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tv   Today  NBC  December 25, 2015 10:00am-11:00am CST

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udio 1a in rockefeller plaza. said the way up in the sky little lamb do you see what i see? a star, a star dancing in the night
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as big as a kite with a tail as big as a kite said the little lamb to the shepherd boy do you hear what i hear? yes, wow! thank you, kids. >> it is christmas day, december 25th, and very mr ri one to all of you. and those are the sweet sounds of the detroit arts and sounds choir. thank you so much. >> that is gorgeous. congratulations. we will have more music to keep you in the spirit as train is going to sing one of the very first songs off of their christmas album. >> and we have great ideas to welcome your holiday table. and you can make it so crowded are there to room for the potatoes. >> and what is christmas without
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ones from your book, but we will have the animals to help us open presents. okay. whatever that is. and it is going to be fun. >> all right. now, if you were unable to make it to a nativity scene this holiday, we are have brought it to you. last december more than 1,000 people came together dressed as angels to create a nativity scene in provo, utah. >> they are in the guinness book of world records for the largest, and they have joined with the mmon tabernacle choir to capture a truly beautiful moment. >> oh, beautiful. >> and sometimes we are talking about christmas, and a lot of kids are probably at home opening presents, and that kind of stuff, but is there more to christmas? >> we found out by sending donna adorable to the streets to ask kids what they think of when
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>> going to church, and cutting down the tree. >> celebrating jesus' birthday. >> peace on earth. >> spending time with my family. family. and have a lot of fun. >> we play snowballs with our dad. >> i like to watch "frosty the snowman." >> i like to snuggle with mom. >> i want to give the kids toys and what they need so they will have a happy christmas. >> okay. how happeny are you?u? >> out of f e mouths off babes.. >> yes. >> and let's play a littlee game. >> okay. >> and this is called covered or uncovered. and we will play some christmas songs, and try the guess who is singing it. not easy to guess. >> i get these wrong all of the time. >> okay. play with us. here is the first one. these are a few of my favorite things
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when the bee stings >> who is that? >> please remember my favorite thing s things, and a few of my favorite things. >> kelly clarkson. >> she has a beautiful voice. >> okay. what can we get wrong next? >> joyful all ye nations rise -- >> okay. what's the next one? i'm dreaming of a white christmas >> it is a country artist. >> it a duet. >> dixie chicks? little big town? taylor swift? itounded like a duetet is it just one. >> taylor. just taylor. >> i'm having trouble. >> all right.
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>> how softly our christmas ships come sailing in on christmas morning. >>. o christmas tree o christmas tre >> it is reba. >> where was fetty wap. gift face? >> and now when you get a present and someone hands you a present what face do you make when you get what you are or are not making? >> you make this one. oh, i love it. and there is a commercial out for the uk department store harvey nickels showing you what gift face is all about. >> i think that you will like it.
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and lizzy, darling, this is for you. >> oh. >> this is so they won't go stiff, and there is a hand towel in there. i knew she'd like them. >> you said that you wanted to read more. do you like it? >> this is even better than last year's. >> oh. >> i really do love it. >> oh, that is funny. yeah, yeah. would you rather not have a gift than to have one that you pretend, i mean, you can be grateful and not like something. right, somebody thought -- >> i know,w,ut don't you think of, this is exactly what is the perfect -- >> remember that gift i gave you. nevermind. >> but you know when you hand somebody something, and you pined over it, and they give you gift face? >> yeah. >> all right. >> so let's figure this out.
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christmas around the world -- there joy, noel. >> and you are give i iing them all away. >> and i only know the french. >> fa leezliz nav. >> this is italian. buon natale. >> all right. everything? >> we are getting rid of the christmas spirit. >> and you know the rosetta >> is that it? >> vesele vanoce. >> that is swedish or something? >> czech. >> okay.
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never heard hello in czech, have you. feliz natal. >> oh, it is russian. >> is it portuguese. >> oh, good one. >> brazil. >> how did you noeknow that? >> because -- >> well, don't tell me. >> okay. the real hoda is what you are seeing on christmas day. oh. >> boldog ka are racsonyt. >> russian? >> no, it is something else. serbian. >> slovak. >> oh, that was fun. >> okay. any time you can make us look like complete idiots, thank you. how fun for you. we want to thank luciano.
