12 counts in the lawsuit. they say under iowa law, drainage districts are immune from suits and therefore those counts should be thrown out. des moines water works is suing 10 drainage districts in the siouxland counties. the water utility says the water it receives from the ccoon river is polluted by nitrates from ag operations upstream and the drainage districts aren't doing enough to fix the problem. the hearing is set for 1:30 at the federal courthouse in sioux city.
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>> stocks were nearly flat in light midday trading after a morning rally fizzled. still ahead on news four at noon.. more than just annoying!. some of those noisy toys that may be on your child's wish list this season could do harm to their hearing. what you need to know before
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okoboji skycam... a new safety warning today that could make you think twice before buying some toys for your kids this holiday season. every year, we all go to the store and buy toys. a lot of them are noisy. they drive us crazy! but turns out, they're not just annoying. they're so noisy they could be harming your child's ears. nbc's jeff rossen is putting these toys to the test.
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jeff rossen and nats toy horn.... crew 11:05:25 squeaking... ....nats rattle.... crew 11:06:01 rattling... ....nats grey telephone.... crew 11:02:09 singing... ....nats wheel toy.... crew 11:03:44 this week, kids excited to get their hands on toys like these... ....nats toys.... but they make a lot of noise. what you can't hear...damage to your child's hearing. ....transition.... (m(mic change) (graphics) it's called noise-induced hearing loss affecting an estimated 5 million kids...a recent study naming loud toys as a cause. the c- d-c says it develops over a long period of time listening to anything over 85 decibels of sound. ....rr transition.... doctor sandy levey is a speech and hearing specialist. sot dr. sandra levey crew 11:19:29 / lockdown 19:02:0707 iphone 11:02:10 sandy: just totoive you an idea of how loud sounds are, whisping is 30 decibels, conversation is 60 decibels jeff: so talking right now as we are, i'm looking at the meter yeah that's around 60. 59. sandy: that's correct. jeff: and i'm a loud talker. crew 11:19:40 / lockdown 19:02:29 / iphone 11:02:22 jeff: let's try this rattle. (shaking rattle)
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sandy: hitting 90 which is way above safe listening levels. ....nats drill.... believe it or not, that's as loud as an electric drill. ....nats wheel.... crew 11:24:19 and this wheel toy... sot dr. sandra levey crew 11:24:40 / lockdown sandy: that got to about 91 decibels. ....nats hair dryer.... crwe 11:48:32 about as loud as a hair dryer. sot dr. sandy levey crew 11;31;02;22 / lockdown 19:13:40 jeff: i think i speak for a lot of parents who have a lot of these toys at home. i every single day and to me they hear just fine. sandy: well that's the thing loss, it's gradual and the parent and the child will not necessarily notice that there is this gradual loss of hearing. ....transition.... but the most suprising test... ....nats horn.... crew 11:26:22 this toy horn... sot dr. sandy levey crew 11:2:2:27 / lockdoon 19:00:07 / iphone 11:09:10 sandy: over 116 decibels with that toy jeff: way over. sandy: way over. jeff stand up crew 1:38:19 just to givf you an idea how loud that is, what if i told you some toys are just as loud as an ambulance screeching by with a siren on. yeah i didn't believe it either. so we got ourselves an ambulance, and we have the audio meter. let's hit the siren (nats siren) look at this. just under 100. you can kill
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tested are even louder than this. ....transition.... statement gfx the toy industry associcition telling nbc news they consulted with an audiologist whenen developiig a sound limit for toys. and that "no toys intended for children...have been found to be dangerous based on their sound level." ....nats toys.... sot dr. sandra levey crew 11:41:59 / iphone 11:23:11 sandy: this christmas think safe listening and limit the amount of exposure to loud toys. >> that was nbc's jeff rossen reporting. we're a a still likely going to buy these toys for our ki, but there are ways to protect them from hearing loss. experts say you can put a piece of thick tape over the speaker or there are actually free apps that measure sound levels that you can download. so if you're in the store, you can test the toy before you buy it. a look at sioux city's'sowntown dedertment store history... still ahead on around siouxland.
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stores. where they started organizing their merchandise into specialized departments and they eventually grew a network of buyers that were around the world thatat brought rerely high quality divers merchandise into sioux city and basically could go to these stores and get anything you wanted. so we had the martin family which kind of got the ball rolling. then you had ben and dave davidson who were russian jewish immigrants who came here and were just door to door peddlers in the 1880's. but they started a store right after martin's and that grew into the davidson's store, grew into the largest store in iowa and one of the largest in the miest. then there was also frank pelletier had another what became a very large store. these were huge enteterises. in the 1920's davidson's had over 800 employees and martin's had over 600 and pelletier's had over 500 so i mean these were really big
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department store scene in the early 20th century that you had to go to chicago literally to find fancier stores. this is certainly something you'll want to check out. it's running from december 18th until march 6th at the sioux city public museum. for more information 279-6174 or go to siouxcitymuse matt thanks for joining us. thanks for joining us around siouxland. >>
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