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the singers and the dancers are all good. >> i hope that we are going have them sing again or they are going to be tired. >> yes, they aret at attention. >> and regis the elf on the shelf has been all over the shelves, and some have their own elf at homes, too. >> and they are all headed back to the north pole, and until next year. so we wanted to know about is some of the mischief. and lisa's elff likes to fish in the dog bowl. >> and ralph and scout made a zip line to the christmas tree. >> ahd this one went sledding on the chimney. >> jackie's elf star the enjoyed a spa day. >> and ashley welch's elf bruce spruce got into trouble with elsa. >> and kerry joe russell's elff
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>> and jenny casilla's elf leaves a message and it read, "read a bedtime story to your baby sister." >> and we look forward to more of them next year. >> and it is a friday, and are you ready for thehe friday jokes? >> okay. let's do it. >> are where do snowmen go to dance? >> with where? >> a snowball. >> the kids from detroit are not even smiling. >> that is funny. >> all right. come on, you guys. >> okay. the next one. >> what do you get if santa goes down the chimney when the fire is lit? crisp ingle. >> oh, no, fake laughing. >> and what christmas carol is a favorite of parents and little heavenly joy did it for us yesterday.
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>> that is kind of like gift face. face. >> it is. >> yes, what's'she difference between the chririmas alphabet and the ordinary alphabet and is sort of a trick one. >> what? >> the christmas alphabet has noel. get it? >> cut away. all right. >> knock, knock, hoda. >> who's there? wait wait, i say that, and you say that. i sasathat. you say that and i say that. >> knock, knock. >> who's there? >> murray. >> murray christmas one and all. his name must be murray. >> thank you for applauding. >> and they get more lame every week. >> and your family will be coming over, and h h to make your tableleo beautiful.
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than dying from it. give now to the american cancer society. what better day than christmas to invite choir back for one of his "god winks" stories. >> he is behind the series that proves that there is more to coincidence than meets the eye. >> good morn g toing to you, and merry christmas, and happy day. and this is coming from one of the "today" show viewers. kate in melbourne, florida, and she had been struggling with so many health issues that had kept her from getting anything but a part-time job at cracker barrel, but she was is the still finding it tough to pay her bills.
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able to afford the fly to her son's wedding, but kate kept her faith. she prarad for a god wink. so take a look at this one. >> i love my job at cracker barrel. as a cashier, because i love talking to people. but on the eve my son was getting married, i was feeling so sad, and then two cheerful flight attendants angie and ruben from southwest airlines came u u to pay their bill. i askeded them what route they fly. they said back and forth to vegas. so i joked, hey, if you are heading there now, how about strapping me into to a parachute and dropping me over phoenix, and i told them my sad story that i had to miss my son's wedding the next day. they told me how sorry they were, and paid the bill, and went on their way. five minutes later, angie and ruben returned wearing smiles.
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wanted to know, we found a southwest buddy pass in our bag in the car. it is a complimentary standby ticket. i was dumb founded and i began to cry. all of the sudden, i heard, she sure can get tomorrow off. that is my co-worker katrina who volunteered to take my shift. angie got out the phone right there at the register, and booked the flight right there out of orlando and the next morning i showed ups a surprise for my son and my new daughter daughter-in-law h. it was a wonderful wedding, and definite ly definitely the best god wink i ever had. >> oh, so that is a good story. >> they are all good. >> oh, good. >> and listen, there is a follow-up to this story. >> tell us. >> because when kate got home from the wedding, an ji the flight attendant called to hear
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offer kate a job as a nanny for her two children, and now with two part-time jobs, kate can pay her bills and put presents under the christmas tree. >> oh, thank you, christmas squire squire. >> things sometimes seem hopeless in this world sometimes, but not today. >> not today. >> and how to set a beautiful
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before taking tamiflu, tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion, or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. anti-flu? go antiviral with tamiflu. it is christmas day which means it is only hours away from serving the hololay meal. >> are you singing again? >> it is the same one. down at the five and ten >> if you open up the pages of kathie lee's book it is called "good gifts" and you can see that every table is set with
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did it with our very own decorator bianca borges. >> and you look so festive today. >> yes, it is the day. >> and setting the table is important, i've heard. i have heard the rumors. >> yes, it is. >> yeah, we worked beautifully together with andy when we did this book, and i tried to use everything that is awe then the tick to my home. and these are my beautiful lenox beautiful christmas plates and the cignasignature way that i always do my napkins, and i like to do that and put it there, and it adds a little height, but it disappear s disappears wheheeverybody sits down. down. >> and another thing, some tables are so cluttered that you anything. >> and you want to have enough space for food.
10:23 am
once you have picked the dinner di divide the food into two and put it in both ends of the food. >> so it does not have to go all of the to way around the table. >> yes, nd the mashed potatoes and passing hot gravy is not easy on a table this big. >> right. it will get cold. >> and because you are dividing it into o, you don't have to have such large plates. they can be smaller to serve. >> andp appetizers? >> you put the food on top, and people will see that and start gathering, and of course, pouring wine will do the same thing. >> and also, the centerpiece there. >> and you can see the small clusters of nowflowers and kathie lee did thathroughout the whole book.
10:24 am
flowers, and set an ambiance, but not overtake the room. >> and you can still see the person across from you. but the center piece of food is very good with the nutcrackers and the clementines, because it gives people who needd something to do who don't want dessert. >> check out "good gift and the proceeds go to help salvation army.. we're only human. we... get... angry. out of control, mad to the core, angry. so cancer, you've got two options. get out of the way or get rolled over. anger. just one reason more of us are surviving cancer than dying from it.
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this holiday, give the gift of ferrero rocher. ferrero rocher...
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sleigh bells ring are youwe have an update on a sioux city woman who goes nuts over nutcrackers. last week, we showed you the nutcracker collection of jacque goettsch in that story, jacque, who is a retired nurse, mentioned that she was only missing one nutcracker. a nurse nutcracker. just a few days later, she received a package in the mail from an anonymous elf. "it was my nurse, a nutcracker" said jacque "it't'unbelievable that somebody heard the story," said jacque goettsch. "i had tears in my eyes. i thought, 'wow!' i just couldn't believe it."
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back in 1988 and as of last week, it consisted of 243 nutcrackers. now, that number is 244. here's ben with weather.
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we are back on this christmas day. we he that the all of you at home are enjoying down time making memories with with family
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>> meantime w with, we are so thrilled to welcome in a group of kids who have per are fromm ages 9 to 13, and they have performed all of the way from here to the white house. >> and they will be joining felicia key with their rendition
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feliz navidad feliz navidad feliz navidad feliz navidad feliz navidad feliz navidad prospero ano y felicidad i wanna wish you a merry christmas i wanna wish you a merry christmas i wanna wish you a merry christmas from the bottom of my heart feliz navidad feliz navidad feliz navidad prospero ano y felicidad eliz navidad feliz navidad feliz navidad prospero ano y felicidad i wanna wish you a merry christmas i wanna wish you a merry christmas i wanna wish you a merry christmas from the bottom of my heart
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a merry christmas i wanna wish you a merry christmas i wanna wish you a merry christmas from the bottom of my heart [ applause ] we vhave got another holiday performance for you. >> from the grammy-winning band train. >> and they go wild for christmas. >> yes shgs, they do. we will have some amazing animals right after this. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me. with once-weekly trulility. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin. trulicity responds when my blood sugar rises. i take it once a week, and it works 24/7. it comes in an easy-to-use pen
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one minute. hi. hi dad. we need to do this, yes. you be good. letting go... don't say a word. it's a little easier when you've saved for college, with state farm. they say that the one thing that children cherish the most is traditions. >> and we will never break from ours, and that is why we are bringing you the one thing that we do every year. >> we invite animals to open presents. >> we have never done it before, but here to help us is julie scardina from busch gardens and animals.
10:37 am
beautiful surprise to start it off. look at that. the bird of prey, but it is basically a predator, and the largest species of owl in the how much does it look like she >> ten pounds. >> not that far r f, and she is ababt 6 pounds. she is mostly faeteather, and bones, so she looks a lot heavier. present or no? >> well, she is going to fly in animal. >> and the packakas, when are they coming? >> the otter. where is the otter? packages. >> yes shgs, yes, there they are. >> oh, my gosh! >> there must be food in there.
10:38 am
>> they are nevereroming out. >> and which preseses have treats and which ones s n't. they keep going all around. >> oh, oh! >> these two were orphan eded in the wild, and because they were raised by someone who thought they could be, they got to be 6 otters are like on steroids, so they actually turned them in and anymore. >> good-bye, good-bye. stay right in there, baby. >> and there goes another one. >> there are more presents. >> over here. >> right over here. >> yes, he going to be getting a all of the treats. >> and you know, in a weird way, you could watch that for hours. >> yes. >> what is next? >> christmas is about porcupines, right? >> oh, yes.
10:39 am
this is a baby african crusted porcupine porcupine. you want to hold this? >> i am not sure. >> and thiss onef his favorite treats, and so right now, they get pretty big. this is only 3 months old. and you will see in a minute, but it isst rodent. they are punting wallrare pung chew -- punctual when they are born with their eyes open. and look at this. >> what is that? >> oh, they are so beautiful. >> the macaws.
10:40 am
they are so beautiful. we have to say good-bye, but merry christmas to everybody. >> look at the treat inside. >> they look in with their little eyeballs. >> julie, merry christmas. >> whoa! >> everybody okay? >> okay. and a happy new year. >> okay. when we come back, we will have music from the grammy award-winning band train. your body was made for tter things than rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist move to a biologic, ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can reduce joint pain and swelling in as little as two weeks, and help stop further joint damage. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, includudg tuberculosis. serious,s,ometimes fatal inctions, lymphoma, and other cancers haze happened. don't start xeljanz
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the citi concert series on today is proudly presented to you by citi. >> we will keep the christmas day right on track with a little fefeive music from the grammy award winning band train.
10:44 am
christmas album. this is train. there's a story that i was told and i want to tell the world before i get too old and i don't remembe it so december it and reassemble it like this a little girl like this made a great big wish toill the world full of happiness and be on santa's magic list shake up shake up for happiness shake it up shake it up wake up to happiness come on come on it's christmastime shake it up shake up happiness ake up, wake up to happiness come on y'all it is christmastime
10:45 am
a little boy made a wish that the world would be okay and santa claus was here to stay i got dreams and i got love i got my feet on the ground and family above and won't you give them happiness and the best to the people of the east and the west and maybe every once in a while you give my grandma a reason to smile 'tis the season to smile and though we will be freezing inside and let me meet a girl one day who wants to spread some love this way and we can let our souls run free and she can open some happiness with me shake it up shake up the happiness waking up wake up to happiness come on come on it's christmastime shake it up
10:46 am
wake up wake up to happiness come on y'all it is happiness i know you're out there i hear your reindeer i see the snow where your boots have been i'm going to surely know that someday they will know that their love will glow and make believe again waking up to happiness come on y'all it's christmastime shake it up shake up to happiness wake it up wake up to happiness come on y'all it's christmastime
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yeah yeah yeah we have something special to share.
10:48 am
next week, two of our favorite ladies bernadette peters and jane krakawski will be joining us. >> and we will have more music. to know about the new year from what to serve and the hottest >> and before we go, we want to look back at all of the great moment moments this year. >> and all of the people who happen. >> thank you all very much, and have a very merry, christmas, everyone. >> yes. today today it's christmas
10:49 am
everyday is today today today today is christmas and we've been living like living like everyday is i'd like to take the holidays to make it good and jingle jingle and we don't need to need a lot to feel jingle jingle it always takes a little spark to ignite and you will go jingle jingle grab the one you love and hold on to them tight and go jingle, jingle today today today is christmas oh, we like living like living like everyday is
10:50 am
today today is christmas if we are living like living like living like everyday is down in your pocket you got something to give it goes jingle jingle and down in your heart make some room to give and go jingle jingle and we have heard that the wins will wave when you go jingle jingle today today today is christmas we'll be living like living
10:51 am
>> merry christmas. >> go, hoda. >> show us what you got now. today today today today i i christmas oh if the we like living like living like living like every day is so let's live it like living like everyday is >> ooh! from now on there's no looking back only full steam ahead on this one-way track and from this day forward ly make a promise to be true to myself and always be honest for t t rest of my life ly do what's right i will do what's right
10:52 am
for the rest of our lives i'm on top of the world and touch tonight and tonight and touch the sky tonight and for the rest of our lives we will be on top of the world hey hey the rest of our lives and we are touching the sky
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the rest of our lives . today on "access hollywood" live. the wiz live. >> the ratings were in and they
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